Teddy Bridgewater The Favorite To Succeed Tom Brady As Bucs QB (With Handicappers)

January 30th, 2022

Gamblers like.

Joe is not trying to urinate in your eggs this morning, depressed as you may be from the news yesterday that Bucs quarterback Tom Brady plans to call it a career very shortly.

But you may want to grab whatever Bloody Mary mix and vodka you have leftover from Gasparilla to wade through this news. It may be a long day.

Over at Sportsline.com, Matt Severance has the favorites, per Vegas, of who will be the next Bucs’ starting quarterback. The wise guys think it’ll be Teddy Bridgewater. He’s available and we all know how Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach slobbered all over Bridgewater publicly when he was trying to decide (ahem) who his next quarterback would be: Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, Tom Brady or Bridgewater.

If Bridgewater comes to the Bucs, it will be his fourth team in as many years. Decent quarterbacks don’t move from city to city like that unless you are trying to tell Joe that New Orleans, Carolina and Denver are all run by imbeciles.

The next favorite is Jimmy GQ. Yeah, Joe has a soft spot for anyone who also attended the Princeton of the Midwest, Eastern Illinois University. For all his faults and all the arrows he takes from folks, the guy just wins ballgames. Isn’t that the name of the game?

You can see the list from Severance of the rest of the gamblers’ favorites.

Thus, it will be fascinating to watch what happens with the 49ers on Sunday at the Rams. San Francisco will be starting Trey Lance next season, even if the Niners win the Super Bowl (unlikely) with Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Bucs would have to trade for Jimmy G. Cam Newton is a free agent. How weird will the NFC South be next season?

Via SportsLine oddsmakers: Who will be the Bucs’ Week 1 starting QB of the 2022 season if not Tom Brady?

Teddy Bridgewater +400
Jimmy Garoppolo +500
Cam Newton +500
Marcus Mariota +600
Kyle Trask +1000
Blaine Gabbert +1500
Jameis Winston +1500
Russell Wilson +2000

Joe would take a run at Derek Carr, who will enter the final year of his contract in 2022.

82 Responses to “Teddy Bridgewater The Favorite To Succeed Tom Brady As Bucs QB (With Handicappers)”

  1. '79 Defense Says:

    Ughhhh… we’re back to this type of talk now? Were the past two seasons a dream?

  2. Buczilla Says:

    Hell no to all of those qb’s other than Trask.

  3. Big Z Says:

    If TB is gone. The only starting qb for us better have Wilson on the back of a Bucs jersey. We’re still ready to win now. Wilson is a leader and will attract free agents. I’ll give up a lot for Wilson. We’ve wasted lots of recent draft capital. No way we go from TB to Trask. Otherwise will be wanting Stroud and Young to come out. No more fruitless rebuild.

  4. james west Says:

    hell no i don’t want bridgewater

  5. Anglican Says:


  6. Anglican Says:

    He’ll no to Bridgewater and the rest

  7. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This isn’t happening… We knew this would happen but tell me this isn’t happening NOW!

  8. BuccoBDub Says:

    This sucks. Back to the cellar we go.

  9. FairMinded Says:

    Only Russell Wilson makes any sense to me. Hope by next week we don’t have this question hanging over the team though. Give it a couple more seasons Brady!

  10. alaskabuc Says:

    Come on Joe, it is early Sunday morning. I know you don’t sugar coat things, but couldn’t you wait a few more hours to piss all over everyone’s breakfast?
    In all seriousness, that list sucks, hopefully Licht has a better shopping list and a better plan.

  11. Buc92’ Says:

    Deshaun , Wilson , Carr in that order . If not Trask for me !


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wilson would be a good fit, he is the only QB on that list that knows what it feel to win a super bowl

  13. gp Says:

    I know it sounds silly, but, what if, just what if… Tommie decides to stay one more year and actually groom his replacement?
    His choice of his successor…HMMMMMM?

    I know, I know, …. repack the pipe!

  14. gp Says:


  15. NYbucsfan Says:

    Hi stinks!!!!!! Why do you think he is always looking for a job?

  16. adam from ny Says:

    teddy bridgethegapwater is going to have to settle into his role as a top tier back up in this league at this point…

    because that’s what he is

  17. westernbuc Says:

    Cousins, Wilson, Carr, or draft. Jameis would at least be entertaining but that’s not happening. Watson is a criminal and even if he settles he’s miss games. Kareem Hunt was suspended for 10 games so that’s the minimum. Bridgewater is trash. Jimmy G isn’t the worst but our team isn’t good enough to support him

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Re-sign Gabbert (as a backup), but start Trask. Build a team around him that plays great defense AND runs the ball well. We could then call ourselves ‘New England South’ or ‘San Francisco East’.

