Ndamukong Suh: “It Looks Like The Bucs Are Out Of The Picture”

June 20th, 2022


The Bucs spoke with their actions: they don’t want to pay manbeast defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh this season so they found two guys to replace him: Akiem Hicks and rookie Logan Hall.

Now Suh has spoken as a guest analyst today on NFL Live on ESPN TV, “It looks like the Bucs are out of the picture.”

Suh says he wants to play, so it looks like he’ll join his fifth NFL team in 13 seasons, if someone is willing to match his price tag.

Man, what a well-rounded performer Suh was during his three Bucs seasons. But as Lavonte David said on SiriusXM NFL Radio last week, it looks like the Bucs replaced his dominance with Hicks.

And head coach Todd Bowles is onboard. He just told the Ira Kaufman Podcast all about Hicks’ “mean streak” and what he’ll bring to the Bucs’ defensive table.

38 Responses to “Ndamukong Suh: “It Looks Like The Bucs Are Out Of The Picture””

  1. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Thank you for your time in Tampa Suh! We appreciate everything you have done and wish you the best as you wind down on a great career.

  2. sasquatch Says:

    Man, what a well-rounded on brior Suh was during his three Bucs seasons.

    What the phoueck is “on brior”?

  3. Winny Testaverde Says:

    I’m mixed on this one…liked Suh but he seemed unwilling to play for less that 9 million ( total guess on my part ). The market price has since gone up for Gronk given the crazy loot recently thrown at receivers/tight ends. The offense sans Gronk looked more sluggish than Ira’s colon in the midst of eat, drink and be merry appearance season.

  4. Goatfarmer Says:


  5. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m with Goatfarmer. Still convinced that the Bucs will re-sign Suh before all is said & done. Price TBD. Our DLine will end up being our Achilles Heel this season without Suh.

  6. Cobraboy Says:

    It will be interesting what Suh’s value is on the open market, and whether a couple of million more is worth being on a lower-potential team than a SB contender.

    I would think at this stage in his career there are more concerns about legacy than money. But maybe not.

    I am not expecting it, but would not be shocked if he re-upped with the Bucs for a more modest sum.

  7. Pewter Power Says:

    You don’t have upper hand in any price negotiations when you play in the nfl at 35. Should have taken less because he’s not gonna be better at 35 than he was at 34

  8. #8 Says:


  9. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    Licht & Bowles are being smart. You don’t pay 9 Million a year for a 700 snap player. His days of 800-900 snaps a year are gone. Just a matter if Suh is willing to play for Gholston money and 600 snaps on the year.

  10. Drebucsfan Says:

    SUH was a great player, Hicks is a monster as well with a mix of nacho and hall i believe our rotation of dominance will be on point!!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Suh was declining – Hall will grow with each game under his belt – and towards the final 4 season games he should be reaching his stride and making the defense even more formable going into the playoffs.

  12. GOB Says:

    Defense, give it up my friend. I would take Suh back on a one year, 3-4 million dollar deal with plenty of incentives. Deep down you know that’s all he’s worth at this stage. Yes he’s a workhorse and plays a ton of snaps, but the production doesn’t justify what he’s probably asking. I respect your football knowledge, but your judgement is clouded on this one. Suh is and always has been about Suh.

  13. Wade Landry Says:

    Great respect for Mr. Suh…awesome career so far… would ♥️one more season with Bucs but it is looking unlikely, Sapp has spoken!!…..

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    The much as I like Suh if the combo of Hall and Hicks can make a big difference in the passrush department we might be better off though we might take a step back against the run.

    We all love Suh but lets be honest. He had a bullrush move and thats about it. Rewind that last game and you see an opposing QB with a clean jersey shredding us all 1st half.

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    To be fair Suh was a clutch performer and thats very valuable for any team chasing a ring.

  16. Tim R. Says:

    Suh your ass is done in Tampa. At 35 you are not worth what you are asking. It’s time for the Buccaneers to move on without him. They have good replacement for him now and for the future. It’s also time to move on without Gronk. His game playing makes him replaceable and he won’t be missed that badly. Time to play those who want to play badly.

