Tom Brady, The Bucs And The 49ers

February 20th, 2022


Boy, Joe cannot remember smelling so much smoke without any sort of fire.

As Joe pointed out yesterday once again, in recent weeks top-shelf, well-plugged-in reporters with strong credibility have suggested the reason Tom Brady retired is partly because he grew apart from how things are run at One Buc Palace.

You can fill in your own theory of what that may have been.

The claims from these reports are are a mix of it was a too-relaxed atmosphere at One Buc Palace to frustration with how furniture-winging, bicycle-tossing, tantrum-throwing Antonio Brown was handled. And then throw in that Brady’s business partner and friend Dana White of UFC fame was trying to get Brady to force the Bucs to trade him to the Raiders.

Now why did White think Brady wanted to play another season or two?

And last week a former NFL’er and a college roommate of a Bucs assistant coach claimed Byron Leftwich and Brady were so “undermined” by Arians the rift moved Brady to retire.

(So Leftwich was so “undermined” by Arians the Bucs offensive coordinator decided to return to work for Arians, eh?)

Sometimes an article about the Bucs scoots past Joe. This is one of those times. Early last week, another top-shelf national NFL reporter, Mike Sando of The Athletic, pumped out a column where he too notes that from inside Brady’s camp comes word that Brady was frustrated by the Bucs’ coaching staff.

So by Joe’s last count, we have five A+ reporters, a San Diego radio guy who is a former college roommate of a Bucs offensive assistant, and a business partner of Brady’s claiming something was up — or in the case of White — sure gave the inference that Brady was done with the Bucs.

(No, this Joe is not giving Colin Cowherd credit for saying the same thing. Joe’s willing to lay money Cowherd just blurted that out to keep ears listening and he just happened to step on a land mine while blindfolded).

Sando also heard chatter floating through NFL backchannels there was something going on between Brady and the Bucs organization.

Brady situation: This is the most interesting QB situation, from my perspective. A month ago, when word was circulating through league channels that Brady was considering retirement, some close to the situation indicated the quarterback had grown frustrated with some of the Buccaneers’ coaching. Brady retired, then suggested he would keep open the door for a possible return, in a “never say never” framing. …

Brady might not have been willing to force a trade from the Buccaneers to the 49ers, which could have gotten messy and affected his legacy in a negative way, while straining relationships in Tampa that he surely values very much.

By retiring, Brady has gracefully told the Buccaneers he will not play for them again. Tampa Bay has less reason to play hardball with Brady when there’s no chance he will play for them. By leaving open the door to play again, Brady is in position to accept a trade if one can be worked out. He never has to be the bad guy. He doesn’t really have to do anything.

Sando believes all of this is part of a scheme by Brady to land on the 49ers’ roster.

If all this smoke is nothing more than a warm late-winter, early-morning thick fog rolling in from the Gulf, can’t we at least get a statement from Brady on one of his many social media outlets that this is — in the word of Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians — just “bullsh!t?”

Joe really, really, really doesn’t want to believe Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time, soured on the Bucs and quit.

So if this is really nonsense, someone ought to forward this post to Brady to let him know his silence on the subject is really letting Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, Arians and Leftwich twist in the wind.

That is, unless this really is true.

101 Responses to “Tom Brady, The Bucs And The 49ers”

  1. Swampbuc Says:

    Jason has his rights in the palm of his hand. Let it play out. His “unretirement” is only goodfor the Bucs.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Do we have one single source……..that will step up and say that he spoke directly with Brady and Brady convened negative comments on the Bucs….

    Nope….not one….

    Purely media-driven speculation that fills airtime and pages……controversy sells.

    Don’t be fooled!!!

  3. PA Buc Fan Says:

    I think this is spot on. Brady doesn’t want to tarnish his image so has gotten the word out to the right people with what he wants. He hasn’t been silent at all since leaving NE and now all the sudden is with all these stories flying around. He is a strategic man at the top of his game and has been quoted several times he won’t quit til he can’t play at an elite level. Arians screwed this all up for us and Brady will get what he wants wherever it is he wants to go, seemingly SF.

  4. Buczilla Says:

    Old ninny’s falling over one another to get a scoop, or maybe a rival team feeding them bs? I just can’t picture Brady being a pouty kid for not getting his way and backstabbing his teammates.

  5. Robertg Says:

    PA buccaneers fan , you forgot one thing. Buccaneers hold TB rights. Tom can’t do whatever he wants. Only thing he could have done was retire, which he did. Stop reading into what the media says. Until Tom himself says it then it’s crap.

  6. Allbuccedup Says:

    If he comes back trade him to SF for Garoppolo 2023 3rd rounder and the niners absorb half his cap hit.

  7. Mike Johnson Says:

    Brady ain’t comin back. if he does, He’s a bigger fool than one could ever imagine. I wish the sports writers would cut it out. But they gotta write about somethin I suppose.

  8. adam from ny Says:

    lavonte, the longest tenured veteran and kind of a team leader, let the cat out the bag when he described locker room “turmoil” as an issue…

    then everyone said: “wtf”

    and joe, trust me, bucs players aren’t that busy…they have ample time to at least skim over every story you write, and most certainly ones that are about them…

    i mean heck, i’m a busy guy, but between watching sports and porn, i drop in on to get the latest from the greatest 🙂

    these past 2 years with brady have been ridonkulous and any bucs fan not staying abreast of every last shenanny is missin’ the pissin’

  9. adam from ny Says:

    you trade him for garoppolo and kittle because we need a tight end and you know he’s taking gronk along for the ride…

    they will buckle and give you kittle in the deal, because garappolo is hot garbage to them at this point…

    also brady does hold all the power cards because the bucs want him to leave amicably – heck he won us a super bowl and kinda turned us into america’s team, if only for a minute – and they want him to be able to return, waving and smiling during superbowl memory celebrations, and when his name is slapped up in the stadium where gruden’s once sat…

    the glazers will want him to leave on good terms – trust that – for the franchise’s sake

  10. Hodad Says:

    Let’s step into reality for a moment. Tom is retired. He’s not coming back. If he does get the itch, he can scratch it after this season. He’s at the very least going to sit back this year, and watch where the dust falls with QB’s around the NFL. So what we’re really left with is signing back Blaine Gabbert to start, and hope he does well, but Trask also comes on, and does better. Be interesting to see this offense with a more mobile QB like Gabby. Guy might surprise us all, Arains hinted he could while praising him. Joe would rather write fiction than what’s really likely to come to be.

