“If I Had Logan Hall’s Hands And Feet, I Would Have Cut All Mine Off”

June 17th, 2022

Rookie DL Logan Hall gets freakish love from a legend.

It’s safe to say Bucs rookie defensive tackle (edge rusher?) impressed as much as is humanly possibly during Buccaneers spring practices.

Joe’s heard all kinds of things — from all kinds of places — about how happy the Bucs are with the promise of their top 2022 draft pick chosen No. 33 overall.

Bucs legend Warren Sapp coached Hall for a few days this spring and even skeptical Sapp went over the top on Hall during his visit this week to The Rich Eisen Show on Peacock.

“If I had Logan Hall’s hands and feet I would have cut all mine off,” Sapp began. “This young man here is long, lean, mobile, agile, hostile and eager to learn. All of them, [Daron] Payne and [Jonathan] Allen, the same thing. This is a new generation. This is a new generation of defensive tackles that wants to perfect the art and chase the annals.”

Sapp was a guest coach with the Washington Commanders this week, hence his reference to the veteran beasts on their interior D-line.

Sapp went on to emphasize the length and power of Hall, and how he was emphasizing the keys to success to Hall. “Slow feet and slow hands do not eat,” he said.

Yes, the Bucs icon wants another invite from head coach Todd Bowles to coach during training camp. “Let me get him in pads,” Sapp said of Hall.

34 Responses to ““If I Had Logan Hall’s Hands And Feet, I Would Have Cut All Mine Off””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Pretty exciting!

    Go Bucs!!!

  2. Bucsfan1969 Says:

    What does this say about Tryon? He was pretty inconsistent last season.

  3. firethecannons Says:

    Easy to read articles with occasional intervention from Joe–perfect

  4. firethecannons Says:

    I was commenting on the stats/emgagement


    I don’t know how he fell to #33 but sure glad he did. Trading back, getting him, and all of the extra picks was genius by Light. Hall is truly a beast!! With him, Vea, and JTS we have a very young core on the DL that should be stout for many years.

  6. Jimmy Christmas Says:

    From what I’ve seen and heard he is a well prepared rookie like a Godwin. I’m excited to get a better look at him from the sidelines on Aug 13th.
    Great job on the site Joe that’s a lot of traffic. You earned it. I remember when you started the site is when I got started working with the bucs. You’ve come a long way. Now you are crowned best bucs news site.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Thats right….i know my picks and Mr. Licht heard me.

    Will Levis next

  8. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    Sapp always has the weirdest analogies.

  9. Buc4evr Says:

    Hope Warren is right and Hall is the steal of the draft.

  10. Steven007 Says:

    It all feels a bit premature at the moment. Because obviously it is premature. Let’s see what this guy can do before we start anointing him. Obviously I want him to be a beast.

  11. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I don’t remember the last time the QB Killa endorsed a DL the bucs drafted like this. It is exciting!

    Let’s hope Hall stays healthy and produces on Sunday’s for a long time.

  12. Bucs Win Says:


  13. GOB Says:

    I think Hall can be a very good lineman. Don’t expect too much too soon though. They’ll be moving him around a lot especially early in the year, to try to figure out his best technique. It’s pretty clear they intend to kick him inside on obvious passing downs. Ultimately I think he can be the anchor they need. I’m a little concerned about his playing weight. He’s never played this heavy against much better talent. We’ll see.

  14. MadMax Says:

    Who is on the right side…..yeah I said it…thats whats up

  15. MadMax Says:

    Gholston on the left, Big V and Hicks spotting the middle, Hall on the right in 4….its easy

  16. GOB Says:

    MadMax, that sounds like Mad Sacks!!!!!

  17. SB Says:


  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hands & feet never got Sapp in trouble……so when it comes to “cutting things off”……maybe something else, Warren!!!

  19. MadMax Says:

    ^ Yes sir!

  20. Dooley Says:

    Sapp mentioned Hicks & Vea controlling the A-gaps and half of both B-Gaps which spells trouble for opposing tackles being being singled up to stop Barrett, JTS, Anthony Nelson, and hopefully Gill/Ponder. It’s going to be interesting to watch the interior DL, and the rest of the front 7 as a whole gel throughout camp and leading up to the regular season.

  21. Mike Says:

    Definitely quick hands and quick feet will make sure Hall is going to eat! Excited to see this kid play for the Bucs!

  22. ModHairKen Says:

    Not a fan of Sapp’s surly attitude and his tribalism, but the man knows football. I know he blew his broadcasting career, but I bet he’d make a hell of a DL coach or DC.

  23. Crickett Baker Says:

    Ya, I love Sapp, but I would not put it past him to reveal “secrets” on any team he “coaches” for the right $$.

  24. GOB Says:

    Dooley is right. The key to Bowles system is the front tying up blocks so those backers can flow to the football. I really believe this front can do a better job of that this year. Suh, for all the snap he played, was doubled very seldom last year. With this group, it’s pick your poison. Hicks and Vea can’t be blocked 1 on 1. Of course, it’s all dependant on health. But, it’s damn scary on paper.

  25. SlyPirate Says:


    There are 5 OL and a TE to block 5 Bucs (Vea, Hicks/Nacho, Gholston, Hall, Shaq). You need 2 OL for Vea. That leaves a TE to block Shaq or Hall.

    Good luck!

  26. Buczilla Says:

    I am excited to watch this guy play man.

    You Joes are the best, congrats on kicking butt.

  27. AbucAway Says:

    Yeah this kid has the right stuff and I’m of the belief that he will truly shine in pads. He’s going to be another Aaron Donald. Mark my words.

  28. DoooshLaRue Says:

    “Chase the annals?”

    Isn’t that what got you in trouble dear Warren?

  29. Destinjohnny Says:

    We need Tryon to shine
    Should have played him more this season

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    When I read that headline I thought, man that just dont sound right. And then I read the article to see it was a Sapp quote…..haha yeah, that makes sense.

  31. steele Says:

    Every rookie is instant impact Hall of Famer until the season really starts. Then we’ll see.

  32. David Says:

    Wow. Sapp does not usually talk glowingly like that.
    Can’t wait to see how JTS & Hall develop over the years together

  33. stpetebucsfan Says:

    TBBF for the win!!!

    “Hands & feet never got Sapp in trouble……so when it comes to “cutting things off”……maybe something else, Warren!!!” LMAO

    It’s in this spirit I say I love having Warren on the field coaching…he was obviously a GREAT player…but I hope he does not influence ANYBODY in their “off the field” actions.

    BTW I throw any rocks about cutting things off from a glass house. I’m sure my own life would have been a lot better had I selected the thoughts of the big head more often than I followed the little head. Hey we’re all human. I cut Sapp slack there.

  34. Day 1-76 Says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah. 24 hr news cycle. Believe it when you see it.