Deshaun Watson Will Not Face Criminal Charges

March 11th, 2022

Houston QB Deshaun Watson.

Joe has a hunch Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is already buried in a text exchange.

Today, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, it was learned that embattled Houston superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson, will not face criminal charges stemming from some 22 hassles with women filing civil complaints claiming he got too handsy during massages, among other lewd acts.

Also keep in mind guilty in a civil case carries a much lower threshold of guilt than a criminal case.

Joe suspects trade talks between teams and Houston will explode now, as the prospect of Watson being criminally charged was giving teams reason for pause. That no longer exists and free agency opens in three days.

77 Responses to “Deshaun Watson Will Not Face Criminal Charges”

  1. uhmmm Says:

    Freaking creepy. I’d take lame a@# Trask over that dude

  2. voice of reason Says:

    well, it would sure be fun even if its evil and wrong. i’m in.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Wow! No criminal charges, just civil, so a simple settlement offer should make this all go away!

  4. James Says:

    I been waiting for you to post this. I bet there is a lot of handwringing and butt puckering in the Anti-Watson movement on this site today. Sorry, I meant the perfect human beings who frequent this site…. clowns

  5. westernbuc Says:

    James I’d probably go with a different description than “butt puckering.”

    I don’t want to give up the assets for a guy that’s going to be suspended and will happily quit on teams he just signed a contract with. Dude went 4-12 in his last season on the Texans. Better than Davis Mills by one game.

  6. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    He will be traded this weekend.

  7. Your Mom Says:

    Look… why take a chance… at least that’s the way I feel about it.

  8. Bring back the Wishbone. Says:

    Jameis had lots of baggage too. Would be very interesting. Dynamic even. Go for it.

  9. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Will need 2-3 first plus 2 seconds and players and major cap moves to trade before draft and fit within cap.

    Probably the Wilson trade maybe more.

  10. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    Carolina will give that at a minimum. Unless there are no others interested.

  11. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    If the Bucs get him, then he is a massive upgrade over TB12 because of his age.

    Also, with Watson you don’t need an all world OLINE like TB12 does at his advanced age.

  12. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Carolina will give up A LOT for him now. I’d be surprised if the Bucs could come up with a better offer.

  13. Eric Says:

    as i predicted. these “charges” were nonsense. Couldnt even muster up one indictment. And all you guys were ready to hang the man.

  14. BA4President Says:

    Agree with @uhmmm. I’d rather have Trask over Watson. Shoot, I’d rather throw Leftwich out there than have Watson.

    Regardless… I doubt we will be willing to trade as much draft capital as several other team. Thus, it doesn’t matter if the Bucs want him.

  15. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    I’m actually shocked based on the witness statements and the accusers willingness to testify there is no indictment as the primary reason these cases don’t lead to charges is alleged victim unwillingness to fully cooperate or u u willingness to testify and persue the matter, as 95% of time it’s he said she said with no witnesses.

    And what 2 alleged was serious if true and their testimony and Watson wasn’t enough to breach the evidentiary burden to place a charge even a misdemeanour in a state like Texas is surprising.

  16. Bring back the Wishbone. Says:

    Jameis had plenty of baggage also. Would also be interesting. Dynamic even. Go for it.

  17. Derek Says:

    I say go for it. He has a no trade clause so if the Bucs want him, and he only wants to go to the could happen..

  18. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    His lawyer must have had something good or someway to completely discredit the 8 women.

  19. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @New England Patriot Fan

    Deshaun Watson must be traded by the Texans because of his cap hit.

    Deshaun Watson hates the Texans.

    Deshaun Watson doesn’t want to play for the Panthers.

    Watson stated as such when the Texans and Panthers had a trade in place, but Watson blocked that trade with his No Trade Clause.

    The Panthers could offer their entire draft picks for the next 10 drafts, and if Watson doesn’t want to go there, then the trade will not happen.

    Watson having zero criminal charges against him, a 40 million dollar cap hit this year and a No Trade Clause gives him all of the leverage in his business dealings with the Texans, a team he hates and doesn’t want to help make better on his way out the door.

  20. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Go for it. All in. Totally worth multiple 1st rounders.

  21. Mort Says:

    You make the call and see what they’re asking. You don’t mortgage the future for him though. But I’m fine going with Trask if they think he is a dude.

  22. Eric Says:

    Defense lawyer doesnt question grand jury witnesses. Thsts why its so easy to indict. Unless you got nothing like here.

