Is “No Risk It, No Biscuit” Officially Gone?

April 29th, 2022

Tampa Bay trading out of the first round last night left a lot of Bucs fans feeling deflated and a little lost.

Nothing about it felt like the all-in team that is seeking one more magical piece to push the “this close” Bucs back to the promised land.

Yes, those are fan emotions, and general manager Jason Licht cannot spend valuable draft-week minutes worried about that. But it’s still worth wondering whether Bucco Bruce Arians out of the decision-making mix now has the team more focused on the future.

Arians operated by the motto, “No Risk It. No Biscuit.” And there sure were warm and fresh biscuits on the buffet last night when the Bucs left the draft table — plus extra fluffy biscuits nearby within range of a potential trade up.

Instead, the Bucs grabbed the first picks of Rounds 2, 4 & 6 in exchange for their first-rounder.

Joe has no problem with the move. And Joe would bet a few bucks that Licht trades that top second-rounder again to a quarterback-needy team — and he maybe even trades up late in the second round to end up with three picks in Round 2 tonight.

Still, Joe can’t shake the feeling that we just witnessed a philosophy change at One Buc Palace. Hopefully, it’s a positive change.

92 Responses to “Is “No Risk It, No Biscuit” Officially Gone?”

  1. SB~LV Says:

    Out with the old and in with the new… along with Satchel Paige’s quote.
    Seriously if BA was not putting in the hours last year he is double dipping in government workers vernacular

  2. Bird Says:

    We shall see with not taking wyatt. But i did read some teams took off board completely with more then one domestic violence. And you say well sapp this and that. Sapp was drugs. Again not ideal to be doing before draft but lets be honest drugs and domestic violence are completely different and that is huge red flag

    Now bucs missed on Cine w trading back which sucks. Dang minnesota with last pick

    But bucs still have great choices:

    Andrew booth
    Kyler gordon
    Travis jones
    Logan hall
    Boye mafe
    Arnold ebikitie

    And on offense

    Trey mcbride

    Three teams picking early- texans , seahawks and falcons need qb. Just afraid we keep going to far back and miss out on one of peeps above who can provide more snaps then limited rotation. Kinda leaning Booth at this point

  3. HC Grover Says:

    Maybe the Bucs are working on a deal. Like the Fish.

  4. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Man I thought we were gonna get Jermaine Johnson. When the Jets moved ahead of us for him I think that prompted the trade back in terms of the value left on the board but who knows. Dude was a beast on a bad FSU team and tested well i wasn’t sure why he was such a late 1st rounder

  5. westernbuc Says:

    We can draft for the present and the future. Licht needs to have a roster worthy to lure Brady back or another star QB. Our roster can be a Ferrari waiting for a pro driver.. leave the Licht on!

  6. Buddha Says:

    Smart move by GM. Go where the value is and protect the cap. Need a good mix of veterans and youth.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Good observation Corn. I was hoping we would go Wyatt. But that trade value, dang!

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There are 4 or 5 teams that could be ripe for a trade up for QB……and that’s just QB…..the best TE, RB are still on the board…..and some good WRs, CBs….

    I wouldn’t be unhappy with another trade down.

    With our cap issues, we will need some young starters on their rookie contracts…..

  9. SOEbuc Says:


    Licht done a great job in the draft with a bunch with unfortunately list of sh!tty coaches. The weapons is why Brady came here in the first place.

    How embarrassed would the franchise be if they gave Wyatt money to go make more criminal charges. Might as well take off his pads and do jumping jacks off the field.

    OMG!!! Like trading back was not a serious option. No. 30-no.60 are stacked.

    The real reason people are upset is because they have to watch the AWFUL draft show for the Bucs to trade at 27.

  10. PassingThru Says:

    Biscuit football had morphed considerably since Brady’s arrival, which was all for the better. There were still longer passing plays, but there was much more motion in the backfield and an overall more controlled passing game, much of it predicated on taking whatever the defense was willing to give. That vertical focus isn’t the key to the Super Bowl in the modern era, just look at the Raiders.

