“It’s A Lot Like Having A Shutdown Corner Out There”

November 27th, 2021

Lavonte David

The leader of the slimy Saints, Sean Payton, has raved many times over the years about how Lavonte David is a superior three-down linebacker with special ability in the passing game.

This week, it was David’s position coach’s turn to throw bouquets at the future Buccaneers Ring of Honor member.

Inside linebackers coach Mike Caldwell, an 11-year NFL linebacker himself years ago, was asked to name an Xs-and-Os aspect to David’s game that goes underappreciated.

Caldwell went right to pass coverage and explained that David has his own version of Revis Island.

“It’s a lot like having a shutdown corner out there,” he said of David. “That tight end in the game, we don’t have to worry about him for the rest of the game because we know No. 54 is on him and he’s gonna be successful.”

Caldwell noted the great trust in David among coaches when it comes to locking down a running back or tight end. He suggested a deep look at Monday night’s Giants-Bucs film will reveal that nobody caught a ball on David.

Versatile veteran Colts tight end Jack Doyle will no doubt be in David’s sights on Sunday. Doyle has 20 catches and 2 touchdowns this season. Those aren’t huge numbers, but they’re more significant since the Colts don’t throw a ton.

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13 Responses to ““It’s A Lot Like Having A Shutdown Corner Out There””

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Tomorrow is a “want to game” that’s it. Who wants it more

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So glad it’s not a must win game!

  3. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Absolutely agree Pete

  4. Lesco_Brandon Says:

    I almost forgot this guy still plays with the BUCS. I haven’t heard his name for a long time until now.

  5. Francisco Guzman Says:

    They better show up on sunday. No excuses. All these games now are critical. You know the packers will be playing the rams. I don’t know how many more losses green bay has on that schedule.

  6. Francisco Guzman Says:

    @Anonymous how is it not a must win? They’re playing for seeding. This team should be thinking about trying to get that second seed at the very least.

  7. captivajim Says:

    by the time we finish game 17; a lot of guys defense and offense are going to be fighting some of the current as well as new injuries.. that BYE wk will be a BIG relief..

    to get that bye wk –EVERY game from here out is a MUST win.

  8. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @…”to get that bye wk –EVERY game from here out is a MUST win….”
    it is a big difference between “MUST” and “CAN”. First you start with “CAN”, and if you “CAN” then you tell them is a “MUST”.
    I hope this week they (Bucs) will show us that they “CAN” and they will.
    So fare I’m not sure what they “CAN”, and what they “CAN’T”.

  9. David Says:

    I think LVD will be keying on JT all game

  10. David Says:

    Speaking of slimy Saints… They just released Michael Thomas? Is that true?

  11. Unmediated Pete Says:

    Nah that was just a joke

  12. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    ANONYMOUS – Last time I checked , EVERY GAME IS A MUST WIN !! Unless your one of the teams fighting for the number 1 pick !! But our BUCS are NOT ! Same guy who jumped ship a few weeks ago when OUR BUCS lost a couple and thought it was the end of the season !!?? Now we have a game that we don’t have to win ??? Some of you are not very intelligent football fans !!
    GO BUCS !!

  13. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Here we go again, fight for seeding, can they get in the playoffs first.