Chris Godwin Prediction Underscores Need For A Receiver

April 20th, 2022

Frightening rumor.

When the Bucs offense has three top-shelf receivers, it is damn near impossible to stop.

So this is why Joe was triggered two days ago when former Bucs defensive tackle and ESPN NFL and college football personality Booger McFarland said Chris Godwin won’t return until after Thanksgiving.


For Joe, hearing that made it clear what Joe wants Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht to do a week from tomorrow night: draft a receiver at No. 27, if not trade up for one.

If Booger is accurate, the Bucs would be down to Mike Evans, Russell Gage and… who? The immortal Cyril Grayson, who made nice plays last year when he was healthy. Breshad Perriman? Nice guy off the bench but can he be counted on to start?

Tyler Johnson is at best inconsistent. Scotty Miller, brings a nice punch to the offense at times when he gets a chance. Or there’s Jaelon Darden, whose only contribution last year was to demonstrate he belonged in a press box or suite sitting next to Kyle Trask and the other inactives on gameday.

Go get Jahan Dotson! Again, when this offense has three strong weapons, no one can stop it.

The Bucs will be playing most of the season, if you believe Booger, without Godwin. And who knows what kind of shape he will be in when he is active?

There is too much at stake for the Bucs not to have three solid receivers. Joe believes that third should be Dotson, if Booger is accurate.

46 Responses to “Chris Godwin Prediction Underscores Need For A Receiver”

  1. sasquatch Says:

    Okay, if this is true, I can see making the move for a WR. Then when Godwin returns, our offense is terrifying.

    Of course, if we can’t play defense, it’s a wash.

  2. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I’m really not concerned with having Perriman and Grayson at 3 until Godwin comes back. I’ll have to watch film, but Gage was operating as the 1 and seemed to be fine. My falcon friend was upset when I rubbed it in her face we took him. I mean maybe, I wouldn’t be happy with it, but one of you Joe’s is not happy with an edge rusher as a first round pick due to how little impact they have, a rookie WR in a crowded offense would essentially be the same, unless he’s the second coming of Jerry Rice.

    Regardless of Miller’s status next year, we still have Mike, Chris, Gage, Johnson and Darden under contract, plus we could keep Grayson and Perriman. I for one am really keen on the idea of going CB, like Brooks, McCreary or Elam in that order and then a DT second round, probably won’t go that route, we shall see soon enough.

  3. firethecannons Says:

    tight end isaiah likely catches everything

  4. GOB Says:

    After Thanksgiving would be what, three weeks short of a year a year since the injury? That would be the ultra conservative estaminet for his return. Even if he comes back earlier, he won’t be close to the playmaker he was before. It usually takes these guys eighteen months or so to get to top form. I was surprised they didn’t make a play for one of these big name recievers.
    Samuel, Metcalf and AJ brown could all be delt around the draft. I don’t think Licht is done yet. As the bucs stand right now, they don’t have enough. You’re not only getting a diminished Godwin, but no AB, and gronk can’t be depended upon because of his injury history.

  5. Bucthis Says:

    I’m sorry, how many teams have three stud receivers? Maybe two or three of them and they don’t typically have a stud qb. Not every player on the team can be an A grade. Our offense is still considered a loaded one. We only had AB like half a season in each of the last two years. We will be fine and CG will come back strong. These aren’t average Joes getting average rehab. So long as he’s back for the stretch and our other two receivers aren’t beat up we will be good.

  6. steele Says:

    If this dire report is true, that’s no Godwin for most of the season, which, along with the Gronk problem, forces more investments in offensive skill positions. Which is exactly what this DEFENSE-DEPLETED team CANNOT afford.

    They absolutely must upgrade the DL, pass rush, secondary and LB, and have all that in place. Most of the draft SHOULD be defense, not offense.

    That means more contract restructuring so they can go after a free agent like ODB, Will Fuller, Jarvis Landry, TY Hilton, Cole Beasley. Maybe beg Julian Edelman to come back on a cheap one year deal.

    Or package up Johnson, Miller in a trade for another veteran.

    Grayson should improve, Perriman should provide some playmaking but I wouldn’t feel confident with either of them as the #3.

  7. Bucs Win Says:

    Fat people take longer to recover from knee injuries. I’m glad Dr Booger gave his well informed diagnosis.

  8. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    Pass the Tums

  9. HC Grover Says:

    Trade for Deebo

  10. JA Says:

    Per The Sporting news and paraphrased by countless medical professionals:

    “The average recovery time for a torn ACL is six to nine months.

    That said, since Godwin suffered the injury on Dec. 19, he should have a chance to play in Week 1 next season, as a projected nine-month recovery timeline would take him to Sept. 19, 2022. So, as long as he doesn’t have a setback and progresses through rehab well, Godwin should be healthy enough to play early next season.”

