Tom Brady: I’m Satisfied And Pleased With My 2021 Regular Season

January 11th, 2022

The Goat isn’t getting soft, but he is sending a loud message that he’s happy and content in Tampa.

Brady joined co-host Jim Gray on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio last night and was asked about his 2021 performance.

The greatest Bucs quarterback in history said his goal is to keep playing at “championship level” and that goal was met.

Perhaps most important to every Bucs fan is the knowledge that Brady has said previously — many times — that if his game slips he’ll retire.

“The question really for me is, ‘Did I play at the level my team needs me to play at in order to reach the championship?’ And that’s how I’ve evaluated my performance,” Brady said.

“What is in your control is your preparation, your determination, your diligence, your leadership, all those things that go into making you a great quarterback. And my job is to play quarterback. And it’s to play it at a championship level.  I definitely believe I’ve done that to this point and put ourselves into a position. Now I’ve got to do it when it really matters, which is, you know, in January and February.”

Co-host Jim Gray then expressed his surprise that Brady would express satisfaction because he’s always been so picky about his play and performance.

Brady acknowledged that he is, in fact, satisfied with the Bucs’ regular season, liking it to a marathon runner who feels a sense of accomplishment after a long race on a tough terrain.

Joe was so pleased to hear how good Brady felt about the totality of the Bucs’ season. And it was great to hear to him say how reinvigorating the playoffs are for him and how much he loves all-or-nothing games.

36 Responses to “Tom Brady: I’m Satisfied And Pleased With My 2021 Regular Season”

  1. SB Says:

    Amen……..Enough said!!!!

  2. KingLDavid54 Says:

    Now that’s Mamba Mentality at it’s finest!

  3. SB Says:

    “Tom Brady is washed up”

    ” I can’t believe we let go of Jameis for a has been”

    “New England didn’t want him for a reason”


    You know who you are.

  4. PassingThru Says:

    Championship level? Ha. How about playing until you suck?

    Fans and sportswriters claimed that Brady was too old and that it was time for him to retire. Brady responded that he’d continue to play. “When I suck, I’ll retire.”

    That was 2014.

  5. DBS Says:

    “Noodle Arm”.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    TBBF is also satisfied and pleased with Brady’s performance as I suspect does any Bucs fan who is intellectually honest.

  7. Listnfrmafar Says:

    TBBF, your clearly referring to Anonymous, webster, Bird & Oneilbucyall. How can he not be satisfied, he leads in all but 1 category and appears to be beating down the door in the MVP race. To complete his set of steak knives he needs another Lombardi trophy. Hmm, he plays for.his teams approval. Interesting concept.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Not being negative I just have a hunch he retires

  9. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    Tampa trust TB12 ! Time to clip those Eagles wings. GO BUCS!!!!

  10. Lesko_Brandon Says:


  11. Donald Stanley Says:

    There is not a NFL team out there anywhere that wouldn’t want Tom Brady

  12. William Walls Says:

    Sports-wise, all I ever wanted was to live to see the day that Tampa Bay became the envy of the football world. I can now tick that box with a choked-up throat and a tear of gratitude running down my cheek. Thank you, Jason Licht, Bruce Arians, Mike Evans, Lavonte David, Jason-Pierre Paul, and most of all, the truly immortal Tom Brady for hitching his star to our wagon.

  13. Swampbuc Says:

    Come back in 2022 Tom!

  14. Youngbucs Says:

    SB Says:
    January 11th, 2022 at 10:44 am
    “Tom Brady is washed up”

    ” I can’t believe we let go of Jameis for a has been”

    “New England didn’t want him for a reason”


    You know who you are.

    You forgot “y’all want a 43 year old QB 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”
    Yes oneilaints loves his emoji lol. Also “BA is running this team into the ground”
    Oneilaints still to this day has not eaten his crow man up loser.

