Drafting A Receiver

December 20th, 2021

Bucs GM Jason Licht

A therapeutic Lost Decade tradition after a November or December loss was discussion of what the Bucs would do in the next year’s NFL Draft.

Last night was the Bucs’ first December loss since 2019, so Joe thought it might soothe some to revive the custom.

It struck Joe during the groin-kick shutout to the slimy Saints that the Bucs’ receiving depth is overrated.

Various injuries have given Tyler Johnson multiple chances to have a major impact this season, but Johnson largely has failed when he’s gotten his shots. Same for Scotty Miller. And don’t get Joe started on rookie Jaelon Darden. The guy is just too raw for the NFL right now — at receiver or returner.

Weeks ago after the loss to the Washington Heinickes, Arians lamented that receivers stepping up were not getting open. Then it happened again. And then there was last night.

So Joe is wondering this morning about the Bucs drafting a receiver in Round 1 or 2 of the 2021 NFL Draft. Antonio Brown’s body has been falling apart and he will be 34 next season. Mike Evans has 120-plus games of wear on his tires, while Chris Godwin has fought through a lot of injuries for a young player.

With an offense built to pass the ball and O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate fading — and with a quarterback that needs to be kept happy — Joe wouldn’t wag a finger if the Bucs chased a beastly receiver in the draft. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Bucs have had success drafting that position.

Joe realizes Breshad Perriman remains a potential option, but four catches in four games this season doesn’t have Joe waving a big Perriman flag. And no, Joe doesn’t consider Miller or Johnson to be busts as sixth- and fifth-round picks, respectively.

A couple of weeks ago it seemed the Bucs would be wise to add to their cornerback stable in a hurry. Now Joe’s not as sure that’s the same offseason priority.

Hopefully, this is the last of Joe’s draft talk until late February following the next boat parade and Lombardi Trophy toss.

31 Responses to “Drafting A Receiver”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    jason licht looks like an old little kid in the pic…the way he’s wearing his hat and all… 🙂

  2. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    He drafted Darden Joe, another one of the Licht smartest guys in the room draft picks

  3. buc15 Says:

    ahhhh the typical Joe knee jerk reaction. Our top 3 receivers plus our starting RB went down last night. Not one single team in the league would have been worth a damm with those guys out. It was just a bad night & let’s hope we get most our guys back for the playoffs.

  4. zzbuc Says:

    Joe with all due respect…Do you really think Tyler J and Scotty M had to many chances and failed?
    I really disagree here……I think both didn´t have many chances for several reasons, and the did have very good catches, and missed some others…..

    If you mean being first or second reciever I would agree they are not……But 4 or 5….they are great…

    We can´t have 6 stars in that position…Thanks gor we have 3 superstars!!! And then we have Scotty and Tyler that IMO are great players for 4/5….

  5. Architek Says:

    I said the same thing to my wife last night. The RB and WR depth looked pedestrian compared to the starters. (I do realize that’s why they’re starters) But the drop off is so severe.

    Johnson is really slow and looks like a possession WR. Darden is a fish out of water and Miller is a one trick pony. I never cared for the Vaughn pick at all.

    I won’t slam Jason because he’s done a great job building this roster up and last night was equally on the playcalling but the skill position depth is suspect.

  6. LVMYBUCS Says:

    I really liked Johnson until this season he looks lost out there and Darden Jesus that dude only skill is speed and half the time he trips over his own feet. We need secondary help and again would love to see a better OC on the sideline. I truly believe without Brady Leftwich is garbage, im sorry. I mean it looks like he only has 10 plays on his sheet. Santa bring me a better OC and head coach who knows how to play this game of football.

  7. SKBucsFan Says:

    At least you aren’t talking about drafting a running back…yet! We need help on defense first… D-line/LB. Can draft a receiver in the 3rd round.

  8. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Its not losing that hurts it’s the way you lose that hurts. I ask again why did they pull RoJo? He was ready to break one at any minute then he disappeared .

  9. Bird Says:

    Nah. Db still #1. Dline #2 and i would say running back #3

    Rojo is gonzo. Dude runs out of bounds to avoid contact?
    Vaughn? More like yawn. Well not so reliable?
    And lenny we hope re-upps
    Running back is huge need

    Unfortunately, brady may call it a day after this year. I mean 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 and we throw 25 yard pass against a great secondary. Run vaughn up the gut. Punt before half? Please. Our playcalling is predictable. Thats why guys not open. Saints know what we are running. Beady had no chance cause he is not a scrammbler to make plays when no one is open

    I just read a post blaming brady for starting out with 9 straight passes in game? Uhmmm. Maybe you should think that thru genius

    But its a buc site. The sky is falling 😂. Brady is trash now. 😂. We do have the dumbest fans. 😂

    The thing i am worried about right now is injuries …so getting healthy …and not having to face saints in playoffs. Thats it.

  10. Casual Observer Says:

    As often as they are injured, as well as the sometimes mediocre play, I think a couple of CBs ought to be in the top 3 picks.

  11. deuceswild78 Says:

    Give me a team in the league with the depth to overcome their top 3 WRs being out… I do agree that if AB is not kept and Godwin leaves that will be a need, but not basing it on one game.

  12. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Did evans suffer a hamstring injury as well? This team picked the wrong time to have injuries.

  13. Thomas Edrington Says:

    DB and tight end……OJ Howard was a waste…..Gronk’s tread is getting thin…

  14. Winny Testaverde Says:

    If by “raw” re: Darden you mean small, scared, tentative and untrustworthy…then I agree. Who knew Mickens would be missed this much.

