Bucs Stuck At No. 4 Seed, Will Need Help

December 27th, 2021

Keep an eye on the scoreboard, Ed. It’s fun.”

This is what happens when you lose to the wrong teams.

Conference record matters in the world of the NFL, specifically when the head-to-head tiebreakers do not apply.

The Bucs (11-4) are in a three-way tie with the Rams and Cowboys, and when that’s the case, head-to-head records among those teams fly out the window. Conference record is the next standard and the Bucs have the worst in the bunch, so they are stuck with the No. 4 seed as of today.

Moan about it all you want, those are the rules set long before the season started. It’s fair whether Joe likes it or not.

Dallas next plays the Cardinals (10-5) at home followed by the Eagles (8-7) on the road. Tough games.

The Rams head to Baltimore (8-7) and host the 49ers (8-7) to end the season. Joe believes that’s an easier path than the Cowboys have.

Of course, the Bucs play the Jets on the road before closing out at home against Carolina.

The No. 2 seed is in reach, but the Bucs could stay at No. 4. If they have a better record than Dallas but tie with the Rams at 13-4, then the Bucs will be the No. 3 seed because they lost to the Rams in September. For the purposes of this post, Joe is assuming the Packers (12-3) hold on to the No. 1 overall seed.

Either way, the Bucs will host a playoff game. But Joe wants no part of the No. 4 seed. The No. 2 seed matters. It guarantees a second home game if the Bucs win their playoff opener.

Fun and stressful times ahead for the NFC South champs.

47 Responses to “Bucs Stuck At No. 4 Seed, Will Need Help”

  1. zzbuc Says:

    Dallas and Rams don´t have it very easy…..All of them have a reason to win….

  2. JimBuc2 Says:

    Any field. Any team. Anytime. Strap up and bring your A game. We will punk your azz!
    Go Bucs!!

  3. ModHairKen Says:

    If they just win the game, seeds don’t matter. If they can’t play well in GB because some half drunk Wisconsinites are going to yell, then this ain’t much of a team, now is it?

  4. ATLBuc Says:

    Ditto. The way the defense is playing since we got our corners back, it doesn’t matter where we play. Two weeks with no touchdown? Bring ‘em on!!

  5. Sean Says:

    The only thing that matters at this point is getting as many of these injured guys back as humanly possible and getting these previously little used offensive players clicking with Brady. Regardless of seeding, they are going to have to win some tough games against some good teams to repeat. Health is everything. I hope the training staff can duct tape these guys together for the playoffs.

  6. stpetebucsfan Says:

    We have last year’s experience to fall back on. The only home game we played was the big one!

    I do envy the Pack their bye because I think an extra week to get healthy is a big advantage…far greater than simple home field.

  7. SB~LV Says:

    Hugh Culverhouse … “ what eveahhh”
    They now have to play the cards they are holding… eyes forward!

  8. John Sinclear Says:

    So – try to win it out and hope for the best, or rest all the walking wounded, play the reserves the next couple of weeks and go in to the playoffs healed up??

  9. TiredBucsFan Says:

    It’s fun stress, but I’m worried about Shaq. We can’t lose him too.

  10. Swampbuc Says:

    You get shut out and curb stomped by the Aints at home, your home field advantage doesn’t mean squat. I’m still sore from that and I hope Boron’s Leftwurst has lumps on his face from Todd Bowles smacking him around.

    Give up 9 points and lose? Seriously? Nice job Leftwurst.

  11. DingleBerry Says:

    I’m actually fine with having the #4 seed. Sure it would have been nice to secure homefield advantage for the entirety of the playoffs with the #1 seed, but it also would have been nice to go undefeated lol and you can’t always get what you want, but I digress.

    We didn’t go undefeated last year and didn’t have the top seed, but we did go undefeated in the playoffs and won the Super Bowl as the 5th seed. And the 4th and 5th seed teams play each other in the first round of the playoffs in wildcard weekend.

    So we’ll pretty much be in the same starting point as we were last season. Which I think bodes well for us.

    As of right now the 5th seed team is Arizona, which granted will be a tougher match up than we had out of the gate last year against the Football team from Washington. But despite their insanely good start, the Cardinals have been floundering recently. So I still view them as very beatable.

