Jamel Dean “Illness” Cloaked In Dread

December 17th, 2021

Mysterious illness.

Joe doesn’t like what he’s hearing from Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians.

Oh please don’t get anything wrong here. Joe doesn’t have an issue with what is coming out of the mouth of the best coach in Bucs’ franchise history. What Joe doesn’t like is the sound.

Earlier today, Arians, in his last media availability until his postgame presser Sunday evening after the slimy Saints game, announced cornerback Jamel Dean will not play Sunday.

Dean, who had a concussion not quite two weeks ago in the win over the Dixie Chicks, had to leave the win over the Bills midway through the game. After the game, Arians said Dean “just got foggy.” Days later, Arians said Dean was suffering from “wooziness.” At the time, Arians didn’t know if Dean’s condition was another concussion or lingering effects from his previous concussion, side effects from cold medicine or something else.

Today, Arians admitted the team still doesn’t know why Dean is foggy/woozy. Arians did say a concussion has been ruled out (so far) and as a result, Dean is not in concussion protocol. Yet the foggy/woozy episodes continue. Enough that he’s been ruled out two days before the slimy Saints game.

That is very troubling to Joe. NFL players have access to the best medical care in the land. You just know Dean has likely gone through rounds of tests.

Here we are five days removed from the Bills win and the Bucs still don’t know what is causing Dean’s condition? That is a major red flag. When is the last time you heard of a starter who couldn’t play but the team had no idea what was wrong with the player some five days after experiencing symptoms?

Joe has a very bad feeling this may be a long-term issue with Dean.

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