    If Trask plays well, we’ve found ourselves a cheap starting QB (for a least a couple years) & can focus our salary CAP $$$ & draft picks on filling other critical holes.

    If Trask plays poorly, plug in Gabbert and do the best we can. May not have a very sterling season, but could end up with a high draft pick & then maybe a good young QB via the draft. If that doesn’t work out, Derek Carr is a FA in 2023; shoot for signing him.

    That’s Sunday’s solution. It’ll change tomorrow.

  19. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Joe…..Personally, Joe would take a run at Derek Carr, who will enter the final year of his contract in 2022.

    I Agree

    GO BUCS!!!!

  20. Kalind Says:

    Rodgers or Wilson for me.

  21. Greg Says:

    Trading for Carr would most likely cost 2 or 3 first round picks. Look what the Rams paid for Stafford. That’s assuming they let their starting QB go. Not a popular opinion but keep your draft picks and build up the other areas of the team. Stockpile picks and draft high in 2023.

  22. Just Saying Says:

    Defense Rules, I agree 100% with you on this.

  23. Oneilbuc Says:

    No don’t want Bridgewater why BA don’t want to develop a quarterback we got a young quarterback on the roster right now!! I told yall BA ain’t no quarterback guru and he ain’t never developed a quarterback in his career. Payton Manning got better after he left . Big Ben was already good quarterback when he got to Pittsburgh. He got Andrew Luck killed and pushed him in to retirement. BA is not the best quarterback in bucs history !! BA does not want to coach he’s trying to win championships without coaching Terry Bradshaw called him out on in 2020 !! But the only problem ain’t no more Bradys out their.

  24. tampabayallday Says:

    God this is sad.

  25. Oneilbuc Says:

    Defense Rule I agree with you a 100 percent bro !!

  26. Brady's a cheat Says:


  27. adam from ny Says:

    nice take defense:

    but going into a season with just trask and gabbert is criminal…

    look at the schedule…

    we could lose double digit games with them under center…

    yes the organization can get away with it for a year or so, but it’s so beyond horrendous…

    and do you even sign godwin for mega bucks so trash and gobbert can toss him the ball for 2 years…

    there’s gotta be one crazy star qb with his ears perked up to all this sh!t, who wants to defect from under center in the city he currently plays in…go get him

  28. Robert Says:

    They have to go after A Rod, Wilson or Carr at this point. Maybe even DeShaun Watson?

  29. ClodHopper Says:

    If we signed Bridgewater, who would start the other 12 games while he’s injured?

  30. BucsFan81 Says:

    Umm nope would rather just take my chances with Trask instead of Jimmy G or Bridgewater. Both those guys are average at best. Derek Carr or Wilson would be interesting but will probably cost to much to trade for.

  31. adam from ny Says:

    with both seattle and oakland a bit in flux…

    maybe both qb’s could be had…

    they are the most viable options to pencil in imho


  32. kyle Says:

    what are the bucs going to do about the 20 million cap hit from bradys contract if he retires?????? We are F*&^%(. But the run in my opinion was worth it. What a great 2 years!! Thanks Brady and the Bucs for the past 2 years. I guess its back to getting curb stomped by back up qbs and our defense getting kicked in the groin eevry week.

  33. kyle Says:

    Bucs also take a 20 million cap hit for bradys salary if he retires, which is fantastic…

  34. SKBucsFan Says:

    Makes no sense to pay big money for a QB not named
    Aaron Rodgers (if indeed TB12 is done) Develop Trask, he is cost effective and stillnplayong behind a good O-line. Build in the draft for a stringer defense.
    And please someone…hire Leftwich.

  35. SKBucsFan Says:

    Stronger. Lol. Fat thumbs and a dark room is a bad mix.

  36. DarenGibo Says:

    Joe, i would rather eat that urine omelet than see Teddy under center in Tampa.

  37. Hodad Says:

    Wilson is the only QB on that list I would consider. The rest are a hodge podge of losers, besides Jimmy G. What makes Jimmy G a winner, is the organization he plays for. it’s certainly not his arm talent, or running ability. Buc fans would embrace Trask at least in the beginning because he’s a Gator, and Tampa is loaded with Gator fans. For nothing else Trask could sell tickets because of that. Fans would be willing to give him a chance. Teddy has had 4 chances, in 4 years, the fans won’t be buying into him at all. I’d be more excited as a fan seeing what Trask can do. As a football fan I already know Teddy is garbage.

