Who Gets Cut? Maybe No One

February 25th, 2022


If you haven’t yet, you will see a lot of stories floating around the interwebs of potential players who will be sacrificed for the salary cap.

And Jenna Laine of ESPN believes that line of thinking won’t apply to the Bucs. Why? Well, Laine typed that the Bucs have so many free agents, that the question isn’t so much who will be cut? The real question is, who won’t be back.

Potential cut candidates: With so many players set to become free agents, it’s less about who will be cut and more about who they won’t bring back. Pierre-Paul played through a torn rotator cuff all season — might Joe Tryon-Shoyinka be ready to take over as the starter opposite Shaquil Barrett? Even with Gronkowski missing five games, Howard essentially disappeared. And it was very telling that in crucial situations last season, the Bucs didn’t look to Jones, who, one can argue, was eclipsed by Ke’Shawn Vaughn during the postseason when Jones was injured.

Joe could see Jason Pierre-Paul return provided he takes a massive paycut. Remember, he had an awful season for his standards last year and that was because of a torn rotator cuff. JPP had surgery to repair it last week.

Trust Joe, there isn’t much of a market for a 33-year old player coming off perhaps his worst season and needing surgery. So the Bucs could luck out and get JPP back on the cheap, though Joe isn’t holding his breath.

O.J. Howard? He’s gone. You could argue he contributed so little last year that he shouldn’t have even been on the team. He plays a position that mostly requires a good blocker in the offense of Bucco Bruce Arians, a coach who never drafted him. Time to turn the page.

Ronald Jones? Joe thinks he is gone. No one is telling Joe this but it feels like both the Bucs and RoJo are ready to move on. It seems the Bucs ran out of patience working on RoJo’s head and RoJo probably wants to try his luck where he has a chance to get more touches.

26 Responses to “Who Gets Cut? Maybe No One”

  1. Cleanhouse Says:

    The coaches are buffoons- And if Brady was so stubborn that he deemed Scotty Miller and RoJo non essential- than F him too!

  2. RandsABucFan Says:

    It’s a shame we didn’t or couldn’t trade 80 last season. We could’ve maybe got that proverbial ham sandwich for him.

  3. Proud Bucs Fan Says:

    By the end of 2022 season, it will be obvious that succo bruce should be cut.

  4. Bird Says:

    Can always count on cleanhouse to say something stupid

    Dude why are you on here?
    Negative lil nancy girl

    And you said brady was washed/ bust blah blah blah
    And pretty sure …didnt you regularly comment about dreaming of manhandling jamies’s man carriage?

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We may actually get some comp picks for losing some of our FAs….the calculations are complicated but:

    Godwin, Jensen, Fournette, Davis, Cappa, Suh, Whitehead…..even Gronk

    Our best shot for picks are probably with Jensen & Davis

  6. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    D@mn shame about RoJo. When his head and heart were right, he was a pretty good back. True to Bucs lore…RoJo will go somewhere else and shine.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Lot of moving parts this off-season. Curious to see what our GM does. How he handles this off-season I think will tell us how the future will look too

  8. Colin in Canada Says:

    I could see the bucs cutting Pinion and looking for a new Punter / Kick off man. He’s set to make close to 4 mil and wasnt that great. He also put two kicks out of bounds in the playoffs. Hes prob gone.

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    Cleanhouse- I don’t see your point. OJ didn’t produce, has NEVER produced. Rojo became a timid runner, and a head-case. JPP was injured and probably shouldn’t have played as many snaps. Scotty just disappeared after his turf toe.
    How is this on coaching?

  10. Listnfrmafar Says:

    BA had.nothing to do with Miller & Howard but Rojo, I believe BA really screwed this guys head up. Once Lenny stroked Brucy’s ego, game over for Rojo. Howard disappeared long before Brady and Cleanhouse, Miller got over shadowed by Grayson & Perriman and he may not of been healthy enough to utilize his one skill set speed. If Rojo can’t pick up a blitzer in a passing offense or catch the ball he any QB wouldn’t want him on the field. Plus how.can you sit Lenny after how he played? Bucs are.in deep caca, it’s not going to be easy winning this season.

  11. Beeej Says:

    We won 24 games the last 2 regular seasons and half you idjits are talking about BA like he’s Ray Perkins

  12. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Beej, it just shows how stupid (or disingenuous) they are.

  13. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Cleanhouse is still angry his man Jameis is gone.

    Cleanhouse there is genuine things to complain about the coaching staff for doing/not doing. This isn’t one of them. The aforementioned players were given each and every opportunity to step up.

