The Last Time Bruce Arians Talked Up A Backup

March 1st, 2022

Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians

Joe understands a lot of Bucs fans and readers are triggered when their beloved coach, Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians, speaks openly that Blaine Gabbert can lead the Bucs to NFL glory.

It’s not like Arians hasn’t done that before. But the chatter didn’t lead to meaningful snaps.

Mike Sando of The Athletic remembered once upon a time the last time Arians was pimping a backup hard that he could win games with a lesser quarterback.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Coach Bruce Arians talking up Blaine Gabbert recalls what Arians said of another backup, Drew Stanton, early in Arians’ tenure as the Arizona Cardinals’ coach. “I feel comfortable with Drew as our starter, being able to win and go to the playoffs and win the championship,” Arians said then. The team then acquired Carson Palmer.

So, is Arians’ public slobbering over Gabbert just a major smokescreen while Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht works the cell phones behind the scenes to acquire a better quarterback?

The way Joe is looking at it, if Arians is wanting to bring in slop like Teddy Bridgewater or some other quarterback who has moved around the league with limited success, maybe it is better to stick with Gabbert? At least he knows the offense and there won’t be a learning curve.

If the Bucs can make a Super Bowl run with Gabbert, that right there will probably get Arians into Canton.

But it seems Sando is a tad skeptical that Gabbert will.

26 Responses to “The Last Time Bruce Arians Talked Up A Backup”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    “Sando is a tad skeptical that Gabbert will.”

    Isn’t everyone?

  2. Robert Says:

    BA should retire as well and go out on top. I think he’s full of hot air personally.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Arians may simply be talking Gabbert up, so we do not appear desperate for a new QB ?
    But, as Ira brought up in his Podcast, if Gabbert is our starter, what does that say for Trask ?
    As far as a super bowl run goes, I don’t think even with Tom Brady, this is a Super Bowl bound team.

  4. zzbuc Says:

    Well, What does he is suppose to say?
    Sometimes, we need to understand that the best option you have is not what you want…..It’s what reality says….

    Just let Gabbert or Trask play and then see what happens…..

    Why paying to a second tier QB big money, when your cap is not comfortable at all, when you have so many holes on the roster…..

    Sometimes you have to take some risks, because you have no other option, and that’s exactly what’s happening here….

  5. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    What is the advantage to poor mouthing Gabbert?

    The Gabbert hate on this blog is unreal. He must have denied the admin an interview at one point.

  6. Posey99 Says:

    Gabbert isn’t under contract and an unsigned free agent. Isn’t that like telling your buddies how the woman you met at the bar last night is going to make a great wife?

  7. Adrnagy Says:

    Too much talked about QB. Arians of course would like a elite qb and will push for that. Licht is a team builder , talent pro examiner that will start trask. Licht handles the future. Present and salary cap.
    The ghost in this is the owners. If they want a SB now all chips are on the table. We are not in rebuild mode. Before and after brady we have a solid , young talented team that can win. Top priority is godwin, cappa amd stinnie. Then let the chips fall. Add vets and draft well. Pls dont draft another kicker that alone pushed us back in other areas we could of used instead of gay, aguayo.

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    No worthy QB FA to pay. Start Trask, resign Gabbert and see what happens. Save money. Licht cannot at least take a chance with the second round pick. I know a sh!tty Bucs rookie named Matt Gay that got dropped year two to become one of the best kickers in the NFL and beat the Bucs comeback to getting in the Super Bowl

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘The way Joe is looking at it, if Arians is wanting to bring in slop like Teddy Bridgewater or some other quarterback who has moved around the league with limited success, maybe it is better to stick with Gabbert?’

    I see the Brimosas are starting to take effect. After feeding us a steady diet for the past month of ‘We gotta go get Rodgers’ or ‘Nope, Watson is our guy; gotta have Watson’ or endless articles on Brady not REALLY intending to retire, NOW there appears to be a realization that MAYBE we’ll have to stick with Gabbert. So much for stirring the pot; it just boiled over.

    Newsflash: Gabbert is NOT a Buc. He’s a UFA free to sign with any team in the NFL once the free agency period starts. Wouldn’t it be ironic IF an NFC South team beat us to the punch in signing Gabbert (just out of spite)?

  10. Listnfrmafar Says:

    So what you’re saying Joe us BA is a fabricator. Hmm never heard that before, oh yes I have, every time he opens his mouth.

  11. sasquatch Says:

    I think it’s gonna be Wentz.

  12. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    2021 Top 21 QBs averaging PFF Grade, Passer Rating and QBR
    The following scores and rankings are weighted. Passer rating accounts for 20% of the score, QBR at 40%, and PFF at 40%.

