Frustration Tone From Bucco Bruce Arians

January 12th, 2022

Jamel Dean and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles

The 17 Bucs fans who support Antonio Brown’s antics will be nodding their heads after hearing this.

Those folks actually seem to think Brown was screwed by Bucco Bruce Arians and forced to play hurt and against his will. Yeah, right.

Arians has an old school streak when it comes to injuries. He believes, but doesn’t always say it, that players need to play through certain types of injuries and pain.

That comes with the NFL turf, Arians believes.

In past years, Arians openly has praised Carlton Davis for learning how to gut through being dinged up, same for Sean Murphy-Bunting. And who could forget Arians publicly leaning on Scotty Miller to get healthy so he could get on the field during the summer of his rookie season.

Joe could cite other examples.

So it was noteworthy yesterday when Arians was asked about cornerback Jamel Dean on the Buccaneers Radio network. He left the field midway through Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury.

A frustrating tone was in Arians’ reply.

“Jamel Dean, I’d like to see, you know, not get injured again. Pierre Desir stepped in and did a heck of a job,” Arians said.

Joe can’t knock Dean for his various injuries, but he does seem to get dinged up often and not finish games, which can screw up gameplans. Through his first three seasons, Dean’s has missed seven full games.

It feels like Arians thinks Dean should be tougher and grind through his specific injuries, but Dean was injured throughout his college career and has been a heck of a late third-round draft pick. Joe can’t be too hard on the guy.

35 Responses to “Frustration Tone From Bucco Bruce Arians”

  1. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    he gets injured every game. He may come back in, but he always gets hurt.

  2. geno711 Says:

    Agree with BA again. It is the NFL. You are likely playing with major pain by the 4th game of the year.

    Dean has many example of guys that just play and get the job done.
    Do you think that Suh and JPP have played all these snaps every year and not felt a ton of pain?

    Antonio Brown’s cycle of suggesting the Buc’s did him badly, fell flat.

  3. BBro Says:

    Sometimes little guys get hit hard n fall often sometimes big guys get their knees hit n fall often it’s the dirty part of the game you know how the suckin saints defense plays n targets

  4. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Jamel Dean < Glass Joe

  5. Bradinator Says:

    The knock coming out of college and why his draft stock fell…injured all the time.

  6. Gordon Brook Says:

    Antonio Brown has completely hurt himself by acting poorly at the Jets game. He was certainly ok to help the Bucs, win when Arians told him to enter the game because anyone could see that he was ok after he took his shirt off and ran around the field. By being removed by the Bucs, will continue to hurt himself and the Bucs to win everything because he is a great player and could nave helped the Bucs, win the Jets game. Honestly, I do not believe any team in NFL will ever select him next year because he has a history off negative history in the NFL. AB history is negative in the NFL, so I believe he is finished in football.

  7. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I may be wrong but I don’t remember him injured as much last season. Seems like this season he has been more injury prone.

  8. Vsyl Says:

    Playing injured in the NFL is common and that’s known. They have some of the biggest salaries in the world and the best medical treatment. There shouldn’t be any complain about this situation.

  9. David Says:

    Big difference between an injury and playing hurt. If there’s an injury that can be played through then it depends on pain threshold.
    If you’re just hurt without a major injury or risk of it getting worse, then you better play through it.

    Dean should talk to JPP about playing through pain

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    For those of us who have competed in HS and college, we know you never ever fully recover from injuries. Even when you are cleared to play, That or those injuries creep back in and agitate. So you just try to play with them. Imagine a 17 game schedule. Everybody is nicked up to some degree. Don’t know what they do nowadays, but back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, they gave us a shot, some heavy taping. looked us straight in the eye and said, Do your job son.

  11. lambeau Says:

    I don’t believe AB; but playing with a pulled hamstring is easier said than done.

  12. Bobby M. Says:

    Our team seems to constantly have issues with hamstrings…..not sure what that’s about.

  13. SlyPirate Says:

    Hopefully he heals up and plays great.

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    JPP has missed 11 games the past 3 seasons. Why would Dean want to speak with him about playing injured?


  15. Daryl Green Says:

    Hence the nickname Woozie Dean.

  16. Jay Molina Says:

    Of course, the difference is that Dean went to the trainers and they communicated to BA that he couldn’t play. While disappointed, BA did not force him to play or confronted him on the sidelines for not wanting to play because he wasn’t getting enough targets.

  17. Bucsfanman Says:

    Dean’s a decent enough player that it’s noticeable when he’s not in. This has been a recurring theme this year.
    That said, the best “ability” is availability. He just cannot be counted on.

  18. firethecannons Says:

    He needs to get on field as the next game is do or die–all off season to rest your bod

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    Ya that’s right, Jamel Dean is fragile. He’s missed 6 whole games in the past 3 years. Over that same last 3 years, here’s what the rest of our Secondary starters have missed:

    o Carlton Davis … Missed 11 games
    o Sean Murphy-Bunting … Missed 8 games
    o Jordan Whitehead … Missed 5 games
    o Antoine Winfield … Missed 4 games (in only past 2 years he’s been with us)

    But ya, let’s all be sheep & go along with the ‘conclusion’ that Jamel Dean is injured way too much because he missed 6 games in the past 3 years. Ya, let’s go with that instead of looking at his actual performance (you know, such as games that he actually played in and how well he stacks up against our other starters).