    All this to say, I like our chances with Playoff Tom Brady.

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    I just wanted to win the division. Bucs did it. Seeding? Whatever. As someone pointed out, last year’s march to the SB was on the road, every game until the big one. Bucs won them all. At least there will be one playoff game here. Fine with me. Still shaking my head over the Defense…12 sacks in the last 2 games???? Is that a record, Joes?

  13. DingleBerry Says:


    If you recall, we got beat badly by the Saints twice last year as well in the regular season.

    That didn’t stop us from winning it all.

    If Brady and and the boys bring home another Lombardi, the ugly losses to the Saints won’t matter at all, just like they didn’t last year.

  14. rrsrq Says:

    Just play who is in front of you and win

  15. PanhandleBuc Says:

    Sorry but the 4th seed would suck! Assuming all home teams win the -1st round, we would play GB coming off a bye week. Not ideal at all!!

  16. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    one game here… not so bad! Which one we play??? Sat or Sun or Mon???

  17. MRWright88 Says:

    Simply…the Cowboys don’t matter. If Bucs win out and Rams lose a game, Bucs are #2 seed. Add a Green Bay loss (unlikely) to that, and Bucs are #1 seed. So need the Rams and Packers to lose a game.

  18. Jerry Says:

    So will likely have to play at Green Bay in rd 2 after they had a bye, and then at LA or Dallas in rd 3.

    That’s going to be rough. Blowing that Saints game likely cost us the chance to repeat.

  19. MRWright88 Says:

    Actually, to correct myself…the Cowboys do matter. If they lose (and Rams win out) the Bucs are the #3 seed…better than #4 seed.

  20. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Dave “Less Is” Moore ( great analyst…loved him as a player also ) mentioned how ill prepared/borderline cocky the Bucs were taking on The Washington Heinike’s ( excellent name Joe ). Losing to that geek was almost inexcusable at this point. Stuff happens…NFC is stacked this year.

  21. yucboy Says:

    I dont think its about the seeding, more about the matchups. If the Bucs can avoid the Rams then they’ll be in a good spot to make it to Super Bowl. 49ers or Eagles are ideal 1st round opponents

  22. Player 1 Says:

    Last years empty stadiums do not equal playing road games through out the playoffs this year. Home field matters

  23. Francisco Guzman Says:

    All they need is to win out and hope the rams lose a game i believe. Head to head matters. Don’t they own the tiebreaker against Dallas? The only reason Dallas is number 2 now is because of a 3 way tie.

  24. Jerry Says:

    Last year home field didn’t mean much with empty stadiums. And we lucked out with mild weather in GB. It’ll be different this time. For those that are convinced seeding doesn’t matter, I think you will change your mind quick if it’s snowing in Wisconsin and have to play the packers in that after their bye. All while we are already having a long list of injuries.

  25. Bird Says:

    Just no saints matchup 😂

    Im cool if we have to play cards but wouldnt mind eagles or 49ers even with their coach

  26. Steven007 Says:

    Home field is preferred, though many teams have gone the other way. And I’m not counting us last year. The Giants spanked us at home in ’07 and then went on to win the super bowl. Not the norm but it’s not exactly an anomaly either.

  27. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Bucs have had too many stinko games this year. They deserve the spot they’re in.

  28. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Jerry you’re trembling having to play the packers. The packers are a flawed team. Bucs can beat them. They’re not unbeatable. They have had so many close games this year. Their luck will eventually run out. They should have lost to cleveland if the refs made a call on them.

  29. Bird Says:

    Need rams loss. If so then even if bucs and cowboys win out. Bucs get 2 cause head to head then applies

    With three teams tied its conference schedule so we would be 4

  30. Go Bucs! Says:

    I hate to ask for favors, we need to be mentally ready to travel.

  31. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Swampbuc Says:
    December 27th, 2021 at 10:00 am
    You get shut out and curb stomped by the Aints at home, your home field advantage doesn’t mean squat. I’m still sore from that and I hope Boron’s Leftwurst has lumps on his face from Todd Bowles smacking him around.