  15. Coburn Says:

    Actually feel at this point a tight end is one of our most needed positions. At best gronk will be back for one last season. Brate is slowing down, oj just isn’t a football player.

  16. Show Me the TDs Says:

    You could see the lack of depth when the backups were playing in the pre-season. We have some roster spots that could be filled by average players. OJ is a bust. Darden runs like a scared child. He runs half speed when he has a lot of space and only turns up the speed when in close quarters. He takes a dive whenever he is about to get hit. Vaughn is nothing special. Tyler Johnson reported out of shape and has done nothing. Rojo is a head case. Those are 5 that I would release and replace the day after our last game.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Seriously Joe? Use a precious 1st Rnd pick on a receiver? Bucs will have so many higher-priority NEEDS next year that drafting a receiver will be the last thing on JL’s mind. And especially after they pay Godwin a king’s ransom (and no, we won’t re-sign AB).

    Brady’s seeing the writing on the wall right now; he won’t be here next year (although we’ll still be paying him oodles & oodles of cash). JPP won’t be re-signed, and Suh will finally retire more than likely. Vea is good for 50% of the snaps, and RNR & Gholston are part-timers. Hmmm, might NEED to rebuild the DLine? OJ won’t be re-signed, Brate may very well be gone, and Gronk will leave with TB12. Hmmm, might NEED to rebuild our TE group? And oh ya, we already know that we NEED help in the Secondary. Heck we might even NEED a new punter & kicker. Oh rats, there goes our 1st & 2nd Rnd picks.

  18. Show Me the TDs Says:

    @Defense Rules. Yup, good points. Add them to the list.

  19. Ed Says:

    Tight end is indeed a need, whether in FA or mid level draft. Watch other teams utilizing TEs: George Kittle, Andrew’s on Ravens, Kelse. You need those type of guys. Gronk is in their league but is older.

    Dropping Brate, Howard, Jones, Suh, JPP’s cap values next year give Bucs options to bring in a FA WR that is 26-27 years old.

    We definitely need a WR that is fast put not one trick ponies.

    If Darden is fast he sure doesn’t know how to use that speed. His game coming from college isn’t translating into NFL speed. He already has all the signs of not being tough enough to last in the NFL

  20. D-Rome Says:

    zzbuc, I think Johnson and Miller have had enough opportunities to make plays and make an impact on the game. These are the opportunities where you can help a team win or help you stand out for your next contract. They haven’t done either, especially Tyler Johnson.

  21. Hodad Says:

    Makes sense Joe. In a passing league you need receivers. Godwin might not be resigned, Evans is getting older, A.B. already is old, they need new blood. If Brady comes back next year, having a top young wide out opposite Evans would be nice. Maybe even another FA vet who’s looking for a chance to win rather than a big pay day. You either get better, or worse. If we stay pat at receiver we’ll get worse.

  22. zzbuc Says:

    I get your point, but what I mean they are 4/5 receivers…..they are not 1/2……..Rememebr last year BOTH of them we VERY important on critical games they made critical catches….

    I am comfortable having them….

    @Defense Rules
    If TB 12 goes as you say, I am not sure yet, we will have to get a new QB, and most probably a new Coach

  23. rrsrq Says:

    America’s QB made so many receivers better, TB picks his favorite and feeds, feeds, feeds, so the defense knows TB will take a sack than throw to a receiver he doesn’t trust. Not saying Jameis is better, he is not, but name a receiver that wasn’t better while JW was at the helm. Perriman, Humphries, OJ, Brate, ME, CG, even Scooter got love from Jameis.

  24. PSL Bob Says:

    Joe, putting Brate and OJ in the same category is shameful. OJ isn’t fading. He never was burning.

  25. Mike Johnson Says:

    Frafting a receiver? You kiddin me? Better start thinkin QB.

  26. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Hate to say this, but the Saints are just a QB away from being the best team in the NFC South.
    Imagine what they would have done to us, if they still had Brees ?
    Their D Line got pressure w/o all kinds of crazy blitzes, leaving plenty of people back there to blanket our receivers.
    The Rams beat us the exact same way, pressure from the front 4.
    Same with Washington.
    If a team can pressure Brady with just the front 4, we are in trouble.

  27. firethecannons Says:

    completely agree with Joe–Johnson, Miller and especially Darden are garbage–not reliable, not good enough! Perhaps Miller may be keepable as 1 trick pony

  28. Marine Buc Says:

    If we lose Godwin and AB we will definitely be drafting a WR in either round #1 or #2…

  29. ClodHopper Says:

    What was the deal with Mr. Faster than Tyreek, Scotty not being able to run faster than a db? Was he gassed too?

  30. Bucs Guy Says:

    Needs for Bucs draft
    CB – Too many injuries and won’t be able to re-sign everyone in next 2 years. 1st or 2nd round
    RB – Bucs will sign Lenny, Rojo will not be re-signed, no confidence in Vaughn, Bernard? 3rd round
    DT/Edge – Not re-signing everyone: Suh, JPP, Gholston. McClendon retiring.1st or 2nd round
    TE – OJ will not be resigned, Brate could be traded, Gronk is retiring in a year with Brady. 4th round
    OLine – Will either keep Jensen or Cappa, but not both. 5th round
    No 6th round pick

    Don’t need to pick a #5 receiver (Evans, Godwin, AB, Perriman)

  31. Oneilbuc Says:

    Draft a Defensive line in the first round build the defense first than the offense. Defense win championships so why not keep building on the defense . Brady will be back next year what if he turns into a 2015 Payton Manning we are going to need a good defense to carry us like the Broncos!!