The ScuttleBucs Talk Week 18 Position Battles, Receiver Changes, A Little More AB, A Playoff Preview & More

January 7th, 2022

It’s the Final Tuneup edition of the ScuttleBucs! Jeff and Tom take a look at the Bucs’ bubblegum and tape receiver corps, the position battles in week 18, have one more chat about AB and preview the playoffs! ScuttleBucs, assemble. And if your car needs a tuneup too often, head to Sean Sullivan at Bill Currie Ford today! On your way, hit play on this edition of the ScuttleBucs!

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5 Responses to “The ScuttleBucs Talk Week 18 Position Battles, Receiver Changes, A Little More AB, A Playoff Preview & More”

  1. Oxycodoms Says:

    AB actually said something that ive thought of in the past . Brady befriended brown because he wants to win. Brady is a good politician he cares about his legacy and does what it takes to achieve it even if it means to pretend to like teammates .

  2. Anonymous Says:

    OxyCodoms – Youre as dumb as AB if you think that way. Did Moss feel that way in 07? Dumb AB lover. Change your name to OxyMORON. Fits you better.

  3. Oxycodoms Says:

    Your right you would know better then AB himself about their friendship. Im being a realist people on here were always confused why brady took him into his house. Ive always been a big brady fan and still am but you actually think brady cares about AB? i could care less about AB

  4. Anonimo2 Says:

    Oxicodoms te dices fanático de Tom brady y te atreves a hablar así de él como qué es un poco incongruente de tu parte para tu información bredy siempre a lo largo de su carrera si te has dado cuenta siempre hasta el tope salarial el no ha cobrado más de lo que no merece al contrario se ha bajado el suelo y es increíble que piensas que Tom brady utiliza la gente porque no es así sino no se podría trabajar en equipo

  5. Steven M. Says:

    Of course Brady cares about ABs football skills, but that doesn’t mean Brady doesn’t genuinely like him. Also, fo AB to call out Brady in public like that and I heard he insulted Brady because Gronk was getting more throws; after Brady brought him to the BUCs where AB got a multimillion
    dollar contract, shows AB is extremely selfish and ungrateful or he does have serious mental health issues, that require professional help.