The Bucs & Marcus Jones

April 21st, 2022

Hardcore Bucs fans know the names: Robert Herron, Kaelin Clay, Jeff Demps, Eric Page, Solomon Patton, Roscoe Parrish, Bernard Reedy, Bobo Wilson, T.J. Logan, Jaydon Mickens and Jaelon Darden.

Those guys were all going to be the Buccaneers’ next big thing at returning punts or kicks, or both, in the past 10 years.

So Joe thinks it’s safe to say the Bucs are not good at finding electric return guys. Adam Humphries was a dependable punt returner but never a real threat for a special run back.

And now the Bucs are entering another NFL Draft with a question mark at returner. Is this the year they hit the jackpot?

Enter cornerback/returner Marcus Jones out of the University of Houston, widely considered the best returner in college football last season. At 5-8, 174 pounds, he’s smaller than a typical Jason Licht corner, but Jones has elite explosiveness and some believe he can play receiver, too.

Jones has third-round pick written all over him, but Joe can’t say Jones would last all the way to the Bucs in Round 3.

If Todd Bowles and the scouting department believe he’s a legit corner who can develop, then Joe wouldn’t hesitate. It sure would be fun to see a great returner immediately. Tom Brady would love that.

31 Responses to “The Bucs & Marcus Jones”

  1. Marine Buc Says:

    Mock draft simulators are fun this time of year.

    My last draft was:
    1. T. Linderbaum – C/OG
    2. T. Woolen – CB
    3. P. Mathis – DT
    4. J Ferguson – TE

    I didn’t bother w the 7th rounders… Probably a RB and LB for STs.

  2. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I feel like Joe has been the only one yelling from the rooftop about our awful special teams. Keith Armstrong has had no accountable from the HC. Pinion had two kicks out of bounds against the Rams. I would argue that’s more egregious than the last blitz call. Darden is awful. Is this guy wearing roller skates? Bad field position for the offense was a constant. And Pinion constantly had our D defending short fields. Bowles first big decision should be to fire Armstrong.

  3. SlyPirate Says:

    Successful NFL players 5’8 or under.

    Sproles 5’6
    Maurice Jones-Drew 5’7
    Ray Rice 5’8
    Barry Sanders 5’8

    Only Sproles weighed less than 200lbs (190).

    Waist of a pick. He’s every successful small RB from Oregon. None make it in the NFL.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If Brady is there in the sixth….we should trade up and pick him.

  5. Jor Jor Binks Says:

    How does this article not get a Clifton “Peanut” Smith mention to bring up the mood too 🤷‍♂️😂

  6. Joe in Michigan Says:

    SlyPirate: You seem to be forgetting about when Lovie picked up the 5’ 8” CB Tim Jennings after the Bears rightfully cut him. He was short, but he sure was slow! Hahaha

  7. Cobraboy Says:

    A 5’8″ NFL corner?

    That’s kinda funny…

  8. Jp09 Says:

    If they take anyone who is 5’8” it should be Calvin Austin from Memphis, a slightly smaller version of Tyreek Hill

  9. Alvafan Says:

    How many truly great return men have there been in the history of the NFL?

  10. firethecannons Says:

    why not make use of scotty miller? dude makes plays that is what he does get a real fast corner that is tall and teach him how why not sign tarik cohen

  11. sasquatch Says:

    5’8” 174 in the 3rd round? Phouecke that shyte.

  12. kaimaru Says:

    5’8″ at cornerback? No thank you.

  13. sasquatch Says:

    Maybe 5th round… strictly a return guy or gadget player on offense.

  14. Alvafan Says:

    We probably should have protected Mickens. I didn’t like the concealed weapon charge last spring but he was brave enough to run hard up the middle on kickoffs and take hits receiving too. Darden is scared to death and ST players are taking liberties with him because of it

  15. steele Says:

    NO. You do not waste a high pick on a special teamer, when the need on the roster is for IMMEDIATE DEFENSIVE STARTERS.

    Get your return guys at the end of the draft or in free agency, or in trade packages.

  16. Joe Says:

    Keith Armstrong has had no accountable from the HC.

    That may change come February (January?) when the new head coach has had ample time to evaluate his staff. And thanks for the kind words.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hopefully Licht has learned his lesson with wasted reach picks. But film doesn’t lie.

  18. HC Grover Says:

    Please no more little fellers.

  19. sasquatch Says:

    Jones has third-round pick written all over him

    This is why Joe’s draft acumen would crater an organization within 2 years.

  20. StickinUp4Centers Says:

    Christian Watson is an athletic freak that would be a POTENT WR3/4 in the Bucs offense and has had success as a kick returner. Keep Darden on punt returns where his 9 yd average was respectable and get him the right pair of cleats.

  21. Mike Says:

    Maybe more of a 5th rounder

  22. Bucs Win Says:

    Special Teams will not improve until Armstrong gets run.

  23. Thadeus Says:

    Scotty Miller, one of the fastest if not The fastest in the NFWL. ( National Woke Football League )
    He’d be a great return man with a little work.
    Or Godwin. Be a good position for him. He’s just not going to be the same at receiver.

  24. gotbbucs Says:

    I don’t think you’ll see them give up on Darden after one season.

    I’d be fine with a player like Jones later in the draft, but there’s no way they would use a 3rd round pick on a guy like that.

  25. MadMax Says:

    If we draft Dotson, then we’re good….other than that 4th rnd maybe

  26. cover deuce Says:

    The Bucs like their cover guys to be over 6’ and have at least 30” arms. At that size I doubt he meets their criteria for defense so unless he’s a Pro-Bowl special teamer there’s no way I can see them spending a 3rd rounder on him.

  27. Joe in Michigan Says:

    StickinUp4Centers Says:
    April 21st, 2022 at 9:07 pm
    Keep Darden on punt returns where his 9 yd average was respectable and get him the right pair of cleats.
    Bro, it wasn’t his shoes. It’s what 2nd Round WR/Returner Dexter Jackson suffered from, and he was cut after 1 year in Tampa.

  28. David Says:


    Absolutely not.

  29. David Says:

    Personally, I have not given up on Darden. If he shows up 10 pounds heavier because of working out, and is ready to be more fearless, we shall see. He has the quickness.

    But you could probably count on your fingers the number of players 5’8”or less weighing 185 pounds or less that have been successful in the NFL in the last 30 years. That would be an absolute waste, I don’t care how fast he is. The odds would be astronomically against it

  30. Buczilla Says:

    The nfl’s website has Dante Hall (as a returner) as this guys comp. I say hell yes!

  31. Buczilla Says:

    @Marine Buc

    1. Trent McDuffie CB
    2. Jahan Dotson WR
    3. Jalyn Amour-Davis CB
    4. Jelani Woods TE

    That was fun.