  38. allbuccedup Says:

    Resign Gabbert and start Trask. Teddy B. and the rest would be a waste of money. Wilson is the second biggest whiner in the NFL behind Rodgers. Plus way overpaid 40 mil a year please. Twice the pay of Brady.

  39. ClwJB Says:

    I’m on the Wilson train – make it happen Bucs

    No FA QB options are palatable this year – going to have to make a trade

    Trask isn’t ready and Gabbert is a poor man’s Steve Deberg at best

  40. PA Buc Fan Says:

    Trask is trash but agree would take him or truly Gabbert or any other option offered Teddy Bridgewater. That guy is absolutely awful. I may protest next season if he is the guy under center. I mean they can legit put anyone else back there and I’m good with it. Teddy is a backup and nothing more.

  41. mark2001 Says:

    Winston? After wearing the Philly Jersey while watching the Bucs Philly game, who would want the guy back? It is like the biblical phrase of a dog returning to its’ own vomit.

  42. SOEbuc Says:

    I would give Trask a chance before Bridgwater. We can win or not with Trask with the same chance as Bridgwater, but he was drafted in the second round for some reason not to get his chance. Problem is Arians is Gabbert ole butt bud and he’s ole hot garbage without a chance.

  43. Richard Dickson Says:

    Funny, Bridgewater was who I was hoping for two years ago, precisely because I was worried a Tom Brady would be here for a year or two, then retire and put us right back where we were.

  44. mark2001 Says:

    Trask haters have no idea what has been going on the last year. True.. he isn’t among the most naturally talented young guys, obviously. But he was drafted for a reason… give him a chance to show what he has learned.

  45. Tb4life81 Says:

    Im loving all the support for trask Tampa has all was been bad letting young qbs play except Winston but we seen how that went lol…… Give trask a shot he played good at fla p.s. please dont be like other nfl teams and kill another young qb career be it starts

  46. Hodad Says:

    I don’t know how fans can say Trask isn’t any good since he hasn’t played in a real NFL game yet. What I do know is with Trask the Gators were vying for the SEC title. Without Trask the offense was a mess, and the HC got fired. Trask could turn out to be the next Wentz, or for all we know the next Brady. Anyone who thinks they already know which that will be should be employed in an NFL front office.

  47. gotbbucs Says:

    They’ll resign Gabbert and he’ll likely bridge the way to Trask. They aren’t going to trade a bunch of picks for one of the other big names on that list, especially if they’re going to lose guys like Gronk, JPP, Fournette, Suh, and maybe Godwin. We would be in reload mode and you don’t pay a QB $30+ million to go through that phase.

  48. OrlandoBucFan Says:

    I agree with Defense Rules. Start Trask. After all, what did we draft him for if not for this moment? I see Trask as a version of Kirk Cousins. Coincidentally, Cousins was also a second round pick, and he turned out pretty good. Trask would be starting in a good situation unlike a lot of young quarterbacks. If we resign Godwin, he’ll have good receivers, and good running back if Lenny returns, and a very good offensive line. I don’t think we need to look behind door number two. Let’s use our cap dollars to build a team around Trask and capitalize on the savings we get from starting a quarterback on a rookie contract.

  49. Tye Says:

    If that plays out Then The BUCS must hate their fan base and surely hate winning… Terrible teddy likely won’t last 5 to maybe 7 games and get hurt… Trask is the best option on that list… Maybe Mariota to back him up…. Everyone else would be a failed experiment… YES, even Wilson… As of late his play has shown decline and the worst about him is he stated he wants to pick his own coaches OC like he should have some authority in the system… DIVA!… Hard pass…. No team needs a player like that!

  50. Jeff Says:

    Only Superbowls matter. Can’t win a SB with Teddy. No way. Find a different QB.

  51. Beeej Says:

    That final TD Tom threw traveled 55 yards in the air. Doubt Teddy can throw it 40

  52. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Kissing Cousins was a 4th round pick…and has been an expensive coach/cap/franchise killer …“You Like That?!”

    This is one of the most depressing days in Buc fandom ever. The reality that it’s back to 2nd rate QBs. The amount if turd polish being used stating “we’ll be fine” is laughable.

  53. bucfan999 Says:

    Make a trade with Houston & get Deshaun Watson. He’s young, already a superstar & we would be a superbowl contender again.

