Contract Ploy By Tom Brady Or Is He Sincere?

April 21st, 2022

“Two more years — if you pay me.”

Joe is cynical and sarcastic by nature and has only grown more and more so after covering the NFL for years.

Players and teams always have crafted talking points. Always. It’s why both employ people to help them shape their public messages. Teams actually have full staff to produce and deliver messages and images. There is a reason teams spend millions annually to employ in-house video production staffs and messaging teams.

So Joe is always looking for the hidden messages. It is why reporters dissect every word spoken.

Tom Brady is already a guy on record bragging how 90 percent of what he tells media is either make-believe or not the whole truth. Additionally, Brady is a skilled businessman and may be the most calculating player Joe has ever encountered. There isn’t a word Brady speaks, Joe believes, without it have some secondary purpose.

Therefore, when Brady recently did an infomercial sitdown with Tom VanHaaren of BSPN, where Brady spread it thick that he believes his career is coming to an end, Joe couldn’t help but think it was a message to the Bucs and the NFL as a whole that he wants to get paid.

Brady sees a choker like Aaron Rodgers land a $151 million three-year contract, and then he looks at the paystubs from his paycheck from Team Glazer, and knows he is virtually giving away his resources.

If you go by Spotrac’s average annual quarterback salary database, Brady is the 15th-highest-paid quarterback (Ryan Tannehill and Carson Wentz make more!).

Great for the Bucs, not so great for Brady.

Soon to be 45, Brady hears his body clock ticking louder and louder.

Joe firmly believes the way Brady spoke about how the sun is setting on his career, that was nothing more than a ploy for more money. If the Bucs or any team wants to compete for a Super Bowl, it will have to spend (mega) money to make money.

As for Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht saying he hasn’t had talks with Brady about a new contract? Joe thinks that is smart.

If you were Licht, wouldn’t you want to see how a 45-year old man plays before you start throwing perhaps $150 million of Team Glazer loot in Brady’s lap?

70 Responses to “Contract Ploy By Tom Brady Or Is He Sincere?”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brady retired & unretired……surely, that has to come into play when you consider paying him going forward.

    The good news is that if he retires again… don’t have to pay……so offer him the moon for an extension.

  2. Craig Says:

    Give him a bucketful of incentives. Where he is in the positive, right now, is in having a better team around him. Incentives will let him keep the team around him and still get him paid.

    Hell, promise him $100 mil for another Stupor Bowl ring, that should keep him happy.

  3. sasquatch Says:

    It’s actually possible he was being sincere. He’s 45. I’m operating under the assumption this is his last year, and I think we all should. Get ready to move on.

  4. K2 Says:

    Really at 45 years old, having more money than he will ever spend, and you think money will get him to play longer? He choose to take a mid-range salary because he wants to win! The highest paid QBs make it all about “them”…and most will never win a Super Bowl or multiple Super Bowls because of the salary cap.

  5. Red-sparrow Says:

    I think you’re way off Joe. I sincerely don’t think they’ve talked about some mega deal the likes of Aaron Rodgers. I think it’s plausible that Tom could want a raise but I don’t think he’d demand something outrageous like 40 plus million. If he really was seeking a raise I think he’d be looking for somewhere between 30-40 million for a year or two. Which is still underpaid by today’s standards which I don’t see why that’d be a problem for Jason licht unless he’s a cheap bastard like the glazers themselves….

  6. LOL Says:

    I would be a fan of Tom Brady being part owner of the Bucs. I think Tampa Bay would be better to have him be apart of the area for years to come. Would help the organization when he’s done playing too

  7. Red-sparrow Says:


    That’s hogwash because Stafford will make 30 million more than Brady THIS season. And I view Stafford chances of winning the super bowl next season slightly higher than Tom’s right now… I think the Rams are just as talented if not more than the Bucs despite their quarterback making 30 million more than the Bucs’. So to play for 10 million knowing how you can manipulate the cap today is just plain dummy stuff and Tom and his agent should wear the dunce cap for that if he does. And I say that as his biggest fan.

