Beefing Up In November

July 8th, 2022

Still a possibility?

So let’s walk this through and consider how busy November may be for Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht.

* The Bucs will travel to Munich to face Seattle in November. That’s busy enough.

* Chris Godwin, if you believe former Bucs defensive tackle and current BSPN NFL talking head Booger McFarland, won’t return until after Thanksgiving. Even if Booger overshoots Godwin’s return, let’s say it is late October or early November.

* Foot-rubbing tight end Rob Gronkowski could return midseason if Tom Brady wants Gronk, if you believe his agent oily Drew Rosenhaus.

* And Odell Beckham, too?

That’s sort of a picture NFL writer Charles Robinson of Yahoo! painted in a recent edition of his “You Pod To Win The Game” podcast.

“If OBJ rides this out, let’s say he rides it out, he’s looking healthy, he still hasn’t signed and it’s like, ‘Hey, I’m back in the mix in November. I’m running,’” Robinson said. “I think if Tampa Bay is where they expect to be in November, I absolutely think that Tampa Bay is the kind of team that could say, ‘Hey man, let’s just go do this. Let’s go win this.’”

Joe has been suggesting for the Bucs’ passing game easily could take a step back this year. Furniture-tossing, bicycle-throwing, V-card-forging quitter Antonio Brown is gone. Foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski is gone… maybe. Godwin’s status is unknown.

Could OBJ be the jolt in the arm the Bucs need, like Brown provided in midseason in 2020? Yes, OBJ is in the same boat as Godwin, except OBJ blew his knee out six weeks after Godwin did. So there is risk, though OBJ claims he first suffered his knee injury midseason and the injury in the Super Bowl was just enough to put him out of the game. But Joe is quite confident OBJ would get quite a workout from the Bucs and a test run on his knee to see if it rehabbed properly.

The likelihood of OBJ becoming an option may hinge on what Gronk does. If Licht knows Gronk will not return at midseason and OBJ is available while the passing offense sputters, then yeah, it makes sense for the Bucs to at least check out OBJ. You just know Brady will be heavy-panting for him.

Hey, in the spring of 2020, not one sober Bucs fan ever dreamed the Bucs would bring in Brady, Gronk, Brown and Playoff Lenny.

So who is to say the Bucs couldn’t or wouldn’t lure Gronk back and find a way to fit OBJ under the cap?

17 Responses to “Beefing Up In November”

  1. Long John Says:

    Why do you give Dr. booger so much credit?

  2. Joe Says:

    Why do you give Dr. booger so much credit?

    Why not? He’s smart. He’s articulate. He won two rings. And Joe knows where he gets his Bucs intel from.

    Why wouldn’t Joe give Booger credit and respect?

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    Booger got traded for a 2nd round pick and was actually worth a pair of socks worn for too long and an old goat.

    Booger was not even as good as Brad Culpepper. Sapp knew it.

    Booger sucks .

  4. SB~LV Says:

    Yep a new trend in the NFL….

  5. Beeej Says:

    Would only have to find had good a season of money

  6. Hodad Says:

    Brady knows Godwin might not be ready for the season. He must’ve had intel on Gronk wanting to retire also, yet he came back. I guess Tom believes he can win without Gronk, and Godwin missing some games. Maybe we should believe it too, and stop dreaming about other players. Let’s talk about the players we actually have.

  7. Leda Says:

    OBJ always wanted to play with Brady

  8. Ash Says:

    Yeah pass obj hasn’t been vintage obj because of injuries don’t know what’s gonna be left of him after this one.

  9. SlyPirate Says:


    Booger helped the Bucs win their first ring and you guys are dissing the man? Booger loves the Bucs and is loyal to this Bucs to this day.

    Just wow. Go root for the Saints.

  10. Eddie Marz Says:

    Receivers are up in the air! That may not as bad as it sounds. Need Grayson, Miller or Johnson to step it up. You don’t have to be a great receiver with Brady, just dependable and on the same page. Let these other guys take advantage of the situation. I like Perriman too. GOBUCS!

  11. VSyl Says:

    I would like to see OBJ play here.

  12. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    If Godwin is not going to be able to play until October/November and he had his knee injury a month or two before OBJ , then how is OBJ going to even play at all this year ? I mean he blew his knee out in the Super Bowl !!
    I don’t think we need another WR when they are talking about getting rid of Perrimam and Miller cuz the team has too many good WRs !! Just saying .. Go Bucs

  13. Joe Says:

    I mean he blew his knee out in the Super Bowl !!

    OBJ claims his injury was midseason. What happened in the Super Bowl was just enough to put him out, agai, so he claims.

  14. Listnfrmafar Says:

    If they’re not paying other guys why would they pay OBJ? I’d rather see Edleman.

  15. tampabayallday Says:

    Do it, whatever it takes to win one.

  16. Kno one Says:

    Personally I think the greatest quality they should be looking for at that position is, reliability…OBJ is a great receiver,but he’s hurt every year..I thought the bucs made a mistake last year by not signing Terrell Owens during the final push.. he’s big & physical enough to run thru the press-teams like the Rams & Saints use against us..I know hes older,but is still in great shape and even mentioned he was interested in helping thru the final push.. basically what everyone hopes Gronk will do this year

  17. Buccos Says:

    I think our passing game will be better this year than last.