  17. gp Says:

    I’ve always heard that Suh is a smart businessman with his money so it is entirely possible that he could be thinking legacy -vs- payday at this point in his career.
    On the other hand, taking less than he thinks he’s worth could cause his pride to take a hit as well.

  18. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    IF Hicks stays healthy and motivated- he is a great tackle.
    Thats a big if. Otherwise, we are stuck with a rookie.
    Rookie DLine typically suck for 2-3 seasons.
    Hall is a Second rounder. He aint gonna fill Suhs shoes.
    And JTS isnt gonna fill JPP’s shoes.
    We are risking alot.
    I like Hicks, and hope hes healthy. Really worried about a pass rusher opposite Shaq.

    Time will tell

  20. Austin Lewis Says:

    Damn I’m going to miss him lol I bet we dominate, but it’ll still be weird without him and jpp

  21. steele Says:

    “Out of the picture” why? Money? Lack of interest? Lack of interest by Suh?

    In any case, this is a tough one. A healthy Suh absolutely would be a must have, and still a force in any case. But he’s been dinged up and he’s slowed down. What exactly is his condition now, and is he worth major $?

    Hicks is a different player, and not a perfect plug-in, and, yes, there are issues about him staying on the field for a full season+. Hall is a rookie, complete unknown.

    I still think they have to make a run at more edgeand a DT, in FA or via trade. Check out Eddie Goldman, Larry Ogunjobi, Sheldon Richardson. These guys all have issues, but at this rate, if they really want to make a SB run, they need depth and a lot of rotationals who aren’t completely green.

  22. Buc4evr Says:


  23. bojim Says:

    Why do we have to bow down to him?

  24. GOB Says:

    The cap isn’t the issue with Suh. If they wanted to pay him 7 million, they could figure it out. No NFL team is going to pay someone 3-4 million dollar more than they are worth. Suh will go to the highest bidder, that has the best chance of winning. That, or he’ll retire. He’s always been something of a mercenary. People love to point out his snap count as a reason to resign him. The facts are that Suh was doubled hardly at all last year. You’d expect more production with the number of 1 on 1s he faced. His PFF grade last year was middle of the pack for D tackles. Certainly not worth the money.

  25. Miller5252 Says:

    It’s too bad Suh’s not going to be back. When Vea showed up this year to help the rooks when he didn’t need to, I figured Suh might not be signed. Looks like Vea is going to be the leader of the line going forward. Suh was a heck of a leader the last 3 years and that leadership will be missed.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    steele … ‘But he’s been dinged up and he’s slowed down. What exactly is his condition now, and is he worth major $?’

    When was he ‘dinged up’ last season? He gave us 17 games. And ‘slowed down’? Seems like he still led the DLine in def snaps, sacks and pressures. He’s always stayed in top condition, just like TB12. And haven’t heard a single soul tell me exactly how much Suh is asking for to play for the Bucs this season. Lots of folks SPECULATING, but none of you REALLY know.

    For all any of you know, JL, Bowles & Suh may have already come to an agreement about his participation with the Bucs this year. Maybe Suh’s going on NFL Live is nothing more than another misdirection. Seems like we’ve seen quite a few of those this off-season.

    In any event Steele, what’s your plan if Vea or Hicks goes down? Vea’s averaged 519 def snaps a season in his 4-year career. Hicks has averaged 512 def snaps a season in his 11-year career. The Bucs’ defense was on the field for 1,093 def snaps last season, slightly more than TWICE what each of them managed to be on the field. Not too hard to do the math on that one.

  27. Im not tired anymore we Super Bowl Champs!! Says:

    In my opinion other then Vea, Suh was the best performer on the Bucs dline last year. I just don’t understand the logic in retaining him even if it is 10 mil. The Rams have some how found a ton of money to bring back players and then some and supposedly they had no money. Come on Licht fudge the books. Go Bucs!!