  23. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    After a Harris County grand jury was presented all the evidence and had the opportunity to hear from all witnesses, grand jurors declined to indict Deshaun Watson. Grand jury proceedings are secret by law, so no information related to their inquiry may be disclosed,” the Harris County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

  24. Adam’s Angry Says:

    YOU HAVE TO make a play for him.

    I don’t care what he’s done. This team has sucked for TOO LONG throughout their history to look to win with a team full of choir boys.

    I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters,
    desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers
    con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers,
    bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, train robbers,
    bank robbers, a__-kickers, s__-kickers and a QB who get the ball to our playmakers..

  25. DmanTX Says:

    If we do pull trigger and Watson is a Bucs and then Brady announces he wishes to return, what then? My head is spinning. Would we trade his rights?

  26. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    The Texans leverage went up huge after this, as it’s peak desparation for QB in NFL, Houston can easily afford to hold Watsons cap. But they won’t, and there are at least 4 teams willing to sign Watson now, which creates a bidding war.

    Wilson had no trade abs got 2 first 2 seconds 3 players one first rounder.

    And Wilson is worse than Watson in 2023.

    Watson if he settles civil issue quickly would garner 3-4 firsts and Houston could hold him until a trade partner arises and they are a rebuild team.

  27. Bucs Orlando Says:

    Poor character doesn’t always have enough evidence for the courts.

    OJ was not guilty but I wouldn’t have a beer with him, buy his jersey or pay to see him do anything.

    This ain’t the same, but Watson ain’t Brady let’s not get carried away

  28. Stone crab sam Says:

    Fair lady was never courted by weak hands.

  29. Stone crab sam Says:

    Fair lady was never courted by the weak.

  30. BUCman Says:

    We already have half the roster as free agents. Sounds like a great idea to trade away all of our draft picks and use up all of our remaining cap space for one player. Hope he can also play Safety when we lose Whitehead, OLine when we lose Jensen, Cappa, & Stinnie, Corner when we lose Davis, DT when we lose Suh & Gholston, RB when we lose Fournette, and probably the Water Boy & parking attendants as well.

  31. Eric Says:

    Watson can reject a trade as he did last year with the panthers.

    Seems like he would relish playing with Evans and Godwin.

  32. Bird Says:

    Of course he didnt. What a joke. This country is going to be on fire in a few years.

  33. EricTheViking Says:

    @Your Mom Says Great Casino reference.

    Cost benefit ratio tells you that the juice is not worth the squeeze on this one. Pun intended.

    Let’s just go with Trask one season and see what we have. Unless Tommy 7 rings wants back in.

  34. Steven007 Says:

    Guys, keep in mind that he has a no trade clause and he has the right to pretty much go where he wants. Consuming they also want him and can work out a deal with the Texans.

  35. sasquatch Says:

    The fact the Watson won’t face criminal charges doesn’t mean he’s not guilty of being a s3xual pr3dator.

  36. firethecannons Says:

    Deshaun Watson is guilty but was too timid to actually do anything criminal, be my guess he has learned an important lesson in regards to being much more careful with his conduct. I think he would be trustworthy going forward. I think he faces 6 months nfl suspension–PAY THE PRICE JASON LICHT!!!!!!!!! whatever it takes–make it clear we will prevail! GO BUCS!!!!!!

  37. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up traded to Arizona with his former Texan friends and officially puts Kyler Murray on the trade block.

  38. firethecannons Says:

    Adam’s Angry Says:
    March 11th, 2022 at 5:15 pm
    YOU HAVE TO make a play for him.

    I don’t care what he’s done. This team has sucked for TOO LONG throughout their history to look to win with a team full of choir boys. etc


  39. JA Says:

    This is a case of he said-she,she,she,she-she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she,she said.
    Who ya gonna believe?

  40. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The NFL could also be looking to suspend him. If Brady got 4 for debategate and AB got 8 games for his one offense, do the suspend him a season? Please anyone provide input except the BA pickle swallowing, Brady hater, BS artist DumbBelle.

  41. Allbuccedup Says:

    If the bucs pull this off they need to honor his contract. There is an out in his contract in 2024 they could trade or release him and save 32 mil. So I say give it a shot if he screws up within two years you can cut ties.

  42. HC Grover Says:


  43. sasquatch Says:

    Watson would be a team killer.