  11. adam from ny Says:

    if he’s eyeing the 9ers, he’s all good with deebo, ayuk, gronk and they also have a 3rd receiver who has jumped up his game big time as the season wore on…so he has a good group – and he’ll add one more like obj…

    and he’s got uezchek (however you spell it to watch his back as well)…

    and if brady goes there, don’t be stupid – lenny will be a 9er too

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If you’re going to San Francisco
    Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
    If you’re going to San Francisco
    You’re gonna meet some gentle people there

    For those who come to San Francisco
    Summertime will be a love-in there
    In the streets of San Francisco
    Gentle people with flowers in their hair

  13. Hodad Says:

    Joe, don’t you have contacts with Gabbert’s camp? As a reporter, why not reach out, and see where Gabbert sees himself signing next year.? Like try to get actual news instead of writing stories about someone said, someone said, Brady is in a love triangle with the 49ers. First, Super Bowl champion Gabbert hit free agency last year, sat on the market for nearly two months and the Bucs signed him to a near-minimum, one-year contract. Joe doesn’t need a scoop on Gabbert because his situation is clear. Expect him back with the Bucs because that’s his best option and Bruce Arians loves him. Understand that a lot of the information Joe gets comes with a price, aka a request to not share it.–Joe
    Maybe you can get a real scoop. How about a story on Trask? Can you reach out to him, and see what he’s up to? You know Trask is the only QB on the roster right? Maybe fans want to hear how he’s preparing for the season. Otherwise, maybe try your hand at romance novels cause you sure ain’t reporting any real news from the Bucs.

    Also understand that Joe isn’t one of the standard reporters who believes what Joe is told by those in charge. So Joe always has to weigh the company line or a player’s line with what may or may not be reality. In summary, Joe isn’t very interested in scoops 95 percent of the time. That’s not what drives this site. As for Trask, Joe has hard info on Trask via Ira Kaufman and his tremendous sources but cannot share it. That’s just how the business goes. –Joe

  14. HC Grover Says:

    Kelley Slater just won the Pipeline Surfing Championship…Age 50.

  15. SufferingSince76 Says:

    So are you guys saying Tom Brady is a quitter? I don’t like how things are run so I’m taking my ball and going home? After a SB and NFC South title? And why thank the Bucs on the way out if you’re pissed? It doesn’t add up. What does add up is all these jerks on here who want so bad for it to be true, they are making bigger fools of themselves than they normally do.

  16. HC Grover Says:

    Mickleson won the PGA Major Golf Championship last year..Age 50.

  17. Myrtle Beach Buc Says:

    Joe why are you always down on Colin? If I remember correctly & I do, he is the one who broke the news that Brady was coming to Tampa! You should move on from dogging him as it only makes you look petty….

  18. Positive thinker Says:

    Brady could put a end to all these rumors, but he hasn’t ..
    Got to make you think why hasn’t he?

  19. Buddy Says:

    Bufoon Bruce A is exactly who we thought he was. Before last year what had he won as a HC? 56-39 record before last year, when Brady bailed him & Licht out. He’s a old grandpa who tries to be cool by wearing a gimmick Kangol hat. Looking foolish every time he does. He’s the Bald head guy dressed up at a bar with a derby hat on backwards trying cover up his baldness. Oh wait he does exactly that!!! Its known that TEAM GLAZER have done a horrible job after MG passed and there has been a power struggle within the building amongst the 3 sons. 1 Buc & 2Buc have always been at odds with each other once they took over. It’s a complete sh$tshow winning the past 18 months only covered the total disaster that sill exists there.

  20. OrlandoBucFan Says:

    I think Arian’s decision to kick Antonio Brown off the team at a time when we were without Chris Godwin was the straw that broke the camel’s back. All Brady wants to do is win and he could care less about the character of the players around them as long as they produce. Arians, on the other hand, let his ego get in the way, and that undermined Brady’s uncompromising commitment to winning.

  21. VA Tom Says:

    I’d think he may be interested in a trade to Miami. Close to his new home. Closest in the US to Brazil by air. Place to park that yacht he bought. Airports can handle corporate jets that fly transcontinental to LA area easily. I’m guessing he wants to be in Miami if they commit to a few trades to give the team a fighting chance. AFC too.

  22. Wayne Perez Says:

    This tabloid bs is getting old

  23. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Has any NFL QB ever won a SB with 3 different teams? Maybe that is a secret goal he may have and it was never a secret that Brady would love to lead his childhood favorite team. That is how the GOAT would possibly like to go out but then there is also his family to consider. Jack lives in East and would Tom want to uproot them after 2 years to relocate to California? It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Positive thinker Says:
    February 20th, 2022 at 9:01 am
    Brady could put a end to all these rumors, but he hasn’t ..
    Got to make you think why hasn’t he?

    The free publicity benefits Brady & his brand…..he loves it….why end it…..

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Where have u been ? Brady doesn’t address drama. Butthurt BA is your man for that. Hell he’s not even in the country . Probably kicked back on a beach in Costa Rica laughing his azz off at all this.

  26. Wild Bill Says:

    Sanfrancisco is a very interesting place to visit. At least it still was the last time I was there. But I sure as he’ll would not want to live there! Tom is building his future on the warm sunny coast of Florida near Miami. Why not the Dolphins? My just for fun speculation. Live in his new mansion. Short drive to work. Lots of high fashion and glamour his wife prefers. Great location for his yacht. Celebrity golfing for Tom year round. Glam night life. This would be a perfect setup. Maybe even a slice of team ownership. Or as a qb/coach/minority investor? Miami as an up and coming team would get a huge benefit from his experience and knowledge. Win/win eh?