  28. Buc king Says:

    He’s a hired gun
    Mark my words will miss him…

  29. GOB Says:

    Defense, you tell me what you think he’s asking. If you think it’s the 3-4 Million he’s worth, I seriously doubt it. Simply because a player is out there a ton, doesn’t mean he’s productive. His PFF grade was under 50 last year. Fletcher Cox plays a ton of snaps too, and he graded out over 17 points higher than Suh. That’s why he’s getting paid. I seriously believe that they can approximate or even surpassed Suh’s contribution with Hall and Hicks. If he were willing to play here for what the market dictates, he’d be here. He hasn’t signed anywhere for a reason. It’s because he overvalues himself.

    Belichick once said the greatest ability is availability. That’s true, until the player wants more than he’s worth.

  30. captivajim Says:

    Suh will be missed–badly…….

  31. EEK Says:

    I guess it all depends on the cost.
    He can still play.

  32. adam from ny Says:

    kong suh !

  33. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    Gonna be weird without Suh and JPP.

  34. Goatfarmer Says:

    Maybe he’ll shop and find he can only get $5 large from someone. He’s worth that. What a DL if we could get him cheap.


  35. CleanHouse Says:

    I’ve been saying all along this is a shortsighted and pompous move by the Bucs!

  36. steele Says:

    DefenseRules, I hear you. Yes, Suh was still a central force on the D line last season—despite being dinged up and less effective than he was before, and he was on another level before. The whole discussion in here about Suh—his condition, his price, etc.— began before the major FAs were signed and before the draft. No, we still don’t have the answers. Same with JPP, although JPP’s condition is more clearly worse.

    I’ve been saying consistently that they need to replace and upgrade the Suh/JPP positions, and I still think they must, but they don’t seem to have done it with enough surefire talent or depth to put our doubts at ease. Hicks is good, but needs to stay on the field for the entire season in good shape. Hall is completely untested and raw. I’m deeply concerned that both Hicks and Vea could go down, and that Hall isn’t ready.

    If Suh is merely posturing, but winds up coming back, and he’s in good shape, fine. It’s so late in free agency now, that there aren’t many options left that are clearly better than Suh, and the likes of Goldman, Richardson, etc. all have their own issues.

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    Steele … You & I are concerned about the same things it appears. Without a bonafide pass rush AND run defense from our Front-4 (or 5), our ILBs will be asked to do too much & our Secondary will struggle. That’d leave us with a middle-of-the-pack defense, at best, and jeopardize any SB chances we have. The Rams have reloaded for 1 more run & they’ll be very tough this year. And IF we get past them, the AFC champion will be even stronger.

    Suh & JPP were both critical LEADERS on our defense. How can you tell? Take a look at last seasons playoff game with the Rams. There were 72 def snaps in that game. JPP was in on 62 of them (86%). Suh was in on 48 of them (67%). A healthy Vea was on the field for only 34 of them (47%). The rest of our interior guys didn’t fare any better: RNR got 33 snaps (46%); Gholston got 21 snaps (29%); McLendon got 18 snaps (25%). Only 2 other guys MIGHT have played some interior DLine that game: a healthy JTS was on the field for only 14 def snaps (19%); a healthy Nelson got only 10 snaps (14%).

    Todd Bowles is no fool, so I asked myself ‘WHY did JPP get so many snaps (62) when everyone knew he was pretty well banged up, while his replacement this year (JTS) only got 14 def snaps’? And why did the new LEADER of the DLine (Vea) get on the field for less than HALF of the def snaps in such a critical game, while old man Suh was on there for 2/3rds of the snaps? I’m betting that BOTH of us can answer those 2 questions fairly easily. I’d also bet however that the Bucs haven’t fully answered them at this point. But they will, or Tom Brady won’t be tossing the SB trophy from boat to boat come Feb 12th of 2023.

  38. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Suh is a HOF’er. Suh has not seen a drop off in productivity and has actually increased his sack numbers from compared to 2016-2019 , so please stop with the drop off crap. Hicks has missed significant time the last two seasons with pedal injuries , which are the worst type for large heavy athletes. Bucs should have waited longer to make a move , as time passed Suh would have lowered his ask. Suh will be sorely missed-mark the tape.