  8. #8 Says:

    Brady IS a smart businessman.

    He won’t require big contract $–that hurts his chances to win rings.

    I suspect he has deals working with some other business line of his & Glazers. Maybe Brady Brand becomes official Bucs/ManU something, or the NFT deal, or whatever.

    I really wish he’d say eff it & play for vet minimum. That would be epic. Though knowing dictator goodell, somehow they’d figure a way to say that’s against the rules.

  9. Rick Says:

    This guy wants to win. He’s rich. He makes boatloads from things outside of football. Winning brings him more money than a $50M contract, and if he uses up Glazer loot, that’s less money to pay talent to surround him with, which he needs at this stage of his career.

  10. Iron-Wombat Says:

    Look we’re getting another year with him but if you can get 2 more? Pay it. you have a chance every year that TB is Tampa’s QB to win the superbowl. Go all in while he’s here. when he hangs it up, then you rebuild.

  11. PSL Bob Says:

    LOL, interesting concept. I wonder why that possibility hasn’t crept into the blogosphere? He’d be interested in Miami but not Tampa? Maybe the Glazers just aren’t interested in having a non-family member have an oversized say in how the team is run. You’d certainly think that Brady’s long-term association with the team would pay major dividends for both the organization and the City.

  12. WillieG Says:

    Does Brady need a contract “ploy”? I think Team Glazer will be more than happy to give him just about anything he wants. It wouldn’t surprise me if a mega deal is in the works.

  13. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Father Time catches up with everyone, and Brady’s clock will run out.
    The only question I see is IF he will finish his career here in Tampa, or not ?

  14. cmurda Says:

    In the hierarchical order of importance for Tom Brady, every indication is that money is at the bottom. His ego is fine. His bank account is fine and his wife isn’t exactly broke in her own right. Nothing indicates to me that he requires or even desires a massive contract let alone one even paying him well. It’s been widely known that Brady will leave lots of cash on the table to spread around for talented players. Suddenly this changes when he needs talent the most?

  15. Buchead Says:

    Maybe the Bucs already offered Brady part Owner ship next year if he came back this year IDK im just talking out loud

  16. SB~LV Says:

    “ bragging how 90 percent of what he tells media is either make-believe or not the whole truth. Additionally”
    Are you saying Brady is working towards a career in politics after football?

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘He (Brady) believes his career is coming to an end, Joe couldn’t help but think it was a message to the Bucs and the NFL as a whole that he wants to get paid’.

    Cynical? Nah, not you Joe. Sarcastic? Say it ain’t so. Brady looking for a huge payday to end his career? Not a snowball’s chance in Hades.

    Rick nailed it; Brady wants to WIN; that’s what drives him, not money. And Brady knows that it takes a TEAM around him to win the whole enchilada. Besides, he’s already far richer than any of us could ever dream of being. If $$$ were what drove him, he could’ve been a bazillionaire by this point, if not from the Patriots then from some other QB-needly team.

  18. D-Rome Says:

    Completely agreed with you Joe on Brady being the most calculating player I’ve ever seen when it comes to crafting a message, image, brand, etc. I mean for starters, considering all the players you have interviewed over the years I don’t think you’ve once had an exclusive interview with Tom Brady and I’m sure you’ve tried.

    Michael Jordan was not as calculating. Tiger Woods was, but then his life unraveled. Brady has a mushroom management approach to the media and fans. I don’t care as long as the team wins.

  19. Buc50 Says:

    If he wins another SB, pay him whatever he wants for 2 more years. Who cares with 2 rings in 3-5 years

  20. tampabayallday Says:

    Pay the man. Bucs have never been as relevant as when TB12 is at the helm.

  21. Letsbuccinggo Says:

    He will be in Miami in 2023 hes not going to sign an extension. He may play or may be part of the ownership group or both.

  22. Geo Says:

    Brady’s wife is worth $400 million dollars. Brady plays for glory not money.

