“He’s Making Sure Everybody Else Around Him Is Prepared”

April 10th, 2022

While many are discussing wild theories about Tom Brady owning/running/quarterbacking the Dolphins, last Joe checked Brady is a happy Buccaneer and a QB riding a 22-5 run.

And in the spirt of celebrating Brady on this beautiful Sunday, Joe is sharing a nugget from departed Bucs starting guard Alex Cappa. He chased the free agency money with the Bengals after shunning Brady’s pleas to return to Tampa.

Cappa recently talked to retired Bengals offensive lineman Dave Lapham on his podcast about what’s like to play with Tom Brady. Of course, Cappa gave the expected love, but he explained that Brady is so dialed in to making players around him better, and Cappa said Brady succeeds in that quest.

“Not only is he prepared, he’s making sure everybody else around him is prepared,” Cappa said before re-emphasizing Brady is dialed in on “everybody.”

With another year of chemistry with Bucs receivers and a third-year comfort level in the Tampa Bay offense, Joe wonders how much Brady will branch out this season to try and squeeze more efficiency and greatness out of the Bucs defense and coaches.

Perhaps Brady will feel more free in that realm without Bucco Bruce Arians around, and it feels like that would be the natural progression for Brady. Joe would love to see Brady get more in the heads of Devin White, Joe Tryon-Shoyinka and Cameron Brate, to name a few.

Cappa went on to say brady is “a very authentic guy” who doesn’t BS teammates and that is another key to his leadership. He said Brady is the kind of guy that you can ask an Xs and Os question during the week, and he’ll reply that he’s unsure of the answer and then actually get back to you later with what you need.

22 Responses to ““He’s Making Sure Everybody Else Around Him Is Prepared””

  1. sasquatch Says:

    “Joe would love to see Brady get more in the heads of Devin White, Joe Tryon-Shoyinka and Cameron Brate, to name a few.”

    I get the Devin White criticism. What criticism????–Joe

    – JTS was a rookie and there wasn’t evidence that he wasn’t dialed in… He was a rookie on a learning curve.

    – I don’t get the Brate point at all. Has Brate shown signs of not being dialed in? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a knock on Brate that said he was unprepared or didn’t work hard enough.

    So, 1 out of 3 isn’t too bad to make a point. (???)

  2. Trey Long Says:

    Last two seasons 29 and 10 including playoffs

  3. WillieG Says:

    What Sasquatch said!

  4. GOB Says:

    Brady is a happy buc because Arians is out of the way. Believe what you like, but he’s all in now, and that’s all that matters. His presence catapults everyone around him. I remember the bucs having an average offensive line. Brady’s lightning quick decision making, and pocket awareness made them look great. Pair that with an extremely talented receiving corps, and you get 30 plus almost every game.
    The Miami stuff was real, as evidenced by multiple confirmed reports. This is it for Brady in Tampa. If he isn’t playing for the dolphins next year, I’ll eat my hat. Miami didn’t trade for Tyreek hill to have Tua throwing five yards behind him.

  5. GOB Says:

    Mike gesicki was franchised as a placeholder until the goat arrives. Gesicki will be his new Gronk. 74 catches from Tua, a dude who can’t read NFL defenses, is quite impressive

  6. Alexandre Nascimento Says:

    JTS loafed more than once in multiple games.
    Brate wasn’t his normal self and maybe it was his head more then his body.

    So I guess that’s why Joe pinned them along side White.

    Go Bucs

  7. PA Buc Fan Says:

    Hope your wrong GOB but I truly think your right. He’s going to be wearing a fins uniform next year. Writing is all over the wall.They aren’t loading up for TUA on the offensive side. They talked with Brady when he retired and have something in the works I truly believe. Sucks but just enjoy our last season with the GOAT before we go back the cellar searching for a qb year in and year out.

  8. TDTB2022 Says:

    Hopefully the captains of the team are taking notes and learning the GOAT’S way.


  9. SOEbuc Says:

    What a freak.

  10. sasquatch Says:

    I get the Devin White criticism.
    What criticism????–Joe

    “Joe would love to see Brady get more in the heads of Devin White…”
    …certainly implies that Devin White needs some correction, which is a criticism… which, I might add, is warranted with White, as most of the reviews of his play from last year have been less than flattering.

  11. MadMike Says:

    I get the Devin White criticism.
    What criticism????–Joe

    Sixth paragraph Joe.

  12. SB~LV Says:

    We really need a TE threat, IMO, and there are some fresh young studs in this draft. Getting interesting with Brady having a influence on the theme of the roster

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Way to embarrass yourself with your BA hate. It’s led to this stupid sentence.

    “Believe what you like, but he’s all in now,”

    Believe what I like. You believe Brady is all in NOW. That’s truly dumb. There has never been a time going back to his high school days that Tom Brady is not all in!!!! That’s not Tom Brady. If he does anything…not just sports…sports fitness…side businesses…


  14. David Says:

    That’s not criticism. That is simply saying he hopes Brady influences some of the defense to improve. That’s not criticism. Everybody can always use more eyes and ears and input to improve, no matter who you are and what you do.

