“I Think That Honey-Do List Was Good And Long”

June 27th, 2022

Discusses Tom Brady’s return.

Joe is confident Warren Sapp isn’t the only man who thinks this way.

The former Bucs great Sapp sat down for real talk on football and the Bucs through a series of videos from someone with the handle “DJVlad,”

Like Joe, Sapp is convinced the way the Rams-Bucs playoff game turned out would have been different if nutcase Antonio Brown hadn’t quit a few weeks earlier. (Sapp shook his head and said of the “unguardable” Brown quitting the way he did, “That’s a helluva way to pull the cord.”)

Deep down, Sapp also wondered just how serious Tom Brady was when he first retired. “You always take a man at his word,” Sapp said of NFL players.

Nobody knows what is going on in a player’s life or head or how much pain he’s going through, Sapp added. But Sapp noted that the way the Bucs kept Brady’s uniform clean it didn’t appear that Brady was suffering had a lingering injury.

Of course, Brady returned after 40 days of retirement and Sapp believes Brady got real sick of being around the house without football.

“I think that honey-do list was good and long,” Sapp said, noting he has a hunch playing Mr. Mom didn’t appeal to Brady. “I bet that first day of dropping those kids off [at school] and you know you have to be back by 2 o’clock because you don’t want to be in the back of that damn line. … It was insane to pick the kids up.”

Yes, Joe knows Brady’s supermodel wife told British Vogue all about how they homeschool their kids in Tampa. So Brady wasn’t stuck in a school pick-up line.

As Sapp said in the sitdown, unlike Ben Roethlisberger who got beat to hell his last few years, Brady was healthy and dominant. So why not play more footballl?

12 Responses to ““I Think That Honey-Do List Was Good And Long””

  1. steele Says:

    If Brady’s kids are homeschooling, a difficult and exhausting thing to do well, that’s even more reason to run back to football. Fast.

  2. BucsfanFred Says:

    The Brady’s can afford to bring in actual professional teachers to do the bulk. They have chefs and massueses and maids ECT.

  3. BucsfanFred Says:

    Getting a lot of ads from Pepper Joe’s lately. When Sept ends gonna start another crop of hot peppers. Last year grew Carolina Reapers.not this year. That stuff made a better weapon than flavoring. I bet I would have loved them 20 years ago. Gonna stick with habereros, jalapenos,

  4. BucsfanFred Says:

    Cherry peppers and cayenne too.

  5. Mikejp Says:

    Tom loves his wife and family such as his parents did. Thus, he wanted to please Gisele that he actually retired at 45. Then, he begs her every to comeback and you know Gisele also loves that guy and approves.

  6. Hodad Says:

    His sons are at the age where they can really enjoy being around an NFL team so I’m sure they wanted him to keep playing also. I would bet both his sons spend some time at camp with their dad, and the team. Like I would as a young teen, and certainly my sons would’ve loved having a dad who QB’d an NFL team. Family, his sons, might be why he unretired.

  7. Tsmpabaybucfan Says:

    It wasn’t the kids & schooling, it was having to vacuum the floor…..Brady knew right then he had to return to football…

  8. Bob Says:

    Sapp knows a thing or two about school drop-off lines. I can remember being behind him one morning as he dropped of his daughter at the same school my son went to. Black Mercedes with a license tag that read ‘QBKILLA’!!

  9. Razor Ramone Says:

    I always thought that whenever they showed Tom’s kids they were just having a blast. I agree,who doesn’t want to hang out at an NFL facility? Then you get to go to the game, go down on the field,oh…. and your dad is Tom Brady. No kid would ever want that to end.

  10. '79Defense Says:

    I always blamed the bad luck of having Godwin and Wirfs out for us not winning a second SB in a row, but I also frequently forget that Headcase going off the deep end (in the middle of a game) also hurt our chances, perhaps greatly.

  11. Goatfarmer Says:

    Training camp had to be easier than being ordered around by Kommandant Bundchen.

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    Some men ain’t cut out for the home life..Like me. I work hard. play hard and make well over what a middle class guy makes. I raised..well my wife raised 3 kids. I was not there over 60% of the time. But they had more than most, we had a nice home and the cabinets/frig was always full. Brady ain’t no home body either. I think his wife understands. Mine did..and she spent the money too!