Bucs Need A Real Quarterback

March 6th, 2022

Honest mistake?

Too many nights in Indianapolis will do this to a sportswriter (Joe knows first-hand).

When writers flock to Indianapolis each winter for the combine (for perhaps the final time last week), they have to find and meet with contacts and sources. In downtown Indianapolis, where are the best places to do that? Steakhouses and bars and maybe Steak ‘n Shake. (For example, Joe hung with Bucco Bruce Arians on Tuesday night and saw him again on the town briefly on Wednesday.)

There are only so many football clichés a sane man or woman can stomach — constant babbling about unimportant 40-times and the onerous bench press stewards hollering “All the way up!” —  without being driven to the many watering holes within walking distance of the Indiana Convention Center.

And those watering holes can play mind tricks with you sometimes. And that’s what Joe thinks happened with heavy metal-headbanging Jason La Canfora of CBS when he linked Blake Bortles to the Bucs.  This happened when La Canfora offered up the primary goal of each NFL team this offseason.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Stop it with the Blake Bortles hype train. Please! We love Bruce Arians, but this team needs a real starting QB with Tom Brady retired.

Now that’s dumpster diving!

This is the first reference of Blake Bortles to the Bucs that Joe has seen. Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians spent the better part of Tuesday hyping Blaine Gabbert. Perhaps it’s because Arians said he’ll go to camp with four quarterbacks.

Joe is guessing La Canfora had a long night at Yard House and confused Bortles with Gabbert. Who doesn’t? You really cannot tell one bad Jags quarterback from another. Like Gabbert, Bortles’ last start was in 2018.

Perhaps La Canfora is just acknowledging Arians was laying it so thick for Gabbert last week that it sure smells like a massive smokescreen — for what or who is anyone’s guess.

But yes, Joe agrees with La Canfora. Please find a real quarterback for Arians. Please.

46 Responses to “Bucs Need A Real Quarterback”

  1. Niles Says:

    Translation: Joe hates Trask and is afraid Trask will excel and make Joe look dumb.

  2. Bucsfaninchina Says:

    Give me the BOAT. Bring legend Blake bortles back to Florida so USF grads can relive the decade of abuse UCF handed out

  3. Marine Buc Says:

    Testing –




    Is this thing on?

  4. Bucs Win Says:

    It’s hard to determine who’s more full of bullspit, La Canfora or Cowturd.

  5. HC Grover Says:

    Buccos are turning in to a dumpster fire.

  6. Marine Buc Says:

    Why break the bank on a high priced QB then not have the money to surround him with talent?

    We have only one WR, we have one mediocre TE and RB and are missing three starting offensive lineman.

    Re-sign our young FAs, draft well and go with Trask/Gabbert at QB. If Trask is not good enough we will know and will be able to add a solid QB next year.

  7. SRQ Bucs Fan Says:

    Niles – Give it a rest…

    Joe(s) doesn’t “hate” Trask. Please provide a quote. Joe(s) are just being Joe(s) reporting on our Bucs. You are free to go to other so called Bucs web sites, even though the Joe(s) have repeatedly said they appreciate the haters too!

  8. Buczilla Says:

    Watson if he’s cleared or Malik Willis to compete with Trask. Rodgers and Wilson are pipe dreams and the other vet qb’s who might be available aren’t good enough.

  9. alvinscissorsharper Says:

    Start Trask. Let’s see what we’ve got or don’t have.

  10. Cobraboy Says:

    Bortles is still a thing?

  11. Buc4evr Says:

    The problem is that after Brady there is no one that will ever compare and every QB that the Bucs would actually be able to sign this season is going to be huge disappointment. Bortles, seriously?. My guess at this point is that we lose key free agents and end up starting Trask. Rebuild mode is very likely at this point.

  12. Cobraboy Says:

    Bucs Win Says:

    It’s hard to determine who’s more full of bullspit, La Canfora or Cowturd.

    This time of year EVERYBODY is a liar.

  13. Bucs Guy Says:

    Marine Buc has it right. Re-sign our O FAs (Godwin, Jensen, Cappa, Stinnie, Gronk). Get younger by drafting replacements for our D FAs (only resign Whitehead and either Suh or Gholston).

  14. Bucs Guy Says:

    Just hope we can keep our O FAs. Everyone seems to want all of them. We can’t afford to lose Godwin, Jensen, Cappa and Gronk. Maybe 1, but not all 4.

  15. Bucs Guy Says:

    This time of the year I’m excited about who the Bucs may add as a FA. This year I’m scared who the Bucs may lose.

  16. Niles Says:

    In 2019 Trask faced Joe Burrow and eventual 2019 National Champion LSU in Death Valley and played very well, scoring a QBR of 94.3 to Burrow’s 98.4.

    In 2020 Trask faced Mac Jones and eventual 2020 National Champion Alabama in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta and played very well, scoring a QBR of 91.7 to Jones’ 92.3.

    Both Burrow and Jones had far better teams supporting them than Trask had.

    To insinuate Trask is not a real quarterback betrays an ignorance of football or, more likely, a deep bias.

  17. Joe in Michigan Says:

    1) Brady out of retirement
    2) Philip Rivers out of retirement
    3) See if Nick Foles has one more magic season in him
    4) Sign Winston
    5) Trask
    6) Gabbert

    1,000) Bortles

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What’s this Bortles BS?……he’s under contract with the Saints….

