Open-Door Bowles

April 13th, 2022

Todd Bowles.

Every coach will tell you he or she is a teacher.

But are they good teachers?

Usually when Joe hears Bucs defensive players talk about new head coach Todd Bowles, Joe hears him lauded as a teacher. Veteran or rookie, Bowles the mentor and educator stands out. And the words “genius” or “mastermind” are thrown in.

That was on display again yesterday from Lavonte David. And recently general manager Jason Licht was talking to about how Bowles embraces the mentor/teacher role so he can reach every player in every possible way.

“It’s very important for him to keep his door open and be a counselor. I’ll walk by there several times a day; there could somebody else in there,” Licht said. “He’s got a special way of getting to know each and every person, not only on the field but off. And how they learn, why they like to learn the way they do, and then adapting to the way that they like to learn.”

Joe hopes Bowles really is special in this area of bonding and teaching. Just imagine if he can quickly become Tom Brady’s favorite head coach and reach The Goat on a new level.

That certainly would improve the odds of Brady slinging the rock for Tampa Bay in 2023.

11 Responses to “Open-Door Bowles”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘That certainly would improve the odds of Brady slinging the rock for Tampa Bay in 2023’.

    One year at a time …

  2. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bowles is a good coach and good teacher.
    Will he be a good game manager?

  3. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    DR, exactly my thought. We still have other priorities to get done. But yes, it would be nice to have one more year.

  4. DEEEMO Says:

    Bowels had terrible teams in NY with the Jets and had bad records. Was it his fault or the front office? Seems to me I remember a very well known coach failing in Cleveland (also a great Defensive mind) but rising to the top in New England (who just by chance had one Tom Brady at QB). Can history repeat in Tampa Bay? We shall see, We shall see….

  5. Bucsfanfrom76 Says:

    I originally felt the Bowles transition would be a positive move but the more I absorb this story, the more I feel to the contrary. He is without a doubt a great defensive mind. He’s also, as this story describes, a great teacher. However in today’s nfl you have to switch STRATEGIES from defense to offense in a split second. I’m not sure from what I have seen from him that would indicate we will be able to as illustration in the defensive games that we have lost recently because he couldn’t make the right adjustments. I hope I’m wrong and he becomes the next B.P.

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    As Joe and others have pointed out, Bowles in under a lot of pressure his inaugural season. With the roster he is working with, TB12 under center, and playing in a poor division, he should post a very strong record – 14-3 or 13-4. If he ends the season at 11-6 or under, people (including me) will have major concerns. If that happens, Brady’s return won’t even be debatable. He won’t! So first, let’s see what the Bucs do this year and then we’ll ponder who our QB will be in 2023.

  7. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Having the physical talent is one thing, but football isn’t that complicated, especially leaning one position.

  8. TJ Says:

    I think 11-6 is NOT the end of the world for a team under new leadership and having an INCREDIBLY tough schedule. There are good 10-6 teams and overrated 10-6 teams. All I care about is not giving away games by having too many “mental errors”. Those types of weaknesses ALWAYS comes down to coaching and practice. Our defense sucked last year in that department. Injuries aside, We cut down mental miscues we are back in the SB again.

  9. Destinjohnny Says:

    It’s real simple
    If we get him good players we win
    If we don’t we won’t win

    We have to draft well for him to have a chance

  10. sasquatch Says:

    Can we not have a Brady reference in every article? Seriously, let’s get over it. He’s leaving after this year.

  11. kaimaru Says:

    @sasquatch This is the Tompa Bay Buccaneers after all.