  27. Rayjay1122 Says:

    If the reports are true about Arians and his actions causing Brady to sour on the Bucs are true, then I do not blame Brady for his stepping away. I would not want to work for a guy like BA either, if in fact the reports are accurate. I reserve my judgement but if it comes out to be true.

  28. ChiBuc Says:

    Joe, you are killing me with that Trask comment. Usually, info that cannot be shared is not good. Otherwise, why wouldn’t the org cone out and say ‘no worries folks, we have our future set and ready to go in Trask.’

    Look, I’m no BA fan,, but for those of you who think Brady is beyond reproach re: leaving team high and dry (not saying the reasons outlined here aren’t valid), you are fooling yourself. This is a man who aligns himself with psychopath AB, mastered inflate gate, never has really revealed anything in a press conference, continues to allow all of this speculation to swirl, and absolutely lied when he said he’d play to at least 45 or is lying now, and really has no cosideration for team mates like ME13 or other FA on the team. He is the picture of prima donna… we love him when he orchestrates a beautiful aria, but he will step on your neck to pick the sweetest fruit for himself.

  29. Bob in valrico Says:

    I agree that Brady should come forward and clear the air. Its the classy way to handle it, anything else not so much. Brady can’t blame BA
    for the AB meltdown.The only reason AB was here is because Brady pushed for it. No question Brady’s game includes the the outlets to a good third receiver and back . So
    AB stuck it to the whole team with his jumping jack flash impression, but no one
    more than Brady who relied on him heavily especially with Godwin out.

  30. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree, Brady could end all this speculation, but notice he doesn’t.
    That is because all this free publicity is good for him, and his brand.

  31. Joseph Mamma Says:

    SufferingSince76 Says:
    February 20th, 2022 at 8:53 am
    So are you guys saying Tom Brady is a quitter? I don’t like how things are run so I’m taking my ball and going home? After a SB and NFC South title? And why thank the Bucs on the way out if you’re pissed? It doesn’t add up. What does add up is all these jerks on here who want so bad for it to be true, they are making bigger fools of themselves than they normally do.

    Someone can’t thank an organization for the work/accomplishments they did together but leave cause they are dissatisfied with the work relationship?

  32. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Focusing on BA vs TB12 is nothing more than a side show.

    People who understand business understand this.

    BA and TB12 are irrelevant. The only individuals with power in this relationship are the Billionaire owners.

    Team Glazer, who own the rights to the asset known as Tom Brady, are greater than Tom Brady. Because of this fact, TB12 is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer until Team Glazer determines otherwise.

    Team Glazer views the rights of Tom Brady as a commodity/asset.

    This is business. You don’t get to be a billionaire by caring about feelings.

    In business, billionaires don’t care what you, I, Ronaldo or even Tom Brady think. They care about the business of making money for their business.

    All Billionaires care about in business is the value of their assets in their portfolio and how those assets can make them money. They will only let go of an asset if it is negatively effecting their portfolio with no hope of ever becoming positive to their portfolio, or if they can get something greater in return.

    Until one of those two things happens, TB12’s rights are owned by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Team Glazer.

    Team Glazer is much better at business than Tom Brady. Team Glazer earned their billions as landlords in real estate. There were times that they evicted families with small children because of business. Nothing personal, just business. If the billionaire businessmen are able to make homeless families with small children based upon a contractual agreement, I’m 100% positive that TB12 stands no chance against Team Glazer. TB12 is owned by Team Glazer, period. Team Glazer has the money and Congressional political connections to end TB12’s non FDA approved business venture at anytime they choose. TB12 knows this.

    The BA vs TB12 stuff is nothing more than a sideshow when you realize that Billionaire Owners Team Glazer has all the leverage because TB12 agreed to it by signing and agreeing to play for two more years for the Tampa Bay Bucs in a renegotiated contract.

  33. Ecjwood Says:

    Allbucced up ……….Seriously ??!! Jimmy G and two firsts and a starter ………or Jimmy G to Seattle along with a d line starter, a first and the Bucs kick in a first and 3 rd and Wilson to the Bucs …… Brady to San Fran
    Peeps You have to remember Brady’s Cap Hit is like a big time Double Value

  34. BeeBucs Says:

    Who cares. He got what he wanted when he came here, and we got what we wanted. He only wants to play until he is 45 and he will be 45 in August. Time to move on. Thank you, Thomas Edward Brady.

  35. Sharkiebucfan Says:

    Joe, it all about them clicks baby.

    Now let’s see some speculative articles about resigning Jameis Winston!

  36. Bucs&Bolts Says:

    Fake news

  37. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Joseph Mamma, I suppose that could happen, but it is unlikely. That was the least of my points.

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    I think Brady’s just retired.

  39. Infomeplease Says:

    Why would the Bucs let TB12 go to San Fran? If he plays again it should be in Tampa!!! Not a team you have to play against to get back to the Super Bowl!! This team needs a couple of re-signs and a couple of quality additions and a qb named Tom Brady and it’s back to the Super Bowl!!

  40. Mtbucsfan Says:

    Trade his rights for a 1st rounder. The niners have to feel with him next year they are the top dog. So they can give that up. Then use that for the QB with all those muscle cramps.

  41. Steven M. Says:

    Joe Montana said recently, that Brady loves the game and is playing at an elite level, he would be crazy retire.
    Rich Eisen the sportscaster said Brady can’t play with quarterback and safety.
    After the Rams playoff game, BA said that an all out blitz was called and
    2 players stood there and did nothing. Also the defense did single
    coverage on Cooper Kupp the best receiver in the NFL on one of the
    most critical plays of the game. In a critical game.
    Obviously it takes a great offense AND defense to win
    Brady sees this too.

  42. Swampbuc Says:

    Licht has Brady’s rights and under contract. If Brady wants to be a Niner, fine. Kittle or Samuel, Jimmy G and a first rounder. Otherwise Tom can enjoy his retirement.

