The Out Of Control TSA

December 24th, 2021

Yes, this is Joe’s sad Christmas Eve tradition but it is an otherwise hopeful Christmas, as Santa has given the Bucs another playoff berth, it seems, and maybe another bright and shiny piece of bling as a present coming in a few weeks.

Meaningful football in January is a wonderful thing!

The following is an example to demonstrate how the snooping of the federal government upon innocents gets out of hand without proper checks and balances.

On his rounds from the North Pole this evening, Santa Claus was detained by TSA agents — tipped off by the IRS thugs — who have decided to call in the notorious Jack Bauer to interrogate Santa in the bowels of CTU. Presumably, Santa is believed by the FAA to have not worn a mask while flying over Manhattan and suspected of not yet having a booster.

(This, boys and girls, is why you cough up the $85 so you too can utilize TSA Pre.)

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