  11. TDTB2022 Says:

    I’m with Buddha.
    Let’s Go Licht!!!

  12. Oxycodoms Says:

    Risked it.
    Bucs pussed out on johnson. Drafting tyron and trask may have been part of the problem too many needs now when last year they were in a position of luxury . Fell asleep at the wheel back then and last night

  13. TDTB Says:

    Why not draft Willis and let the QB Whisperer do his magic for a year? I hear his job duties aren’t well defined.

  14. Tim Says:

    Yep I have no problem with the move. If it’s a philosophical change as far as the coaching, I’d look to Bowles’s time with the Jets to see how he’ll coach. Now imagine that coaching philosophy with a team that can actually win, not the dumpster fire that is the Jets.

    As far as personnel, I feel like it’s mostly Licht pulling those strings and I have complete confidence in his ability to get a good combination of value and production.

  15. Tim Says:

    As far as QB’s go I’d rather take Ridder that Willis.

  16. Tim Says:


  17. HC Grover Says:

    We could move Trask to Gabberts spot and pick Willis. The move was cool by BL cause look where we sit this Mornin’. Options abound.

  18. Kalind Says:

    Disagree. I think it IS a win now move. The depth of the draft is better than the top of the draft. 1 non-elite first round pick is outweighed by additional pieces that provide roster depth against multiple positions. As you’re fond of pointing out about Booth, the depth on the team is a serious issue. So play to the strength of this draft. Mid round depth piece picks. Not a single ‘top shelf’ pick in rd 1 that may flame out anyways. Always more. Never less.

  19. SKBucsFan Says:

    I like the move. We need multiple quality players. This is the draft to load up on. And we can get Johnson in a few years when the Jets ruin his career.

  20. PassingThru Says:

    Licht might have to make a few calls after the draft to find an available DT. I thought the Bucs might take a shot at Wyatt, but perhaps there were some concerns about how his production would translate to the NFL level, and away from that quality DL at Georgia. He wasn’t the guy getting double-teamed there.

  21. WillieG Says:

    I hope there isn’t a philosophy change. I for one, enjoyed them going for it on 4th down and then scoring a touchdown as the first half came to close in the NFC Championship game. I’d hate to see them start punting in those situations. That’s boring and (frequently) losing football.

  22. Bowles4President Says:

    I think the trade was just as much about the salary cap as it is about stocking developmental talent.

    Who of us thought that the Bucs could keep as many of the 2021 team on the roster for 2022 as we have, and that’s even without resigning Gronk yet?

    As long as we aren’t trading for 2023 picks and the 2022 picks we get are in the 2nd to early 4th rounds, then those players could be potentially helpful in 2022. I’m not a big fan at all though of 5th through 7th round picks. The miss rate on those is very significant for any GM.

    If we ended this draft with only three 2nd round picks and one 3rd round pick than I would be excited about that.

  23. SOEbuc Says:


    Agreed. And Licht has a good track record 2-4 (most the time).

  24. BUCman Says:

    In theory the trade back makes sense. BUT, it’s hard to understand passing on Wyatt. He was the one guy who would have been the perfect fit and a difference maker. There is a massive drop off at DT now. Logan Hall doesn’t impress me in the least. Very average player. Dean is the best player on the board. However, would love to find a way to end the night with McBride on the roster. McBride will not make it to 60 so either have to take him at 33 or trade around to get him.

  25. Bowles4President Says:

    Also… Do the Patriots have any other stud starters they’d like to give away for a 4th round pick??

  26. PassingThru Says:

    I think trading down made the most sense prior to this draft, at least if teams grabbed the 15 to 20 top talents. This draft just petered out of true first round talent after that.

