Another Gronk Display At The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

April 21st, 2022

Tom Brady seemingly set a new NFL or Buccaneers mark every other week last season, and that led to the accomplishments of others getting overshadowed.

For example, last season Lavonte David passed Derrick Brooks in career forced fumbles, the most in Bucs history. David has 26 forced fumbles in regular season action, which ties him with all-time greats Charles Haley and J.J. Watt for 35th-most in the modern era.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame fired off the Tweet below on Wednesday honoring a new display commemorating game official Maia Chaka. Joe noticed it sits alongside a fresh Rob Gronkowski display.

Gronk’s Week 17 uniform is featured to mark his seven catches for 137 yards against Carolina in January. That was his 32nd career game busting 100 yards, breaking Tony Gonzalez’s all-time record. For perspective, Cameron Brate has never had a 100-yard game in his career, same for O.J. Howard.

Please come back, Gronk!

23 Responses to “Another Gronk Display At The Pro Football Hall Of Fame”

  1. '79 Defense Says:

    Next up: Transgender

  2. Buczilla Says:


  3. adam from ny Says:

    so i hear gronk might be signing a new 3 year deal…

    it’s the first contract of it’s kind as well…

    3 years 40 mil…the first year in tampa and year 2 and 3 in miami…

  4. WillieG Says:

    What an insult to all who played the game. The HoF should be for players and coaches, not for woke intersectional, leftist BS.

    And what an insult to women minorities. It sends the message that skin color and gender trump accomplishments. But the underlying message is the true insult: “If you’re the right skin color and gender, you can be in the HoF” means “Here’s a token award because we know damn good and well there ain’t no way in hell you can earn your way here.”

    Doubt me? Then you haven’t been paying attention.

    I’ll have to add that to my long list of places to never go.

  5. BuddhaBuc Says:

    WillieG – You sound very bitter and angry. I’m sure your trophy case is just filled with sports and academic accolades. Do you sit on your porch yelling at kids to get off your lawn?

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    WilleG, I’m sure the HOF staff will be very disappointed.

  7. WillieG Says:

    Buddha I’m not angry about anything. It’s actually comical how people like you think everyone deserves unearned honors without any thoughts about how it not only demeans those who have actually earned honors but also those who are given unearned honors. But this is a sports page so I wasn’t expecting an intellectual debate, politely weighing the pros and cons of such actions. I was expecting childish insults from those with two digit IQs rendering them incapable of deep thoughts and forward thinking. . Thanks for not disappointing me.

  8. Infomeplease Says:

    Willie G. You and your kind are so so 1950s. It’s pathetic!!

  9. LOL Says:

    A lot of snowflakes falling in this thread LOL

  10. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    @willieG: “…everyone deserves unearned honors…”

    while I get some of what you are saying, is it really undeserved when the NFL has been around for over 100 years and it was only until just now it put in place the means to correct this “unearned honor”?

  11. Dooley Says:

    Rob GOATkowski

  12. SPARKY Says:

    They were going to put the game ball in the HOF too but Evans threw it in the stands.

  13. Buccos Says:

    Since whe do officials get into the HOF to begin with?

  14. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    The official isn’t “in” the HOF….the HOF is a musuem that boasts a lot of cool memorabilia, including from record holders. WillieG-saying this demeans people is ludicrous at best. This was a “first”-and it’s totally fair that they chose to have a display honoring it. Just like they do with some rookie who has the most yards per season (and guess what-a few years later, it gets broken and they don’t have that display anymore). Sounds like some of you need to go to a few more museums and you’ll realize they change out displays often as why would anyone go back for a second visit if it’s the same stuff to look at year after year.

    In terms of the actual moment and wokist left stuff-there literally may be a young african american girl who sees that display today and now knows that is something she could do (and may in fact become her dream goal now). Don’t act like even 10-15 years ago-anyone ever thought we would (or COULD) have female refs. Hate it or not…..but it was a barrier breaking moment and now more will follow because they see that it is in fact attainable and something to aspire to.