  19. adam from ny Says:

    look at the way lenny became available a couple years ago…

    last minute ish…

    a qb could have an episode of sorts or a “planned episode” of sorts and practically be on the streets at any given moment…

    it’s a league of not for long…

    so let’s see what happens…

    traskie and the gabbster will not be the starter on a potential superbowl contender…

    it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out

  20. Stanglassman Says:

    Blaine over Blake any day, everyday.

  21. Mike Johnson Says:

    Watsons Attys need to hurry up and pay them Parlor women off. I know they got a price. Watson starts for us game 1.

  22. Joe in Michigan Says:

    No suspension for Watson? In what alternative universe is that happening in?

  23. Joe in Michigan Says:

    *Alternate universe

  24. SKBucsFan Says:

    They drafted one last year. Focus on free agency and building through the draft.

  25. catcard202 Says:

    These “Insert QB Name Here” rumor mill click bait articles are expected…It’s that time of the off-season…But it takes more than a few OldFashion’s at St. Elmo’s to confuse Blaine Gabbert & Blake Bortles!

    Gabbert, Bucs fans could see him being the fallback plan & placeholder until Trask is given a shot… though still not agree with…But Blake frickin’ Bortles??? GTFOH!?!?! If any shred of truth…I’d argue the FO needs to resign Griffin, before going down Bortles Blvd.

  26. BUCman Says:

    I have to agree with Niles on this one

  27. Tye Says:

    I’d take Mariota over Bortles…

  28. Anonymous Says:

    “SKBucsFan Says:
    They drafted one last year.”

    Absolutely. As I posted above, his college numbers were virtually identical to Joe Burrow and Mac Jones, both of whom are NFL starters. Unfortunately too many Bucs fans can’t see through their biases of color and school.

  29. Niles Says:

    “SKBucsFan Says:
    They drafted one last year.”

    Absolutely. As I posted above, his college numbers were virtually identical to Joe Burrow and Mac Jones, both of whom are NFL starters. Unfortunately too many Bucs fans can’t see through their biases of color and school.

  30. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Mariota or Minshew

  31. HC Grover Says:

    Why do we need great players if Buccos offense scheme is so genius?

  32. Stanglassman Says:

    College stats don’t translate into NFL greatness.

    Wow, I can’t believe I even had to write that.

  33. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Niles to Trask is what Ndog is to Jamies.

    While I do agree at some point we need to give Trask a shot (not this year), I wouldn’t get my hopes up expecting Trask to be anything other than average.

  34. Stone crab sam Says:

    We need a qb that can get the ball out in 2.5 seconds with a high completion rate and low interceptions.😬

  35. Stone crab sam Says:

    Oh, and with pocket awareness.

  36. Stone crab sam Says:

    And speed is obviously not mandatory.
    Got any ideas?

  37. Craig Says:

    The Bucs probably already have a quality QB in Trask. He has apparently done a lot of good things for himself this past year, I want to see it.

    I want to have faith in our coaches and their recent draft scores. I want to be able applaud them for picking up a really good QB at the end of the second round.

    Build a team for him and hand over the keys, lets see the potential happen.

  38. Tony Says:

    It’s gonna be FAVRE.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Give Joe Montana a call

  40. Old school Says:

    Jim McMahon is your man

  41. Oneilbuc Says:

    Niles. I agree with you a 💯 % bro . I’m not saying he’s going to be a hall of famer . But to act like he’s going to a bad quarterback and he haven’t even played yet is just stupid. All these people who are automatically counting him out don’t watch college football. Not to mention he was the number one quarterback in college football in every stat that’s why I say give him a chance. He out played every quarterback that was drafted before him and these people still doubting him . How’s Travor Lawrence looking right now or Justin Feilds 🤔? He put up 46 points against a Alabama defense with no turnovers . He also lead in complications wich says he was more accurate than Travor Lawrence and the rest of the quarterbacks who drafted before him in 2021. This fan base would have send Brees and Brady packing because they don’t know nothing about football!!

  42. Oneilbuc Says:

    Completions .

  43. Oneilbuc Says:

    You see the media is starting a negative narrative against Trask . That’s why if you notice no one in the media talk about what he done in college not even Ira Kaufman podcast. This is why I felt the way I did about Jamies because I know how the media works. And now even Jamies looked like a different quarterback!!

  44. steele Says:

    Go back and look at all of the film on Trask. Read the scouting. Look at the preseason film. Most of the analysis bears out.

    Trask is a gritty competitor but average—Bortles-like. Below average arm, for which he compensates with awkward mechanics (that weren’t fixed as of last preseason), awkward footwork. At best, he looks like a watered down Drew Brees. Questionable decision making when pressured. You might get above average results if you surround him with talent, but don’t expect magic from him.

    This training camp and preseason should be an open competition between a couple of guys, in which Trask has a shot to show that he’s dramatically improved. Short of that, he’s a backup or trade bait.

  45. Oneilbuc Says:

    Steel. Go look at his preseason games and see who was he throwing to. I care less about what analysis says they are worng 90 percent of the time. Go look what they said about Montana, Brady, Wilson, Brees, remember Lamar Jackson should have been a receiver. Andy Reid reached for Mahomes Mitchell Trubicky was the next Steve Young . They have been worng most of time and you nitpick any quarterback and see bad throws like Brady against the saints or rams!! I rather go what my eyes tell me not some false narrative by the media. How’s Travor Lawrence looking right now he was the next Elway last year but they’re going to blame his team and plus he’s a rookie so it’s cool. I just hope yall give Trask the same time they giving Travor Lawrence. Say what you want but still lead the NCAA in competitions and he played in the SEC!!

  46. Craig Says:

    But Trask drank Brady’s Kool-Aid for whole season, surely he is god by now.