    Did Godwin have a “setback,” or is Booger in need of some remedial math training?

  11. Aaron Says:

    I think drafting a Wr at 27 and asking him to stretch the field and make a play every once in awhile…maybe even return punts…makes the Bucs better in 2022…we know from last year that taking a DL that late usually doesn’t help you that year.

    Go Bucs!


  12. Bucs Guy Says:

    They need a FA for one year, not to draft a WR in the 1st round.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘The Bucs will be playing most of the season, if you believe Booger, without Godwin. And who knows what kind of shape he will be in when he is active?’

    Our schedule has us going against better offenses this season. Bucs have half a DLine at best right now, no LB depth to speak of, and our pass rush will be marginal at best. We’re hurting for money to buy our way out of the problems still facing us. And yes, most of the MAJOR PROBLEMS still facing the the Bucs are on DEFENSE.

    So what’s the solution? Well of course, let’s play the ‘What If’ game … for our OFFENSE. Obviously we need yet another WR, JUST IN CASE our $20 million WR doesn’t get onto the field before Thanksgiving. Oh ya, that’ll solve all of our problems. Much better to lose 45-35 than to lose 45-30. That way we’ll have a built-in sacrificial lamb and can pin all the losses on our defense for not being able to stop anyone. Great strategy.

  14. Letsbuccinggo Says:

    I don’t believe the Bucs will pick a receiver until the third round irregardless of Godwins recovery time.

  15. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Sorry Joe not with our first pick. We have bigger needs then WR. Yes your right when we have 3 legit WR sets we are pretty much unstoppable pretty much but we got bigger needs on defense and there’s plenty of weapons for Brady to play. Name another team that has as many as we do? There’s not. This will be a defensive focused drafted as it needs to be. With the weapons we have now we can still put up 30 plus pts again no prob. Our defense will give up that much if we don’t get them help joe

  16. westernbuc Says:

    A weapon for Brady or a weapon for Bowles. Or trade down for more ammunition in a deep draft

  17. Dman Says:

    If this is really true we signed the guy for two years at $60m???

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So…..Booger became an Orthopedic surgeon while also performing his broadcast career…..

    My money is on Godwin to return no later than October 1…..

    I still wouldn’t mind a top WR @ 27…..but certainly wouldn’t trade up for one.

    And, this drafting a WR to entice Brady another year is pure nonsense……

    Draft a WR to make the Offense unstoppable……yes sir.

  19. gotbbucs Says:

    Always do the opposite of what Joe says when it comes to the NFL draft. There’s a ridiculously long history of evidence on this site that supports that claim.

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    If Joe wants a reciever, you take an offensive lineman. If Joe wants a defensive back, you take a front 7 player.

  21. Biff Barker Says:

    Godwin tore his MCL and ACL. Every player has different timing with these kind of injuries. I doubt the Bucs would have gave him this kind of money if they didnt expect a full recovery.

    I may be one of the of the remaining few that thinks Tyler Johnson can still contribute greatly. He just doesnt get enough reps.

  22. Alvafan Says:

    Umm….NO!!! Receiver is the only position we have decent depth. What we need is guys getting in better shape to keep the hammys stretched and by the way I know our tackling is bad but playing CD on ST is asking for another blown quad. The Bucs need to draft BPA for the positions we are thin which mostly are on defense but OL is a possibility because of the importance of their mission. When it comes to depth, QB is our most vulnerable position we are not going to fix that through the draft. We need to draft the best player an immediate impact player (like that kid Dallas got last year)for the defense and if pick #27 doesn’t cover him than be prepared to move up to get it done. This is the year we need to be aggressive go for broke, GO FOR THE RING JL!!! LFG!!!

  23. cover deuce Says:

    Not happening. Booger is many things but he’s not a doctor. This is an 8 month injury now it isn’t the 90s any more. He should absolutely be ready to go by September.

  24. Oxycodoms Says:

    Even if he comes back earlier goodwin might not be himself till after thanksgiving. Add the risk of injury to evans or gage at the beginning of the season even if its only for a few weeks that could mean the struggle bus

  25. kyle Says:

    the defense was awesome last year without JPP and all the grave diggers beat up….lets go get another WR or guard…. ridiculous

  26. Jeff Says:

    Godwin won’t play in 2022. Draft a stud or trade for a proven WR. Bucs offense will be neutered with only 2 WR’s. And 2 slow WR’s at that.

