Ali Marpet Loves Punishing Skill Position Teammates

December 9th, 2021

Physical teammates make Ali Marpet smile.

Now this is an offensive lineman’s mentality.

Yesterday, Bucs left guard Ali Marpet was asked about having teammates like Chris Godwin and foot-rubbing, car-littering film guru Rob Gronkowski and Playoff Lenny, three guys who like to dish out punishment of their own despite being skill position players.

Marpet says when he sees those three hammering defenders, it makes him want to blast someone too.

“It’s awesome,” Marpet said. “When you have your skill guys falling forward and getting extra yards, it helps you bury the opponent. You feel like you’re imposing your will.

“When ‘Lenny’ or Chris [Godwin] or Gronk are falling forward, we have guys getting extra yards, it’s really cool to see. Especially, if you can help them push the pile a little bit, it feels like you’re imposing your will a little bit.”

“Imposing your will” is a beautiful thing and as old as the game itself. It’s what Al Davis and Bill Parcells always preached. Bill Belicheat likes to use this mentality as well.

Look, the Bucs have one of the best offensive lines in the game. Anything that makes these guys want to belt someone wearing a different colored jersey, Joe is all for that.

4 Responses to “Ali Marpet Loves Punishing Skill Position Teammates”

  1. Hodad Says:

    Yes, impose our will. The Pats ran them into the ground. If we come out running, we’ll completely bury them. I think the Bills are in for an arse kicking.

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Yes, we can easily become a power running team. Both the Colts and the Patriots ran the ball down the Bills throat.

  3. SlyPirate Says:

    The afterglow of Lenny’s big TD run against Indy.

    Godwin was blocking a DB downfield and Lenny blew up the DB to get into the endzone.

    I’m with you, Ali. That was awesome!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Mark Schlereth loves to say, “There’s no better feeling than moving another man from point A to point B against his will” Love that attitude.