  15. LaserFocus Says:

    Brady will come back for another year or two. He just launched Brady Brand. In order for that to take off, he needs to be in the limelight. He is a smart business man and he understands “out of sight, out of mind” etc. Also, he has always said, he will play until he is 45.

  16. Bird Says:


    Hahaha. What are you talking about Mr new pats fan

    Go look at every post in archives. Leading the charge on calling out the brady haters. I quote their posts dumb dumb
    Get a clue

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    SB Says:
    January 11th, 2022 at 10:44 am
    “Tom Brady is washed up”

    ” I can’t believe we let go of Jameis for a has been”

    “New England didn’t want him for a reason”


    You know who you are.


    Actually the people saying Brady was washed up, didn’t want Winston either, they wanted Teddy Bridgewater.

    Want to talk about the dumbest fans in football, anyone that called for this team to sign Teddy Bridgewater — you win the award for the most stupidestest.

  18. unbelievable Says:

    If we win the SB this year, there is no way he doesn’t come back next year to attempt the 3-peat.

    If we don’t make it… I’m not sure.

  19. Captain Oblivious Says:


    If the Bucs don’t win the SB this year I suspect we will see him playing in San Francisco next season. The 9ers were his favorite team growing up and it would give him the opportunity to be the first QB to win a SB with 3 different teams. Football history and records are not lost on TB12.

  20. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngbucs I don’t know what are you talking about but after Brady leaves you go with him because you a Brady fan. You’re mad because I give credit to the team cookie!! BA done a good job by changing the plays that fit Brady. Plus every game we lost Brady played with the 2019 bucs on offense and you got the same results and that’s a fact cookie!! Cookie you want to make it about Brady and make it about the team. Brady had a great season this year cookie!! I can give Brady credit when he plays well cookie but what I don’t do is ignore the rest of the team. Brady is one of the all time great quarterback and a hall of famer. But your narrative about he took the same team and we won only because of Brady is a lie cookie !!

  21. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilaints please all you did was trash this team in the name of jameis winston. Everyone bad horrible and sucked except winston. You can’t prove anything you say about me because you’re a liar go in the archives get the proof. And can go in the archives and expose you for a week straight. Hey oneilaints I thought if you didn’t have a run game and passed a lot every game it equals 30 ints and a losing record?????? Two years in row pass heavy attack no run game where are all the turnovers where are all the sacks????? All I see is a lot of winning 21 out of 24 games and a lot of records being broken tow years in a row. Oh I almost forgot about the defense they’ve been mediocre and injured all season still where tied for best record in the league! All of your excuses have run their course and been exposed for the bullspit that they are! Excuses!!!!!

  22. Youngbucs Says:

    They changed they changed plays you’re a weak 🤡!

  23. Youngbucs Says:

    Dude said I don’t know what your talking about lol. Everyone here knows who you are and your wrong opinions and predictions. Now you got amnesia 😂

  24. Lorena Says:

    Captain Oblivious Brady is contracted for the 2022 season to play clown take. Brady will be here until he retires and the 49ers just drafted Trey Lance.

    Stop being a troll.

  25. Youngbucs Says:

    Rod munch don’t make me expose you also the archives don’t lie.

  26. Armando Valdes Says:

    Brady is contracted for 2022 hopefully people remember that.

  27. PanhandleBuc Says:

    He’s on a 3 year deal and didn’t show any signs of declining. He’s also playing behind a pro bowl O-Line! He’s coming back next season no matter what!!

  28. captivajim Says:

    Agree totally with Unbelieve ;; If we win SB –he’ll be back …Think back to his comments after WFT game ;; ” Winning is a relief ”

    “—that’s not who he was in 2020.. this is another yr .. next yr Godwin (if they sign him) will not be back untill mid-season.) . If BL leaves-he would have to develope a new working relationship with someone,, Brate retires, OJ leaves, Jensen retires,etc.

