Impatient RoJo

December 24th, 2021

Operation RoJo is in full effect.

Joe can’t wait.

No slight on Playoff Lenny/Lombardi Lenny/Bad Hammy Lenny, but Joe finds it exciting to see what Ronald Jones will do Sunday as the Bucs’ bellcow running back. He was the go-to guy last year until a busted thumb and COVID launched Lenny into the lineup and the rest is glorious Buccaneers history.

RoJo, still just 24 years old, has been riding the bench all season. He’s been a punishing runner in spot duty but also has avoided contact at times and flashed his shaky hands.

All that is meaningless now. RoJo in a dream scenario for himself, especially as a pending 2022 free agent.

He spoke this week about getting his top-dog job pulled out from him last year and the challenge of staying patient.

“It’s tough, you know, being right there on the tip of [last being a 1,000-yard rusher and a starter in the playoffs], but I guess everything happens for a reason,” RoJo said. “We end up winning the big one. So just trying to repeat that success again because with team success comes individual success. And I’ll be trying to chase it again soon.”

Soon is less than 48 hours away. RoJo has a ton of experience, knows the offense and has top-shelf blocking in front of him.

It’s RoJo’s time.

35 Responses to “Impatient RoJo”

  1. cmurda Says:

    ROJO is the better runner. No doubt in my mind. Lenny is tough and breaks tackles and falls forward but ROJO is faster and has quicker burst. That’s never been a question with ROJO. It’s more about can he consistently catch and block. If he gets that down, he could end up with a fat raise. The best thing for the franchise is that he does. Technically, the best thing would be Vaughn to suddenly be amazing. I just don’t see it though.

  2. kgh4life Says:

    Like you said Joe, “Rojo, is still just 24 years old,”… but that’s the problem, on many occasions he plays like a guy that just came in to the league rather than a veteran player: missed blocks, missing running lanes and dropping passes.

  3. ClwJB Says:

    His hands and mental lapses aren’t going to miraculously change this week – you have to just ask him to do his job – get chunks and run hard every play, protect the football and TB12 at all costs

  4. Jp09 Says:

    If rojo figured out pass pro he’s going to good to go. He was a thousand yard back last year, running the ball is not his problem

  5. Lars Tatersalad Says:

    Regardless how you feel about Rojo, there aren’t many teams that can replace their starting tailback with a backup of his ability.

  6. Smashsquatch Says:

    Last year Lenny came off the bench late in the season and became Playoff Lenny. Will their roles be reversed of this year? Rojo needs more reps to get his timing down, and he’s coming in with fresh legs. The table is set for a metamorphosis, I see a little Rojo Mojo coming.

  7. Jordan Says:

    He caught the 2 passes thrown to him last week, and he looked more comfortable catching them. Looked natural.

    I think Arians and Leftwich question his ability to never have a flaw in the pass protection game more than his hands cause the price to pay with a huge hit to Tom Brady is something we can’t afford.

    I believe it was the first Atlanta game where he let Deion Jones come in completely unblocked, just a major mental error and didn’t even get a hand on him.

  8. Mike Says:

    Rojo is gonna go go! Let’s f’in go Bucs!

  9. allbuccedup Says:

    Rojo needs to light it up these last 3 games if he has a chance of coming back next year.

  10. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    It’s all a mind game with Rojo. Hopefully he’s matured and ready for this stage. He certainly has the skill set running the ball he just needs to get it together in pass pro and receiving. I see a lot of Darden in him. You can see the explosiveness but the lack of focus and attention to detail rises to the top.

  11. Eddie Marz Says:

    RoJo can run. So let’s run and when we’re not running, play action and let the best QB of all time throw. I’m ok with this arrangement. GOBUCS!

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let’s stop with the empty backfields & when we need two yards on 3rd down don’t throw it 30 yards downfield……please….use the TEs more also…..

  13. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    They will not let him. He was hitting it good last week and what did they do? Put Keyshaun in and that was that. He might not be a mental giant but they throw him to the ground the instant he messes up instead of just having some patience with him. They want to win the last three games they better run the heck out of ROJO until our receivers prove they can get open for Brady.

  14. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Dude needs to work on his pass blocking and receiving skills and maybe he wouldn’t spend so much time on the bench.

  15. T REX Says:

    @ david – rojo took himself out because he was gassed

    dude is trash and not a liability.

    Depending on rojo is like depending on the iceberg spotters on the titanic

  16. Tom Sumner Says:

    Just Block and Don’t Fumble LFG RJ!!

  17. Ash Says:

    If he would improve his pass protect I wouldnt mind so much that he didn’t catch the ball so we’ll but he is all we have right now so I’m wishing for the best let’s go bucs

  18. Buczilla Says:

    I used to like Rojo and while he’s not a bust, he’s certainly not worth the second round pick that he cost us. Plenty of physical ability, but he’s got serious mental issues and running out of bounds is inexcusable. Good riddance after this year. Oh and Vaughn has shown zero signs of being worth a third round pick, so hopefully Licht is putting in overtime scouting the running backs for the next draft.

