The Simple Reason Tom Brady Returned

June 28th, 2022

Tom Brady knows it.

Joe doesn’t know about you, but when Tom Brady announced he would retire, Joe was walking around in a fog of depression for several days.

So Joe tried to snap out of it and went to Las Vegas. While sitting in the Aria Casino and Resort sportsbook, loafing and half-arse paying attention to Selection Sunday, Joe saw on Twitter Brady was coming back. Suddenly, the skies opened and Joe was bathed in bright sunlight.

In his piece on the State of the Bucs, Adam Rank of NFL Network believes it is obvious why Brady returned. The guy is just too damn good to quit and knows it.

Honestly, he keeps getting better. Brady has more passing yards and passing touchdowns in his 40s than he did in his 20s. And I’m sure you’ve all seen the memes where Brady, who is turning 45 in August, somehow looks younger now than he did in his 20s. Hell, if he throws 39 touchdown passes this season, he’ll be the Bucs’ all-time leader in passing TDs, despite only joining them two seasons ago. It’s absolutely wild that he’s still this good at this stage of his career. He’s unbelievable. No wonder he decided against retiring.

Brady pretty much defies words at this point in his career.

Joe’s pretty confident another Bucs quarterback who leads the NFL in passing at 44-years old, Joe will never see that happen again.

18 Responses to “The Simple Reason Tom Brady Returned”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    There’s another reason. Sapp nailed it. The “honey-do” list. Tom Brady doesn’t need a Kommandantesse, he needs his teammates. Now that he has the Fox gig, whenever he retires, he is safe from the Gestapette.

  2. TDTB Says:

    He retired because he didn’t want to break in a new OC. Once it was clear BL was staying he un-retired. Dude is too old to break in a new boss.

  3. DG060 Says:

    So why did he want to go to the Dolphins then which Joe reported on 1000 times?

  4. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I was sickened when cry baby Rodgers won the MVP again. Imo Brady was the clear hands down winner

  5. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Brian Flores. End of story.

  6. Tsmpabaybucfan Says:

    Brady came back for one reason…..he wanted to.

  7. BucsfanFred Says:

    I’m just grateful for another highly probable winning season with another highly possible super bowl.

  8. Kentucky Buc Says:

    I agree with Joe on this one. Brady doesn’t have a honey do list. Cmon man. He has people for damn near everything. You gotta realize how wealthy this family is. Who do you think is taking care of everything at home when G is off saving the rain Forrest in the middle of football season.

  9. geno711 Says:

    Adam Rank’s whole article is pretty spot on. We really don’t see that very often with the national writers.

  10. Buccos Says:

    I knew that Brady was going to come back and that was for one simple reason. Even simpler than that he was too good. Brady would go out on top. He will leave the game on his terms which means winning another Super Bowl and then riding off into the sunset. It would be the perfect ending to the perfect career and we should expect nothing less from the GOAT

  11. Jerry Says:

    According to Florio, he only came back because the Dolphins deal blew up, he realized nothing was happening on the San Francisco front, and Arians agreed to take a back seat.

  12. BucsfanFred Says:

    8 rings….

  13. ModHairKen Says:

    Can’t we get Sapp on Buccaneer Radio Network for games? He’d be great.

  14. David Tress Says:

    Brady has one more big record to break. The pro contact sports player who holds the matra for longevity and greatness is Gordie Howe. He played his last NHL hockey game when he was 52 years old. Brady has a ways to go yet.

  15. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @TDTB Absolutely nailed it. Byron Leftwich returning is the sole reason why Brady came back. I would also add Ryan Jensen returning played an important role. For all the talk about Brady and BA’s relationship, no one is talking enough about how close Brady feels to Leftwich. He wasn’t playing for another OC, and he definitely wasn’t coming back if BA took over play calling duties. Brady wanted Leftwich. Also, he didn’t want another center. The center and QB relationship is very important and Brady trusts Jensen. Brady handles the protection calls on the line and it’s imperative that you have a center who can communicate with the QB competently. No Leftwich, No Brady. Simple.

  16. OBVIOUS Says:

    Anybody can throw out 2 cents worth so here is mine. From what I’m seeing here in the choir I’d say a lot of points are…. Correct.

    But there was a question of the Miami thing and I personally think that the simple answer is “ownership” they offered him what other teams would not. The one thing he probably Really wants and doesn’t have. There is No Higher level in this game than “OWNERSHIP”.

    As far as why he came back, I see a lot of legitimate possibilities. Especially the going out on top. There was one In Particular thing that STUCK OUT to me during the Rams game. The one thing that got my attention was when (I think it was) Aaron Donald that put his helmet SQUARE ON Tom’s chin Definitely trying to take him out of the game with a “knock out” shot. Tom was bleeding all over the place and the refs didn’t even call a foul.

    It was as sure as hell Intentional. The refs let that happen. They didn’t even review it. I at that point thought to myself that if we don’t win this game and we’re knocked out of the playoffs, Tom WILL BE back next year. If we win and then win the Big Show I whole heartedly believe he would have retired.

    From what’s reported about Tom’s dedication from Top to Bottom I have no doubt in my mind that he rewound that point in the game Many, Many times and I personally believe he Could Not get that out of his mind. Can Not….

    I believe deep down that with all the bolstering aside and the rah rah, he wants Blood for Blood from whomever laid the OBVIOUSLY on purpose shot to the jaw from Every damn member of the rams and no matter where, he wants and will have somehow, the heads of every single ref that was there that day.

    Ownership is the Clear reason why the dolphins but I’m guessing that ownership also has a say in who is hired and fired from sea to shinning sea concerning especially refs.

    Just my guesses, just my 2 cents, but…. I am feeling quite right concerning at a minimum that a few of my guesses are on the target.
    He wasn’t going to retire after that shot to the face with MASSIVE disrespect from the rams and the refs. NO WAY! Personally, I don’t think he can get that out of his head and it’s simply Not him to let it go.

    In fact his silence on the matter Screams Volumes in my ears. I haven’t heard a word from him about that. Has anyone else?

    GO BUCS!

  17. Crickett Baker Says:

    The refs did call a foul of “unsportsmanlike conduct”. Against Tom.

  18. MadMax Says:

    Its the love of competition and the game, and knowing he still has some left in the tank….simple as that!

    (plus knowing he has a team who he can win another SB with lol)