    I think that was a universal thought among the GMs. That’s why you didn’t see an early 2nd and early to mid 3rd round pick return for pick #27. GMs weren’t going to let Licht rob the bank for pick #27. They all know that there’s a tier of players who grade out fairly evenly from the early second to somewhere in the third.

  27. SKBucsFan Says:

    Just as long as he didn’t trade down to nab one of the terrible QBs. Worry about that next year. Let someone esle deal with their multiple issues. Just load up on young supporting talent today.

  28. Posey99 Says:

    Great move by Licht. This idea that Licht is drafting for immediate impact players so we can do everything make brady feel good obviously hasn’t seen who we picked up in free agency.

  29. MadMax Says:

    Wow…the options we have now!

    And of course a trade down option…

    alright im awake and on it.

  30. #8 Says:

    I feel like they know Gronk & Suh are back–its to the Bucs benefit that doesn’t get out, as it means other teams ‘think’ the Bucs need a TE/DL more than they do, so helps Licht’s ability to maneuver in the draft.

    I was for sure a little bummed last night, but now that I’ve slept on it, cannot guarantee any of the guys we passed up on would hit anyway. 2 extra chances to hit now, albeit later in the draft.

    As long as no QB is taken, I am good. Otherwise we screwed the 2nd round pick hard last year…

  31. HC Grover Says:

    Lynch and the Ninnies had no pick either. Bat Signal up. Hmmm?

  32. MadMax Says:

    George Pickens WR Bulldogs
    or Logan Hall DT

  33. Marine Buc Says:

    I was a little bummed we didn’t take D. Wyatt with pick #27.

    But I understand it. Multiple off-field problems.

    L. Cine was my next pick and he is now gone too.

    I’m hoping we take the LB from Georgia or one the solid CBs left on the board.

    The extra 4th round pick will probably be a TE or RB which we also need.

    At least we will have an interesting draft day 2 to watch today.

    Go Bucs!

  34. JA Says:

    I keep pounding the Roger McCreary drum because it’s worth the noise. The kid is everywhere on defense and reminds me of a young Darrelle Revis.
    I don’t know. Maybe he gets burned when I’m not watching, but his highlight reel (watch it!) surpasses those considered better.
    He could play nickel in Week 1.
    Go get him, Licht, before someone else in our division snatches him up.

  35. D-Rome Says:

    I’m good with the Bucs trading out of the first round. If they guy they wanted wasn’t there then they may as well look to gain more picks.

  36. Canabuc Says:

    I was initially okay with the trade down move although I would have preferred us trading up a couple of spots when Johnson was still on the table.

    It hurts to see guys that I liked get drafted in the spots between when we originally picked and 33.

    However if the plan all along was that we didn’t like Wyatt and we already had guys on the roster that were equivalent to dax and Cine, and Wyatt was not on their board, then it makes sense.

    I think Zion and Dotson were this they thought they might have a chance at but they went way too early.

    Likely the names of Booth, Hall, Jones are all available and they knew they could trade down for.

    I would not be surprised if they use some of the extra draft capital and their third pick to possibly trade back into the late second early third or use it to move their second round pick up into the higher second round.

    My gut feeling tells me that they plan to draft Perryon Winfrey to be an interior defender on the line and if possible way to either get Trey McBride or the tight end out of UCLA with their second and third pick

  37. PSL Bob Says:

    I said last week when Joe was advocating for going all in and trading up in the draft for a “sure thing,” that we should not sacrifice premium draft picks for someone that may or may not be a major contributor. The only trade up scenario I could envision would be if someone high on our draft board slid down to within grasp. That happened and Licht did nothing. Jermain Johnson was there for the taking. Just move up one position and make sure you grabbed him. And look who swept in. The New York Jets. For God’s sake, the New York Jets. Oh well, got to hope Licht has some small school O-linemen targeted for the next rounds. They seem to work out well.

  38. tampabuscsbro Says:

    I am reminded how many FSU fans we have in here when I see how many people wanted us to get Jermaine Johnson.