  44. Pewter Power Says:

    I’m sure a deal is already set up for this guy and Was just waiting for this court date. I agree he’ll probably be traded this weekend but some worry anti Watson fans we have nothing to give other teams can’t top

  45. Bird Says:


    Thats pretty good. No doubt. He sounds like a winner. Something is wrong with this guy. He is a good looking cat. Yet he has to pay chicks in a role play type situation to release his stress and inner demon (and rhymes with demon)
    The dude can walk into any club and get same results with a snap of his fingers . Dude is a freak

  46. Weebs10 Says:

    Go get him Jason!!

  47. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @New England Patriot Fan

    You are a northerner who doesn’t know football.

    You are also a troll who is lost because you don’t belong on a Bucs site.

    I’ll say it again, us Floridian’s know football. You northerners, not so much.

    Per spotrac, Houston is 30 million over the salary cap for the 2020 football season.

    Spotrac also had them needing $11 million just to sign their free agents.

    To get cap space teams usually reconstruct contracts with their highest salary players. Watson will not restructure his contract for a team and owner who he has stated that he hates.

    Watson also had a no trade clause.

    You’re statement that the Texans could absorb Watson’s 40 million dollar cap hit is absurdly false.

    The Texans have zero leverage.

    Watson hates the Texan’s and their owners. He’s stated it.

    He could sit out 8 games, be fined a few million for holding out, show up, fake an injury and miss the rest of the season and collect $30 plus million from a team and owner that he hates, all while wrecking their salary cap and destroying their rebuild for another year.

  48. Volbuc40 Says:

    Wow! Wonder how much that cost him? Anyone else would have been doing n jail.

  49. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Watson talent aside, Trading for Watson will destroy Bucs future – draft picks , salary cap hit…Bucs will be unable to sign most of free agents and we’ve already seen Watson go 4-12 on a team with limited talent. He’s also 1-2 in playoff games and the 1 win was over a Bills team that blew a 16-0 lead late in 3rd quarter.
    With a diminished OLine, he will take alot of sacks which will put his health in jeopardy.
    It’s not a good deal for Bucs because it’s not a free agent situation- too much will be given up in a trade.
    Watson should stay in Houston or go to Panthers – let them ruin their franchise.

  50. Mike Johnson Says:

    I told you all them women were lookin for a payday. Pay’em off Watson. You got the cash. Then start fresh with the Bucs. Fly him in Licht. Pay the man. Lets not sink to the bottom. We fans want another Superbowl.

  51. Jerry R Jones Says:

    There are still 22 outstanding criminal lawsuits against the guy. I guess the truth is just going to keep setting him free.

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    Jerry R Jones Says:
    March 11th, 2022 at 7:23 pm
    There are still 22 outstanding criminal lawsuits against the guy.


    No, there isn’t. It’s an ambulance chasing lawyer who literally had to advertise for the ‘victims’ to come forward, and in exchange promised them 6-figure paydays. NONE of the ‘victims’, ie the ladies of Craigslist, filed a criminal complaint — none of them.

    Watson got some chicks online to ‘massage’ him, paid them well, then one of them later figured out, oh, he’s loaded and I can get a lot more money out of this than the few hundred she got. She then went to a lawyer, not the cops, but a lawyer, and basically attempted to blackmail him by saying she’d release embarrassing information if he didn’t pay up. That’s how badly she was affected by this, that she’d go away and shut up in exchange for cash – but not bother to call the police for some reason. Gee, I wonder why?

    It’s remarkable the people out there that don’t even bother to do even a basic reading on the case, they say and repeat stupid stuff like this, then when they’re literally proven wrong, instead of saying, oops, I’m an idiot, they just double down on the fake news narrative they created in their own head.

  53. gp Says:

    Adam’s Angry Says:
    March 11th, 2022 at 5:15 pm

    YOU HAVE TO make a play for him.

    I don’t care what he’s done. This team has sucked for TOO LONG throughout their history to look to win with a team full of choir boys.

    I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters,
    desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers
    con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers,
    bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, train robbers,
    bank robbers, a__-kickers, s__-kickers and a QB who get the ball to our playmakers..

    So, what you’re saying is, you really really want someone so weak that he has to beg for a hand job after paying full price for the massage???????

    Nah…. No….. I don’t think so.

    Look, I’m a Bucs fan
    If Jason thinks he’ll be a good fit, I’ll root for him at game time.
    But I personally don’t think he’ll be a good fit.
    NOT JUST because of his legal troubles either.

