Devin White Is The Quiet Terror

December 25th, 2021

Surprising stat.

Now when Bucs linebacker Devin White is on the field, he’s anything but quiet. He’s actually pretty damn noisy.

But within #NFLMedia you hear and read some folks dare to suggest that Micah Parsons may be the next Lawrence Taylor. Joe’s not ready to go there yet but the Cowboys linebacker sure looks to be a generational player.

And same for Maxx Crosby and Randy Gregory and Trey Hendrickson and of course, Myles Garrett get a lot of run, too. Deservedly so.

White? Maybe not as much. So when Joe read the following stat from CBS Sports, it grabbed Joe’s attention. Guess who leads the NFL in quarterback pressure percentage? That would be White, who gets pressure on 27.1 percent of his pass rushes.

And it is not even close. Parsons is second at 22.1 percent.

Oh, Joe will hear and/or read that White is a very good blitzer and quarterbacks should be aware of him. But Joe has not read White getting run like some of the others in the top-five.

Perhaps that is because White only has 3.5 sacks. White gets to the quarterback, he just doesn’t get him down. Guess that’s why Joe freaked out so much when the Bucs played the Bills and White decided enough of this nonsense and decided to jump on Josh Allen’s back with a Lee Roy Selmon move, like White was mounting one of his horses.

White was going to take Allen for a ride — to the dirt!

13 Responses to “Devin White Is The Quiet Terror”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And how this other fib performed in the playoffs???
    Oh! I see…
    Go Bucs!!!
    Going for two

  2. Alexandre Nascimento Says:

    And how this others five players did in the playoffs!??

    Oh! I see…

    Go Bucs! Going for two!

  3. Derek Says:

    Devin took a screenshot of that picture and posted it on his IG story. Said he barely got sent on blitzes this year…

  4. Coburn Says:

    Doesn’t fall in the same category, but one absolute stud linebacker is that Darius Leonard. My goodness

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    This is why it’s so stupid to constantly have White dropping into pass coverage, where nothing good happens. Meanwhile, if you have White running forward, he plays like the #5 overall pick and literally can change the game. The fact Bowles is trying to make him a coverage LB is beyond me. Have him run forward on every single play, never backwards. He disrupts the run game and the pass game when he’s running towards the ball.

  6. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Rod Munch: I doubt that having a defensive player doing the same thing on every snap would be effective. Are you any relation to the Smith Brothers, Lovie & Mike? This is something they would’ve done, and we remember how that worked out.

  7. Mike C Says:

    He needed to be quiet in that game @New Orleans.

  8. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Give the bitching a rest. It’s Christmas Day.

  9. Listnfrmafar Says:

    He does bark a little too much which could lead to a costly taunting penalty in the PO’s. I wish he would tackle lower versus the all-star wrestling he does. Imagine him hitting like Winfield, he would blow people up.

  10. Ed Says:

    I’ve watched a couple of Cowboys games this year and Micah Parsons is a completely different kind of player than Devin White. He pushes blockers into quarterbacks, much stronger than White. White is definitely faster and covers more ground vs running game.

    As a pass rusher, no comparison, Parsons is All Pro quality. His 12 sacks this season is is only 2.5 sacks short of all time rookie record. Devin’s 3.5 sacks are certainly nothing special this season.

    Cowboys have hit big time with their rookie first rounder (12th pick overall). Devin White needs to close out the season and the playoffs to get back to his play of late last season. The Bucs need him to play like Parsons is playing.

  11. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Devin has played well, but hopefully he is saving his best for the late season.

  12. Cobraboy Says:

    The difference is that all those guys but White rush the QB 95% of passing plays.

    White? Maybe 50% at most (I don’t know the % of ILB blitzed in this D).

    So while the % may be high, the actual number is significantly lower.

    No % ever pressured a QB.

    that said, White is good at what he does, if not inconsistent.

  13. Miller5252 Says:

    White is just one of those rare talents that you don’t get to see. There one thing White has to work on and once he has it, he’ll have double digit sacks. He has got to learn how to break down and slow up as he’s trying to make the sack. When Matty “statue” ice makes you miss, there’s an issue. I really think in the next couple of years his game is really going to go to another level and he’ll be an all pro for years to come. Stay healthy and keep working in the off season and he’ll be an all time great.