    He is a decent prospect that could be a good player. You guys seem to be overvaluing him a bit and implying he was on our radar to begin with.

    I wouldn’t have minded the pick but I’m getting flashbacks to the 2018 draft with how many fans I’ve seen on every bucs site/twitter wondering why we didn’t trade up to get him.

  39. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Forgot to mention George Karalaftis was right there at 27 and a good edge prospect as well. I don’t think they were going after edge with that pick guys.

  40. #8 Says:

    If we can get both Dean & Jones somehow, that’d be a huge help for the D.

  41. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The Bucs already have their QB of the future. The only way you get another is you jettison Gabbert and Griffin.

  42. David Says:

    They can still get Dean or Booth and then maybe Jones at DT at the end of the second round. These are first round talents. They can all help immediately.

    Overall, I think it’s probably going to be a good move as long as they get some value in rounds 3&4.
    They have to look towards the future, Brady seems like he’s not playing after this year.

  43. PSL Bob Says:

    TBBF, not a State alum. But you’re right, I don’t know if the Bucs were high on Johnson. I just think another edge rusher to pair with JTS would be good, particularly given JPP’s likely absence. I’m really more interested in getting a DT, because I don’t think Suh will be back. Travis Jones is still available at 33 and would be a great pairing with VV.

  44. Cho Says:

    Great move to trade back. Do it again. And maybe again after that. This draft is strong in rounds 2-4. And we need to maximize the number of players that get to see Brady train and play with him. That will help us in the future. I’m fine with basically any pick, except running back. I hope the Bucs draft a TE, a G, a CB and a DT… and if we trade back again we can do all that just in rounds 2 and 3.

  45. Cho Says:

    This draft is about depth (with some competition at DT, G and CB). Once Gronk and Sus sign back, our roster is basically set, with a few improvement (Gage, Mason). Great offseason so far. A+.

  46. Jerseybuc Says:

    Was hoping all day we would move back to get more picks and at top of second wouldn’t be surprised to see Jason do it again. Keep an eye on the Giants at 36 or the Seahawks with back to back picks looking to grab a QB. This draft was top heavy and lot of second round guys are equal to late first value from what I have read. Liked Cine, but plenty of top kids will be there for us. Let’s go!!!

  47. Red-sparrow Says:


    No they have to try to win NOW. There are no more long term plans in the NFL anymore. You guys will be mediocre to average hoping you had pushed all your chips in when you had Brady one last time. The future is NOW!

  48. sasquatch Says:

    No evidence of a philosophy change. Just another Joe projection.

  49. PassingThru Says:

    There’s lousy depth at OG in this draft. Licht might want to trade out a Day 3 pick for a vet, or take a chance on converting one of the marginal OT draftees who will be on the board late second and late third rounds.

  50. Bucaroo Says:

    I am curious: did the Bucs scouts spend any time evaluating any QBs this year? It’s amazing that only one has been taken so far.

  51. Brandon Says:

    The Bucs passed on all the players you guys wanted. Licht is better, smarter, and more accomplished than all of you. Whomever he gets at the top of round 2 is likely the player he wanted at 27… and it wasn’t Wyatt. A 24 year old with little production until his last season probably didn’t sit well with the Bucs. Overaged linemen are never productive. If it is Logan Hall…. it would have been Logan Hall at #27 as well. They didn’t want Cine… nor why would they?

  52. PassingThru Says:


    I sure hope not.

  53. geno711 Says:

    JA Says:
    April 29th, 2022 at 9:55 am
    I keep pounding the Roger McCreary drum because it’s worth the noise. The kid is everywhere.

    So the Auburn kid had a better career than Jamal Dean or Carlton Davis. Seems like Bowles has liked the training that the Auburn kids have had in the past.

    But Bowles also likes a little more length in most of his cornerback picks than McCreary.

    Lastly, for McCreary’s sake if he starts out slowly, he will be compared to Vernon Hargreaves because of his size.