  23. AB Says:

    man, where do you come up with this stuff?

    brady probably has more leverage over the Bucs than any other player over their team in the league.

    IF brady cared about maximizing his next contract value (which is doubtful given his 20+ year history of priorities and deals) all he would need to do is tell the Bucs what he wants.

    The organization would absolutely bend over backward to keep him as long as possible – he doesn’t need to posture in any way

  24. K2 Says:

    Spend the money on Gronk …. bring him back…Tom would be happy!

  25. Letsbuccinggo Says:

    Just like those so called analyst throw it on the wall see what sticks. He realizes his age hes not going to sign an extension until he sees how he feels. If we don’t fill the left guard position properly and you pair that will inconstancy of D. Smith it will be a long season.

  26. Letsbuccinggo Says:

    Gronks taking the year off to rest for Miami in 2023. HaHaHa!!!!!!!!

  27. Biff Barker Says:

    People can be outright stupid or just plain gullable. History is the only thing you can ever believe.

    Sins of omission, half truths, and total control the narative. The media is a useful tool.

    Truth, honesty, unbiased journalism is long gone. Has been for decades.

  28. HC Grover Says:

    150 is cheap. Pay him

  29. HC Grover Says:

    In three years with inflation kicking 150 million will be about 15 million.

  30. Bucs Guy Says:

    1) TB12 says he wants to win
    2) He and his wife have lots of money
    3) The Bucs have never drafted and developed a great QB in its 45 year history
    4) You can’t have an ownership interest in an NFL team while you are a player
    1) Brady wants to get into ownership – the demand to get paid is towards this end
    2) Trask is an unknown, but highly doubtful he’s the next TB12
    — This is not Favre/Rodgers scenario
    What to do
    1) Buy time for part of this season to evaluate Brady = half the season
    2) Pay him – Give him an incentive contract aimed at making it to/winning Super Bowls
    3) Get creative in the contract – Offer an incentive laden salary which includes a bonus after he submits his retirement papers to the NFL. This bonus would be a substantial amount equal to making him one of the highest paid QBS in the league or X% ownership in the Bucs.
    Needless to say the Glazers would have to sign off on all of this.

  31. SlyPirate Says:

    Dana White will prohibit guys from continuing to fight at a certain point in their careers. Even if it’s a big name that could draw a big payday, he’ll make the right decision for them.

    The Bucs and Licht should do the same for TB12. After the season, they should move on.

  32. GOB Says:

    Don’t be surprised if he signs a voidable extension. Brady would probably want a guarantee of no franchise tag also. This would give the bucs some cap relief, and insure Brady could go somewhere else, if he wanted. It could be similar to his final deal with NE.

  33. Jordan Says:

    Too risky to give him an extension, unless it protects us in the case of him retiring again

    I am going into this season expecting this is his last as a Buc, but maybe not his last in the NFL.

    We were going to have major roster issues given the cap implications of him retiring, Licht is not going to let that happen again.

  34. SB~LV Says:

    Brady is most certainly living on borrowed time, Bucs should have had a serious wakeup call when Tom “retired” and left the franchise hanging, I don’t trust the guy. He like any player is one snap from history. Bucs if not 100% confident in Trask better take care of themselves before Brady.

  35. Kirk Says:

    How do we know that TB’s contract isn’t full of incentives?

  36. BrooklynBucsFanInLA Says:

    Gimme break haha. If he wanted more money, he’d only have to ask!

  37. Buc king Says:

    Can’t afford to pay him..and he’s about winning money prob is 3rd to him..his wife is richer then him.

  38. BradyBucs Says:


    No new contract for Brady and putting us in salary cap hell.

    This IS probably his final season. Milk it for what we can, and enjoy it.

    Silly to think about ‘extending’ his contract. If some other team wants to pay him $40M+/year next year, such as Miami, then let them!

    The Bucs have to move beyond the short Brady-Era at some point.