  54. adam from ny Says:

    tommy is really pissed at AB, Bowles, the defense, D Smith, etc…

    tommy is really pissed off right now…

    let’s be real here…sh!t went pretty haywire down the stretch this year for the bucs…

    things finished out kinda crazy…

    and they were doing their best to hold the ship together…

    injuries galore, shiesty AB, more injuries, Bowles losing his mind in playoff game, d smith acting like a roomba, etc

    yes i said it….

    d smith acting like a roomba…

    just hop right on and he will take you to the quarterback

  55. Eric Says:

    Please no not dump down teddy

  56. Mike Johnson Says:

    Somebody here says start trask. You kiddin me? Put the pipe down sir. If we cannot get Wilson then I would go for Watson. He is mobile and can throw. Rodgers ain’t comin here. I like Bridgewater but..he is slightly injury prone and misses quite a few games during the season. I hope Brady retires. Fans really don’t care about his health. They will cheer him standing up or if he is on a stretcher. Go enjoy life Tom. God knows you deserve it.

  57. Sandman Says:

    The 2nd round pick sounds even dumber now …

  58. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Trask can play-rewatch 2020 SEC Championship when he put up 46 on Bama.

  59. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Derrick Carr ain’t happening, if McDaniels becomes HC, he wants Carr. Do what you can to get Wilson. Make Trask your back up. If you go with Trask as your unproven starter, the odds are that it’s doubtful Bucs make the playoffs and most of all resign Godwin. It makes no sense for him to play with a rookie QB. You might find Jensen & Capa in Seattle, the only way they can keep Wilson is to build up his oline. In other words Bucs are pretty much screwed. BA and his cronies must of messed up pretty good for Brady to not honor his contract. Punched in the mouth by the best and it took a 69 yr old washed up coach and a Jets throw away to retire Brady.

  60. Cobraboy Says:

    IF Brady does not return, I would not reject Trask, Gabbart (not under contract) or Bridgewater as a “gap” QB in 2022 to resolve cap issues so 2023 can start clean. This team kicked a lot of cap issues down the road, and it’s time to pay up.

    It was a good two-year run for which I am grateful.

  61. ElioT Says:

    Please NO!

    There’s a reason why Teddy hasn’t stuck with any team. Why the heck would it be any different with the Bucs.

    I hate this idea!!!

  62. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Bucs should focus on Oline and Dline as teams with unproven starters at QB fare much better with a good running game and a good defense(see Mac Jones example). Sign Jensen and forget Kappa , upgrade the RG position by signing Brandon Scherff of WFT-one of the best in the league. Gronk and Brate are gone , but Bucs can sign Gesicki and do well at TE.
    On Dline do whatever is necessary to get the beast Davis out of Georgia in the draft , he is a generational talent. Sign Suh to mentor Davis. So with these moves we can run the ball and dominate the clock , have effective play action passing and play good defense. Bucs will make playoffs in 2022.

  63. Gunnin4Ya Says:

    Bucfan999 seems like someone with his head screwed on straight. Year in and year out the team every season has an immediate chance. Not to mention how motivated Watson is right now. Godwin definitely stays, other free agents are attracted to be here. And for ANY who begin to even broach the 22 civil (not criminal) nuisance “complaints” (cash grabs), go study the past 12 months thoroughly on PFT and Florio’sFlorio’s brilliant coverage of how all that ultimately resolved itself. Plus even if Watson gets,a minor pinch suspension under player conduct policy (which is unlikely due to Deshaun’ s time served off field this year plus PR black eye again for league back in news if Watson suspended)….Deshaun would STILL be worth it, and then some.

  64. Hodad Says:

    If you trade for Wilson, or Watson, you won’t have any draft picks, or salary to put any good players around them. God, some of you people need to stop playing fantasy football, and get real.

  65. kyle Says:

    if brady retires, we are already paying a qb 20 million w the cap hit guys. no way we could afford wilson or rogers.. they are making 35 40 mill. that would be 60 mill next year for qb??? not going to happen. they are going to have to roll with what they have or a cheaper option like jimmy G. Id load up on defense and go back to old buc ball like the titans.

  66. kyle Says:

    similar to what the patriots are doing… roll w gabbert for 1 year, resign our guys and load up on defense.

  67. Gunnin4Ya Says:

    Love the uninformed mopes out here ^^^^^.

    Nevermind all the new compensatory 3rd round draft picks coming the way, when minority coaches Leftwich, Bowles, Caldwell (For DC elsewhere) get hired away…neah. Mopes thought of that. Sure.