  54. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I do not mind the small trade back to pick 33. There are still plenty of players available and also whatever happens we kind if have to add Shaw Mason into the mix since draft capital was used to get him. He may very well be 2nd or 1st round talent level so I am fine with that. Also now we get a 4th rounder again with the trade back with the Jags. Well played so far.

  55. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Shaq not Shaw. Auto correct. Oof

  56. PassingThru Says:

    I think McCreary might be a steal at the end of the second round. There’s a decent chance he’ll be there due to teams being scared off by his size and TRex wingspan.

  57. Oxycodoms Says:

    They probably didnt due their homework on johnson. Dude is a dog compared to tyron

  58. Posey99 Says:

    Travis Jones.

    I really like the OG from Georgia, Jamaree Salyer. Not at 33 but he seems solid.

  59. Listnfrmafar Says:

    There is a GOD!

  60. GOB Says:

    It was the smart move. According to the experts, not much separates pick 30-60. They can still get a plug and play guard, and some help on the D line in that range. I think you will see a flurry of moves from the bucs tonight and tomorrow

  61. gotbbucs Says:

    How is trading back out of the 1st round not “risk it”?

    They gave up the opportunity to draft Devin Lloyd, Dax Hill, or Lewis Cine.

    I think they screwed up because I think they probably believed one of them would still be on the board right now. Now they almost have to trade out of this 1st pick tonight to get any value out of what the lost out on last night.

    I personally don’t like the value on the board right now for this first pick. Nobody fell that’s a no-brainer pick.

  62. Chuck Thompson Says:

    I thought Licht was a bum at building teams and draft, but their team seems to know what to do. I’m not annoyed at trading back. Hopefully they can get a DL or a CB that is good.

  63. sasquatch Says:

    ^What you like on the board isn’t really relevant. Licht knew what his options would be at 33. And he’s being strategic. He has a player he’s targeted to pick at 33 if he doesn’t have good offers to trade back again.

  64. Bucamania Says:

    Nakobe Dean! Bucs have no depth at LB and Dean will be a stud. He can get home on the blitz too. Great leader.

  65. JA Says:


    Watch the tape. Size matters little when the receiver had a DB glued to his body …

  66. Anna S Says:

    Don’t be so dramatic

  67. Ash Says:

    There isn’t a change in philosophy they just know where the value in this draft is and it’s in the middle rounds what a smart move Jason is one of the best gms in the league

  68. K2 Says:

    Can’t you be more negative?

  69. GetHallAndBallOut Says:

    **Note from Joe. Comments don’t go up immediately and new screen names are filtered for quite a while. Joe’s team of interns passed on all the insults and hatefulness. Comments are monitored and filtered to attempt to keep things at least close to on subject, remove people attacking each other, etc. Joe realizes that some readers think it’s un-American for Joe to do that, but it is Joe who is responsible and accountable for what appears on these pages. –Joe

    We need Breece Hall.

    He’s a perfect Brady HB. Natural hands and has good speed, wiggle and power.
    Him and 4Net would turn us into a juggernaut on offense, especially with our run blocking hopefully improved with the addition of Mason and Stinnie (don’t sleep on him. He MANHANDLED Chris Jones in the SB)
    This sets up Brady’s deadly PA. As long as Gronk returns, we have plenty of receiving options already on this team. We’re not paying Guage 10 mil for nothing.

    34 points a game is great, but this offense has the potential to be even more stellar. Breece Hall would keep 4Net fresh in games and throughout the season. Vaughn is nice, but hes no Breece Hall. Hall may even supplant 4net later in the season when he fully digests the playbook and builds chemistry with Brady.

    I think this is an easy choice. Draft Brady a workhorse to help keep his jersey fresh, tire out opposing defenses, and give us another homerun threat in the running and passing game.

    Breece Hall

    Breece Hall

    Breece Hall

    Breece Hall

  70. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Arians punts in enemy territory on 4th and 1, as well as runs the ball on 3rd and long.