  43. Tony Says:

    I’d rather have 100 year old Brady over Garoppolo. Let’s send Tom & a pick or two to KC for Mahomes.😁

  44. Tony Says:

    Thanks Arians. Looks like you’ve pushed him away after just two years. Good thing is if somebody else comes in they’ll probably stay because I doubt Arians will be coaching much longer. Supposedly Payton might come & replace him after next year if Arians decides to go next year.

  45. Tony Says:

    Where was Chris Conte when we needed him to help Winfield with Cooper Kupp?😀 The one time he could’ve been stiff armed onto the field to help out.

  46. EA Says:

    Another nugget to chew on is the fact that Brady left out Patriots in his “retirement statement” only thanked the bucs organizations, why ? Well because he is not done playing football but sure sounds like he’s done with our bucs.

  47. WalkdaPlank Says:

    The amount of people around these parts that believes these stories, coming from mostly non-credible or non-named sources, has me really saddened that some of y’all are allowed to vote.

    The guy who *made up* the Brady/Arians story has already proven to have *made up* the Patrick Mahomes story. He also has a bone to pick with Arians after not being included on Arian’s Arizona roster. You connect the dots there.

    Since Brady himself hasn’t said NOT A THING negative about BA or the Bucs, you weirdos are talking about his body language somehow being negative. How in the F do you figure that? The guy was all smiles, completely laid back, publicly getting smashed and tossing the Lombardi around, even was running the ball A LOT and smirking against his former team. Brady had a blast in South Florida for two years like he was on vacation and you don’t have a shred of evidence that proves otherwise.

    The amount of people that still think BA “mishandled” the AB situation is laughable. The guy quits on the team MID GAME, is a proven narcissist and borderline psycho, provides a weak story that isn’t backed by video evidence on the field, and you idiots eat it up.

    I guess the years of South Florida humidity and watching the Lost Decade have rot y’all’s brains

  48. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Honestly, I hope he keeps playing, and if it’s not for the Bucs, so be it. We would have won back-to-back with TB is it wasn’t for Bowles.

  49. adam from ny Says:

    conte is the only man in nfl history to get stiff armed out of the league on a single play, on a monday night game, in front of the nation…

    then mccoy picked up big ben off the floor, twice, asking if he’s alright on mic’ed up…or something to that effect…

    one of the worst nights on monday night football in our team history…

    we definitely were the softest team in the nfl back then

  50. cmurda Says:

    Nothing to see here until it comes from Brady. Virtually every story contradicts itself within the same story. Still not buying it. Arians himself thought enough of the BS to shoot down the rumors. So Brady grew frustrated with the coaching staff but said coaching staff is clueless about it? Unlikely. The truth is all these stories really just piggybacked off of Florio. At one time Florio was legit. Now, he just does what he wants. Want an example? Since we are talking about this. Florio made the same claim about Brady souring but then went on to say in the same article how much Brady likes the coaching staff and respects them. What? Then in a later article he claimed Brady wants to go to the 9ers as has been speculated. Then, in the article he states that he wants it to happen. Ah, so we want it to happen Mikey or is it reality? Don’t blame Florio completely. It’s just the way it is now. The “news” doesn’t actually present you the facts, they tell you how you should feel about it.

  51. cmurda Says:

    100% adam. We likely will never see a guy get injured let alone down and out from a stiff arm. Ridiculous.

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    As for Trask, Joe has hard info on Trask via Ira Kaufman and his tremendous sources but cannot share it. That’s just how the business goes. –Joe

    Can we be sure that Joe isn’t influenced by this when he writes about Trask?

    I doubt it……that’s OK…..and, yes….I think we can assume until it’s proven differently that it’s negative information.

    It’s probably …..Trask is not ready….or Trask is not capable of being a starter.

  53. Brady fan Says:

    Brady is ticked off and rightfully so. AB is an idiot but a great player and we could have used him. Arians torpedoed any chance of retaining him. Then there was a report Brady really wanted Bucs to sign OBJ and since the cost was only about 1.3 million, it made a lot of sense but Brady was told no. We could have used him too. Finally, the Rams game. I am not alone to say this but had we beat the Rams, we would have won another SB the way Jimmy G. soiled himself and Bengals were not a match for us. But we called all out blitz and the rest is history. My only gripe is that Brady has been in so many big games over the years – why not take back seat and let him manage the game in exchange for a chance to win another trophy. But I guess it was too much for our coaches and they couldn’t get out of their way and not screw it up.

  54. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    The longer the Brady camp let’s these stories linger in my opinion there is some truth to these statements. As calculated, team friendly, respected by his peers, etc. The Brady Camp or Brady himself would slowly leak calculated details on this is all BS or not. Because this affects his image and his future desires. I don’t feel like he finished the way he wants. Retiring could all be family related or he just doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do. Clearly something was going down behind closed doors and hopefully we will find out something soon from his side or veteran players in the locker room

  55. BucsCoolade Says:

    Yup.. I said it the day before 49ers lost to the rams..

    Now it’s big news.

    Oh well .. well see if bucs cancel brady in return for cancelling them.. juicy drama..

  56. Listnfrmafar Says:

    This is 100% true. Why the abrupt retirement 1 week after the season, how many frustrated looks or shrug offs did Brady give the coaching staff when the play call was bad or disgust when a bad TO was called. He can’t teach the set in their ways stupid. Brady hasn’t confirmed or denied because it’s true and he doesn’t want to hurt the team. Owning his rights means nothing, Bucs would look like total aholes if they didn’t release him to finish his last season elsewhere. Christ he brought Bucs a SB in one season. Who was the dipshat that said Kittle and Jimmy G trade? C’mon what are you really going to get.for a 45 yr.old QB looking to play one maybe two seasons at best?

    It’s BS because BA rebutted it, really like he hasn’t fabricated stories before. Where is BL’s statement?

