History Suggests Todd Bowles And Bucs Hoist Vince Lombardi Trophy In February

June 27th, 2022

Sweet pattern.

Talk about a good omen!

Joe thinks it is fair to assume this season is Tom Brady’s last with the Bucs. That is, unless Team Glazer makes it worth Brady’s time and effort (ahem) to return. But what would the roster look like if Brady is compensated fairly and handsomely to play again for the Bucs, provided he even plays next year?

And when is the last time a team with a first-year head coach won the Super Bowl? George Seifert with the 49ers over 30 years ago. (To be fair, Seifert had the best quarterback of all time until a certain scrawny kid from California by way of Michigan showed up on Bill Belicheat’s front door).

Adam Rank of NFL.com had a very interesting factoid about Brady and his head coaches, which include Bill Belicheat, former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians and now Todd Bowles: If a certain pattern continues for guys who coach Brady, this ought to be a very special year for the Bucs.

Think about this for a moment. Every head coach who has won a Super Bowl with Tom Brady was on his second stint as a HC when capturing the title (I’m not getting into whether Arians’ tenure as interim Colts head coach counts as his first head-coaching job, instead of his time leading the Cardinals, nor whether Bill Belichick’s dalliance with the Jets between coaching the Browns and Pats actually counts as his second). So, I guess what we’re saying here is, Bowles, now in his second time around as a head coach after helming the Jets from 2015 to ’18, is guaranteed a Super Bowl win with Brady.

And for those who doubt Bowles, Rank also points out the Jets have had only one winning season in the past decade. That was Bowles’ first year leading the Jets.

16 Responses to “History Suggests Todd Bowles And Bucs Hoist Vince Lombardi Trophy In February”

  1. Tsmpabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs have as good a chance as any other 0-0 team at this point…..OK…..better than Atlanta & Detroit for sure.

  2. Steven007 Says:

    Todd’s first time around as head coach with the Jets has almost zero bearing with his current situation. But yeah, as far as omens go this is a good one to have. I’m not superstitious at all but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    Todd makes me nervous. If the team gets off poorly, which given the schedule is not unthinkable, the team could go totally off the rails. Locker room strife was rampant with the Jets, I could see it happening to the Bucs.

  4. godlovesbucs Says:

    The leadership in this locker room is polar opposite to the leadership with those jets teams. Their leaders were brandon marshall, Fitzpatrick, Bilal Powell, a young Jamal Adams, etc. No one really outspoken or consistent in their play to command the locker room.

  5. SPARKY Says:

    Another good sign is Brady wins the Super bowl every other year.

  6. View from 132 Says:

    Barry Switzer 2.0

  7. Allbuccedup Says:

    Agree sparky but without Gronk and Godwin its not going to be easy.

  8. Matlok727 Says:

    Joe John gruden first year!!! Don’t say it wasn’t his first head coach job but ain’t Bowles either

  9. BradyBucs Says:



    We have one of the most overrated secondaries in the league.

    Bucs won’t win a Super Bowl, nor get back to the NFC Championship, because the “Gravediggers” got EXPOSED. We can’t keep top passing teams off the field and get the ball back to our Offense more.

    Not signing a Veteran corner or drafting one in the 1st round to replace Dean & SMB and even reducing Davis’ plays… THAT is what will stop this team from going anywhere.

  10. David Says:


  11. Buccos Says:

    Our secondary is a strength of this team. They already won the Super Bowl together and now they may be better. Carlton Davis is on his second contract and should be in his prime and Jamel Dean may be even better. SMB and Dean are both in contract years and will be playing with their hair on fire. Add in Logan Ryan and Neal and you have one of the top secondary’s in the NFL if they can stay healthy. I would put them up against any team. The only reason they struggled last year was due to injuries. Any real Bucs fan would know this.

  12. CrossFletcherAngel Says:

    Another fun fact about Brady he goes to the Super Bowl after being eliminated the prior year

  13. CrossFletcherAngel Says:

    @matlock Gruden was the HC for the Raiders before the Bucs and this Omen is pertaining to Brady not the Bucs

  14. Buccos Says:

    I’m afraid our weakness may be our pass rush. JPP and Shaq were the most dominant edge rusher tandem in the league in our Super Bowl season. Without JPP, Shaq struggles. JTS is an unknown commodity but is certain to be less dominant than the JPP of 2 years ago. If one of them goes down then what? Anthony Nelson is decent but who else is there. The only way to beat Mahomes or Allen is to make them run for their lives.

  15. Goatfarmer Says:

    The Rams and Saint own the Bucs. I have a feeling Mahomes will be out for big revenge.

    I am really lacking confidence, especially after seeing the OL without Wirfs, and the full strength defense against the Rams in the playoffs sucked out loud.

    Good luck Todd.

  16. Its a Bucs Life Says:

    Bowles and the defense will yet again be our downfall. Wish we’d have done more to improve that side of the ball.