    No risk it, no biscuit was never brought to Tampa.

  71. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    No, the nature of this draft apparently is the dude you get at 12 is about as good as the dude you get in the 3rd, so stock up. & Jason is good at getting plug-&-play guys lately.

  72. Bucsfan13 Says:

    We’re not acting like an all-in team. I tell you some teams who are acting like they’re all in: Rams, Saints, Packers, and every SB AFC contender. As of now, Winston and the Saints are in a better position than Brady and the Bucs. Winston has a top 5 defense in he can lean on. He will be getting Thomas back who was once one of the best receivers in the league. He now has Olave a great speed complement to Thomas. And, oh yeah, they also have Kamara a great all around back. While some delusional Bucs fans have been acting like we would just waltz through the division, the Saints were thinking the same thing. They look around and see the lowly Falcons and Panthers, and they know they already own us. Some are giving Licht too much damn credit. This trade back only works if we get some good players who can help us immediately. That’s supposed to be the plan while we still have Brady on the last year of his rookie deal.

    And don’t sleep on the Packers. They still have the best thrower of the football I’ve ever seen in Rodgers, and they’re defense will be very formidable. Check out the roster. There defense is way better than our defense. Aaron won’t have to put up 30 a game. Finally, we have the damn toughest schedule in the league and a Pro Bowl WR who want be back until December. We are not a SB team

  73. SB~LV Says:

    Both Seahawks 2’s for letting them move up to pick 1 tonight

  74. MadMax Says:

    Yeah, im feeling it. We traded down and he dropped to us. Nakobe Dean!

    I wanted to wait until next year to address LB….but BPA and NEED are crossing each other right now.

  75. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Passingthru. Finally someone said it: the no biscuit no risk it philosophy is archaic. Yes, you can put up volume points, but it’s not efficient and terribly flawed. We got exposed when we lost our talent at WR. This offense is receiver driven and when you don’t have the horses it falls apart. Leftwich looked totally lost when Godwin, Evans, and Fournette went down against the Saints. We couldn’t scheme people open at all. Brady pulled a Belichick and broke a tablet that game. Yes, you can take deep shots, but this is a horizontal game now. Very interesting that Bowles said he would get “involved” in 3rd and 1 situations on offense. I think he didn’t like those 3rd and 1 deep shots.

    The Brady that i saw at times was unrecognizable. The surgical master who carved teams up with 14 plays TD drives was heaving up inefficient passes. BA had Brady, who Logan Ryan said, was the most patient QB ever, throwing 3rd and 1 bombs instead of moving the chains. He was getting Brady killed on seven step drops. It’s funny that some fans thought that Aaron Rodgers would come to the Bucs because of our weapons. Rodgers is the most accurate QB of all time. He’s also very risk adverse. He’s not gonna make an inefficient throw. No way he would let BA mess up his precious TD:INT ratio. Also don’t forget, he tuned out McCarthy during his last season. He totally ignored his play calls and ran his own plays or he just threw the ball away when he didn’t like the play. But, sure, let’s continue to talk about Brady’s and BA’s alleged bad relationship

  76. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Why are some of you on this board talking about taking a QB. It’s driving me nuts! Are you guys brain dead! Drafting a QB does nothing for a alleged SB caliber team. This is the loser type thinking that has plagued us for years. SB windows close fast. Go all out!

  77. firethecannons Says:

    Bucs going Travis Jones in second after they trade down

  78. Rod Munch Says:

    The issue with the trade is that the return was not very a good. A 4th rounder, with comp picks is about the same as an old mid-4th, and a 6th, with comp picks, is basically a 7th. To drop out of the 1st round, back that many spots, lose the 5th year of control, that’s a pretty weak return in my opinion, in particular when a bunch defensive players had fell right to you, guys that could likely play right away.