    Ask the Rams with no 1st round picks over last 6 years how much picks matter. Ask the Dolphins the past three years with all those multiple first and 2nd round picks (drafted and sucked by Grier there) how much picks matter. Then remember MJ Stewart here, Hargreaves, Aguayo, Rojo, etc how much picks consistently work out here..hmm.

    But most of all, for mopes…ask every NFL team currently without Rodgers, Mahomes, Wilson, Allen, or Watson….just HOW MUCH their picks mean to their owners, their .500 middling teams, and can bases…

    Stay informed, and probably quiet…

  68. Avejoe Says:

    Why in the world would we bring in Bridgewater? Dude hasn’t been a consistent player since his injuries in Minnesota. The Bucs spent a 2nd rounder on Trask, time to see what they have.

  69. Buc king Says:

    Rodgers. Wilson. Watson and Winston
    That order …m
    Not interested in Bridgewater or carr..
    If I was the bucs I be sending flowers everyday to the bradys

  70. firethecannons Says:

    not a fan of bridgewater–how many times has be unconscious on the field–does he even have brain processing power left? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. firethecannons Says:

    yeah go with task and load up on defense–make that side of the ball great again

  72. BradentuckeyBuc Says:


  73. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    This has a familiar feel. We’re on the cusp of another Dark Age. Creamsicles and all. This was a great little interlude, though.

  74. Oneilbuc Says:

    I don’t want Teddy , Winston, Rogers, or Wilson it’s time to develop our own quarterback we got a young quarterback on the roster who was the number 1 quarterback in all of college and he played in the SEC give him a chance!!!

  75. Dapostman Says:

    Mike Zimmer quote:

    When asked if he wants to get a look at rookie QB Kellen Mond next week in the meaningless regular season finale against the Bears, Zimmer quickly said “not particularly.”

    Why not?

    “I see him every day,” Zimmer replied.


    Soooo Arians must see Trask everyday. If Brady leaves and Arians believes Trask is NFL ready he’ll start. If not then they’ll be in the free agent hunt for a QB and probably could have used that 2nd round pick on a player who would be playing.

  76. Oneilbuc Says:

    BA is trying to get a championship without having to coach. Kyle Trask has played well every time he gets a chance to play!! If he’s a quarterback guru like everyone thinks he is than Trask should be starting!! This is why I think he didn’t want Winston because it would make him to actually developed a quarterback wich I believe he can’t do !!

  77. Pewter Power Says:

    If it’s not Wilson or Carr what we’ll ther free agent is going to take you deep into the playoffs, it’d be like the year we wasted on Winston so might as well go with trask next year. Russell Wilson is the only proven SB quarterback and he doesn’t want to play for a small market brand

  78. Keith Says:

    Throw big money at a proven QB won us a ring.

  79. Walt Witless Says:

    If Tom Brady does retire then either signed Jameis Winston or bring out the trash can let him play but Teddy Bridgewater are you kidding me? Giving a lot up for journeyman quarterback no way! Garoppolo and the rest are just a joke at this point! I’m not a fan of this coach and I don’t like many of his decisions and if he’s even thinking of going outside of Trask if Tom Brady doesn’t need retire then I think he should be booted off the team unless he’s willing to put away his hatred of Winston who has the ability to score a lot of touchdowns with a high-powered offense!

  80. Walt Witless Says:

    Trask not the “trash can”
    Voice to text is horrendous. Sorry…

  81. BucsCoolade Says:

    Well .. I posted the trade for jimmyG .. interesting hes #2 on the odds list.

    But nobody sees the angle for brady. It’s the dream story. Tampa is played. 1 year left..

    Time is right. Only probs are kyle Shanahan or Glazee squirming on the deal. It really makes sense.

  82. GangstaRIB Says:

    My vote is also Bridgewater. Look I get it he’s no goat and he’s no jimmy g, rodgers, Wilson, etc, but he could easily be picked up for under $8M. Bucs have a major cap problem. We ran up the salary cap in future years to get ourselves a Super Bowl and another good run in the playoffs giving us the best team we’ve seen in almost 20 years. It’s time to pay the piper now and next year isn’t going to be great. Let’s get a bridgewater or similar for now, see where trasks develops and sign as many free agents back that we can. 2023 should have some more cap room but we won’t have enough cap room for a $30M QB for another couple of years. Pretty sure Gronky will take off and retire and We won’t have enough cap room for Godwin but with an $8m QB we can keep Brate and Jensen at least. Not enough cap room for JPP either and I’m not sure Suh will come back. Get a decent ham and ether QB, draft a good fullback and maybe another TE and let’s pound the rock and give our mediocre 2022 QB a chance.