Tom Brady Attended Todd Bowles’ Ceremony

March 31st, 2022

In attendance.

Joe isn’t sure how many Bucs fans either missed the press conferences from One Buc Palace today or were not updated on social media, but one player in attendance was Tom Brady.

Joe brings this up for several reasons. One, Brady generally is jet-setting around the globe in the offseason. So Joe had to wonder if Brady made a special trip from an international swanky locale or one of his many homes dotted throughout the western hemisphere.

Another reason is that this was clearly a very high-profile way of showing support. To whom, Bucco Bruce Arians? Todd Bowles? Joel Glazer? Jason Licht? All of them?

Though Brady did not speak, Brady’s presence surely generated more talk about the rumors that will not die — and never will die — that Brady returned to the Bucs only if Arians would step aside due to some sort of rift between the two.

This rift rumor was started by several respected national scribes who have excellent contacts within Brady’s camp (hell, Peter King once stayed in Brady’s Montana home so you don’t think he has a direct pipeline to Brady?).

The rumors nearly died until Arians announced his retirement last night. Then it was learned Arians informed Brady he would step down a day or two after Brady announced he would return. Who retires less than a month before the draft and after the greatest quarterback of all time returns? Calling this “odd” is an understatement.

(Joe would have to check the dates but Jimmy Johnson with the Cowboys was fired or quit in the mid-1990s, but he certainly left amid controversy. After a few glasses of liquid courage, Jerry Jones spouted off at NFL owners meetings that Barry Switzer could win just as well with Dallas as Johnson. Before you knew it, Switzer was named Cowboys coach.)

This Arians/Brady rift mystery may never be answered. The timing is too delicious to believe it was all a simple coincidence — and Joe is not a big believer in coincidences.

48 Responses to “Tom Brady Attended Todd Bowles’ Ceremony”

  1. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Tom signing or negotiating 3 year contract so Gronk Suh etc can be signed

  2. Goatfarmer Says:

    I do think that Arians did this now to help Bowles succeed, as well as the Bucs. Quite a move for a dude that admits he’s not good at retirement. We’ll see what his new role and contributions are.

  3. Pewter Power Says:

    Brady returned to the Bucs only if Arians would step aside

    So does that mean the Glazers forced him because I can’t see BA bring that afraid of not having Brady. Brady had already retired so it just wouldn’t make sense to say no you come back Brady I’ll retire instead of BA making a deal to stay out of the game planning he had to step down because of a player hahaha the national media is so desperate and people are dumb enough to believe it

  4. Joe Sammons Says:

    I think its medical related not personality conflict.
    The reason for the rush into the ring of honor. Yes deserved – but why 2022?

  5. Bird Says:

    Class act. He has accomplished everything in sports

    But still stays humble to show up for new coach’s press conference
    You think karen would do that?
    Just love the peeps on here who have no respect for the man
    The best ever.
    These last 2 years have been amazing and we got one more to go!

  6. ViSyl Says:

    It’s hard to believe Brady had nothing to do with it, but sincerly…I don’t care LFG!!!

  7. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Tom is not a player, he is one of the richest residents of Tampa and Florida, the richest player in the NFL, he his and his wife’s wealth rivals smaller NFL owners.

    He is the face of the NFL, and a comparable legend to Jordan, Ruth, Pele, Woods, Djokavich, Federer, Gretzky, and greatest athletes of their sports.

    He is the single most important athlete in America since Michael Jordan retired.

  8. Steven007 Says:

    However way you cut it it was a selfless act by Bruce. If it was a force out like so many seemingly want to believe, then Bruce could have simply said no and let the glazers do what, fire him? That wasn’t going to happen. So in that scenario Bruce did a selfless thing. In the more likely scenario that it was for succession reasons, clearly that’s also a selfless act.

  9. Steven007 Says:

    However way you cut it it was a selfless act by Bruce. If it was a force out like so many seemingly want to believe, then Bruce could have simply said no and let the glazers do what, fire him? That wasn’t going to happen. So in that scenario Bruce did a selfless thing. In the more likely scenario that it was for succession reasons, clearly that’s also a selfless act. Brady didn’t have to show up. His team sent out a gushy press briefing on social media. His presence was not required. But yet he was there.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So….the Glazers force BA out to appeal to Tom Brady…..or

    BA voluntarily leaves so that Brady comes back and he can attain a promotion for Todd Bowles?

    First of all, I doubt very much that the Glazers would force BA to retire….and still keep him around OBP.

    But, if it’s the other option and BA stepped aside voluntarily, WOW!!

    And those saying BA “quit on his team”…….please…..a 69 year old with health issues that stayed 3 years……Quitter?

