Logan Hall Quickly Growing Up

June 10th, 2022

Rookie DL Logan Hall.

Joe honestly doesn’t know what to expect from defensive lineman Logan Hall this year. Will the Bucs use him as an interior pass rusher? At an end position? Or just a run-eating tackle?

Hall isn’t sure himself.

So yesterday he really impressed Joe answering a question about goals. Hall has admitted his goal for his rookie year has changed. He gave a thoughtful, mature answer.

“Before I told myself I want to have six sacks,” Hall said. “I ended with 6.5 at Houston [his last year in college] and I feel like that’s a very reasonable number coming into my rookie season.

“But my goal I guess would be to add value to the team wherever possible. Wherever they need me, I’m going to do whatever I need to do to put the team in a position to win. Obviously, I love getting to the quarterback and that’s my favorite part about the game, so getting back there and getting some sacks is obviously part of that.”

Already the Brady influence is rubbing off. It’s great to be an individual star but this team has a major goal and that is to get back to the Super Bowl. Takes a team effort, not individual stats.

Joe thinks for Hall to say this before his first training camp practice is way cool.

24 Responses to “Logan Hall Quickly Growing Up”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m kinda like you Joe, not sure what to expect from Logan Hall this year. I still think Bucs will use him more as a DE/OLB than as an interior lineman.

    Hall played 4 years in Houston at 6’6″ & 260 lbs, but apparently bulked up to 283 lbs by the Combine. So what’s his REAL playing weight, 260 or 283? At 260 my guess is that he won’t be playing a huge amount of interior DLine.

    His stats at Houston seem to indicate that he was rather non-descript in 2018, 2019 & 2020, but blew up in 2021. Just looking at sacks, he had 0 in 8 games (2018), 0 sacks in 7 games (2019), 1 sack in 7 games (2020), but then 6 sacks in 12 games in 2021. And over half of those came in just 2 games against 2 meh teams (Tulane & Tulsa). Just have this feeling that this’ll be one of those wait-and-see things in terms of his optimal playing weight & where he fits in the Bucs’ defensive scheme.

  2. SB~LV Says:

    He gonna get rookie schooled his first year…

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs can use him exactly how they use Will Gholston…..will be just fine with me.

  4. ClwJB Says:

    ^Gholston, spot on / let him grow into that frame – 10 year player if he commits like Will has

  5. Dooley Says:

    I think Hall will be asked to do a lot of the different things Suh did as a 3-tech in Bowles scheme. It also hinges on who we’re playing & their style of offense they play as Bowles likes to mix up the fronts to mask pressure, feign/execute stunts, and force zone blocking schemes into 1 on 1’s for his OLBs with different alignments or pressure packages. Hall has the strength & length for gap control defending the run, but he’s also explosive enough to shoot gaps in pass scenarios.

    Like DR says its wait & see, but we do know for sure is there isn’t a cap on the versatility Bowles demands from DLmen scheme. We’ve seen Suh drop into a stand up between David & White to confuse OL blocking assignments pre snap, We’ve seen Vita line up in the B-Gap to occupy the G & T to facilitate stunts, we’ve watched Gholston play the 5 & 3 tech in different situations, and against Jalen Hurts we’ve watched JTS spy the backside to potentially force any attempt at a cut back/scramble back inside. Hell, we even saw Jordan Whitehead line up in the box as an 5th LB in Bowles’ time here. Bowles’ scheme is a 3-4 in name only and as unorthodox as it can look at times(still havent seen a 3 high safety look in the first half of a game since SBLV lol) there’s usually a pretty genius method to the pre-snap madness.

  6. Bojim Says:

    Looking forward to seeing all our rookies.

  7. Buc4evr Says:

    Should be interesting. I think at his weight he is really going to struggle if they play him on the inside against the run. Looks like more of a DE to me at this point.

  8. MadMax Says:

    I wanted Hall or Wyatt….We got Hall and its going to be awesome…longer and taller than Wyatt, but a little lighter. He’ll get to the QB, there will be pressure. He’ll gain more muscle and weight, trust me. I cant wait for the season to start.

  9. GOB Says:

    Defense, I think bowles will move Hall around. On running downs, he’s best suited to play a 4i/5 technique. I’d like to see them kick him inside on passing downs. I think he can be quiet effective as an inside rusher. His versatility should give O coordinators headaches. Teams play so little base these days, so I don’t see him as a traditional 3-4 anchor. It’ll be interesting

  10. Cobraboy Says:

    I expect the same performance as I expected JTS: nothing.

    Any rook performance above nothing is excellent.

  11. Marine Buc Says:

    @ DR

    I believe they will use Hall at both DE/DT to rush the passer and at OLB during probable run downs.

