Former NFL Team Doctor: Antonio Brown Is Full Of [Bleep]

February 24th, 2022

Busted by surgeon.

Joe wasn’t going to touch the recent Antonio Brown nonsense — the video of an MRI of his troubled ankle with an alleged doctor pointing out Brown’s injuries.

In the same social media post, Brown told retired (?) Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and the Bucs to eff off. The post didn’t stay up long and it’s a good thing, said Dr. David Chao, an orthopedic surgeon and the former Chargers team doctor.

Someone wisely got a screenshot of Brown’s social media post and forwarded it to Chao, who went into great detail — in medical terms and in layman’s terms — what is wrong with Brown’s ankle.

Chao said the main issue is two bone spurs that are incredibly painful. However, those do not develop overnight. Chao said it is very likely Brown played with these same bone spurs when the Bucs won the Super Bowl last February.

Chao then documented some of Brown’s best games this past season and said the bone spurs clearly were not affecting Brown’s play. What did mess up Brown was an ankle sprain, the good doctor noted.

“It doesn’t hold water,” Chao said of Brown’s claims the Bucs mistreated him by playing him.

You can see Chao’s full explanation in the video below.

Enjoy Brown getting his arse handed to him by an independent third party. Chao guesses the reason Brown pulled the social media post down was that he was so full of it with his claims that someone must have tipped off Brown he was proving himself wrong with the post.

43 Responses to “Former NFL Team Doctor: Antonio Brown Is Full Of [Bleep]”

  1. Calbucsfan Says:

    Case closed, thanks Doc!

  2. Evo Says:

    First let me say I hope brady comes back to us. Secondly do you think he feels anything for bringing this all on the bucs? Brady wanted brown when no one else did. I hope part of him feels responsible for this. With that said. Please come back tom

  3. Mike C Says:

    Who had this as the bucs fault and not Browns? I am pretty sure when this came out SOME people actually believed this turd, smh unbelievable.

  4. Buc Neckid Says:

    AB was doing jumping jacks in the Endzone as he left the field at the JETS.
    He was not injured.

  5. JA Says:

    First Mike Evans and now an independent doctor have come forward to confirm AB is full of “bleep.” As if we needed convincing …
    It’s too bad, really—such a raw talent wasted.

    There’s an interesting YouTube video showing Brown’s behavior before and after Burfict’s shot to his head. Granted, we all have good and bad days and the video could have been edited to prove a point, a CTE point. However, all the editing in the world can not alter the look in someone’s eyes. Combining the eyes with the before and after behavior, Brown appears to have gone from a humble, fun loving guy to a raving lunatic.
    Yes, CTE is real, but its level of brain damage appears to affect different people in different ways. Troy Aikman comes to mind. He was knocked for a loop on several occasions and appears to be doing fine … for now.
    CTE or no CTE, Brown comes off as two different people when viewed before and after the Burfict hit.
    And despite my disdain for his crazy antics, it’s a damn shame.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    We definitely already knew he was full of sh!t.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    He’s a great receiver not a great deceiver.

  8. Bobby M. Says:

    AB goal isn’t to inform, its to attract attention. He’s partnered with Kanye who has mastered this, i’m guessing AB sees it as beneficial to whatever he’s building outside of football. Given ABs level of brilliance, it will be entertaining.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    He helped get us a super bowl so call it even and forgetabouthim

  10. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The question isn’t Brown, we all know he’s a nut case, it’s how BA handled the situation. These guys play for money and if you expect a talent like Brown to step in and take the lime light you need to pay him. He clearly wanted the ball more because his incentives were flushing down the toilet. Evan’s said he and Brown were on a pitch count maybe Brown didn’t want to be on a pitch count because it limited his chances of making his money.

  11. Scooter Says:

    Brown walked out on his teammates when they were losing in a game. No NFL team will ever trust him. Maybe Canadian football or USFL will take a risk with him.

  12. BuucccNASTY Says:

    Stupid is as stupid does… sorry Tom but you can’t help stupid.

  13. BA4President Says:

    It’s funny how comforting it is to listen to an unbiased, level headed, formally educated person talk about a topic like this.

    I know there is a big market for the audience being yelled at, which is why Stephen A has been so successful as ESPN. It’s theater, I get it.

    But people who actually know what they are talking about and have true expertise don’t have to raise their voice to get a point across. Their reputation and education back them up, not their volume (think hyenas).

    Case in point, no one is yelling at you on NFL Radio. Almost all of those hosts are former players, coaches, team admin, or team beat writers who have been around NFL facilities for decades. You won’t hear Charlie Weis (4x Super Bowl winner) or Bob Papa (Giants play-by-play guy since 1995) raising his voice, because they don’t have to.

  14. Demetrios Says:

    When the NFLPA doesn’t have anything to say about this, there is nothing there!

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Scooter, if your boss (admittedly) told you to get the F@#k out of here you’re done, you may not strip down but you would leave. Yes he acted up, to say he quit is not true.

