Moving Mike Evans

January 17th, 2022

“Way to run, Mike!” (Photo courtesy of

Joe will remember the 36-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Mike Evans for a long, long time.

Why is that? Because for Joe, that was the ultimate kill shot.

Shaq Barrett had just made a sick pick by skying high in the air as if he were Dennis Rodman. On the very next play, Brady and Evans went to work.

On a pass Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians referred to as a “dime,” Brady let it fly and it seems Evans was running nearly at his top speed. Never known as a burner, Evans was hauling tail, as NextGen Stats documented.

And then Evans breaks a tackle and pulls a Cheetah Hill on the Eagles and flips over the goal line.

That play, just seconds after Shaq’s pick, boys and girls, sent the fans at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway into full-blown party mode.

It was beautiful to witness. The whole atmosphere.

27 Responses to “Moving Mike Evans”

  1. '79Defense Says:

    Sounds like it was a great time.
    Too bad so many people left early. I would have savored the moment until the end.

  2. '79Defense Says:

    Joe — or anyone– what was the word on numbers of Eagles fans there? Didn’t look to be nearly as many as I thought there might be.

  3. bucschamp Says:

    I wish Chris Godwin was here. never mind AB

  4. Mikejp Says:

    Great chemistry, Tom delivered right before ME passing the CB.

  5. MadMax Says:

    This is why we keep ME13…constant worker! I love Godwin but if he doesnt take a hometown discount, theres just no way we can afford it.

  6. Swampbuc Says:

    Leftwurst finally put Mike in motion and had him in and out of the slot. Finally. Kepp it up Boron!

  7. Bob in valrico Says:

    I have been saying for a couple weeks they should line up Evans on the right side more. TB12 and ME13 have greatly improved their catch rate since December
    to 80%. Thanks for highlighting that route, Joe.

  8. Bob in valrico Says:

    Got to give it up to Tb12. He is standing in the pocket long enough for the longer routes to develop and delivering some pinpoint passes. Nfl version of the 6 million dollar man and timex watch. His arm seems to be bionic and he keeps on ticking.

  9. geno711 Says:

    What a nice play design.
    It was 1st down and all the keys suggested it was a run play.
    You had Darden split wide and Vaughn in the back field.

    The Eagles were playing the run, and when Anthony Harris (the safety) was slow to react to the play it was over.

  10. Bird Says:

    Line mike up in slot. Move
    Him around for sure. He has to be focus against next team we face especially if rams

  11. Listnfrmafar Says:

    So much for Eagles D not letting up the big play.

  12. David Says:

    Unbelievable how many people think BL is not a good OC. I don’t get it. They score over 30 points a game for two solid years now. Last year piecing it together as they went, this year piecing the injuries together as they go.
    It’s not Brady it’s not BL it’s not BA, it’s all of them, working together as a team. But for some reason there’s always some fans on here who have to try to trash someone. They have to find someone to be a target of their miserable negative existence.

    I guess they expect perfect execution of the perfect play call every single time as if the other team doesn’t exist and doesn’t have NFL players trying to stop them.

    Anyway, awesome play call, awesome execution to a Hall of Fame wide receiver

  13. Kev@Inverness Says:

    There were a lot of Eagles fans in the East club seats. We had a few in our (118) that got an earful of our favorite chant for 3 quarters – “ZERO!”

  14. Listnfrmafar Says:

    David, it took BL 17 games to figure it out. League MVP has one more win under his belt compared to Karen Roger’s

  15. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    No, there were not a whole lot of Eagles Fans at the game yesterday.
    On their fan forums, they realized they were gonna lose to us.
    Eagles Fans are very knowledgeable.
    Next Year, they have 3 number one draft picks! You read that right, 3 number one picks, so they will be back, and better than ever.

  16. Beeej Says:

    Someone’s always asking why we go for a ton of yards when we only need a few.. The eagles were exPECTING us to go for a few

  17. Crunchbuc Says:

    Imagine AB watching from home yesterday saying…Damn! I thought they couldn’t win without me. 😆

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Tom Brady still has 3 times the weapons Belichick gave him his last few years in New England, he’s won superbowl’s with less! Kraft has to be sick to his stomach letting Bill get rid of Tom, Bill Billechick is a very good defensive coordinator, but he hasn’t done anything without Brady on his team! EVER!!!

  19. German Buc Says:

    That play was a beauty. M1KE was great and TB12 was terrific. He picked the Eagles apart from the beginning and was only slightly harassed by the injuries to his O-line!

    But you know what: Over at Disney, they calculate a thing they call ‘QBR’, you know, the better passer rating. And here are the Wild Card QBs (so far) ranked by QBR from the WC round:

    Allen 98.5
    Garoppolo 68.6
    Mahomes 68.1
    Burrow 62.7
    Jones 59.7
    Brady 52.5
    Carr 39.2
    Prescott 27.1
    Hurts 20.1
    Big Ben 15.0

    Who – without using strictly banned substances – is publishing a number that suggests Jimmy GQ, Pat M, Joe Burrow, and of all Mac&Cheese was a better QB in the last game than Tom? Do they even watch the damn game??

  20. Eric b Says:

    Idc about qbr , anyone watching the game would tell you brady was better than all those qbs. Mahomes threw int for godsake plus almost a few more !! And he damn sure played better than jimmy g!! Anyway on to winner.for tonight LFGO!! Either LA or Cards we have to find thier weakness and exploit it!! Take away thier strengths! TAMPA BAY ALL THE WAY

  21. Buddha Says:

    Great post Dave. Wish Joe would highlight Lefty a bit more. BA gives him a lot of credit. Let’s remember this is BA’s offense. Even TB 12 said he took a lot of time to master it

  22. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Can someone tell the WR with Hammy problems…

    No more somersaults into the End Zone? Damn ME😂

  23. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Yesterday was Evan’s & Gio, Carolina was Grayson & Gronk. That’s the beauty of Brady unlike Mahomes is primarily Kelce & Hill, Roger’s is Adam’s and Lazzaro, Stafford, Kupp & OBJ, you don’t know who the hero is going to be when Brady plays. That’s what makes him so dangerous.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    79Def I’d say most of the empty seats you saw were philly fans. There were a good number of them in the upper decks . Thankfully the Bucs didnt let them get started with as nything to cheer about but they were there. I did my best to make them as much more miserable than the eagles play was.

  25. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Amen brother. You are 100%…or since it’s a sports blog and demands hyperbole..1,000,000% RIGHT!

    These people have SCOREBOARD NOT KEYBOARD.

  26. unbelievable Says:

    @German Buc-

    How many touchdowns did Allen and Mahomes throw? Brady only had 2. That’s why.

    And who gives a chit anyway? We got the W which is all that matters.

  27. Erik Says:

    I love the fact that Brady targets everyone and try to hit the players who want to make a play the most. He truly is the perfect qb of our time. Other teams focus more on the key players to make the points they need. I feel that Tampa is the best team to make the superbowl and win it and they will do it as a team. I hope they exact revenge on the rams and win a high scoring game. Evans is doing awesome to cover the fact that AB is out and Chris Godwin is on injury reserve. I predict he is going to get two touchdowns against the rams.