    Did anyone ask themselves this? WHY would Brady sign on for the 3rd year if he didn’t plan on playing? Something happened to sour him on the Bucs and BA makes the most sense. The Brady drive and newness wore off with some teammates and coaching staff and Brady still wanted to go full bore. It ain’t easy keeping your foot on the pedal all the time. They lost the drive and he lost interest in them, nothing disgruntled about it on both sides, different work ethics that’s all. Neither of the two deny their work philosophy.

  57. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    I find it very hard to believe that when Brady agreed to redo his contract last spring/summer that he didn’t have at least a “handshake” agreement that he could go wherever he wants for the 2022 season.

    I’m sure the Bucs would get a draft pick from San Fran (if that scenario plays out) but I doubt it if the 49ers are sending Kittle or anything comparable to Tampa.

  58. Cobraboy Says:

    Brady can throw a temper tantrum by proxy all he wants.

    He is under contract with the Bucs. If he chooses the “unretire”, the Bucs still own the contract for one more playing year.

    If Brady wants to go somewhere else, it will cost the trade partner dearly.

    What’s Brady going to do? Unretire and act like a sniveling b!T<h for a year?

  59. IE Buc Says:

    I myself grew frustrated and disillusioned with the Arians regime and what they showed during the playoffs.

    I was sad when I thought Leftwich was going to the Jaguars. I wanted him to be our next HC and not Bowles. With him back in the fold, not only is that a possibility for the future, but I think he should have been made HC for next year. The team needs new energy. It’s time for Arians to step aside. Had he been forced to retire, maybe Brady would still be with us.

  60. cmurda Says:

    So, does everybody honestly think Brady would have to do this as a fake retirement somewhat looking a little rough on his part instead of us honoring a trade or a release if he wanted to go to another team. Dude wins us a SB followed by the most wins in regular season Bucs history and the organization wouldn’t be on board with a more honorable departure for the GOAT. I am confident that the organization and Brady would have handled this classier if the stories are true and he wanted to continue playing elsewhere. Still not buying it as of right now.

  61. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Team Glazer is about business.

    Business doesn’t care about feelings or if they look like “aholes” as you stated.

    It’s not personal. It’s just business.

    Tom Brady playing for another franchise hurts Team Glazers bottom line and hurts Team Glazer’s business.

    Business doesn’t care what success you brought them in the past. That’s the past.

    All business cares about is if you can make them money in the present and in the future.

    TB12’s Super Bowl victory for the Bucs is in the past. It’s irrelevant as far as business is concerned. Billionaires don’t get to be Billionaires by caring about what they look like in the court of public opinion. Billionaires get to be Billionaires by protecting their businesses bottom line at all times.

    Brady will have no significance to the NFL in 2 years time. Team Glazer will be 1 of 32 Billionaire Owners of a multi trillion dollar industry for much longer than 2 years time.

    Team Glazer got a Super Bowl from TB12 and they still have contractual control for TB12 for 2 more years. Team Glazer holds all the cards. By retiring, TB12 has given up all leverage in the business relationship with Team Glazer. Retirement weakened TB12’s business hand. TB12’s business acumen when compared to Team Glazer’s businesses acumen is like comparing a toddler to an experienced professional.

    Ask Ronaldo, who is a far more famous and powerful athlete than TB12 in the world of sports, how much Team Glazer cares about anything else but the bottom line.

  62. Listnfrmafar Says:

    No Cobra you’re the sniveling biache. The man restructured so Bucs could sign FA’s and changed the losing culture, filled Bucs women’s lacrosse stadium, not to mention all the memorabilia and tourist revenue he brought to the city. Now aholes like you want to handcuff him to a losing all talk no action coach and his misfit toy soldiers who doesn’t have the stamina to do what it takes to win. If Brady wanted to I believe he could easily create a PR nightmare for the Bucs and NO decent player would ever want to come to Tampa. Look what happened to the Pat’s once Brady left, Stafford said he’d go anywhere except NE.

  63. Jerry Says:

    That is a pretty obnoxious way to demand a trade. He signs a contract extension less than a year ago. Gets triggered because the head coach has a red pen, and suddenly wants out. So he devises a fake retirement scheme hoping to force the Bucs to release him in June so he can go play for the 49ers.

    That’s quite the plan.

  64. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    You are factually incorrect.

    Hunter Henry and Matthew Judson, two premier free agent players, signed with New England after Tom Brady left.

    Matthew Stafford was not a free agent in 2020. Matthew Stafford was under contract with the Lions and he did not have a no trade clause.

    Also, Hightower, Cannon and Chung, all premier players for the Patriots, opted out of the 2020 season and decided not to play with TB12 for the 2020 season.

    Chung, Hightower and Canon all returned to play for the Patriots this year after TB12 left.

    Stop making things up about TB12, the Patriots, etc. Leave that up to discredited reporters who report factually incorrect information about Mahomes, and now Brady.

  65. lambchop Says:

    If Brady wants to be coy and passive aggressive, then let the Bucs play coy and keep him on the retired/reserve list. LOL.

    Although, we got a SB out of him. Maybe it’s just better to trade him if he wants to play, but he has to come out and say it, “Trade me, I want to play for another team and want out of Tampa.”

  66. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belle, Kraft paid through the nose for his B rated free agents to the tone of $163MM, far more than market value. Judon, Algolhar, Henry, the TE from Baltimore, he was so bad I can’t remember his name, Juno Smith. Not sure where your going with the holdouts, every team had them. Pat’s had 8 and BB made a big deal about that being the highest # in the league but only 2 maybe 3 starters, Cannon was on the bubble. Hightower was really the only big loss, Chung was average at best. Chung and Cannon never came back both retired. I suggest you get your facts straight.

  67. Listnfrmafar Says:

    It is a fact Stafford did not wanted to be traded to the Patriots. Go look it up. Never said.he was a FA.

  68. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    Again, is it not very likely that before Brady signed the extension/restructuring last year he got assurance from the team that he could go wherever he wants in 2022 if he decided not to stay with Tampa?