  11. Jmarkbuc Says:

    BA is gonna continue doing what he did.. ride around on the golf cart.. stick his head in meetings every once in a while.

    If he doesn’t feel like coming in, he won’t. No pressure. Plus, he gets to watch the games from the owners box with open bar. Sweeeeet.

    Good for him.

  12. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Arians said during presser that he didn’t care about HOF chances regarding going for another SB and he said passing on to Bowles a quality team with Brady
    is more important to him because he thinks of Bowles as family.
    There no reason to doubt Arians and media speculation is lazy B.S. – write a real story.

  13. Bird Says:

    Arians is moving into front office with licht

    You how many liquid lunches those guys will have
    Power hours
    Beer can buildings

    It will be like a frat house at one buc

    Joe maybe you can loan a few cases of bromosa’s. Probably last a week

  14. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Us as fans does it really matter why he retired, lets enjoy Mr. Brady for a few more years and hopefully grab a few more rings, LFG!!!!!

  15. sasquatch Says:

    If Brady had forced him out, I don’t think that he would have been there today.

  16. ErikTheViking Says:

    Once Brady retires for good, this team will be a dumpster fire under Bowels. And he’ll be run out of town just like in New York. This was just a diversity hire.

  17. MadMax Says:

    Ryan Griffin is back….he’s back for a reason, dont sleep on him

  18. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Did anyone take the time to think that BA and Brady may really like each other but just can’t work together? BA like a loose structure and Brady a tight one. They created the office job so BA can still stay involved. None of this has to be contentious, if the Glazers have to choose they have to go with the money, plus Brady gives them the best chance to win. Brady hasn’t denied the rift because he doesn’t want to get caught in a lie and BA, well he’s been known to fabricate from time to time. Brady showing up is just part of the PR.

  19. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Arians retired once before. I believe he was just tired of the responsibility and workload. He gets the best of both worlds. He’s still part of the organization, but free to do whatever the hell he wants whenever he wants. He rifts. No deals. Just a man who has dedicated 50+ years of his life to a game, and wants to take a breath.

  20. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Well, the guys at the Sports Bar think the rift between Brady and Arians was very real, and point to this as evidence.

  21. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Wagner signed with the rams. Bucs need to get better defensively. Right now this D-line is weak. They have done nothing upfront in free agency.

  22. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Yeah, I’m over it. The reasons no longer matter.

  23. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Brady was always a fan of the Belichick culture except when it came to paying players. Think about it, if the word got out that the two didn’t get along, it makes Brady appear like he’s hard to work with and BA incompetent, who wins in that scenario?

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    And this is how rumors achieve a life of their own …

  25. sasquatch Says:

    People can’t take things at face value because they prefer drama and conspiracy.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We are at the point on this BA/Brady rift issue where a very famous Hillary quote comes to mind:

    ” ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  27. #8 Says:

    Wagner to rams? Come on Bucs D!

  28. MadMax Says:

    BA has some health issues guys….thats all it boils down to, and I get it…no problem with it. He’s still with us though (where he feels comfortable) so I appreciate that.

  29. Eric Says:

    yeah I guess it doesn’t matter but if Brady forced BA out I’d be very disappointed.

    Leftwich was already the playcaller and Bruce gave Tom anything he wanted including AB.

    What does Brady gain if BA is gone? it’s the same team, playbook, defense, etc.


  30. Defense Rules Says:

    Just read another rumor that Tom Brady attended Todd Bowles’ ceremony because he actually likes him & wanted to show his support to his new head coach. Oh the horror …

  31. GOB Says:

    Brady would have stayed retired, or have been traded if BA remained as HC. Brady demands excellence, in practice, and games. This stuff has been reported for going on two years now. Fanboy journalism only hurts fans who want to be informed. Whatever the case, you’re football team is immeasurably better off with the current situation. Arians was an impediment.

  32. WVBuc Says:

    Can’t beat the Saints is the same as can’t beat Michigan for an Ohio St. coach…or vice-versa, so it was simple in the end. Saints > Kangol = – Kangol + Bowles

  33. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    @Eric, BA fraught with AB over vaccine, play time and injuries and then kicked him off team mid game costing Tampa a repeat SB and a no2 WR.

    BA according to sources JBF won’t cite impacted the gaming planning to the point Brady was fighting with both BA and BF over offense and basically could barely work with BA on the offensive side of ball.

    Brady had majority of his success under OC Josh McDaniels a near best friend relationship where Josh and Brady had final say except the certain calls a HC made.

    According to Colin Cowherd Brady didn’t want Byron as HC as he didn’t like his play calling either, basically was calling entire offense himself once the team started to look bad after Washington Saints loses

  34. Infomeplease Says:

    In the end it’s all about winning!!!! Bowles as head coach has more of a say towards that. Jason, this team need more great defensive draft picks…let’s crank it up!!!!

