Larry Fitzgerald Seems A Stretch

December 22nd, 2021


One of the Joes has the inner discipline to wade through it. The other Joe can’t get through 10 minutes without grunting loudly in frustration and turning the channel to SiriusXM NFL Radio.

It’s Tom Brady’s podcast, “Let’s Go!” It’s hosted by ChapStick Jim Gray and is, as one can expect, one of the most saccharin, slow-pitch softball 30-minute slurpfests you can find this side of “Extra.”

Maybe once every three weeks Gray will, as if he’s trying to defuse a live bomb, slowly, gingerly, softly ask Brady a probing, interesting question. Almost like Gray is embarrassed the words come out of his mouth. Like a kid shamefully confessing to mom he ate the cookies.

What many folks don’t know is Brady’s commercial-filled 30 minutes is only half the podcast. The other half is former Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Why does Joe bring up Gray and Fitzgerald? Well, smartly, a commenter asked if the Bucs might drag Fitzgerald out of mothballs in the wake of Chris Godwin being lost to injury.

It’s a smart thought. Like Arians did with Hines Ward in Pittsburgh, Reggie Wayne in Indianapolis and Godwin here, he turned Fitzgerald’s career around by moving the All-Pro to slot receiver upon Arians landing in Arizona.

Fitzgerald’s career was reborn and he blew up (again) under Arians. And we all know when a player is needed in a pinch, Arians very much likes players he knows that can slide into playing time smoothly and quickly. A.Q. Shipley and Breshad Perriman spring to mind.

Fitzgerald already knows Arians’ offense. It would be a seamless fit, provided Fitzgerald is in shape.

In Fitzgerald’s appearance this week on “Let’s Go,” Gray had the right mindset to ask Fitzgerald if coming to Tampa Bay in the Bucs’ dire time of need is a possibility.

Well, Fitzgerald, as he told the Cardinals this offseason, is unofficially retired and is enjoying the good life. Darren Urban of, the Cardinals’ official site, has the details.

Fitz then crushed the hopes of so many that have tweeted at me or sent questions to the mailbag.

“Nothing’s changed on that front, Jim, for me,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitz went on to talk about how he felt bad for both [DeAndre Hopkins] and Godwin, and how the Cardinals were going to make the playoffs, and how he hoped Hopkins would be able to make it back. But if anyone wasn’t sure about Fitz’s thoughts on being done — without him saying absolutely “I’m done” — then this is it.

And it seems Cardinals general manager Steve Keim had the same idea as he told an Arizona sports radio station last week when asked about possibly bringing Fitzgerald back to fill Hopkins’ void.

“I think Larry is probably at Pinehurst on the ninth green,” Keim said. “Enjoying his life with a sasparilla. I think Larry is content where he is and really happy with how his career and life has gone with the Phoenix Suns.”

Fitzgerald owns a chunk of the Phoenix Suns.

So Joe isn’t expecting Fitzgerald to wear pewter and red. Still, it would not shock Joe. But no, Joe expects Tyler Johnson to be taking a lot of Godwin’s snaps in the slot. Not a future Hall of Famer shaking off the rust.

13 Responses to “Larry Fitzgerald Seems A Stretch”

  1. mg Says:

    Bribe Julian Edelman.

  2. Billy Ray Jay Says:

    MG – Though “ancient,” Edelman (if in top shape) would be awesome and HILARIOUS to have for the playoffs. Obviously he’d sync up with Brady and Gronk almost immediately, but given his adamant previous statements about being a one team player, I think even if Tom begged on his knees, Julian still wouldn’t suit up as a Buc. Plus not sure if he ever fully recovered from his injuries/surgeries. But, damn, he was a fun player to watch and one of Brady’s all time best targets—like Gronk. Those 3 made a hell of a trio.

  3. STL-BucsFan Says:

    With AB coming back this might be a good time to see what Tyler Johnson can do. BA loved him coming out of college so lets see what he has. but now its time for the Defense to step up, the Offense carried this team the whole season and looks gassed. now the D is getting healthy so step the F up boys and go shut down these last 3 games!!!! LEST F’N GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Folks, before you make funeral arrangements, you may want to let Brady have a couple of weeks of practices with Vaughn/Johnson/Miller/Perriman getting first team snaps in practice. I have no doubt that much of his week off of the practice field is going to be in the receiver room and with the RB’s.

    Maybe they all suck like many of you profess, but you just might want to let Brady see what he can get out of them first.

  5. Hodad Says:

    What other receivers we have on the P.S.? Darden is a waste, him, and Miller won’t scare any defense. To small, and weak. Johnson is average at best, lacks top end speed. What about Cyril grayson? He has more TD’s than Darden, one. Isn’t there a player better than Darden we could bring up?

  6. Billy Ray Jay Says:

    Isn’t Miller a speed demon? He was certainly a factor in last years playoffs. I would think/hope he could step up and be a big help again. And obviously BA brought Perriman back for a reason—as was on display against the Colts. Dude has size and blazing speed. Seriously hope he gets some snaps, steps up and becomes a shockingly great factor in the post season like that clutch walk off TD he had.

  7. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Fitzgerald doesn’t have the juice anymore. Not sure what kind of shape Edleman is in, I assume he is over the injury now, he could easy fill in that slot receiver. I think we’re all reaching, we need to see Perriman step up. Someone said earlier this season Bucs should of scoffed Patterson, he would of fixed all this.

  8. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Fitzgerald sounds good in a storybook ending scenario…but any reluctance on his part would have to be a non starter. You can’t tip toe back into the NFL ( looking at Darden & Jones for example )…

    It’s likely too late to add anyone of real value…Brown could save the day in many ways…glad Brady likes him so well.

  9. Tackleblockwin Says:

    We need to get the running game going so Brady can get back to play action. Our offensive line is healthy, and Rojo has three weeks to work on his game day stamina. The good news is we have three games to adjust to the injuries we have. Thank goodness these injuries didn’t occur week 17.

  10. firethecannons Says:

    Thanks Joe we have to run down every rabbit hole at times like this.

  11. bucs4life Says:

    Maybe if we give Johnson a 30 minute cushion per snap he might get open

  12. Morris Steelman Says:

    So when you say that Johnson is going to be lined up in the slot. Ur basically saying we don’t have a slot receiver! Johnsons skinny lil frame isn’t going to hold up for long taking shots over the middle! AB is going to be in the slot half the time, maybe Johnson can find a field stretching role . Without a field stretcher AB will be doubled and even triple covered. AB needs help, their backups are inept at best Vaughn, Johnson and the rest of second team is just that, second team! Perriman has been less than memorable except for the TD,I really can’t remember him making anything resembling a play. Find someone now! AB AN Gronkenbeast needs help!

  13. Morris Steelman Says:

    And why is no one saying anything about the saints targeting our players damnit! Technically their hits were legal. But it’s the way that they used the hits to purposely hurt 3 key starters,4before game was over. Anyone could see that they weren’t there to play, they were there to punish or hurt our players. Whats wrong,you don’t want to maybe offend a coach that has been caught redhanded offering bounties for opposing players! Red handed! Three of our key starters were gunned down in less than a half! Someone say something about it!