  69. TJ Says:

    It’s no big deal in the sense that Brady was done dating the Bucs. Had a good time and wants to date his high school sweetheart, the 49ers. The Bucs don’t have have a chance. If Brady wants SF, he is going to get them. The Tampa front office should be appreciate to him for our SB ring and let him go no questions asked without a trade if he decides to get back on the field in a couple months. He earned that right with his professionalism.

  70. Listnfrmafar Says:

    It appears BA pulled a bait & switch on Brady, Tom, come to Tampa run the offense the way you want. Two years later Mr. Sharpie comes out and changes the deal. There was NO way Brady was going to Tampa with out say in the offense. If you believe otherwise you don’t k ow his story.

  71. Brady’s fan Says:

    Cobraboy, you are incorrect about Brady’s inability to leave the Bucs. Do you recall how Gronk came out of retirement with Patriots? When Bucs are against the salary cap, they will have to release or trade Brady. When Gronk told Patriots that he was coming back with his $10 million salary, they had to get rid of him. Brady will do exactly the same thing and there will be nothing Bucs can do to stop him. Besides, since Brady came aboard, Bucs’ value increased by over 30% so Glaziers would look really bad if they gave him a hard time for increasing their team’s value by so much.

  72. Oneilbuc Says:

    Forget Brady yall need to move bucs fan !! I new this was going to happen the moment they brought Brady on the team . Yes we won a superbowl but it was a covid year were a lot of players opted out the season. But we still won it and at the same time the bucs as a team don’t get credit for it by the media and a lot of bucs fans. Now yall scared 😱 lol 😆 🤣 I told yall Brady was not a good move to me because look how yall beginning him to come back 🤣??

  73. Brady’s fan Says:

    Cobraboy, I forgot to add that the trade will not cost anybody much because Bucs will have to get rid of Brady for next to nothing in order to get under the salary cap and if every team says no thanks, the Bucs will have to release him especially if they sign a marquee quarterback which will put them well over the cap anyway.

  74. bucsfanfromNE Says:

    So doesn’t have a first round pick for a couple years,,didn’t they trade me to move up and take Lance

  75. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Typically speaking, all teams overpay for free agents.

    I’m not a Pats fan, but I remember Hightower, Chung and Cannon all opting out. All 3 of them were starters and it’s a huge deal when you lose starters on your team. That’s something the Bucs will have to deal with this season in greater numbers than that I suspect. I stand corrected on them returning.

    If Chris Godwin leaves the Bucs he will be receiving WR1 money in FA. The problem is, Godwin is not a proven WR1. Per PFF Godwin is horrible on the outside as well as against man coverage.

    Chris Godwin will have no ME13 to help take coverage away from him. In the past two seasons, Lattimore blanketed ME13 and the Saints were not worried about Chris Godwin beating them. But make no mistake, some team is willing to pay Godwin WR1 money in FA, regardless of these facts. Just like the Bucs did with Alvin Harper.

    Henry and Judeon signing with the Pats proves that high valued FA will sign with the Pats, disproving your narrative about no FA wanting to sign with NE.

    As far as Stafford is concerned, what he wanted was irrelevant because he didn’t have a no trade clause. If the Lions traded him to the Pats, then he would have played for the Pats or nobody at all.

  76. Bqen green Says:

    One of the key reasons Brady didn’t end up in Frisco, was an inability to see eye to eye with Kyle Shanahan. Ben is told they were going over offensive approach. KS became somewhat miffed when Brady kept bringing up the Atlanta superbowl, as examples of what not to do. Ultimately they mutually agreed not to proceed. Ben can think of ony one thing that has changed. If Brady does go to SF, it’s almost assuredly for one year. Maybe they could both hold their noses, and make it work with the knowledge that it’s very short term.

    The analysis is spot on from Joe.

  77. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Excuse me….but I believe Brady signed the extension so the Bucs could move his money and save cap space in 21…..mission accomplished.

    And, we had to give up a 4th round pick for the rights to Gronk….what do you think Brady is worth… least a 3rd… more than a comp pick.

    But, I’ll take it…..

    As far as BA & the red pen…..those who had previous disdain for BA likely believe that sourceless dribble…..most of us would like proof.

  78. Brady’s fan Says:

    @BelleGladeBuc, you are not entirely correct about Glazers’ leverage. They indeed have it as long as they are under the salary cap. Once they go over or are unable to fit Brady’s salary under the cap, they will have to trade or release him. Let’s say, Bucs get a marquee qb to replace TB12 and max their cap space. Brady then announces he wants to come back and the Bucs are unable to fit his salary under their cap. They will have to trade him for next to nothing the same way Patriots had to trade Gronk. Also, do not forget that Bucs’ value rose by over 30% after Brady signed and won a SB, so I am pretty sure Glazers appreciate what he did for them. As far as Brady’s relevance in NFL, he will be a minority share owner some day so he will be around for a while.

  79. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Belle, Cannon rarely played and questionable at best he would start. There is a difference between over paying and ridiculous contracts for TE’s that aren’t top 10 in the league. Look them up, I want to say Henry got like $15M. The rest followed suit. To think Pat’s lack of success in 2020 was due to the three opt outs is ridiculous. It was the offense that failed specifically Cam Newton and the lack of WR & TE’s. The same problems Brady had to deal with once Gronk retired. So after spending $163M on all this FA TALENT, they go 9-8 lose 4 out of their last 5 games and get humiliated in the PO’s. Plus what I’m hearing this season maybe be worse.

  80. Brady fan Says:

    Bucs have 19.4 million space for 2022 with many players to be re-signed. Brady counts for 10.4 million so only 9 million left. Not much left if you ask me.

  81. bucsfanfromNE Says:


  82. icemonkeybuc Says:

    Good article. One of rge biggest questions I’ve had is something happened in the locker room that we have no idea about and if these accusations about Arians are untrue where is classy Brady coming out to refute them or to confirm them.
    Seems like something he would want to dispell…

  83. bucsfanfromNE Says:

    Stafford hates Matt Patricia, that’s why he wouldn’t go to the patriots,,he didn’t want to play for him

  84. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @Brady’s fan

    The salary cap is a somewhat arbitrary mechanism. It takes about 5 years before a team is in salary cap problems. The Bucs are nowhere near year 5.