    @ Cobra

    I agree. Keep expectations low and hope he can contribute as a solid rotational player.

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    Pick up Gronk and let the season start already!

  13. Ash Says:

    He said he was 290 at one of the pressers he looks to be holding that weight well with room to add more which he will probably need to looks like a more athletic will gholston and will probably have a similar role.

  14. geno711 Says:

    Not from me

    1. PFN: On the surface level, the debate surrounding schematic defensive fronts starts at 4-3 vs. 3-4. But it doesn’t take much digging to realize that it’s deeper than that. No team is in the same front every snap. And the more versatility you have on your roster, the better you can prepare for different situations. Houston DE Logan Hall is one such NFL Draft prospect who provides that versatility with his scouting report.

    2. RAS football: Logan Hall is a DT prospect in the 2022 draft class. He scored a 9.81 RAS out of a possible 10.00. This ranked 27 out of 1378 Defensive Tackles from 1987 to 2022

    3. Cowboys Wire: Houston defensive lineman Logan Hall is an explosive three-technique who wins with hand battling, explosiveness and heavy hands…he possesses tools that if drafted to the right system, with the right coach, his best football is ahead of him

    4. Draft Buzz: A natural pass rusher with elite speed and impressive interior pass-rushing moves. Has an excellent swim move as well as a quality counter spin.

    5. Bleacher Report: Alignment flexibility. Can play anywhere from 2i- to 5-technique. Fits today’s NFL.

    I also noted his playing weight on December 12, 2021 before playing in the Cougars bowl game as 275lbs. See no reason why he wont be playing at 275 to 283 this season along with other grown men working at his craft.

    Calais Campbell played at about 280lbs his first year.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Geno711 … I really do hope those reports turn out to be valid. It’s easy to put on the weight; it’s just whether it improves your performance or not. In Gholston’s case, he’s played very well, largely inside, by packing on an extra 20 lbs or so. Hopefully the extra weight that Hall has put on helps him at the NFL level.

    Like Cobra though, I prefer to keep my expectations of rookies low. The guys they’re going against on the other side of the line have been doing this for a long time. And when you get inside, I’m sure that guys like Jensen love the challenge rookies bring in trying to make a name for themselves. If you’re gonna be the best, you’ve gotta beat the best.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    GOB … I agree Todd Bowles will move Hall around, if for no other reason than to find out where his ‘sweet spot’ is. Like Marine Buc, I tend to think he’ll be used at ‘both DE/DT to rush the passer and at OLB during probable run downs’.

    Since JPP has moved on, I expect Hall will get a LOT of playing time, as will JTS of course. Bowles isn’t known for ‘gifting’ guys playing time though, so it’ll be a matter of each of them proving their worth. Still wish we had Suh in the fold.

  17. David Says:

    Pure speculation at this point but between him and White at running back and the freakishly athletic cornerback and the tight ends and the LG…. I think we are going to look back and realize this draft was pretty damn good

  18. GOB Says:

    Defense, as you well know, the 3-4 DE position is all about allowing the linebackers to flow unobstructed to the football. The extra weight will help him, when he’s asked to anchor. I too have questions about his natural playing weight.

  19. geno711 Says:

    Not sure that I think that Hall is putting on weight in any unnatural way.
    He was 19 years old and 260lbs. At 21 he weighed 275 lbs.

    If he weighs 283 lbs as a 22 this year in Tampa, is he putting on weight or is he just growing into his naturally strong man weight.

    I know the majority on this site thinks he will be playing more JPP’s old slot OLB/DE.

    I see him lining up more inside between the guard and the tackle (50 to 75% of his snaps). That is where he played in college and that is where the Bucs said that they drafted him for. I am ok with being in the minority in my opinion on the matter.

    I do agree with everyone’s expectations that he is a rookie so not to get too high on his expected performance.

  20. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    geno711 Says:
    “He scored a 9.81 RAS out of a possible 10.00. This ranked 27 out of 1378 Defensive Tackles from 1987 to 2022.”

    Wow! Imagine if this were to translate directly to on-field performance. One can dream.

  21. CleanHouse Says:

    Nothing against the kid, but it’s an obvious mistake attempting to replace Suh with this guy. Nothing makes up for the wisdom and experience of that all time great we so casually push aside.

    And the cap can be manipulated if we’re truly all in.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    @Defense Rules There are no DTs in a 3-4 offense. One NT and 2 DEs. You should change your name. smh

  23. Dooley Says:


    Yes there are especially in Bowles 3-4 just depends on the alignment used in a particular package. Our OLBs function as DEs.

  24. fern Says:

    Vea is the key he needs to play more snaps now. No Suh