Practice Notes From Tuesday’s Underwear Football Practice

May 31st, 2022

Cam Brate, left, and Scotty Miller warm up prior to underwear football practice Tuesday.

Underwear football season is beginning to wind down.

Today, Joe and others from the local pen and mic club got to watch the final viewing session of OTA underwear football. (The Bucs made 3 of 10 sessions open to media) Next week will be Bucs’ mandatory minicamp for three days and after that, underwear football season ends outside of the first few training camp practices this July.

So here are some notes from today’s practice:

Always remember and never forget, there is no hitting, no tackling, no pads and no blocking in underwear football. Think of it as flag football without the flags.

* The only starting offensive line veterans at practice today are Ryan Jensen and Shaq Mason. So working with the first team are Josh Wells at left tackle, Aaron Stinnie at left guard and Fred Johnson at right tackle.

* Blaine Gabbert overthrows Jaelon Darden down the left seam. Gabbert will get much better pretty quickly.

* Gabbert hits Scotty Miller in stride to the right side as Miller turns it upfield along the right sideline.

* Gabbert overthrows Kameron Brown (Coastal Carolina) and with Dee Delaney in very tight coverage along the left sideline. Joe isn’t sure if Gabbert threw the ball away on purpose or not.

* As the defense breaks the huddle (which was set up by Will Gholston as he hollered, “Huddle up!” right after the previous play), Gholston literally, physically guides rookie Logan Hall into the specific spot on defense where Hall should line up. Leadership.

* Kyle Trask tries to squeeze a pass to Cam Brate short left and it is broken up by Logan Ryan. He then commences hollering and dancing to celebrate the breakup.

* Gabbert hits Brate in stride on a flag pattern to the left side. So far, Gabbert is mostly on target.

* Gabbert connects with Kaylon Geiger (Texas Tech) down the left seam.

* Gabbert dumps off to Miller over the middle. So far, this may be the sharpest Joe has seen Gabbert in three years.

* Trask gets the ball to Rachaad White on what appears to be a bubble screen to the right and White gets a big gain going up the right sideline.

* If there was hitting, Ryan likely would have had a sack on blitz from the defense’s right side on Trask.

* Trask hits tight end J.J. Howland (Yale) along the left sideline.

* Trask goes back to the left sideline again, this time connecting with Codey McElroy on a bomb.

* Gabbert had a pass tipped maybe 5-7 yards past the line of scrimmage and Troy Warner comes up with the pick.

* Gabbert to Brate in stride, this time to the right side.

* Trask links up with Scotty Miller down the left sideline and Miller is immediately surrounded by defenders.

* The Bucs are really working that left sideline (or is that just where receivers are getting open?) and this time Gabbert links up with Mcelroy.

* Gabbert to Brown in stride. This is the sharpest Joe has seen Gabbert throw. So many passes right on the money.

* Man, you talk about a mismatch! Somehow the Bucs drew up a play that got Miller isolated against linebacker J.J. Russell (Memphis). Trask got Miller the ball right in the numbers and as Miller immediately pulled away from Russell, Miller pulled a Cheetah Hill and flashed the deuce at the rookie as Russell was eating Miller’s dust and Miller was gone.

* Trask completes a pass to White but it would have been a coverage sack if hitting was permitted.

*The way Gabbert threw so well on Tuesday, perhaps former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians was onto something.

26 Responses to “Practice Notes From Tuesday’s Underwear Football Practice”

  1. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    Good to hear about Gabbert. I think he probably is accurate, and definitely has a howitzer of an arm. But I still question whether he can do it with real bullets flying.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You can never have too many backup QBs……

  3. Marine Buc Says:

    Nice to hear Scooter Miller is healthy and back to his former self…

  4. PassingThru Says:

    J.J. Howland!

  5. Crickett Baker Says:

    Thanks for the intel, Joe.

  6. Bird Says:

    Great stuff joes!

  7. D-Rok Says:

    Can’t wait for practice notes when the pads come on. Only then will your notes give us fans a true sense of what team is truly assembled this year, and their potential.

    Surely I am simply salivating to see how our team looks this year!

    GO BUCS!!!

  8. Crickett Baker Says:

    ..and I can’t wait for Brady to stop practicing golf..

  9. #8 Says:


  10. Biff Barker Says:

    Thanks Joe.

    A healthy Scotty can really help us. Good news.

  11. Eckwood Says:

    The fact that you have been watching a professional QB for three years and this is the first practice he looked like a professional QB says it all……….. prob top 5 or 10 arm but this should be the majority of the practices , not 1 out of 100. Blaine passes the work out test and that’s about it …but oh boy does his arm and ripping spiral look pretty !! Fact, he impressed Joe 1 of over 100 practices , that is for sure an F – ………….. poor man’s Jeff George on the practice field

  12. SlyPirate Says:

    Play Trask more and then play him even more.

  13. Beeej Says:

    No Ryan Griffin?

  14. SB~LV Says:

    That was fun to read

  15. steele Says:

    Blaine so good, he starts. Right, Joe?

  16. D-Rok Says:

    #8, time to switch gears and start campaigning for Gronk to come back. Although not impossible, it seems unlikely Suh comes back.

    I’m with you, bro.


  17. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Wasn’t Gabbert a high first round draft pick?

  18. K2 Says:

    fun stuff

  19. Craig Says:

    Joe, could you say anything about how Trask is progressing with his mechanics? Does he still have happy feet and quadruple clutch the ball?

    Your notes make it look like he an Gabbert are pretty damned close on production, so mechanics might be the kicker.

  20. Joe Says:

    Joe, could you say anything about how Trask is progressing with his mechanics?

    Joe can’t speak to mechanics because Joe is not a QB coach so it would be irresponsible to guess. Yeah, up until today, Gabbert wasn’t that much better than Trask.

  21. Buczilla Says:

    Damn I miss football, thnx Joes.

  22. Oxycodoms Says:

    Ryan has some maturing to do if he celebrates good plays vs trask

  23. Pewter Power Says:

    I still don’t like gabbert. I’ve heard about the work he’s doing with the best receivers available but why is trask the only one throwing bombs? Seems gabbert plays it safe with short throws

  24. Oxycodoms Says:

    Trask is a slow learner easier to chuck it down the field

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Good stuff as usual!

    Thanks JBF.

    Go Bucs!!!

  26. Mike Says:

    QB controversy!