    With that said, we’ll see what happens. If they were hell bent on drafting Logan Hall, if that hype is true, then good job, they can still take him and got some extra picks. We’ll see how it works out.

    Also with the top pick today, the Bucs should be offers, and should be demanding a much better return than last time. So we’ll see how this works out.

  79. geno711 Says:

    JA Says:
    April 29th, 2022 at 12:08 pm

    Watch the tape. Size matters little when the receiver had a DB glued to his body …

    I understand your point. But college tape does not always translate to good pro’s. I will not be upset if the Buc’s draft him because his college tape is great. But again to my point, Vernon Hargreaves college tape was ridiculously good as well.

    I was just clearly pointing out why he may not be as high on Todd Bowles list as your own.

  80. Allbuccedup Says:

    I am ok with trading down. It could be worse Lovie picked oft injured Stingley over Sauce Gardner. Looks like hes headed for one and done in Houston

  81. MadMax Says:

    Ive got a feeling we’ll drop a few spots and still land a target…..theres gonna be so many trade offers….GREAT JOB Mr. Licht

  82. MadMax Says:

    I didnt see this coming….I can actually say Im very impressed and loving it. If you’re gonna trade with someone, trade down with the team picking at the top of each round. Its beautiful.

  83. geno711 Says:


    I get in your opinion that the trade was not good value.

    I would rate it as fair. It seems to be a better hall than what Baltimore got for trading down 2 spots from 23 to 25 and only getting a 130 back.

    Thought Saints trade was worse. Moving up 5 spots from 16 to 11 to get a WR when many were available and giving up your 3rd and 4th rounder.

    Thought that Arizona’s was ridiculously stupid giving up their 1st in the trade that included Hollywood Brown.

  84. gotbbucs Says:

    That’s why I said “I personally” don’t like the value on the board. It’s relevant to ME, doesn’t have to be to you or Licht or anybody else.

    I like Logan Hall, I like Jaquan Brisker, I like Ed Ingram, I just don’t like the value as much with taking one of them at 33 over Devin Lloyd or Dax Hill at 27.

  85. Eddie Marz Says:

    No risk it no biscuit worked fine with other personnel. With Tom Brady you can win without taking unnecessary chances. GOBUCS!

  86. Rod Munch Says:

    geno711 – I don’t think it was a terrible deal, I just didn’t think it gave the Bucs a lot of value for what they gave up. But lets see what they do tonight, if they flip the 33 again for another extra pick.

    Licht has earned the benefit of the doubt.

  87. sasquatch Says:

    I just have to laugh at the armchair GMs who have their own board and critique Licht’s moves. It’s pretty funny.

  88. Bucamania Says:

    Pick 33 is worth 580 points. They’ll maybe get a another 4th to move down.

    Pick the player you want!

  89. Defense Rules Says:

    Kalind … ‘I think it IS a win now move. The depth of the draft is better than the top of the draft. 1 non-elite first round pick is outweighed by additional pieces that provide roster depth against multiple positions’.

    Agree 100% with your perspective Kalind. Trading down only works IF you can add value, and working the trade with Jacksonville allowed us to do that IMO. providing of course we use the extra pick wisely. I’m confident that Bucs will re-sign Suh, but last season should’ve taught us all that we desperately need to improve our depth. The players we add probably won’t be starters this year, but all 5 in the Rnds 2-4 group can likely become key rotational players. And that’s exactly what we’ll need to make a run at the SB THIS YEAR and to set us up for potentially replacing some of our starters next year.

  90. Cleanhouse Says:

    It’s a rebuild

  91. JameisGirl1 Says:

    Is Brady out of the country on vacation?? What is going on? Can we not afford to pay our draft picks? What is going on with our gm??? We finally win the division and mr wonderful comes back and then we trade out of the entire draft? I mean??? Is everyone ok with this???

  92. Joe Says:

    Is Brady out of the country on vacation??

    He was in the Bahamas at a crypto conference earlier in the week.