Coach’s Challenge To Antoine Winfield: 7 Interceptions

May 3rd, 2022

Bucs Pro Bowl safety Antoine Winfield, Jr., is a hell of a player and, unfortunately, the face of the gut-punch loss to the Rams in the playoffs.

Old school Bucs fans might agree that Winfield’s tie to that brutal play almost feels like Lavonte David’s connection to the gaffe that closed opening day against the Jets in 2013. David got past that because he has a professional approach to the game, and Winfield is the same way, his position coach Nick Rapone said today at One Buc Palace.

Everything about Winfield’s worth ethic is top shelf, Rapone said, but he’s got to get better.

And the challenge delivered to the third-year man is to start picking off passes like the top safeties in the game.

“Let’s start getting six or seven interceptions a year. Let’s make that the next step,” Rapone said of the goal he put before Winfield.

Winfield has three interceptions in 39 career starts. He’s actually got more sacks (5) than picks.

“We know you can blitz. We know you can tackle. We know you can pass defend. Let’s get the football a little more,” Rapone explained.

Production. Production. Production. Joe is confident that Winfield can be at least a four-interception safety, and do more damage on blitzes.

34 Responses to “Coach’s Challenge To Antoine Winfield: 7 Interceptions”

  1. GOB Says:

    He’s very good in the box, and a good safety overall. The honey badger he ain’t. Ball hawking skills are usually innate. I wouldn’t try to turn him into something he isn’t.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We’ve got some pretty good coaches…..but IMO the coolest is Kevin Ross….

    SMB is a good player that needs to become a great player….I’m looking for huge improvement from SMB, Dean & Edwards in their contract years.

  3. LOL Says:

    I don’t think many fans are blaming Winfield for the last play against the Rams Joe. At least he was close to Kupp. Freaking SMB fell down on the previous play to allow a huge gain and put the Rams in easy position to make FG range.

  4. ClwJB Says:

    As much as I love winfields game, he gets caught with his eyes in the backfield sometimes

    More discipline in his reads means more chances to break in the ball and collect pics

    It’s coming, he is a future All Pro

  5. SC. Bucs Fan Says:

    Like all our secondary Winfield gives up too many big plays. Hopefully this year the trend reverses.

  6. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    That was just bad defensive strategy and worse execution.
    We need more depth on that defensive front seven.

  7. steele Says:

    LOL, Winfield was one of many who blew those plays. Challenge to him and all Bucs defenders: stop the Rams. Please.

  8. Goatfarmer Says:

    Unfair to blame that ultratard play all on Winfield. If Bowles had just said “cover Kupp” maybe he would have known what to do. Along with his teammates.

    That is a stain that doesn’t wash off.

    Thanks Todd. Now make up for it.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    Got all the faith in AWJr , but we got a difficult schedule. People keep crying about being able to cover the best WR in the league on an all out blitz. It’s a new year.

  10. D-Rok Says:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure AWSr coached up his son this offseason. What a pedigree!

  11. firethecannons Says:

    He is excellent at the flying leap pass defense, would love to see more int, he has to consistently be around the ball and be there around Carlton who pass defenses often which knocks the ball up. That is the key be there around CD when it is a passing down, some times the ball hangs so he has time to get there.

  12. GOB Says:

    If you wanna blame something or someone for the play against the Rams, look no further than the other 99.99 percent of defensive snaps before it. If you’re players can’t execute the gameplan, call different plays!!! It’s called situational football.
    Belichick, or belicheat as you folks call him, had a term for it. GTFB. It means get the funk back!!! If the bucs don’t become more gameplan specific, the results won’t change.

  13. GOB Says:

    Blitz all the hell you want. But, you’d better be sure the coverage can hold until the blitz actually effects the play.

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    INTs, like FRs, aren’t something coaches should set goals for IMO. They’re really nice when they happen, but putting too much pressure on a DB to ‘make them happen’ could easily backfire (and lead to them getting burnt).