  16. mike Says:

    @list, player get told all the time to get the f out of here…. so they all go sit on the bench, some pout. BA didn’t say go clean out your locker. He could have sit down but he quit bc he knew his antics cost him all the bonuses he wanted . AB is a self centered, immature a hole loser and you can add quitter to his name. What makes it worsefor AB is, he may have gotten another shot w another team after the Jets game, but his social media antics and all the other stuff he did after the jets game means another team will not give him another shot. Hes done in the nfl, which is sad bc he’s broke on top of all his other issues.

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Mike, never said.he wasn’t a dipshat. BA exact words were you’re done, meaning you are off the team. So what you’re saying YOU would go back to your work station? Might be a little awkward, don’t ya think?

  18. Cobraboy Says:

    Who would have thought Brown and a former POTUS would use bone spurs as a reason to get out of combat?

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    @Listn: I have witnessed numerous game sideline shouting matches between a player and coach, the equivalent of “get your a$$ out of here”, where the player sulked to the bench and did not quit the team, doing jumping jacks in the end zone.

    It is clear you NEVER played the game, even in PeeWee.

    Such outbursts are beyond normal.

    BA handled nothing poorly.

    This is on Brown 100%.

  20. Cobraboy Says:

    “You are done” does NOT necessarily mean “you are off the team” unless you are an immature, emotional idiot.

    Which describes Brown well, a guy with HoF talent, and a 8th-grade emotional brain.

    What a casual maroon…

  21. cmurda Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen. Please join me in a passionate and painful cry about Tom Brady retiring. He was amazing and what he did in just 2 years helped change the culture here. OK, now that this is out of our system, let’s stop hoping Brady comes back or whatever. He retired. It’s over.

  22. Listnfrmafar Says:

    CobraBOY, I have played plenty and these are professional athletes not 16 year old HS players. I agree Brown list it but so did BA. There was obvious tension between the two and BA let it get to the next level. Brown wanted his money and I don’t blame him. The pitch count wasn’t going to get him that. This would of all been resolved if BA ignored him and waited for Brady to get off the field. Or if BA said ok don’t play, we’ll discuss it later and let Brown sulk. Both are at fault. You don’t throw a player off the team and or strike them on the field on national TV.

  23. Cobraboy Says:

    Listn, you are full of crap. You never played. End of story.

    You don’t know diddly about real football.

    You are the quintessential casual fan AB leg humper who talks out his butt.

  24. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Cobratoy, I have better things to do than argue with a player wannabe. The fact remains AB is gone and BA is not, good luck with that in 2022. Maybe he whacks a cheerleader, cameraman or official next time then we can have some real debates on this site. We have our own old fk coach 8n NE we have to deal with but at least he’s not a drunk & senile.

  25. Mike Says:

    After the jumping jacks, AB ran through the tunnel, and called his grandma on the phone yelling “GRANDMA, I’M FREEEEEEEE”!!!!!

  26. Evolvingbucsfan Says:


  27. Cobraboy Says:

    @Listn: I was never a “wannabe”…unlike you, the casual fan.

    A brotherly suggestion: take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.

  28. Buc king Says:

    Ab is a idiot with no self control

  29. Outsider Says:

    People really blaming BA for this still? Lol

  30. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Cobragirl, if you didn’t play D1 ball and participate in a bowl game then you what you post about the game lacks credibility. There are do’s and don’ts coaches are instructed not to do and taking fits on players during a game is one of them and striking one is definitely not a good look, hence the $50k fine. New era honey, the Bobby Knights, Woody Hayes days are over if you hadn’t noticed. So go back and do your five push-ups in the mirror so you’re jacked up for your next post, CHILD.

  31. WalkdaPlank Says:

    If you notice the MRI it was also dated at the bottom for October 2021, AB danced off the field in January 2022.

    Anybody that still defends AB and condemns Bruce Arians don’t have a leg to stand on.

  32. Cobraboy Says:

    I keep hearing the yapping of a Pit Yorkie in heat.

    Does anybody else hear it?

  33. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    AB was earning 1.4m and looked like he wasn’t going to hit 2m bonus. Went to GM before Jets game and asked for part of bonus guaranteed like was offered to Gronk if he didn’t reach target. They said no. He then milked this ankle injury which was real which occurred week prior and caused him to miss 5 games that coincided with a suspension. AB was hurt but was 100% able to play. He wanted his touches. Both can be true he was hurt, and he wanted his reps because he needed the 2m bonus badly as he was playing for next to nothing, between the suspension and the 1.4m contract.

    The team got cheap with a volatile player whom was integral for Tampa Super Bowl hopes with Chris hurt.

    AB knew this so he had leverage, and was angry about money, as he signed a bad return deal for a player of his product and calibre especially after a SB win.

    Thats on AB and the GM, they agreed to it. But AB was mad as he isn’t rich and needed that 2m he couldn’t even afford the TB12 workout stuff and a chef. The guy is broke, after a HOF career in the NFL.