    PS-I love how some people use funny buzz words like wokist left/snowflake/cancel culture and in the same sentence get offended by one display in a giant museum and say they’ll never pay money to go to it now. Oh the irony 🙂

  15. WillieG Says:

    Senor Harry. The length of the NFL’s life is irrelevant. It’s an undeserved honor amongst those who’ve earned their place.

    Let’s say a black, female becomes a head coach. She coaches for 10 years, has 70%+ winning percentage, wins 5 NFC Championships, and 3 Super Bowls. Shouldn’t she have the privilege of being the first black female in the HoF?

    What about the woman who is the first? Might she not feel a twinge of guilt for getting to the first just because she showed up with the right skin color and right genitalia, while the one who earned her way in is second?

    I know of what I speak. I received a medal in the Army because my unit was deployed. Whoopdedoo. We all thought it was a joke. To a man, we felt patronized. And we felt the medal was unearned.

    That’s my entire point. Honors should be earned based on accomplishments.

    I’m not saying to ignore the first ANYTHING. I’m saying it’s silly to put them in the HoF IN MY OPINION.

    And thanks for acting like ab adult. Too many of the emotional midgets here think anything short of fawning adulation is hate. Worse yet, they’re incapable of comprehending what they read, so they have no choice but to assume they understand and then launch childish insults.

  16. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Again-the irony of calling people emotional midgets and incapable of comprehending what they read…..

    When if you could read the actual few words written in the tweet or take two seconds to understand what is happening vs making several long comments on this board you would be able to “comprehend” what is happening.

    This person is NOT in the HOF. This person’s memorabilia has been put on a display in the HOF Museum. BIG Difference. “New Item on Display”. “The gear she wore is on display in Canton”. No one is putting her in the HOF for being the first to do it. They are honoring the significant moment of being the first by having a display of her outfit on that game.

    WillieG-You can keep your pearl clutching and buzz words for some other topic.

    And also-thank you for your service.

  17. WillieG Says:

    Shut the Buc. Do you know people can actually have an opinion without being offended? Apparently not.

    I’m also of the opinion referees shouldn’t be in the HoF. Who cares about them?

    Great players, coaches, and maybe truly exceptional others. Beyond that? No thanks.

    That’s my opinion. Don’t lit? I don’t care. Seriously.

  18. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion….you’re the one who said you’re now not going to visit the HOF now because of some “display” they’re putting in a museum. You’re getting fired up for something that’s not even happening (the ref going into the HOF) and calling other people names for their lack of reading comprehension when in the end-you’re the one who’s not even comprehending the situation and getting upset/cancelling something for something that’s not even happening.

  19. NamVetTony Says:

    WilliieG a great example of a emotional midget, it’s in the dictionary.

  20. Scooter Says:

    To be fair, the 1st Asian and 1st Hispanic female refs gear should also be in the NFL hall of fame. I suppose someday the teams mascots will be in the NFL hall of fame.

  21. BiggBucc Says:

    What part of she’s not inducted into the HOF is not understood. They have a display as recognition and honor for her and achievements which helped break the ground work for women and women of color. It really doesn’t warrant the hate. But some people’s hate is so strong that all their opinions come out as hate but because said person has some intelligence he/she thinks is always right…
    Not back to what the article started with, in way to go gronk thanks for the 2020 season and your great play after a lung puncturing rib cracking& breaking hit by a rams defender to playas great as before, with the BUCS. Great times for Tampa fan to see two goats at their position join BUCS thickly talented young roster. Hope to gronk back this season for one more go at it…..let’s go

  22. unbelievable Says:

    Bunch of fragile triggered white men in these comments, JFC.

    “Oh my god, how dare the HOF honor a woman who was black?!? The horror!”

    Such snowflakes.

  23. unbelievable Says:

    WillieG having a meltdown over someone who isn’t even in the HOF, her shirt is just on display.