  35. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:


  36. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Alanbucsfan Says:

    Agree. Why can’t it just be what BA said? Why always the cloak and dagger suspicions?

  37. geno711 Says:

    I read a rumor that Tom was throwing shorter passes this week and that Arians came by and said throw the ball longer and that is what lead to the announcement yesterday and today.

    I also heard that ME is upset that Godwin got a three-year contract with a higher yearly value than his. Therefore, he is either forcing a trade to Green Bay or will not play this year.

    Jeez guys do you fall for fake news or what.

  38. Crickett Baker Says:

    Alright. I don’t care what anyone says about this. I do not ever think that any football player (including Brady) would have much at ALL to do with the firing of a HC. To me that theory has always been ridiculous. To make matters interesting, BA did decide to retire early because Tom came back! But this was his decision in order to leave a team (TB had already recruited players) that Todd did not have to rebuild. It shows his class, not his cowardice. He, by his own words, didn’t have to win 15 more games before turning over the reins to his favorite successor (which also had to be approved). I am surprised that Goodwin didn’t get an offer, but the organization sure spent a bunch of time figuring this whole thing out and BELIEvE ME it wasn’t due to a player’s desire.

  39. Eric Says:

    Antonio Brown got himself kicked off multiple NFL teams, not just the bucs. And if I recall he went after Brady too accusing him and his trainer in over charging him. He falsified his vaccine card. Even Brady said he hoped he got some help for his mental illness and the bucs previously agreed to pay for him to get psychiatrict help.

    So Brady forced BA out over AB? if that is so the heck with Tom Brady in my book. I really hope that isn’t true. Arians and the bucs rolled out the red carpet for Tom.

  40. Mike Johnson Says:

    Man, Ole Bruce and Licht gonna be in the big house drinkin the expensive whiskey No more golf carting for Arians. I actually believe this team is going to play better.

  41. Crack3rK Says:

    Sooooo tired of the gossip. Who FN cares? Play ball and just win baby! #GoBucs!

  42. SPARKY Says:

    Daffy Duck could coach this team and it would have a chance to go to the super bowl. Brady will take care of the offense, the rest of the coach’s need to not screw up the defense.

  43. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “Then it was learned Arians informed Brady he would step down a day or two AFTER Brady announced he would return.”

    So how does the rumor really go? Why would Brady return if he hated BA so much since according to this he returned believing the HC was going to be BA!

    Apparently some guys haven’t heard of Occam’s Razor! “The simplest answer is usually the correct one.”

    What is complicated here? TB wanted to return Brady or not. BA didn’t want to leave Bowles the same kind of mess he had in New York. This team was NOT ready to turn over before our amazing off season. TB was just the icing on the cake.

    Bowles played for BA at Temple. How close do you think these guys are? How many football foxholes have they shared together over more than three decades. Why is it so hard to accept the truth? BA wants the best for Bowles, the Bucs and all of us.

    Imagine this? Throughout his career BA has takent the high road…leading in bringing diversity to the game and not simply black coaches but women coaches as well. He’s a decent, loyal, trustworthy human being. Does that make him disgusting in today’s world where you need to be an arsehole to fit in?


  44. Nprbuc Says:

    Agree totally Crack3rk! Who gives a rats at this point? Some people just love to hear themselves talk and live in the past. Yesterday is OVER. All that matters is tomorrow for real fans.

  45. D-Rok Says:

    One thing I learned VERY quickly while serving in the Army: It doesn’t matter who is assigned to you as your commander or leader. You just soldier on and adapt and overcome. Hearsay as to why doesn’t matter – it only matters what is in front of you at the moment. We have most of our team and coaches assembled for this year – get behind it and fall in line, Bucs fans. D out.

    GO ARMY!! I mean, GO BUCS!! 😉

  46. matthew veal Says:

    As they say, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

    Them that talks don’t know and them that knows don’t talk.

    Never write any thing down when a word will do
    Never say a word when a nod will do
    Never nod when a wink will do.

    This whole thing is likely about selling newspapers. If not, we will know soon enough.

  47. David Says:

    I think it’s absolute garbage and don’t believe any of it for a second for several reasons.

    1. Most journalists nowadays aren’t real journalist. It’s click bait. Throwing stuff to a wall to see what will stick to get ratings.
    2. LICHT and BA called it nonsense. I have yet to see where BA has lied from Indianapolis to Tampa. The guys shoots straight and tells it like it is.
    3. Making diva demands is not Brady‘s style. If he didn’t like the coach he would not have come back.

  48. BUCman Says:

    Of course Tom Brady attended the ceremony. He is the one who initiated the turn over. He wanted a front row seat 🪑