    The New Orleans Saints have been playing the salary cap shell game for the past five seasons, moving money to future years to stay under the cap during Drew Bree’s Super Bowl window.

    Now in 2022, the bill is coming due for the Saint’s last 5 years, and in 2022 the Saints are $76 million over the cap.

    Because of the above stated facts, the Bucs could carry Tom Brady’s contract if he unretires.

    Tom Brady is old. He has less time playing than the Bucs have when it comes to the salary cap shell game. The Glazers know that and don’t care about Tom Brady’s feelings or past accomplishments for the Bucs or what you or I think. They only care about the bottom line.

    As far as TB12’s minority ownership is concerned, it’s just speculation. Here’s some reasoned speculation. TB12 has a lot of money in crypto currency. The world governments and banks do not like crypto currency because it is not regulated. Because of that, if the G8 come together and create their own agreed upon crypto currency and that any other crypto currency is illegal, the TB12 dream of ownership will be worth just as much as his crypto currency.

  85. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Hunter Henry led NFL TE’s in TD’s with 9, and he had 50 catches for over 600 yards with a rookie QB throwing him the ball, and his contract is less than Cameron Brates.

    Matt Judon had 12.5 sacks for the Pats last year and his salary is less than Shaq Barretts.

  86. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    For some reason people think out of spite Tampa would just hold on to Toms contract or be unwilling to trade or redo deal. Like it’s a better business decision.

    Say trapping Lebron on a bad team is good for the NBA. The NFL makes the majority of its money thru national revenue sharing. National revenue consists of TV deals along with merchandising and licensing contracts, which are negotiated at the national level by the league itself. This money is then divided evenly among the 32 teams regardless of individual performance. The NFL earned about $9.8 billion in national revenue in the fiscal year (FY) ending March 31, 2021, with each team receiving $309 million.

    The local revenue from tickets and local sponsors make up 25% or less of overall revenue.

    Tom Brady playing for Tampa in 2021 and rebounding ratings and interest over all in NFL made RKK richers in New England.

    The most interesting and talked about star in the NFL aid Tom Brady, by keeping him out of the league when he could be playing it’s costs Tampa money. By having a bad relationship with Tom long term cost Tampa money off capitalizing of the the 2020 SB legacy.

    By keeping other interesting and Super Star players who play with Tom from the NFL Tampa owners lose money and the NFL.

    It is like WWE saying I won’t bring back Rock, or Stone Cold because of a contract dispute when rating and interests in WWE would skyrocket 30% just having Rock wrestle again.

    Tom is the face of the league and will remain a face for years to come as partial owner and legendary player, until another marketable well liked Super Star wins 7 SBs.

    The NFL would love for Tom to play in a major market like Pitt, Dallas and 49ers.

    As the TV ratings, merchandise sales and media coverage would be beyond anything seen in NFL for 22 years.

    All this money 1/32 goes to Tampa, this business makes money on the league being a success not Tampa winning.

  87. Bqen green Says:

    The bucs have zero leverage against Brady. If he isn’t willing to play for you, the question becomes why wouldn’t you trade him? He’s made tens of millions for the ownership, brought them a Superbowl, and made the team relevant for the first time in decades. If this trade to the 9ers is real, get what you can, thank him, and move on.

  88. Brady fan Says:

    @BelleGladeBuc, If Brady wants to play, he will play in 2022 in SF, and he will get out of Bucs’ contract, trust me. We really don’t know for sure what that contract truly states, do we? I have not seen it published anywhere, have you? Even if Bucs indeed have his rights, he will play the same card Gronk had played and walk away either via trade or release. When it comes to krypto, how do you know he is heavily invested in it? He advertises it for them, but whether he indeed has his own money in it is just a pure speculation. So no, I do t think he will lose his wealth if krypto goes down. And yes, I believe he will be a NFL team minority share owner. Just a difference of opinions…

  89. Wesley Says:

    No need to write about b.s. it only helps grow it.

  90. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @New England Patriot Fan

    The WWE is basically a wrestling monopoly owned by one man, Vince McMahon. As much as I love what Tony Khan and Chris Jericho are trying to build with AEW, it is nowhere near the level of WWE. Business decisions about who will or will not wrestle are extremely streamlined when there is one undisputed boss such as Vince McMahon.

    Business in the NFL is much more complex when compared to Vince McMahon’s WWE because it involves many more owners, players, team employees, unions, etc.

    Florida is the 3rd largest market in the United States.

    Florida has 22 million citizens. Pennsylvania, which you claim is a greater market than Florida has 12 million citizens.

    Tampa Bay has 3 million citizens. Pittsburgh has 1 million.

    The major markets you name are changing because the US’s State Demographics are changing, and people are leaving San Fran and Pennsylvania. Only Dallas is increasing in population.

    Another interesting fact, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Massachusetts, etc. are losing a large amount of their citizens. Florida, as well as the Tampa Bay Area, are gaining a large amount of citizens.

    You also talk of TB12’s ownership like it’s inevitable. You do realize that TB12 has A LOT of current owners who do not like him. Ownership is voted on.

    TB12 was suspended for something that has been proven to occur naturally. Years later, Rodger Godell and the NFL owners destroyed the data on that incident. That’s how you know TB12 is not such a shoe in for ownership.

  91. this just in Says:

    Or just maybe at age 45 he just doesn’t have the burning desire as he’s accomplished damn near everything. So he retired

  92. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    @New England Patriot Fan

    You prove my point why Team Glazer will play hardball with TB12, just like they did recently with Ronaldo.

    The Bucs are a Super Bowl Roster next year except for at QB. LVD, Shaq, Winfield, SMB, Vea, White, Marpet, Wirfs, ME13, Godwin (the Bucs will resign him) make your team a Super Bowl contender with a good QB.

    The Bucs would not be trapping TB12 on a bad/losing team as you state. The Glzzers know this.