    The past two years should have taught us the value of character and team first attitude.
    This guy has neither.

  54. Slacknuts Says:

    Can’t wait for him to come back. Fantasy football missed him dearly

  55. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I think I figured out how to get Watson in a Bucs uniform and it won’t cost us any picks.

    Tell him that the Fancy Man will provide him with a daily rub and tug.

    I just hope DeSuan doesn’t mind that Rod will be wearing his old JayMiss jersey and creamsicle thong while he’s tugging away……

    Anywho….. I say make it happen JL.

  56. steele Says:

    Elite scum always get let off the hook. You or I go to jail for one false move. DeCrime? He goes free and signs a gigantic contrack.

  57. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Here is the alleged truth about team first TB12.

    From the media reports TB12 didn’t like the military like coaching style of Bellicheck and that’s why he left.

    TB12 left the team and staff who he said were his “brothers” and his “family” and the reports are that he cut ties from those brothers.

    Now the media reports TB12 doesn’t like the coaching style of BA and his loose coaching style of “No Risk It, No Biscuit.”

    TB12 is in such hot demand in San Fran, that the reports coming out of San Fran media are that Shanahan has told Lynch it’s either me or the 44 year old QB who only has maybe 1 or 2 years at best left in his football life, you make the call.

    My brother lives in the Bay Area now, and that is what he tells me they are saying on his sports radio talk show of 680 AM.

    Apparently, Kyle Shannahan can’t stand TB12, and he’s 42, loves coaching and wants to coach forever like his father did.

    That’s 2 Super Bowl winning coaches, both with diametrically opposed philosophies, and Kyle Shanahan.

    BA and Bellicheck have won multiple Super Bowls as Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches. Kyle Shanahan has taken his team to the Super Bowl and NFC Championship Game and is 42, and is almost 3 years younger than TB12. Kyle Shanahan has a major problem with TB12 according to the San Fran media.

    According to the media TB12 has a major problem with Kyle Shanahan.

    John Lynch played for Mike Shanahan and has publicly stated how much he loves him. Mike Shanahan is Kyle’s dad.

    If all of this is true, then it’s obvious who is the problem, and it’s not Bellicheck, BA or Shanahan. The problem is TB12 if all of this is true.

  58. BucsFan81 Says:

    I hope the Bucs front office is not stupid enough to waste draft picks and 30 plus million in cap space on this guy. Would rather start Trask over him.

  59. Wood1982 Says:

    All of you holier-than-thou blowhards who are saying “just because he wasn’t indicted doesn’t mean he’s not guilty” are a bunch of pious idiots. You want to judge someone, assign guilt, and label them based off of your limited account of what you think happened, while a jury who actually heard everything the accusers had to present found that it wasn’t worthy of any criminal. It amazes me how uninformed people always feel like they know better than those who heard all the evidence (or lack thereof). Just admit that you were wrong!!! Admission is the 1st step….SMDH!!!

  60. Rod Munch Says:


    I’m totally shocked you put me in your bath house fantasy… I mean totally shocked, never would have seen that coming.

  61. Adam’s Angry Says:

    DEAR GP:

    What he does in his private life is his own business. I’m sure we all have some skeletons in our closets with a post-it note on the forehead that says, “Pathetic.”

    But my season tickets are WAY too expensive for my 52 man roster to be limited to high character Boy Scouts with good credit.

    I make NO APOLOGIES for wanting to win. I knew AB was a loose cannon and a nut bar, but he made the team better (when he was here). Watson can play, the guy can run and buy time and defenses can’t cover Mike Evans forever.

  62. David Says:

    Some are claiming they’d rather have Trask over Watson? Based on what? LOL
    I love Trask but
    1. He hasn’t played a game so you have no idea what he’s got.
    2. If the Buccaneers go after someone else they obviously don’t think he’s ready to play this year or possibly next year.
    3. Or they think he’s average at best or maybe just a back up.
    4. Watson is a top 10, possibly top-five, franchise quarterback in the NFL.
    5. Watson is only 26, he has a decade left in him.

    6. If this is about charges that were dropped, get off your high horse.
    After digging around and reading what it’s all about, the dude tried to take some massages further than the masseuse wanted to. That’s it. Big deal. He should not have done it but to suggest you’re appalled because of that is ridiculous. It wasn’t like he beat some woman in an elevator or some other ridiculous crime that plenty have gotten away with in the NFL. This was minor crap

    The one thing the Buccaneers have not been able to do

    Is have a franchise quarterback for a decade.
    Make it happen!!!!