    11. Patrick Mahomes (KC), 75.7 (future of NFL)
    PFF = 77.5, QBR = 62.6, P-Rating = 98.5
    10. Jameis Winston (NO), 76.0 (free agent 7 games played)
    PFF = 74.2, QBR = 64.6, P-Rating = 102.8
    9. Dak Prescott (DAL), 76.3
    PFF = 83.8, QBR = 54.9, P-Rating = 104.2
    8. Kyler Murray (ARI), 76.4 (seeking contract)
    PFF = 84.0, QBR = 56.8, P-Rating = 100.6
    7. Kirk Cousins (MIN), 76.6 (tradable, seeking contract)
    PFF = 88.2, QBR = 51.9, P-Rating = 103.1
    6. Josh Allen (BUF), 77.4 (future of NFL)
    PFF = 86.5, QBR = 61.0, P-Rating = 92.2
    5. Matthew Stafford (LAR), 78.2 (seeking contract)
    PFF = 80.7, QBR = 63.5, P-Rating = 102.9
    4. Joe Burrow (CIN), 80.1 (future of NFL)
    PFF = 91.7, QBR = 54.4, P-Rating = 108.3
    3. Justin Herbert (LAC), 82.0 (future of NFL)
    PFF = 90.1, QBR = 66.1, P-Rating = 97.7
    2. Tom Brady (TB), 84.6 (retired)
    PFF = 92.0, QBR = 68.5, P-Rating = 102.1
    1. Aaron Rodgers (GB), 85.9 (seeking contract)
    PFF = 90.0, QBR = 68.8 , P-Rating = 111.9

    Deshaun Watson (Hou) 2020 89 (tradable new contract)
    PFF = 92.5 , QBR = 63.7 P-rating = 99.0

    Take Aways:

    Watson would be third highest graded QB if his stats from 2020 were compared to the top 2 QBs of 2021 Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.
    Also for his brief season Jameis Winston (NO) had a good season.
    Kirk Cousins is a top 7 very good QB.
    Kyler Murray isn’t trash but actually very good and should be paid in 2022.
    Patrick Mahomes had a down year for much of 2021 until the end of season and didn’t perform up to his standard

  13. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    correction Watons P rating was 112 and average grade 99.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Why are we worried about gambling the future on an “elite” QB when there currently there are only 2 of the 5 O-Line returning? Who would want to come play in that situation?

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    What QB won a Super Bowl as a starter, and would be available for cheap? Nick Foles.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So, how can BA publicly boast that Gabbert can be our starting QB when he’s a FA & could be signed by another team?
    Because, another team won’t sign him and he’s looking for another QB….but if he doesn’t find one….and Gabbert is it….he’s on record giving him a public vote of confidence.

    A smart move, if you ask me.

  17. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    BA on Pat Mcafee today.

    On TB retirement?

    Surprised by TB retirement.

    BA “Would welcome Tom Brady back, doesn’t to think he comes back”

    Would you trade his rights?

    BA “If he comes back he will be playing for us”

    On FA BA says getting core talent back focus on veterans taking care of them

    Disappointed Todd and Byron didn’t get jobs, but admits won’t have coach hard as they are back.

    On friction between BA Tom?
    “Made up”

    On AB was he good still in 2020/2021?

    Antonio no one works harder them him, great shape, very talented, why sign him? its all about winning its why he was on team, it was sad it blew up. Hope so, AB plays again.

  18. allbuccedup Says:

    Hes getting senile needs to retire before he runs the Bucs in the ground. Without Brady his goose is cooked. Blaine Gabbert will throws three picks opening day.

  19. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Every answer, lies I say ALL lies.

  20. Buc92’ Says:

    Yea right our starting qb is unsigned right now in gabbert , go figure lol… folks Arians is Capping, he would have locked Blaine up 2 weeks ago lol … the Deshaun deal is done, Licht is laughing behind closed doors at all this !


  21. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Joe in Mich

    I could see Nick Foles as a possibility. He fits the offense and come in cheap and compete with Gabbert/Trask…

  22. allbuccedup Says:

    Watson deal done and he may not ever play again thats what I called smart money on our salary cap.

  23. SufferingSince76 Says:

    You guys with a burr under your saddle about Arians have become redundant. Every comment is a shot at BA with no real substance. You’re boring.

  24. Bucs Guy Says:

    You have to ask how much better are any of the following than Gabbert ot Trask? Two wins better in my opinion.

    Kyle Murray is the wild card in my opinion. Don’t see Watson, Wilson or Karron as even a possibility.

  25. Lars Tatersalad Says:

    I would take Gabbert to start the season and Trask to have a fair opportunity to win the job if Bridgewater is the best we can do.

  26. Steven M. Says:

    What’s dwith Bruce Arians saying he wouldn’t let Brady go to another team? BA is not the GM ? BA also said we would want 5 first round picks. Is he just joking or does he have a little AB inside him ? I’m pretty sure the Glazers appreciate what he did in Tampa Bay, the last 2 years and wouldn’t give Brady a hard time of he left. Go BUC’s !