    Give up 9 points and lose? Seriously? Nice job Leftwurst.
    The Bucs just clinched the South Division by beating the Panthers 32-6 (a game that you said the Bucs defense would have to score 2 TD’s for the Bucs to win 17-16) and you’re STILL whining about the Saints game. Sorry.
    Byron Leftwich is the Offensive Coordinator in the NFL, for a Super Bowl winning team. What have you done, besides being wrong on every prediction I’ve ever seen you make?

  32. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Bucs were just a wild card team last year, and did ok.

  33. firethecannons Says:

    Packers almost lost to Ravens who played a backup quarterback–they had the game to go to overtime but Harbaugh got stupid again! Packers almost lost to the Browns yesterday–Baker threw 4 picks and it came down to the wire. Packers are beatable!

  34. adam from ny Says:

    rams could get jammed up for a loss in baltimore this weekend…tough game right there in potentially cold conditions…

    cardinals are getting in desperation mode for a win and to get on track before the playoffs…personally i think they’re done…and i wouldn’t mind seeing them and their noobie coach come see us in ray jay

  35. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    Bucs will be fine regardless of what seed they end up with. As long as we have Gronk, AB, RoJo playing, Brady will be fine.

  36. crazybucs_CL Says:

    no matter how you put it, there is no escape from Rams. The fact that everyone here want to avoid them, means are pretty good team.
    So they are going to beat every team in playoffs, and we should beat them.
    Simple, and almost impossible!
    Remember, we have the worst coaching compare to:

  37. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Just get healthy and get young guys experience. Seeding is what it is at this point.

  38. Jerry Says:

    We just simply match up bad against the Rams, just like the Saints. Stafford is the type of QB our secondary struggles with, and their DL has the ability to rattle Brady the same way the Saints do.

    They were the team I was concerned with last year in the playoffs, but the Packers took care of them for us.

  39. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Dallas and the Rams I believe will lose one of those games… The Rams have trouble with mobile QBs and Dallas has been up and down and the Cardinals are desperate to prove they belong in the playoffs!! I’m betting both these teams lose their next games!!

  40. Ed Says:

    I think the Bucs do match up better against Green Bay than the Rams. Cooper Cupp is unlike any receiver the Packers have. No matter how teams play the Rams, Cupp just keeps getting open. Green Bay on the other hand has good balance but if they put the heat on Rodgers, he can be knocked off his game.

    Dallas has the best pass rushers of any of the playoff teams but they can be run on. The Bucs simply need to run the ball and then, when under center, Brady will find the open. Shotgun gives pass rushers one dimension to pin their ears back.

  41. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    Who gives a f I’m confident we can beat ANY team anywhere ! 1 seed 4 seed don’t mean spit just win !

  42. captivajim Says:

    If we stay #4, I’m fine to play the Cards.. Then we’d have to play Packers up north ..I also think we do match up better with them than the Rams..

    THen we play winner of Rams/Dallas -unless there’s an upset by one of the wildcards??

  43. Bucs96NYC Says:

    I was having this discussion w/ my ppls today. I actually would love the seeding as it is today. When you look @ the non division winners the Cardinals is the team I would wanna face @ this point. So I’m cool w/ things the way they’re now.

  44. BucsFan81 Says:

    Don’t care what seed we are I would rather go into the playoffs healthy with as many starters as possible.

  45. steele Says:

    In addition to the need to stay healthy and peak at the right time, time to factor in issues with weather and travel. I’m for any scenario that minimizes all of these risks. Stuck at #4 in a Lambeau blizzard…not good.

  46. Ed Says:

    Yes, Bucs definitely need the first round bye to hopefully get some players healthy, but getting it is a long shot. Pack will probably win out, enduring they get the one seed. Tough year with all the injuries, but even when healthy offense didn’t seem to click like last year’s stretch run.

  47. Redsox/Bucs1 Says:

    Whatever the seed, this year just doesn’t feel like the one. I don’t think the boys have it in ’em. I see them losing in round 2. But who the hell am I to know. Hopefully I’m wrong and the boys pull it together. Would just love to see us knock out Rodgers again and see who he blames it on this time.