  27. Chris l Says:

    Ironic yesterday a post about not freaking out about tight end or defensive lineman. This sounds like a freak out. Wide receivers can be found anywhere. This is definitely not what we should do

  28. JD Says:

    Last year we had the most problems with injuries to our receivers and that promises to continue to haunt us , that being said , Christian Watson would be an outstanding solution, he is the Swiss Army knife of receivers, he’s large enough , strong enough, and blocks well enough to play tight end , he has the speed , quickness , and hands to play the slot or wideout and his size would be a nightmare for defensive backs, and he runs well enough to be a threat on ends rounds or kickoff returns which he also does! IMHO with such plug in and play capabilities at multiple positions he would be a real asset and problem solver for the receiver corps,(and he’s from Tampa!).

  29. Dean Giusti Says:


  30. Hodad Says:

    We talk all the time about DTs, and edge rushers not having a big impact their first year, you could say the same about receivers. Chase last year was an exception, but he wasn’t picked at 27 either. Godwin wasn’t a pro bowler his first season, I doubt any rookie receivers will be this year either. There’s only one football, I doubt this kid will have that big of an impact when you consider all the other options we have. What I do know is we are woefully thin in our front seven on defense, and that needs to change.

  31. MadMax Says:

    Ive been saying it and called stupid and crazy by a lot of people here. If Olave is still there when the Pats pick, we need to work a trade with them. If not, KC has a lot of draft capital and will trade for him in the 22 to 25 area.

    Or we can wait on Dotson and hope he’s there at 27.

  32. Bucsfanman Says:

    Drafting a WR in the 1st round reeks OJ Howard, a “luxury pick”, when we don’t have “luxury”.
    The defensive side of the football requires a LOT more attention.
    I am not on board with drafting WR at #27. Later in the draft? Sure, needed to regardless of Godwin’s status.

  33. Ash Says:

    If a wr fell yeah maybe definitely not trading up need depth at too many positions to trade up in the first for the talent there. Dotson is not a first round talent it would be folley to draft him at 27. They will be fine and most likely Chris is back early in the season if not at the beginning if you look at the timeline of recovery time averages.

  34. TJ Says:

    I dont buy what your selling. No real need to “underscore” anything but how Bowles does leading this team in his first year. We have a current roster LOADED with options for 3rd and 4th WR. We also have a HUGE salary cap issue, waaaayyy more pressing needs at DL, defensive Backfield, No RB depth and I can name more. Defensive penalty problems to correct etc.. I think the concern over a THIRD WR is overrated and low priority. Additionally when we get Gronk back, another reason its low priority. So what if a huge part of our future Godwin needs extra time and a few weeks. Let him rest. A weak división with nothing to worry about. We have the greatest QB of all times and at least 4 other weapons in his arsenal.

  35. JB Kickback Says:

    As usual
    I don’t know what you are thinking
    Brady played almost his entire playing career with 2nd tier players
    IF he is protected —– he can elevate anyone to first tier levels
    We need a great guard and or swing lineman
    Next we need another corner or whoever is the best player in the draft
    The worst thing you can do in the draft is pick for “needs” but not have the guy good enough to contribute THIS YEAR

  36. SPARKY Says:

    Brady has never had 2 better than average at one time, let alone 3 great receivers at one time. All he needs is receivers that are where they are suppose to be and not quit on their routes. Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, White, Mitchell, and others had good careers by being where Brady expected them to be. Help the defense.

  37. Eric b Says:


  38. sasquatch Says:

    Eric b Says:
    April 20th, 2022 at 11:08 am


    Are you smoking crack?

  39. GStone Says:

    This is Tyler’s 3rd year, and this is a make or break year, with ample opportunity because of CG situation. He made some clutch grabs in playoff loss to Rams. He’s not even 24 yet. At Minn he was an absolute ball hawk. It’s not as hopeless as it seems.

  40. MadMax Says:

    @Sparky, oh really?

    Evans, Godwin, AB …. ring a bell? Yeah thats when we won the SB at home….come on man!

  41. Buczilla Says:

    Godwin is great when healthy, but he has proven to be fragile. If we took a receiver with our first two picks I wouldn’t bat an eye.

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not going to happen.

  43. Jerome Maida JR Says:

    How about picking up Danny Amendola?

  44. Joe Says:

    How about picking up Danny Amendola?

    Negative: Dude is more brittle than a hard taco shell. He pulls a hamstring just shaving.

    Positive: Maybe he can bring Kay Adams with him, though Joe thinks she’s with another NFL player these days.

  45. Ed Says:

    The only injury-recovery assessment that counts will be coming from HC Bowles, not media commentators who have no access to reliable medical reports.

    Chris Godwin’s young age is a major plus (especially with regard to being in good shape to play, immediately upon being cleared of the injury) and, the so-far lack of any negative-sounding comments form the staff, really is a good sign, imo.

  46. Purplepirate Says:

    Why is anyone surprised by this? ACL injuries typically take nearly a year to recover from. Godwin was injured at the end of December. He was never coming back by Thanksgiving.