  19. Outsider Says:

    It’s alarming he’s never been “the guy” except for most of last year. That in itself is very telling imo. But I hope he balls out so he can get his due respect somewhere where they’ll actually use him next year

  20. steele Says:

    RoJo is a more explosive, quicker, faster back than Lenny, period, while his weaknesses in pass pro, receiving, and fumbling have never been fixed, and if he was gassed in the last game, that doesn’t bode well either. Like Joe, I am rooting for him to have a breakout series of games. He has incentive, no excuses now.

    I’m hoping a galvanized RoJo + a resurrected Le’Veon will surprise.

    A new bona fide feature back is an offseason priority.

  21. donuts Says:

    In the Super Bowl last year, RoJo averaged 5.1 yards on 12 carries; Lenny had 16 carries. Its not like RoJo was on the bench and never saw the field during the playoffs. He played every game and split reps. He played poorly in the GB game but other than that he was a factor in the running game in all other matchups.

  22. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Imagine a medical school, that turned out doctors who never learned how to check blood pressure ?
    ROJO is from USC, Tailback University.
    Their backs are all pure runners, with pass catching and pass blocking a secondary consideration.
    ROJO is, what ROJO is, a pure runner, and not the type of back this offense needs and wants.
    Blame Licht, who failed to do his homework on ROJO.
    On a run first team like Indy or Tennessee, or even Seattle, ROJO will kick butt.
    But he will never be the all purpose Back Brady needs and wants.

  23. LakelandSteve Says:

    When RoJo is playing well he hits the line like a runaway locomotive. Let’s hope that guy shows up Sunday

  24. David Says:

    I keep rooting for him, he’s such a great runner and explosive, but it is all about can he block and catch out of the backfield

  25. tampabayallday Says:

    My only issues with rojo are that he isn’t too good in pass protection, he had fumbles issues, and he seems to never put in the extra effort to get a first down in crucial situations.

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    All you gotta do is average 221 yards a game and you’ll be over 1000. You can do it Ronnie!

  27. Big Lou Says:

    Bell as the third down pass catcher and Rojo between the tackles. There will be mistakes but we’ll move the ball too. Could be worse.

  28. Bojim Says:

    Love to see him shine.

  29. Brandon Says:

    Joe has provided all negative criticism of Rojo. Everyone else chiming in doesn’t know squat. He breaks far more tackles than Fournette and is far faster through the hole. He is elite as a runner. Criticize him all you want as a receiver or blocker. He’s a little below average in both departments. Fournette isn’t even close to him as a runner. Lenny always falls forward but that’s it. He usually leaves his feet at first contact and the play is over. Rojo is in the same stratosphere as Cook, Peterson, and other top RBs in their primes. Unfortunately, the egos of Arians, Leftwich, and Brady are far too great to dare play smart football and run the ball. If we dedicate ourselves to running the ball and a balanced offense, our O will undoubtedly be better than the pass happy garbage offense that has scored a grand total of six points in the last seven quarters.

  30. Brandon Says:

    T REX, you’re a liability. Rojo is one of the best pure runners in the NFL. If you can’t see that, you have no business commenting on something you clearly don’t know.

  31. Oneilbuc Says:

    Merry Christmas to all my bucs fans and to yall families!! Even Youngbucs Merry Christmas bro !!!

  32. Trey Long Says:

    Play action and in game adjustments. Last week worst game plan ever.

  33. Leander Says:

    Jones 15 carries, Fornette 10, and Vaughn 10 per game. This would cut down on the interceptions, rest the defense more, and minimize the need for any one back to dominate.
    Brandon fully understands. The truth of the matter is Jones has been disrespected and marginalized. In short order, he will not resign with the Bucs. This will be our loss.

  34. orlbucfan Says:

    How come we didn’t see/hear two RBs lined up in the backfield more often: Fournette and Rojo? Who called that one, Brady?

  35. Rayswave Says:

    Honestly we all know ROJO is a great runner. Just keep making the same mistakes. Still lacks in pass blocking & feels like he just never works on his hands at all. This was his backfield even if Lenny did have an epic postseason for us which I’m so grateful for cuz let’s be serious none of us expected that at all. He really did nothing during the regular season. Rojo was our main guy. But once he went down before the DC wildcard game Lenny never looked back.

    Even with all that idc what anyone says without Lenny running the way he did in the playoffs last year we would not be world champs period. But even with all that Rojo was still the guy come week 1 this year but of course dropped passes missed blocks on key 3rd downs got him benched.

    All that being said I’m sick of all the Rojo haters. If he runs like he did last year for the remainder of the regular season & post season we’ll be fine. So have faith in the kid contract year why not show out when it counts the most just like Lenny did last year for us.