    That said, Devon White does need to progress because it wasn’t his best year. I chalk a lot of it up to LVD not being there half the time and all the DBs missing

  15. Buczilla Says:

    Ya, Florio is still peddling a lot of nonsense about Brady with nary a shred of evidence and I keep gobbling it up like an idiot. 🤪

  16. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Reasons why TB12 will never play in the AFC again:

    1) Chiefs/Mahomes
    2) Bills/Allen
    3) Broncos/Wilson
    4) Ravens/Lamar
    5) Chargers/Herbert
    6) Bengals/Burrows
    7) Browns/Watson
    8) Colts/Ryan
    9) Pats/Bellicheck
    10) Titans/Henry and Defense

    Only 6 teams make the dance. Those 10 teams are all threats to make the dance and go to the Super Bowl.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    GOB…how do you like your hat….with salt and pepper?

  18. Red-sparrow Says:

    It’d be convenient for him to play in Miami. He’s building a retirement home there. It’s a great international spot for his supermodel wife. Plus he could own the team at that point. So winning the championship may not be the priority by next year. And things change drastically year over year, so the AFC may not look that good next year. And to be fair, only half your list is promising. Belichick and his p ats ain’t scaring anyone, and neither the colts not the titans. So start seeing it from another perspective buc fans instead of falling back to the same old “Brady is scared of competition” 😂. Hogwash…

  19. Goatfarmer Says:

    There has been zero – that means 0.00 – evidence produced other than the maroons who babble conjecture, that Brady is going to be a Dolphin or have a minority stake in the team. If that were really the plan, why risk injury this year with a team he wants to get away from? Arians is still there, pilgrims.

    He would sit out the year, possibly buy out his Bucs rights and then be a Phin.

    So many crocks of dung there aren’t enough for a decent onion soup any more.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with goatfarmer. Further, I can’t see Brady being content to be a minority owner, especially if he is playing. Nor can I see Stephen Ross being willing to give up significant power to someone whose entire networth is around a tenth of the value of the Miami Dolphins. Tom and Giselle might be rich but not NFL owner rich.

  21. Brazen Zebra Says:

    Tension between Brady and Arians? Brady pushing Arians out? There’s always tension between the boss and an employee. So what!? But, it’s AB that started a major rift, and AB that finished it. Bruce and AB hated each other from their Pittsburgh days. AB was dumped by the Steelers, the Raiders, and the Patriots for certifiably crazy behavior, like someone suffering from CTE, a cancer to any team and locker room, ten times worse than TO. AB going to the Bucs? No way!! Any sane person would avoid AB like the plague. Except for Tom Brady. So, let’s listen in to Brady’s first meeting with Bruce:

    “Hey Brucey baby, I’m Tom Terrific, you know, the GOAT, winner of 6 Super Bowls, but you can call me Tommy”
    ‘Hi Tom, nice to meet you. What’s this I hear about AB coming to the Bucs? Is that your idea?’
    “Yeh bro, he’s my man. He’s gonna pad my stats, and help me win a bunch more Super Bowls”
    ‘Tom, AB is flat out crazy! I’m sorry, but I won’t allow him to join our team. Absolutely no way!!’
    “Dude, I don’t give an effin sh*t what you think! AB is a Buc. He’s my man. The owner appoved it already.”
    ‘JC Tom, you’re makin a mistake, and you’re gonna regret it!’

    So, that’s how it started, kind of. Bruce got AB crammed up his B-hole by Tom Brady. Think Bruce was happy about that? AB, the hot head, probably had to endure tons of subtle micro-aggressions directed at him from Bruce, until one day it was a macro-aggression where Bruce told AB to eff-off and get out of here. All a culmination of Bruce’s stewing for 18 months that Brady had crammed AB up his freakin B-hole. The hated AB!! They hated each other from Pittsburgh! Bruce’s faux pas was that he didn’t ask the boss-man Tom Terrific for permission to tell AB to eff-off. The unforgiveable sin! AB storming off the field made Brady look bad, and it ruined his Super Bowl chances. It was all Bruce’s fault, of course! I’m pushing him out. He disrespected me, Tom Terrific, ultimate boss of any team.

  22. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    When a person says that a team with Derrick Henry, a mauling OLINE and a Top 10 Defense doesn’t scare you in December and January during the playoffs when it’s winter outside, then I completely disregard their football analysis.

    When a person says that a team with Jonathan Taylor, a mauling OLINE and a Top 10 Defense doesn’t scare you in December and January during the playoffs when it’s winter outside, then I completely disregard their football analysis.

    When a person says that a young playoff team with the #1 defense in all of the NFL, coached by the GOAT in Bellicheck doesn’t scare them, then I completely disregard their football analysis.