Tom Brady Dropping Hints On Rob Gronkowski?

May 13th, 2022

“Gronk, you best follow my nutrition plan.”

Oh, those NFL players and their cryptic social media posts. This time it is Tom Brady.

The Bucs quarterback, as pointed out by an eagle-eyed commenter, seemed to be dropping a hint on his Instagram stories feed that mmmaaayyybbbeee foot-rubbing free agent tight end Rob Gronkowski will break down and rejoin the Bucs between now and the start of the 2022 season.

Earlier this week Gronk was showing off a gallon water jug on Instagram that looks very much like the water bottle (?) Brady always seems to drag around at One Buc Palace.

Well, as you can see below, Brady put out on Instagram a photo of Gronk and what appears to be his daily regimen of TB12 products to keep him in the best shape he can be. Then Brady has a caption that reads, “Need to have healthy eating habits to be great this season.”

Well, Brady apparently wasn’t monitoring Gronk’s Instagram stories feed yesterday. Gronk tells someone “Hey, I’m cheating with a chick… Hey! Just Chick-fil-A.” Then Gronk chomps down on a Chick-fil-A sandwich.

Joe has a hunch Chick-fil-A is not an approved item on the TB12 nutrition plan.

So is this Brady’s cute little way of telling Bucs fans not to wig out, that Gronk will be wearing pewter and red come September?

20 Responses to “Tom Brady Dropping Hints On Rob Gronkowski?”

  1. Bucs Fan Says:

    Joe I hope you appreciate all this. Everyone could say Brady but is boring Brady is a media members dream. Its constant content with him good or bad. Usually when fox sports hires someone that department announces it not the head of the company’s son Murdoch at a earnings meeting. I honestly think that caught Brady off guard. Not only does Joe think it did NOT catch Brady off guard, Joe is confident FOX paid Brady for the right to promote him before he ever works a day. Look at the many tens of millions in free promotion FOX is getting worldwide.–Joe
    Thats why he was at otas wednesday to show everyone he is all in with Bucs. Now you even get wing nuts to way in on Brady joining Fox. Wing nuts on both sides think well this proves Brad is a trumper. I love it wish they would let Brady host this weeks Sunday morning fox news show. Peoples heads would explode.

  2. Mikejp Says:

    No doubt, Gronk is just avoiding practice until the preseason.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wouldn’t be happy without my “Gronk-a-day” article……

    The Chic-fil-A is on the SK10 diet……Shaun King

  4. MadMax Says:

    Erbody know Gronk is gonna be back….all good 🙂

  5. #8 Says:


  6. SB~LV Says:

    Unless there is an exception for the Bucs to dress 54 it’s time to move on from Gronk. Maybe bring him back mid November or if there’s a injury to the TE group.

  7. Mike Says:

    There’s no way Gronk is going to miss this season. He’s just being coy and waiting as long as he can to avoid some wear and tear.

  8. TampaRich Says:

    I think the whole Gronk situation is a win win. Gronk wins because he wasn’t going to practice early to begin with. He gets to drum up drama and intrigue which is also good for the Bucs.

  9. Leda Says:

    Gronk is taking all the rest he needs

  10. Regina Cormican Says:

    Now get SUH back as well. Love them both

  11. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I like Suh, but I saw an All 22 video of his play last year that has given me pause about signing him, especially at his asking price. He had trouble moving laterally when teams would employ zone runs. He got kinda exposed. We desperately need a playmaker on defense. This defense is very concerning, and we didn’t do nearly enough to address it in the offense. We should’ve retained Whitehead. He’s a young stud, and his asking price wasn’t even high. We’re supposed to be all in, but we’re pinching pennies. I have no idea why we drafted a RB in the third round.

    We needed to address our defense. Lewis Cine is a big playmaker and we overthought it, and missed out on him. I’m sounding the alarm on our D. We can’t put all the pressure on the shoulders of our 45 year old QB. He had 719 pass attempts last year!!

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I wonder if the Bucs will practice outside this season?

  13. Eric b Says:

    We do need suh!!! Gronk will be back dont worry, we still can bring elderman !!! He is so clutch during the postseason!! And guess what LA couldnt cover him during the SB!!! He had 172 something yards and he said this much!! Lets sign LAndry also!! LA is doing it somehow figure it out UNFINISHED BUISSNESS LFGO

  14. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    Gronk & Edelman. Sounds good to me. Suh can be replaced by a cheaper vet FA.

  15. Eddie Marz Says:

    Gronk brings a lot. He’s a difference maker for sure. They definitely can use him and his crazy self. Good guy to be on your side. Anyway if this is Brady’s last year, Gronk wouldn’t want to miss it. If they retired together, they go into the Hall together. GOBUCS!

  16. Colin in Canada Says:

    Fun Fact: it takes 400 gallons of water to produce 1 lb of almonds. So if everybody lived the TB12 lifestyle it would be bad for the environment. But Brady gets a pass haha

  17. LightningMan Says:

    @colinincanada still better than cows milk.

  18. David Says:

    Bucs Fan
    Totally agree with Joe on this one. Fox did not blindside Brady with the announcement. You don’t do that to someone you’re just about to him 3/4 of $1 billion to.
    Besides, everything Brady says or does exactly how he wants it to come out. It is all very measured. This is basically giving Fox an advertisement for the next year every time Brady speaks. They also knew there was going to be a bidding war for him so they scooped him up before he retired. It was actually brilliant. The guys analysis of football will be tremendous.

  19. AA3755 Says:

    Yes we need suh, depth is a good thing,I’m sure he will come down on his price to play with the BUCCANEERS, JPP WOULD BE NICE TO AND THE LL PROBABLY BOTH PLAY FOR INCENTIVE LADEN CONTRACTS LIKE GRONK DID LAST SEASON…

  20. Henry. White Says:

    The worst mistake the BUCS can make right now for a Q/back is .B.As. best friend who hanging on to B. As. For job guarantee is Gabbitt.He ‘shad his chances so him go and give Trask to the better chance f ok r he’s more of the q/back that you really need if you want to keep thos Football alive.