    His kids are now older & he really wants to spend time with them.Giselle thought/wanted him to retire after last yr’s SB

  29. Eddie Marz Says:

    Brady will be in Tampa next year playing for The Bucs. After that I’m not sure. Enjoy it Buc fans, this is our time.👍🤣😁 GOBUCS!

  30. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngbucs cookie lol 😆 you a joke 🤣 your narratives has been destroyed this year. We all saw even with Brady without Gronk and AB we lost !! We all know that BA change the offense for Brady in 2020 and this year !! Fournett has 70 catches and we all know he wasn’t running the same routes as AB, Gronk, and Evans. That’s why you have been gone for so long lol 😆 😂. And just like I said if they don’t stop that no risk it no biscuit offense they are going to get Brady killed and we saw that early last year. But I remember the same people like you crying about we need Gronk and AB back that’s why we lost. But last year you said it was the exact same team from 2019 and I don’t remember seeing Gronk, AB , or Fournett on the 2019 bucs lol 😆 😂 !!!

  31. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngcookie . Last year Rojo should have had a 1,000 yards but BA took it from him for AB insensitives so he get his money lol 😆 😂 !! You keep trying to push your narratives lol 😆 😂 !! I get it you want to believe that Brady is the only reason why we are winning because you a real Brady fan rather than a bucs fan it’s ok 👍🏽!!

  32. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilaints you know what show me one time where I said Brady is the only reason we win. Do that and I will cash app Zelle whatever you use $1000 come on liar prove it. You can’t because you’re a liar you have nothing to stand on because you’ve been made to look foolish. What does rojo hitting 1000yds have do with the Bucs rushing ranking? Come on last the had a below average rushing attack two years in a row check the rankings I deal in facts that’s hard for you. I’ll knock down another excuse they changed the plays because fournette catch checkdowns lol. Every hear of David Johnson fool????? Yea BA star RB that killed in the run game and passing game for years check the Stats 🤡. Again I deal in facts oh I know BA changed the plays for Carson Palmer also smh. The coaches suck the owners suck the GM suck the oline suck the defense suck the kicker suck. Yup and Winston never sucked you’re some type of special clown who made excuses for losing turns right around for two years now making excuses for winning lol. Im so underneath your skin all you can do is call me cookie lol.

  33. David Says:


    No chance. He signed through next year.
    I believe him and Gronk are back. I think he’s looking to go back to back to back
    Because it’s the only thing that no one has ever done.

    If they don’t win this year then try to win it next year and then ride off into the sunset

  34. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilaints you who else wasn’t on the 2019 team? Tom Brady because if he was we in the playoffs easy that should’ve been a playoff team at least what a waste. That’s why BA made the decisions he did because he knew the team was ready they needed consistency at QB everyone could see it except members of the cult.

  35. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngcookie. You know the real reason why I call you cookie and it don’t have nothing to do with football !!! But at the same time under my skin lol 😆 😆 🤣 ok 👍🏽 !! I can car about your lies again we saw Brady with the same offensive players and you got the same results. And now look at Jamies with the saints he look like a different quarterback and that’s a fact with receivers that wouldn’t even be on the feild with any other team in the NFL. Maybe 1 might be a number 4 receiver on another team. Your hate for Jamies just drives you crazy and you are mad because I don’t bash are hate Jamies like you do. Sean Payton has proven that he’s a better coach than BA and that’s just the truth and I’m talking football not emotions cookie !!

  36. Erik Says:

    Brady made all the difference for this team. He brought his skills and leadership as well as a future hall of famer te to the table. Most teams with the amount of injuries they suffered would have been out of the payoffs but not this team they pressed on and had a better record than last season. This team has never finished with a second seed position ever. My hopes are that we will go to the super bowl and win in a better performance than last year. I always knew from the 3rd super bowl win for Brady when he was a patriot that the man is skilled ( I hated patriots)and when I learned he was going to be a buc I knew he was going to change this team into champions. So all you doubters who continue to mock him or say he is washed up get ready to choke on those words because ring number eight is getting closer to happening. Go BUCS