  14. Buchead Says:

    Beeej Is telling Straight Facts 100%

  15. Joe Says:

    BA had.nothing to do with Miller & Howard but Rojo, I believe BA really screwed this guys head up.

    Miller was drafted when Arians was here.

    As for RoJo, it was Koetter who screwed his head up. One of the prioorities of the Bucs when Arians came on board was to try to get RoJo’s head right. There is no argument Arians and Co. saved his career. Jus think RoJo has hit a ceiling with the Bucs.

  16. B.D Says:

    Mom. Ham samwich…….

  17. B.D Says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm…. not mom

  18. Bucs Guy Says:

    You are correct JPP, OJ and Rojo are gone unless they are willing to play for league minimum or very low salary. Doubt it — so they’re gone.

    Minter is going to test FA, Davis III also and unfortunately probably Fournette also.

    McClendon will retire.

    Either Suh or Gholston will be a cap casualty. Same for Jensen or Cappa.

    Hoping Gronk returns for 1 more year as the Bucs need him more than he needs them as the Bucs transition their TEs over the next 1-2 years. Brate will probably be here for 2022 only. I expect the Bucs to re-sign Bernard at RB, Gabbert at QB and Stinnie at G.

  19. Brandon Says:

    Jones was our best offensive weapon in 2020 during the regular season. He will go somewhere else and shine. Thomas Jones barely got an opportunity with us years ago and he was let go so we could pursue Charlie Garner who we gave one more year and $1 mil more per season than Thomas Jones got from Chicago… and then he became the most productive running back in football for the next decade. Ronald Jones is likely to make us regret not giving him more opportunities.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Just sent a comment to JBF about comments disappearing. Guess what, that comment disappeared into Never Never Land also. If JBF doesn’t want any more comments, just tell me.

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    DR, here little trick I’ve learned, hit SUBMIT COMMENT bar.

    Been, BA didn’t win squat, Brady did. He couldn’t even make the playoffs with a Probowl QB who threw for 5000 yds. Let’s see what this season brings, if he doesn’t run and retire after 3 games.

  22. JB Says:

    So many naysayers on here. Lest y’all forget how badly we sucked completely since 2008. There have been some Yangry moments and Koetter’s first year, etc. but honestly overall since the first Super Bowl and a few isolated seasons here and there, this time has been painful and frustrating to watch and hasn’t done diddley-poo for 20 years until BA, Licht, and staff put together a heck of a team and we still have a good team. The Bucs are relevant again, yet no one is happy. That leads me to believe people just like to troll and spew stuff behind the anonymity of a computer screen. The Bucs are a good team and will lose and gain some folks, but they have a good coaching staff and will still be good. Enough of the armchair coaching dummies. Brady retired and we have a ton of free agents, are the Bucs up to the challenge? Have faith Perros. No NFL team stays together forever, yet the Pats kept winning as do Packers and Steelers and Chiefs. If we can find a decent QB there is plenty to work with. Calm down. For the Jameis defenders, no! Talented and accurate arm, poor decision maker. He lost us a ton of games. Throwing pick 6’s with regularity is not on BA.

  23. ChiBuc Says:

    Beej, you are correct. Not Ray Perkins; BA’s record without Brady is more like Koetter’s

  24. ChiBuc Says:

    We shall see if your loyalty to BA is deserved after 22 season…and no Brady, cap, fa excuses. He, to all of the devotees logic, still has a SB team and just needs to go all in on a qb. He has the brilliant BL and the treasure of defensive scheming Todd. He has a staff large enough to carry him around on a litter. A coffee fetching 2nd round qb, and the ever present check collector, Christensen. He should be golden…I truly hope he earns your praise this season.

  25. catcard202 Says:

    I agree with Joe to a point…But would list Pinion/Succup/Brate as cut candidates.

    With current needs list a mile long, lack of 2022 cap room readily available & cheaper rostered ST options in the cupboard…It makes sense to make those cuts to utilize the $12M+ 2022 cap space those cuts would immediately open up, to use on higher priorities…(including cheap TE options in FA or Day3 of the draft).

  26. Mike pizzoli Says:

    The BUCS have less than 3 million in cap space mostly everyone isn’t coming back, unless a bunch of players agree to restructures and even more money gets pushed down the road. Brady has a 24 million cap hit for 2022 and 2023 and he won’t play a down for the BUCS again, not that he wasn’t worth it and it was definitely the right thing to do to try and repeat but the BUCS are working with some limitations