Propping Up Todd Bowles

April 11th, 2022

Sticking up for Todd Bowles.

For those who may have doubts that former Jets coach Todd Bowles can get the job done as a head coach with the Bucs, Michael Lombardi is here to offer comfort.

The former coffee fetcher and NFL suit took to his podcast “GM Shuffle” to rave about Bowles as a leader of men.

It is not unusual to hear Lombardi praise Bowles. In fact, a few months ago he suggested if the Bucs were smart, they would have already named Bowles “coach in waiting” for whenever former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians stepped aside.

“I am a big Todd Bowles guy. Look, I know that his record with the Jets was a disaster. But you become a head coach with Mike Maccagnan as your general manager and see how that works out for you,” Lombardi said. ” [Bill] Belichick wouldn’t have been able to survive that either. I mean that is a hard thing to do.

“I mean this guy [Maccagnan] thought Christian Hackenberg could be a starter and drafted him in the second round. This tells you the level of what he saw pro football as. [Bowles] needed help there, no doubt. But he will be a better coach the second time around.”

Lombardi then retold a story about how impressed Bill Parcells was coaching against Bowles when Bowles played for Washington. Bowles called the defensive plays and that jumped off the film for Parcells. Previously, Lombardi had told the story that Parcells told his staff of Bowles as a rookie, “This kid is playing with a Harvard degree in football.”

“What is fascinating about Bowles, and people don’t know this, [Bill] Parcells is the reason why Todd Bowles became a coach,” Lombardi said. “When Parcells was on the sidelines he watched this young kid from Temple as a free agent rookie start at free safety for the Washington Football Team. And Richie Petitbon was the defensive coordinator. And that defense Petitbon ran was real complex.

“In fact, [Petitbon’s] signals were complex. You really couldn’t get a read on what he was doing. Everything was predicated on matches. You had to have really smart linebackers and really smart safeties. And Bowles mastered it quickly. Parcells saw that and said, ‘I have to hire this guy one day as a coach.’

“Parcells nutured him as a coach. Obviously [Bowles] became his own man. But I think that relationship [with Parcells] fosters a relationship with [Tom] Brady stronger than anything he may have had with Arians.

“I think it is a great move for the Bucs. I really do.”

If you believe the rumors of friction between Arians and Tom Brady, one reason Brady was irked at Arians is Brady thought Arians ran too loose of a ship (despite winning 22 games in two years and a Super Bowl) and Brady began getting homesick for Belicheat’s evil ways. Bowles will bring more of a Belicheat-like tight ship than Arians, Lombardi believes.

While what Lombardi said about Bowles is all true, remember something here: Guys from branches of a coaching tree really like to stick together and stick up for one another.

For example, when lousy Lovie Smith was (rightfully) canned by the Bucs, the narrative went out, pushed by Lovie’s son/agent, Lovie was a victim of chicanery. And the many people in the Father Dungy coaching tree screamed this as the Dungy Tree clan circled the wagons for a fallen comrade.

Fast-forward to today and the Bucs hiring Bowles. Who are the ones banging the drum that the hiring of Bowles is a stroke of genius? Guys from the Parcells tree, of which Lombardi is a member (Mike Tannenbaum of BSPN is another).

Joe is not saying hiring Bowles is a bad move. And maybe Bowles was roadkill for working in a lousy organization like the Jets’. Flirting with the playoffs with rotten Ryan Fitzpatrick as your quarterback is a borderline Hall of Fame coaching job.

Yes, Belicheat was a much better coach his second time around. Time will tell if finally working with a competent quarterback will demonstrate Bowles is also a top-shelf head coach.

It certainly can’t hurt having Tom Brady.

15 Responses to “Propping Up Todd Bowles”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Interesting article Joe. Rest easy, Bowles will do fine this year as the Bucs’ new HC. It’s 2023 & beyond that concern fans given what we’ve already done to the salary CAP there. But hey, that’s why these coaches get paid the big bucks.

  2. Buczilla Says:

    Awesome story. I think that Todd is going to kick butt and become one hell of a head coach. He’s got the best gm and qb in the league to help him through the rough times and I’m going to be patient since people just aren’t born knowing how to do things. Hopefully in two years people are talking about what a great head coach he is and that the timing of the transition between Bowles and Arians was perfect.

  3. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    The BUCS are gonna be contenders this year.

  4. Bucsfanman Says:

    Success and continuity. Bowles is more than capable. This is a championship-caliber team.

  5. Bucboy Says:

    We all can agree that with his record Bowles would never be hired as head coach if he were blanco.

  6. Hodad Says:

    He’ll certainly do better having Brady instead of competing against him in the same division. Big key for Todd, and the Bucs will be what they have in Trask. If he turns out to be the answer at QB after Brady the rest is easy. Big year for the kid trying to unseat Gabbert by winning the back up job.

  7. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    We will be just fine with Bowles, and maybe better off too.
    I am excited for this season!

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    We will be just fine with Bowles, and maybe better off too.
    I am excited for this season!

  9. David Says:

    We shall find out. As for the stint with the Jets, I think most of it is irrelevant Because that organization is very dysfunctional. I just chalk it up to him getting experience as a head coach.

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    Prop him up all you like. If he does not have the players on Defense, this team ain’t going nowhere. Just because you have a Defensive minded coach does not equate to Wins. You gotta have good Defensive players too.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a big plus that Bowles will leave the offense alone. It’ll run better.

  12. RPK Says:


  13. RPK Says:

    What do you think BA’s record would be if he had to coach the Jets with no QB?

    Better than 7-9 with Jameis? Probably Not

    The Bucs went all 2021 season with no head coach. No head coach working on the game plan at all throughout the week. NOTHING.

    Now the Bucs get a head coach that will actually work on the game plan throughout the week AND call plays.

    What an upgrade!

    We all have to be thankful for Tom canning BA, the laziest coach in Bucs history. Thanks Tom!

  14. SlyPirate Says:

    The Parcells coaching tree is ridiculous. Belichick, Payton, Coughlin are just three.

  15. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    BucBoy for maroon of the year award