Bruce Arians Step-Down Decision Was Made On Or Before March 24

April 1st, 2022

“Sorry, Prickly Pete, I’m not trusting you with that kind of info.”

Bucco Bruce Arians made the call to break the news of him quitting the Bucs’ head coaching gig to two sportswriters simultaneously — and he asked them to hold the secret for days.

The scribes were Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, a longtime Arians friend, and NBC Sports insider Peter King

Farmer joined The Rich Eisen Show on Peacock yesterday and detailed how he heard from Arians on March 24 and then a meeting was scheduled with him, King and Arians in Florida at the NFL Owners Meetings for last Saturday. King couldn’t attend but Farmer dined with Arians that night and he and King interviewed Arians together via an online call.

Then they held the story until Wednesday night after Arians could begin informing his team of the news.

Per new head coach Todd Bowles, he didn’t learn of anything until Monday of this week when he got calls from Arians, general manager Jason Licht and Team Glazer.

Joe has an extra interest in the timeline, in part because Joe was at the NFL Owners Meetings and was on the wrong end of various misrepresentation and BS. Hey, it’s part of the business. But Joe also thinks it’s wild that it was so important to Arians to break the news his way that he told a couple of media guys before he informed Bowles.

Strange times.

13 Responses to “Bruce Arians Step-Down Decision Was Made On Or Before March 24”

  1. Proud Bucs Fan Says:

    And don’t forget that Tom Brady’s PR/Media team was at the ready to post bruce arrogance obituary for the icing on that cake when Tom Brady ended succo bruce’s career.

  2. gbobucsfan Says:

    I truly don’t understand the hate towards Bruce. He was the coach when respect and a Lombardi was brought to Tampa. Period, end of story.

  3. VATom Says:

    Listen. Arians at the combine was doing shots or whatever he told Ira celebratingnthe return of his QB. He was so excited Tom B was coming back. I don’t believe this line about the front office gig. I think Arians style was a concern for Brady. I don’t think they fought or hate each other etc… I just think Brady said if I am coming back, deal (or maybe not) it’s gotta be for an organization with a tighter ship. And I think Bowles represents a tight ship. No drinking, no screwing around and a more structured approach to the game. Just my gut feeling. I still think we will hear next week Brady restructures, option for 2 more yrs perhaps and they use that to resign Gronk and maybe Suh. I think thats what Bradybwas doing in London. Away from Bruce, talking serious with the Glazers about howbthe team needed to be structured in order fornhim to return. We will see.
    Team Glazer told Joe they didn’t speak to Brady in London and did not see him. Jason Licht said yesterday that Team Glazer was not at the soccer game Brady attended. –Joe

  4. SKBucsFan Says:

    He is a crusty old man in a game where young, never played, millenials are having some success as coaches. Some view his techniques as old and outdated. Singing Kumbaya in the huddle seems to be the trend.

    I wasn’t big BA fan, but he was effective in his career and his press conferences were usually good for a few laughs. But I agree Joe; it’s strange that he told a couple of reporters before the other staff and team members. Maybe just another quirky attribute of getting old in a young man’s game.

  5. orlbucfan Says:

    BA, Todd B, and Brady came here cos the Bucs had for-real talent on BOTH sides of the ball, and they knew it. Add in Jason Licht. The one problem, sad to say, was Famous Jameis. BA trusted these two dudes to keep their yaps out, and they did. I hate Peter King. I don’t care if he’s an Einstein on football. He’s badmouthed the Bucs for decades. Yuk, yuk, yuk, now he’s got to keep his mouth shut. Same with Cris Collingsworth who comes from central FL BTW.

  6. orlbucfan Says:

    shut not out. Typo time.

  7. sasquatch Says:

    BA haters gonna hate. They’ll find something wrong with everything. A Superbowl followed by a 13-4 season. Are you kidding me?

  8. VATom Says:

    Thx Joe. I missed that.

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Amen brother!

  10. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I think Tom coming back had nothing to do with Arians leaving, other than it’s a great opportunity to set up his favorite student Todd Bowles. Arians is a smart guy, maybe he thinks he did irritate TB12 a little and his stepping down Williams help everyone including BL advance his career. It’s a pity that BA may have done this extremely honorable deed because it’s what’s best for the team and everyone jumps to it has to be because TB12 refuses to play for him. Do you think Brady ever got the itch to flip Bellicek off. No never. Lol.

  11. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Iv been coming to this site for a long time and I used to post often but over time I have enjoyed just reading the articles and the threads with out posting. I refuse to read anymore posts from haters that cannot think up there own handle. The real proudbucsfan just stood up,and I can prove it because it’s been my email address for the last 8 years.

  12. Bbro Says:

    Even sports radio here in Atlanta commended BA on how his transition took place so there were no coaches out looking for work, thumbs up. 👍

  13. LakelandSteve Says:

    I love what Arians has done for the Buccaneers. With that said I want to take everything on face value and believe Arians, the Bucs, etc… However there is a lot of smoke here and I just can’t dismiss the possibility that some of these reports are true that basically Arians was forced out.