    As an aside, our Secondary seems to have to do a lot of tackling. Can’t help but wonder if the number of tackles (and especially solo tackles) has any relationship to the amount of time missed. On looking at just our starters, and especially our corners, for the past 3 years …

    o Davis … 139 solo tackles (11 games missed)
    o SMB … 120 solo tackles (8 games missed)
    o Dean … 111 solo tackles (6 games missed)
    o Whitehead … 161 solo tackles (5 games missed)
    o Winfield … 126 solo tackles (4 games missed … 2 years)

  20. Ed Says:

    Maybe one of the issues the Bucs have is that 2 of their linebackers used to be defensive ends. Barrett, JTS and Pierre-Paul are all pass rushers. If they aren’t making more tackles than its up to the secondary and linebackers and they are the linebackers. So you have un-natural linebackers playing the position.

    Barrett is the best of them vs the run.

  21. Listnfrmafar Says:

    So what are you saying DR? He missed less games and produces less as well? How about the games he leaves injured? Those count. I look at injury reports everyday and it sure seems like Bucs lead the league in hamstring pulls.

  22. Don’t make a scene 35 Says:

    Joe let’s not forget that this is a violent game with many injuries
    These young players have a limited number of seasons to make hay
    Don’t think any player should be shamed for doing what is best for his body and longevity in their limited # of rainmaking years
    Go Bucs

  23. Joe Says:

    Joe let’s not forget that this is a violent game with many injuries
    These young players have a limited number of seasons to make hay
    Don’t think any player should be shamed for doing what is best for his body and longevity in their limited # of rainmaking years
    Go Bucs

    Arians is an old school coach (remember he worked with Bear Bryant, a guy who didn’t believe in players getting hurt). Joe is confident if players want to nurse their injuries to preverve future earnings, Arians won’t hold it against them — so long as they aren’t on his roster (see: Brown, Antonio).

  24. Ron Says:

    *** ITS SAD…THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT SLAVES…they are people…no fan, no coach and NO DOCTOR…should be telling anyone he thinks they should play if THEY THINK they can’t!

    How many players have gone out there at a coaches or GMs pressing..came back too soon..made the injury worse….then get cut from the team!

    As a fan…if someone not playing because they are hurt is the reason why we lose…then that falls on the coaching staff. These are PEOPLES LIVES AND LIVELYHOODS……I wonder because most of the players black its easy for coaches to assume we’re ok..or to NOT CARE IF..we really do get hurt worse…as long as we get the W!!

    THIS IS A GAME……and tho I disagree with how AB walked out…Im glad he did……he said football ” is what we do..not who we are”. People lose sight of that!!

  25. Ash Says:

    Ab is a disgrace seriously doubt it was the ankle with all that he has talk about after the incident. It’s really easy for all these fans sitting at home to cry about players not playing injured when they don’t have to deal with it I’ll leave it up to the player and trainers to decide if they can play and contribute or not.

  26. Don’t make a scene 35 Says:

    Nah Joe

  27. August 1976 Buc Says:

    No matter your talent, your greatest ABILITY is your AVAILABILITY.

    The players know what they are getting into.

    They get an extreme amount of money to play a violent game.

    They know the risks involved.

    So if you sign a contract of your own free will, then either play or walk away with no strings attached and find another occupation.

    It is simple, no one is forcing the player to play a very violent sport that has so many physical risks.

    It has been documented about different players lives have been shortened by playing in the NFL.

    So high reward comes with high risk.

    Again, your best ABILITY is your AVAILABILITY.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  28. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Have you ever heard of the term MILKING IT?

  29. Eddie Marz Says:

    I hate to say it but Antonio Brown is full of it. If he was really hurt and couldn’t play, why was he complaining about targets and why would The Bucs be trying to keep him from getting his incentives if he couldn’t play anyway? Give me a break! He’s a great receiver but not a great team player. I liked him but look at him now. He’s trying to take down Brady BA and the whole team. Antonio Brown left so shut up dude, nobody wants to hear what you have to say. GOBUCS!

  30. unbelievable Says:

    Injury history was always the issue with him, so BA nor anyone should be surprised… Though I guess Arians feels like these injuries are not significant enough to take him out of the game. Which may be true.

  31. Crickett Baker Says:

    What I will NEVER understand about AB is why on earth did he think everyone on the team would treat him great after he tried to trick them all with a fake vax card?? OF COURSE BA would be really mad at him over that not to mention the Bucs team had a player suspended by the NFL for a non-contested infraction. Seems to me he never ever even apologized nor thought he did anything wrong, nor expected consequences from his teammates. What a guy!

  32. Bucs Win Says:

    AB was butt hurt not injured.

  33. Steven. Says:

    As Shannon Sharp said, if AB was really injured why
    was he asking for more catches in the locker room at halftime ?
    The answer was he wasn:t really injured. He practiced on Saturday and
    was checked out by the BUC’s medical team on Sunday morning..
    As Bruce Arians said, AB never mentioned he was hurt to the trainers,
    which is the correct protocol and he never told Brice Arians on Sunday that he was injured. As BUC’s Win above said, he was only butt hurt, because he didn’t get targeted more. That’s why he refused to go into the game.

  34. Infomeplease Says:

    AB had his FEELINGS hurt. His jumping jacks looked pretty good 👍! He was so concerned about missing his bonus that his availability
    (or lack thereof) during the past game and a half caused him to miss his bonus!! He doesn’t need money anyway!!

  35. AB Says:

    I feel the difference with Antonio brown from last year and this year is he was on his best behavior last year. This is difficult for him for the reason of being paranoid.. money is a very big factor. I don’t think he can control himself when he is triggered.. I think he also has a substance abuse and that plays a factor also. I think it is better that his episode happened before the playoffs because it gave BUCS a chance to rethink their strategy. I also think BA and Brady were prepared for this knowing browns past history. It is sad to say, but until AB wants help things will not change for him at any profession or team he takes part in. I think the whole world saw this coming with AB. I don’t condone his actions nor do I pass judgement on a man I relate too, who is dealing with his very real struggles in life.