    They guy was crazy and you couldn’t bring him back, but he is the reason Tampa Bay didn’t make a SB this year, along with Chris injury. As the offence with Evans and a injured Gronk couldn’t over come Rams defense because depth wise the other weapons were junk.

  34. New England Patriots Fan Says:

    The question is if TB, AB, Evans and Gronk dressed for the Rams home game would Tampa have only scored 27 and lost in a close game requiring a heroic comeback in the final quarter?

    The guy could’ve punched BA in the face at practice and I would’ve still played him in the playoff game, because by not doing so cost you SB because your offence needed him with Chris’s injuries. Which for 99% teams something they get a chance at once every 20 years.

    Not a single person on here would be bashing AB if he did the exact same shit, fax card, flip out, hotel only fans girl, insult the team etc if he played in Rams game moved the sticks got a TD and left space for GronK to eat. So then Tampa could beat Jimmy G at home in Tampa and beat a weak Cinci underdog.

  35. Cobraboy Says:

    @Listn, the leg-humping Pit Yorkie:

    When I played, there was no “Division I” and Riddell suspension helmets were high-tech. But I did play in what was considered a “major bowl” game. One of my teammates was drafted with the #1 pick, and three others had monster NFL careers (two are dead now). I played three years of pro ball, WFL & NFL, but one year was hurt on the old IR rules, and my career ended. I was also a grad assistant at a major college program for three seasons.

    I’m moving back to the states, and thanks to the FL athletic rules allowing volunteer coaches in HS…I have no financial needs, and lots of time on my hands…I have a few opportunities at decent HS programs—whose HC’s know who I am—in N central FL as soon as I get back.

    So there’s that.

    FWIW: Dad CB was a post-war pro, ’48 until ’52, and Mom CB’s father was the first Walter Camp All-American from the south, Vandy in ’11, in the Vandy HoF. So there is some long-standing heritage in my family.

    No one in my family is a big-mouth soyboy. My suggestion is for you to refrain from letting your alligator mouth place bets your hummingbird ass can’t cover.

  36. David Says:

    Of course he’s full of it. He has burned every bridge for every team he came across. The Buccaneers and Brady gave him everything he could want and it still wasn’t enough. They should keep him in court forever to make sure he never sees another dime.
    P. O. S.

  37. David Says:

    New England Patriots fan says it looked like he was not going to reach his bonus… He needed a total of eight catches and 50 yards and one TD in the last game and a half. After the way Brady made sure he got his last year at the expense of Ronald Jones, of course he was going to reach his bonus. Screw him.

  38. David Says:


    You are grasping for stuff to blame on BA, the greatest coach the Buccaneers have ever had. It’s pathetic dude. He had a player that refused to go into the game. He was asked several times by different coaches and players so finally BA said you’re done, get out. No way in hell would anyone interpret that to mean you’re off the team in that particular moment. That means you’re done for that game. That’s what a sane person would interpret it as.
    Regardless, quitting on the team when they’re fighting for home-field advantage and refusing to go in … F him he should’ve been thrown off the team.
    It was handled perfectly.

    Very grateful to have the OC, the DC, and the HC who led the greatest two-year success in Tampa Bay Buccaneer history all back coaching again

  39. Boonietoonie 65 Says:

    You bucs fans need to try to be fans. I went on ticketmaster to see how many tickets were available for the Philadelphia playoff game and was astounded that there were thousands of tickets available for a chance to see the GOAT in a playoff game. You can get on this site and bloviate your bs but the simple fact is your fans don’t deserve a great team because you don’t understand what it means to commit to your team 100%. I come down from Boston for every game and I didn’t get rid of my tickets because Brady decided to take it on the giddyup. I renewed and will again be there to cheer on Bucs. Now put your keyboards away and buy some tickets and support the team.

  40. Chammp404 Says:

    Just like I expected before I read this article is boy you do what I say you don’t supposed to feel no pain boy and you get out there on that football field like Master say!!!! See a black is not look at as a human being anyway. What ever Doctor this is if you are a black man playing up under this Doctor I truly feel sorry for you 🤔 How can . Doctor David Chao who is an orthopedic surgeon can clearly say he see that Brown has an injury But since he’s a black man he doesn’t have the same rights as his white counterparts. If this was a white player he would have been healed as being a hero he’s remarkable he’s everything that an athlete should be to play with. that kind of injury!!!! WOW……… Only in America…….

  41. Listnfrmafar Says:

    David, I feel bad for the Bucs BA resigned. You will see next season how much if a fraud he is. How do you have a Probowl QB that throws for 5000 yards and goes 7-9? NE Patriots spelled it out he needed 8 catches and 50 yds. HE WAS ON A PITCH count, how was that going to happen in one half in a tight game?

    Cobramush, that explains your posts, the Woman’s Football League. Congrats all the guys that could make it in Canada go there. Kudos to your dad, it’s too bad.he produced a poodle.

  42. ToneLoc Says:

    Champ out here buggin

  43. MikeRalstott Says:

    I rode the pine on a championship high school team, I’m a badass