    TB12 as the QB for the Bucs would have the Bucs at worst as the #4 seed in the NFC playoffs and hosting a Home Wildcard Playoff Game, as the NFC South is one of the worst divisions in the NFL right now.

    That makes the Bucs and the NFL money. That’s why the Glazers own the hammer, to borrow a phrase from curling.

  93. steele Says:

    I seem to have to repeat this over and over: the 49ers are all-in on Trey Lance. They are handing him the keys, right now. That plan will not be interrupted for a one year rental of Tom Brady, barring miracles and 180 degree changes of mind on all sides.

    Brady does not want to learn a new playbook. And he really does not want to learn a playbook of Kyle Shanahan.

    Brady does not get along with Kyle Shanahan, whose insecurity was poked by Brady during their clash during free agent interviews two years ago, when the possibility of Brady going to SF was real, and his interest was real. They went with Jittery G, which further pissed off Brady. (Bucs fans, be happy this happened.)

    Brady’s youth fantasy dream of having his family watch him play in the SF Bay Area remains superceded by realities.

    Now let’s say all parties—Brady, Shanhan, Lynch, Lance, the entire Niners locker room—have revelations and suddenly, they all want a short Brady SB run, and they are all willing to bow and step aside and contribute all they’ve got just for that. Brady says “I love Kyle, I’ll learn the playbook and do what he wants, even though I know as much, if not more, than Kyle does about what works for me in an offensive playbook.”

    Fine. Let’s hear it from them. Let’s see it.

    Brady throwing to Kittle and Deebo Samuel, handing the ball off to RBs who run sweep after sweep behind a solid OL? Easy work for TB12.

  94. xdptoddx Says:

    2 things I keep thinking:

    1) Does SF even want him? They didn’t when they had Jimmy G, so are they now 2 years later going to give him the reigns and remove Kyle’s complete control over the offense?

    2) Isn’t it possible that anything is going to feel too laxed from NE and that he’s going to get just as frustrated as any other team he goes to?

  95. Greg Says:

    This is all such unmitigated bs. First of all, Arians didn’t drive out AB. When Godwin went down injured AB tried to strong arm the Bucs for guaranteed money. When they said no, ABs ego kicked into high gear. Hence, the nonsense with Brady on the sideline regarding Gronk. Reason went out the window. All of which Brady knows better than anyone. Might the drama have begun to outweigh his desire to keep going with all the family pressure? You bet.

    Secondly, I seriously doubt Brady would want to go learn another playbook. It was a PITA to learn the last one. You could tell from the ramp up.

    Lastly, Brady is a team first guy. He knows he didn’t win a super bowl by himself. The whole point of him coming here was the Bucs had the pieces he needed to be at his best. That includes Arians.

    All of that aside, even if all this nonsense is true? Who cares? We won a super bowl. Did anyone predict Matthew Stafford would carry the rams? Hardly. If we end up with Jimmy G? Fine. If he’s not injured he wins. Is he Brady? Nope. Nobody is. Brady has 7 rings. Thank God he quit before he ran out of fingers.

  96. ChiBuc Says:

    Greg, I would say drop the mic, but now just kinda want to see 100 post. Cheers to everybody’s posts. Your takes have made me cheer, laugh, boo and more. Weird closure to a 13-4 div champ season

  97. Dean Giusti Says:

    I don’t believe a word of these rumors. The turmoil was so bad that they had the best record in the NFL.
    They had massive injuries on both sides.
    If Tom had had enough of this organization would he still be doing the Tommy and Gronky show on YouTube as relaxed and loving life having fun reading fan questions in the kiddie pool every week?
    That did not look like a disgruntled player to me. Not a hint of it. I don’t buy it.

  98. Dave Says:

    |So by Joe’s last count, we have five A+ reporters, a San Diego radio guy who is a |former college roommate of a Bucs offensive assistant, and a business partner of |Brady’s claiming something was up — or in the case of White — sure gave the |inference that Brady was done with the Bucs.
    All these people have a reason why they benefit from promoting this story whether it is true or fake.

    If Tom does want to play somewhere else, give him wish but make the other team pay dearly for for once. Trade him to SF, but get Jimmy G, Kittle and a high draft pick for him. SF will never go for that? Then they don’t get the GOAT.

    If Tom wants to go somewhere else, his agent should start trying to work out a similar trade with other teams. Otherwise, if he wants to play next year, TB12 should be on all these shows talking about how great his relationship is with BA and the Bucs.

  99. Brady fan Says:

    @Dave, it is really laughable how some of you guys think that you can get Jimmy G and Kittle for TB. Please realize that Bucs only have leverage as long as they stay at 10.3 million under the salary cap and with estimated 19.3 million under in 2022 and with so many players to be re-signed it will be pretty much impossible. So to make a long story short, if Tom decides to play somewhere else, they will have to trade or release him. This is exactly what happened with Gronk when he decided to come out of retirement and as Patriots were u able to fit his 10 million salary under the cap, they traded him. So if you think, you will get Kittle, you are absolutely dreaming. Also, SF doesn’t have to do anything more than just send Jimmy G. Better yet, they do nothing and Bucs will have to release Brady for nothing to fit under the cap.

  100. Brady fan Says:

    @Dean Giusti, the rumors are absolutely legit. We already knew this in October. Remember the post by Brady showing the photo of Arians and himself with the caption: “you have my back, I will have yours”? Tom Brady is a strategist and he will never come directly at someone – he has other avenues to get it done. If this was not true, Tom would have already addressed it, maybe not directly but it would get done. Arians is lucky to even have a ring because he is not the type of the coach who could win one on his own merit.

  101. Brady fan Says:

    @Dean Giusti, the rumors are absolutely legit. We already knew this in October. Remember the post by Brady showing the photo of Arians and himself with the caption: “you have my back, I will have yours”? Tom Brady is a strategist and he will never come directly at someone – he has other avenues to get it done. If this was not true, Tom would have already addressed it, maybe not directly but it would get done. Watch Bucs record in upcoming season…