  63. David Says:


    If they don’t have a quarterback most of their free agents are going elsewhere anyway. This way SUH, JPP, Gronk, Davis, Jensen are definitely gone. The only ones really worth keeping would’ve been Jensen and Davis but they weren’t keeping both anyway.

    I’d rather replace them the next two years with the draft and free agency and get a franchise quarterback. Everyone else is much easier to replace and like I said, they were going to have to replace most of them anyway.
    Having a QB like him here also entices free agents to come here, they stand a better chance of keeping Godwin long-term.

    As for salary cap not sure how they work that out the first year but next year the situation will be a lot better and $30-$50 million a year for your quarterback is going to become the norm. At least this way they have a franchise guy they can lock up for eight years

  64. Delson Says:

    Watsons cap will cripple our team. Not only that but the draft picks needed for the trade smh. Trask needs to step up.

  65. Delson Says:

    If we take the L for next season we free cap n get a top 16 draft pick. Scout the qbs in the draft class n make our decision. This draft we can grab guys to fill the players we lost. Rb te cb oline dline. Next draft qb oline dline wr with free agent additions. We would be able to afford our own resignings too. Get back into playoff form. 1 year set back as opposed to 3 or 4 years with guys like lavonte and evans who are reaching olf status in football terms

  66. adam from ny Says:

    you know what they say…

    no face no case…

    in this scenario it’s:

    no weenie…no subpoenie…

    bring the coxman in asap 🙂

  67. adam from ny Says:

    be careful with the ny giants trying to slink in for him on the low

  68. Listnfrmafar Says:

    DumbBelle, get a life Mr. I know everything about the game. To the rest of you, what I heard was the disenchantment between Brady and Shannahan happened during a meeting prior to signing with the bucs. At some point Shanahan started quizzing Brady on situational football and this went up Brady’s arse sideways so he used examples from the Atlanta/Pat’s SB, Shanahan was the OC for Atlanta. Supposedly that’s when the meeting went south. Now DumbBelle the world traveler that I’m sure never leaves his basement computer in fear of missing the next TMZ scoop will pick away at this post and make some sort of smart arse statement of why I am an not as bright as he is because I do not have a brother on the west coast. NE Patriots do not let DumbBelle belittle you because you enjoy voicing your opinion, he simply has a pure case of small man’s disease.

  69. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    The media reports that TB12 had a problem with his relationship with Coach Bellicheck.

    The media reports that TB12 had a problem with his relationship with Coach Arians.

    The media reports that TB12 had a problem with Coach Shanahan, and that’s why he didn’t become a 49er.

    The common denominator in all 3 relationships is TB12.

  70. Listnfrmafar Says:

    DumbBelle, tell the whole story, it wasn’t as much Brady having a problem with Belichick more like Belichick having a problem with Brady. Brady wanted a two year deal at $25MM/yr, he just wanted to match Brees. Belichick came back with one yr $14MM. That’s when Brady started seriously shopping. He called their bluff and eventually got his deal with the Bucs. Brady’s intent was to retire a Patriot which is why he never mentioned the in his original retirement speech and why he never went out to meet Kraft on the field when the Bucs played the Pat’s. Kraft had to chase him down in the tunnel. Brady is bitter at Kraft for not backing him as he did in previous years. Kraft went ape shat when the Patriots weren’t mentioned in his speech.

    As far as Arians, it’s a pure case careful what you wish for. BA lax program doesn’t fit Brady’s discipline driven ways, the Rams game was proof of that. There could be some dissention on how BA handled the AB situation or simply he saw with all the FA’s the team is no longer built to make a championship run.

    Either way he played for only 2 organizations in 22 years, hard to believe he was disgruntled the entire time.


  71. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    To all New England Patriot fans.

    When you come on to an awesome dite like Joe Bucs Fan and are cool, then talk all you like.

    Speech is free, but your speech is not free from my and other’s reactions to it.

    @Listnfrmafar has come on the awesome Joe Bucs fan site and repeatedly made fun of Buc’s fans and the Buc’s.

    When @Listnfrmafar is challenged by someone like me who takes offense to that, loves his Florida football from the FHSAA Football, to the NCAA/SEC Football to the NFL/Bucs football, he can’t hack it.