  39. Lou in srq Says:

    Give him a team friendly contract with a buy into ownership clause. Win win senerio

  40. Hodad Says:

    You know there’s all this chatter about Brady becoming a minority owner of the Dolphins, and playing there next year, or years. Funny though that he unretired after being quests of the Glazers at a Man U game. Nothing to see here folks? Oh that’s right, both parties said nothing ever was discussed. Time to be cynical Joe.

  41. Alvafan Says:

    I’m tired of hearing people using that 90% quote Brady said on HBO. The way it has been used takes it completely out of its original context. On HBO he was referring to how he interacts with other players not the media. Man, I hope your dialogue doesn’t get so scrutinized.

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It’s no ploy. This is his final year as a player. He just hated ending without a ring…which is why I expect him to drag this team to the Superbowl this year.

  43. Ash Says:

    He is 45 years old when you get to that age them 300 pound dts feel different when they hit you. Just don’t get why it’s hard to believe 20 plus years in he isnt sincere when he talks about his end coming soon 45 years old geeze he has never been a money hungry player why all of sudden and he has plenty of money it’s about winning for him always has been always will be.

  44. Your Mom Says:

    I hate the money part of football. A lot of these guys make more in one year than most people make their entire lifespan.

  45. SOEbuc Says:

    Please don’t tell me Brady is jealous of Rodgers.

    Brady wouldn’t have extended his $62 million contract if he was looking for the big pay day. Family is probably comped on everything, everywhere he goes. Brady doesn’t need money and if he resigns or signs with anyone likely be two years max.

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You could funnel money to Brady this way:

    Have Giselle do some art and the Glazers could buy it at an exorbitant price.

    Works for Hunter…..

  47. bob Says:

    what about the soccer team……Brady could be an owner of that an the NFL would have no say

  48. Bucboy Says:

    Brady is a drama queen. Enough. Let him go and let’s start rebuilding for the future. We’re not winning with him anyway.

  49. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Can we put a clause in his contract that says he only settles for a portion if he ends up on IR? At 45, one good hit could send him packing for good.

  50. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    According to my friends in Manchester, that team is completely worthless right now.

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    BradentuckeyBuc Says:
    “Can we put a clause in his contract that says he only settles for a portion if he ends up on IR? At 45, one good hit could send him packing for good.”

    Why? It’s not our money. Why risk him walking if he can get us a third ring?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Clearly you do not appreciate the man let alone understand him. Money, always has been, and still is, the LAST thing that motivates Tom Brady. Shameful take.
    You sound very sure. Joe sees Brady as a guy with massive net worth opening up multiple companies and new projects; that doesn’t smell like a guy putting family, religion, philanthropy, etc., before money. Joe is not knocking Brady at all. Joe doesn’t pretend to know Brady. But his actions say he is very much about cash and winning football games, which is fine. –Joe

  53. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Yea I don’t care about the Glazers money, I was thinking salary cap wise. Don’t want to screw our season (and/or next season) if he goes down.

  54. Cobraboy Says:

    I hope he’s not on the Buc roster when the inevitable Father Time or injury catches up with him.

    At the same time, no doubt Brady understands that if HE gets a fat check, that depletes a huge amount of talent around him. IMO, one significant reason he’s enjoyed great success is that he never made it about the money.

    Of course, nobody in the history of the NFL had a wife who makes MORE millions than he does, so that makes less greed more palatable…

  55. Cobraboy Says:

    LOL @ tbbf…

    Maybe that’s why Brady jumped into that weird NFT market…

  56. GOB Says:

    Salary cap hell doesn’t exist. The cap shouldn’t figure into the bucs calculus, where Brady is concerned. It’s the real dollars that matter. As far as father time is concerned, Brady has already won that battle. He could legit play another three maybe four years.

  57. GOB Says:

    If anyone here expects a Peyton Manning like cliff fall, it isn’t happening. The only thing that will erode Brady’s skills is a major injury. He throws the football as well as he ever has, it’s astounding. Combine that with the rules regarding hitting the QB, and he could play until 50.

