Complete Round 1 Mock Draft With Joe & JoeBucsFan Draft Guru Sean Sullivan!

April 27th, 2022

It’s the take-it-to-the-bank edition of the Best in Class Podcast. The annual mock draft of Round 1. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to “Complete Round 1 Mock Draft With Joe & JoeBucsFan Draft Guru Sean Sullivan!”

  1. #8 Says:

    Hardest thing for tomorrow is pick #27 is way passed my bedtime.

  2. FrankinAtx Says:

    Florida media to coach Steve Spurrier- “ Coach, what’s it like to be out recruited by Phil Fulmer every year?”……

    Spurrier-“ it ain’t necessarily who you get it’s what you do with them after you get them.”

    Same for the draft….

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like the Lions too, because I was born and raised in Detroit!
    I moved here in 1972, but always have a place in my heart for the Lions. After the Bucs, of course!
    Aiden Hutchinson is a born and bred Detroit Boy!
    I was hoping he goes to the Lions!
    I have been reading there is a difference of opinion between Trent Baalke, the Jacksonville GM, and the owner of the team, regarding who they will draft. Travon Walker may be their pick, and if that happens, the Lions will surely grab Hutchinson.

    Yes, the QB’s this year will effect the draft. Hopefully some QB Needy teams will surprise us, leaving a plug and play player to fall to us at #27 ?

    I remember last years draft, as Wirfs kept falling and falling, until we grabbed him.
    No way I or anyone else dreamed he would still be there, when we picked.

  4. Bob Higginbotham Says:

    Great mock draft! Steve, you did a wonderful job with Sean! Y’all work well together!!

  5. Sean sullivan Says:

    Thank you so much
    Go Bucs

  6. BiggBucc Says:

    Less Detroit lion talk here and more T.B. Buccaneers. And by less I mean none and my more I mean only…. Let’s go with pick 27, I see some good D-lineman , cornerbacks, and/or hybrid safety/corners, couple good gaurds. The future is almost here…. Go Buccs