    @List will call you stupid for saying that it is a bad decision to throw to the X when the X is running an outside release fly route to 3 yards off of the sideline and the opposing defense is playing man cover 2. TB12 did that twice against Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game and it resulted in 2 INT’s. The Fly route is double covered, but @List will call you stupid for saying you shouldn’t throw that ball.

    @List is blinded by his love for TB12. To @ List, TB12 can do no wrong and he walks on water.

    Nick Saban and Bill Bellicheck (I love listening to the greats talk about their craft in videos or books) both talk about taking away the sideline vertical route by using man cover or man cover 3.

    It’s why Mumme’s 6 is the answer to those coverages, using the outside vertical routes as rabbits and hitting the inside slot routes or dump it to the back running a shoot of arrow.

    I agree with Coach Bellicheck, Coach Saban and Coach Mumme and that you should never throw the ball to the outside WR running a vertical route versus man Cover2 or man Cover3. I guess @list thinks Coach Bellicheck, Coach Saban and Coach Mumme don’t know what they are talking about.

  72. Razor Ramone Says:

    Your Mom quoting Remo from Casino. Nice one.

  73. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    TB12 is an American citizen living as a free man in America.

    As a person who served during the War on Terror, I find people who exaggerate the oppression and enslavement of a very rich entertainer to be highly distasteful.

    TB12 is under contract to the Bucs in a legal agreement that hat he entered into and is being compensated millions of dollars for that agreement.

    TB12 has also had repeated bad endings to relationships, be it personal to Bridgette Monyhan when she was pregnant with his child, Coach Bellicheck, Robert Craft, and now Coach Arians.

    In psychology we call that a pattern.

    To TB12’s credit he has done an amazing job rectifying his past mistakes and healing that failed relationship with Monyhan and he is a great co-parent with her now. Hopefully he does the same with Craft and Bellicheck, as all three men did great things together. Hopefully time heals old wounds.

  74. Listnfrmafar Says:

    DumbBelle, first of all I do not waste my day like you reviewing what D GB was in during the 1020 playoff game. So to comment on if they were vertical bracketing Evan’s or if they were running free or any trail D. All I can remember is Brady threw out, Evan’s turned in and it appeard there was a safety approaching him. If it was a bracket then the safety was late. I don’t even know what down it was. If you truly served I thank you for your service.

    FYI, Colin Kaperknick referred to the NFL as salvery so talk to him. A woman sports reporter, I think from ESPN recently voiced her opinion on his comment and was reprimanded. So much for FREE speech. Once chose to twist my words to fit YOUR exaggerated narrative.


  75. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    I didn’t need to review it. When I saw the throw and that ME13 hadn’t beaten his man corner and that the safety came over top I knew it was a horrible throw both times.

    The second time was worse because he threw a prayer ball to ME13 into the same coverage to avoid a hit.

    Evans never turned in on either of those routes. One was overthrown to the sideline and the other was an under thrown duck to the sideline as TB12 avoided standing tall in the pocket, delivering the ball and taking the hit.

    If my beloved Rays pitcher is pitching lights in a game, but the third time through the order he gives up a couple of bombs to the opposing team hanging his off speed pitch, and that lets them back in the game, then I don’t say that he had a great game except for those couple of home runs that he gave up. I criticize him for the whole of his performance.

    Cool with Karpernick’s speech and his protest. Karpernick’s speech and protest have always been peaceful. I’m perfectly happy with him protesting that way. It’s whss as g I served for.

    Fortunately, freedom of speech only protects you from the government punishing you. Your speech isn’t protected at work or from other’s response to you. Ali, MLK, Ghandi and Jesus were all advocates for peaceful protest. Anybody who follows their example of peaceful protest is cool with me.

  76. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I’m cool with any PEACEFUL protest, when it comes to storming government buildings, looting and damaging public or personal property, busineses, attacking law enforcement, IMO are criminal offenses and those involved should be punished as such. You do confuse me criticizing Brady’s choices, he has thrown MANY sideline fly patterns with success and I’m pretty sure many times came with a safety support D on. Evan’s although a great receiver is not a great route runner, I am not saying all three were on him but I would say the same about Brady. Again they won, get over it. You want to dissect a D try the Rams playoff game, that will keep you busy. No comment on Kaperknick.

  77. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    We’ve already done this and it divides the fans.