  58. Tony Says:

    I’d let Brady have a position in the front office or let him have part ownership of the team after. Or maybe he can replace Licht since Arians is now the assistant to the GM. If Tom becomes the GM then ARIANS WOULD BE THE ASSISTANT TO THE GM!😀

  59. Stone crab sam Says:

    How could we know if Brady doesn’t already own a piece of the Bucs?
    If the team belonged to me, I’d certainly entertain the idea….

  60. Eddie Marz Says:

    Joe I hear Brady is bucking for your job. Just a rumor, but I have reliable sources. GOBUCS!

  61. Oneilbuc Says:

    All the people on here begging Brady kissing his behind or all the suckaneers fan base 😆 🤣 😂 . The real bucs fans can care less what Brady does after this year. Let him walk and we can develop our own quarterback for the first time in team history. You can’t be afraid of moving on from him he will be 45 and this is more likely his last year playing. Stop kissing 💋 behind and begging him to stay suckaneers fans!! Us real bucs fan believe we will be ok without Brady next year. This draft is for the future of the bucs more than about trying to keep Brady next year. Suckaneers fans when are yall going to become real bucs fans?? Forget Brady after this year let him walk and we will be ok next year without him !! Go Bucs!!!

  62. RagdollMama Says:

    I think you are way off base. Brady has been playing with home team discount his whole career. His salary should be higher but he wants his teammates to get paid too. He has been SELFLESS his while career. Tampa Bay should kiss his feet! Brady has done more for his teammates/teams than any QB in NFL history. Be grateful! I’d live to see him stay in Tampa or go back to NE as a part owner. He deserves it!

  63. Tzap Says:

    It’s ludicrous to think Brady want more money.
    I am lifelong New England fan, now also a Bucs fan, and have watched Brady take less money to allow his teams to keep as add talent for 20+ years.
    He has done the same in Tampa. He is all about winning. His wife makes more money than him, compensation is not an issue!

  64. freadity Says:

    Brothers, pay him because HE DESERVES it, not because we need him a year more or two. He is here, playing and winning for us, doing the God’s work leading our team to victory, whom are you hiding you money away from? He is making the money for you now lets put our greed aside and see in fact its our brother Tom and by taking care of him we take care of our pride and honor, 15th most paid? yeah maybe good for the pockets of our owner but in our hearts and in reality Brady has to be higher

  65. Listnfrmafar Says:

    If money is his new enticement as a sign of respect, pay the man. If he leaves and the Bucs want to stay competitive they will need to bring in a high priced QB, seriously, look what Carr, Wentz, Cousins, Wilson are getting paid and they haven’t won shat. Wilson the exception but nothing as if late.

  66. Thadeus Says:

    I STILL laugh when I see Rogers contract. Why ?

  67. JNumbers Says:

    Timing is everything. 20+ years in and you still don’t get it.

  68. Layne Says:

    If you’re questioning whether this is a “ploy” you must know nothing about Tom Brady. He has done this since the Patriots. He will give up guarantees to obtain more talent. He’s a team player, and he wants the talent to play with so they’ll have a superbowl run. He’ll make it up in bonuses if he actually does well. This is NOT new for him.

  69. Oneilbuc Says:

    It’s time for yall to let Brady go!! He’s not coming back next year and there is no free agent quarterback next year that yall can try and claim him as a all time bucs player. We have Kyle Trask as the future so far and he was the number one quarterback in College in 2020 in every stat . Let’s just hope the bucs develop him or another young quarterback next year because it would be official that the bucs is a franchise that young quarterbacks careers come and die. This why I don’t feel the same way about Jamies didn’t working out in Tampa. It’s time to put or shut up and prove that Jamies and all the rest of the quarterbacks that Tampa drafted was the problem. Enjoy this year with Brady because this is it so get your minds ready because Brady is done,

  70. Jahne Cody Says:

    Tom does everything for the TEAM and to be competitive to challenge and win a Superbowl….The Bucs will pay him some other way…maybe a small part of ownership after retirement, another gold watch? Something worth, let’s say….150 million. It’s all about the TEAM with Tom! More power to him 💪 🙌 🙏