“Returning Receptions” Leaders

June 23rd, 2022

“Byron, we’re loaded.”

Some gurus pay close attention to how many “returning receptions” a team has on its roster, meaning how many catches did guys on your team have last season.

The Bucs are tops in the NFL.

With newcomer Russell Gage’s 66 catches in Atlanta, current Bucs wide receivers can claim 306 receptions in 2021. It’s a sick total, and it was emphasized this week by former Jets linebackers coach and personnel chief Pat Kirwan on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

The total speaks to how deep the Bucs’ receiving corps is. And that’s a damn good thing considering Rob Gronkowski has left the building and along with him went 55 catches.

Kirwan even went so far to say, “They don’t miss A.B.,” aka quitter Antonio Brown.

How great were Bucs receivers last season? They led the NFL in receptions and yards after the catch.

Drops, per Kirwan’s data (usually from what he accesses for his job as a top CBS Sports gameday producer), the Bucs ranked sixth-best in the NFL. Gage had five drops last season, per Kirwan, the same total as Godwin.

Versatility is also key among the Bucs’ top dogs, per Kirwan. Mike Evans had 256 plays lined up in the slot versus 411 for Chris Godwin. Gage had 200+ in the slot with Atlanta.

13 Responses to ““Returning Receptions” Leaders”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    yeah but it looks like we need a tight end…

    i wonder if tommy b has an answer to the dilemma

  2. adam from ny Says:

    where is tanner “i flopped out in san fran” hudson ?

  3. GOB Says:

    I find it strange that Joe mentioned Gronks lost production, and not ABs 42 catches for 500 yards. The stable is down two horses, and the rodeo is near.

  4. Steve Says:

    Gronk will be back.

  5. A Bucs Fan Says:

    The bucs will be running the ball and using play action way more this year. It’s what they built themselves to do.

  6. AbucAway Says:

    What GOB said.
    Look, even if for first part of season Gronk is no go can be overcome, we are still missing Godwin, we don’t have AB (really miss that crazy bastage), Gage has a fat question mark next to his 10 million dollar playability, and replacements aren’t streaming out of the woodwork. Show me a scenario where the slot is in good hands

  7. AbucAway Says:

    Let me try to clarify: mid season is a projection for return for Godwin, perhaps Gronk, and we have a 10 million dollar standin that is injured in some way shape or form and AB is gone. We know ME is going to get a lot of attention so who fills the slot for Tom through 8 games. And what is our record for first half of season playing one of the toughest scheds on the books? This isn’t sky is falling but again who fills the slot at least first half to help make sure we aren’t 4-5 games down come the bye week 11?


    I could see rachaad white getting some time in the slot. Also could move gage down there some and put Scotty out wide?

  9. Browsing from DC Says:

    Julio Jones is still out there and relatively cheap

  10. Eddie Marz Says:

    Don’t count on Gronk or Godwin. Better hope Grayson and Perriman step up. Not sure what we’ll get from Johnson or Miller. Not counting on them at all. GOBUCS!

  11. Eddie Marz Says:

    Not counting on Darden either.

  12. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    Perrimam is an above average if not good #3 for the team ! He’s fast and has great hands. Not to mention if he gets the ball on the run he can take it to the house at any time. We’ve all seen him do it plenty of times for the Bucs

  13. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    And don’t forget about Lenny and White !!