    Besides, uncertain at this point who’ll be starting at Safety. Folks seem to think that Edwards has a claim to start, but I wouldn’t be so sure. Both Logan Ryan & Keanu Neal have had some pretty good years in the past, and both are surely looking to reignite their careers right now. It’ll be interesting to see how Todd Bowles uses their combined talents.

  15. GOB Says:

    Is it affect or effect? or maybe affliction, or erection. Forgive GOB, I’ve had a few too many concussions.

  16. GOB Says:

    His dad was a god damn menace

  17. alton d green Says:

    he was the reason for the gut-punch loss? I guess I saw a different game. Bowles called the second biggest blunder i’ve ever seen. So what do the Buc’s “woke police” do? Promote him to head coach. Only in America

  18. Steven M. Says:

    ” He go to get better” He sure does ! Like learning how to cover Cooper Kupp and when Kupp is running towards you, don’t stop and let him run by you. Winfield has alot to repent for !

  19. Bucs Guy Says:

    The play in the Rams game was not only Winfield’s fault. We were in that situation due to poor defensive play and calls in the first half.

  20. Eckwood Says:

    This learning on the job stuff is hilarious to watch from these ( as BA said , anointed coaches and GM s )

    1. MJ Stewart disaster …We are not drafting any more corners that aren’t long enough to have some top end speed and or don’t run 4.5 ….. btw I think the guy was is a good player just not manned up alone ) scheme.
    2. Winfield Rule … more 5’8” safeties unless they can run a 4.4 and 20 mph plus …….. way too many 6’ 2” plus receivers ……… no Clayton/ Duper starting tandems anymore !!

  21. SB Says:

    Bucsfan4ever Says:
    May 3rd, 2022 at 5:47 pm
    That was just bad defensive strategy and worse execution.
    We need more depth on that defensive front seven.


    Glad to see your procedure went well Sir.

  22. D-Rok Says:

    Geez guys, can we give it a rest about that last series of the Rams game? EVERYTHING WENT WRONG. Guys gassed, guys out of position, guys not being on same page with play called on defense. It sucked! But, it happens. The Bucs, overall, were competitive that game, as reflected in the final score. We didn’t get smoked. We lost a close game. Really, how do you think the Chiefs still feel after that humiliating loss to the Bucs in the SB? Now those guys….they got smoked. We didn’t. We lost. Live to fight another day.

  23. Bucsfan13 Says:

    GOB is right. I think we sometimes come in with this stubbornness that we’re going to do it our way, even if it might not be the right approach. I see it more on the offensive side of the ball. I despise the Patriots, but one thing i liked about them is that their offensive approach would change each week depending on the opponent.

  24. steele Says:

    Defense Rules, I am hoping that Logan Ryan adds leadership, toughness and playmaking to the secondary. Also hoping that Ryan, Neal and McCollum can add something special.

  25. SPARKY Says:

    Um, any of you guys looking forward to this year.

  26. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Lol… Just picked the scab on the wound of that divisional game. Man, that was an epic comeback.

  27. 1#bucsfan Says:

    I like it. Challenge SMB CD n Dean too please.

  28. Izod Says:

    The Bucs secondary has consistently been one of its weakest links.

  29. Esteban85 Says:

    What’s in a concussion GOB? I’m a whiskey neat guy myself.

  30. Esteban85 Says:

    So because the Bucs hired a black coach they are the “woke police”?
    I for one am happy to see Bowles get a second chance at leadership. The owners make the final decision and they picked the best man available. Because of the content of his character and his talents as a coach and a leader, not because of the color of his skin.

    Only in America am I right?

  31. Dooley Says:

    Winfields’ INT in Indianapolis covering Pittman Jr was like watching Spud Webb dunk

  32. Lamarcus Says:

    He dont have the wheels. Slow

  33. Brandon Says:

    Considering he’s our second best safety in coverage (Edwards is first and it isn’t even close) but most fans think he’s an All-Pro, maybe we should wait til he’s good before we Start giving him accolades.

  34. Jarrett Says:

    Bucs need to get rid of this guy. Got absolutely TOASTED by Cooper Kupp and cost us a trip to the super bowl. Please get rid of Winfield Jr