November 17th, 2021

Ira Kaufman says it’s time to free the Bucs’ first-round pick.

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It’s time to see what the young man can do.

The Bucs have tried very hard not to load too much on the plate of rookie Joe Tryon-Shoyinka. He was drafted in the first round to give Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaq Barrett a blow as an edge rusher, but circumstances have changed.

JPP doesn’t need a blow — he needs time off.

And with Vita Vea’s status now unclear following a knee injury late in the game at Washington, Tampa Bay’s pass rush could use some extra juice.

That may seem like a stretch considering the Bucs just dumped Washington’s quarterback on his Heinicke five times.

Pierre-Paul has a history of playing well through pain, but he has met his match this time around. He recently made it known on Twitter that he’s dealing with a torn rotator cuff, terming it the worst injury of his distinguished career.

And it shows.

Give JPP credit for giving it a try, but he’s not effective at the moment. In the past two games, both losses, he has four tackles, one stop for loss and zero QB hits. It was obvious Sunday that he is losing most of the battles up front because of his physical limitations.

It was nice to see Devin White get home a couple of times as Tampa Bay’s blitz-happy defense placed Heinicke under duress, but now Vea could be out for a while — or on a reduced snap count.

Despite playing only 40 percent of Tampa Bay’s defensive snaps, Tryon-Shoyinka has registered more sacks and more hits than Pierre-Paul through nine games.

He’s 10 years younger than JPP and, more importantly, he’s healthy.

This is not to suggest these two edge rushers are of equal quality when JPP is his usual disruptive self. While Pierre-Paul is a stout run defender, Tryon-Shoyinka has been known to leave gaps unguarded.

He plays with fury and speed, but he is still learning the intricacies of the pro game.

This Todd Bowles defense dispatches extra rushers at a 40.3 percent clip, a rate far beyond Washington, the NFC’s No. 2 blitz team at 32.2 percent. That reliance on the blitz leaves fewer bodies to defend the pass, a primary reason why opposing quarterbacks boast an unseemly 69.5 percent completion rate against the Bucs.

That’s the third-highest mark in the league.

If Tryon-Shoyinka can generate consistent pressure in an enhanced role, Bowles won’t be inclined to blitz as often, lending more support to an embattled, short-handed secondary. Monday night’s matchup against the Giants looks like the right time for a coming-out party.

Daniel Jones may be a mobile quarterback, but he has had difficulty staying upright  In 36 career games, he’s been sacked 102 times. In Tom Brady’s last 36 games, he’s been dropped 50 times.

Here’s an opportunity for Tampa Bay’s first-round pick to make a splash in front of a raucous home crowd. Given the sorry state of the Giants’ offensive line, he could make a national name for himself in a New York Minute.

This floundering Buc defense needs a jolt. The 19-play drive that finished off Tampa Bay Sunday surely triggered some painful soul searching at One Buc Place.

Washington converted four third-down situations on that game-sealing march and opponents have been successful at a 43 percent rate on the money down. Only eight defenses are more generous, but help could be on the way.

There’s a rookie edge rusher eager to showcase the progress he has made. Bowles needs to give him that chance.

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23 Responses to “#FreeJoeTryon”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    Good idea. Seems like Nelson showed up for about the first time too. Maybe both can shine this time.

  2. SOEbuc Says:

    Nacho is dominate up front also so that’s an opportunity for two fresh starters.

  3. Coburn Says:

    I agree and I’m surprised his snap count is even that high. However does this mean we should say jpp is done for the year then or keep him round for emergency situations? Not something you can. Just give him a fee weeks off to heal.

    Also saw Nelson show up, but the dude was actually untouched on that sack.

  4. SOEbuc Says:

    ^^Where the hell is Khalil Davis when you need him?^^

  5. Medicated Pete Says:

    #Youngry and if #FreeBritney actually worked its time to #FreeJoe the young buck (no more JPP, he’s toast).

  6. Coburn Says:

    Was worried coming into this year we would be relying too much on old guys like JPP and Suh continuing to play at a high level

  7. PassingThru Says:

    On the surface it seems like Tryon-Shoyinka should be getting plenty of snaps. I love JPP, but that injury has destroyed his effectiveness. My best guess is that Tryon-Shoyinka still hasn’t learned to play the game at the NFL level, at least not at what Bowles requires. Some teams use OLBs as almost pure pass-rushers, the Bucs like guys who read the offense and seal the edge, or drop into coverage, or rush the QB.

    Tryon-Shoyinka is obviously raw, but he is lightning quick at the speed rush and has decent strength for a rookie at a bull rush. My guess is that the other facets of his game haven’t been winning over Bowles.

  8. fish Says:

    there is no reason that he cant play at least 60 percent of the snaps. Rotate the 3 of them equally and let nelson get a couple snaps here and there. this will also help keep them fresh.

  9. Bucshot Says:

    The key here is to keep the “old” healthy late in the season and into play-offs…..

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    Count this into the “no duh” category! Anyone with eyes can see JPP is struggling. Get the kid in there.

  11. Pine Hills Says:

    I’m no dr, but I’m pretty sure torn rotator cups never heal on their own.
    I wonder if that huge tight end they signed can play a little pass rush? He’s 6 7 275.

  12. Steven007 Says:

    Nelson played okay, but his sack came on a blown protection. He was unblocked.

  13. PassingThru Says:

    @Pine Hills

    Actually torn rotator cuffs do heal on their own. All it just takes 6 months or so. In other words, it doesn’t really matter if you sit JPP until the playoffs. Once he starts hitting or getting hit in that shoulder, he’s back to square one.

  14. firethecannons Says:

    agree completely we get nothing from JPP now not his fault–quite the opposite but facts are facts

  15. Bradinator Says:

    Yes please! No more “spying” the QB or out in coverage for cryin out loud. Turn him loose! We need to see a little of what we got. JPP is awesome when not playing with just one wing. Let him rest.

  16. Popcorn Says:

    Absolutely, Joe. I 100% agree with you

  17. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Send JPP to Haiti for a 2 week vacation. They need help down there, and he really needs a rest.
    I think JTS would love to play more, so here is a chance to be a PITA to Daniel Jones, the Giants QB.
    The Giants will be smelling blood Sunday, because Washington, the worst team in their Division, just beat us senseless.

  18. firethecannons Says:

    Coach Larry Foote stated in a press conference that the guys with the biggest paychecks play first and Joe Tryon has to sit the bench and wait till JPP is unable to take the field. Seems like a really stupid comment. Hate to say it Bucs lose to Giants. Coaches like this are why.

  19. Ash Says:

    Rest isn’t going to do anything for jpp this season he is basically done for the year with the injury that he has the fact he plays so many snaps is criminal

  20. Buczilla Says:

    I agree Ira. JPP is a wreck and we will need him healthy for the playoffs if we hope to get past the first round. Set Joe free!

  21. Jonny Says:

    Tryon needs to get stronger. He has just his get off right now and if the LT can match that, Tryon simply gets pushed around from there on.

  22. geno711 Says:

    I do not see JST as consistently holding the edge on run plays. He is certainly not bad at this point as a pass rush specialist. He just has to get thicker and stronger in his base to play regularly on run downs.

    He is a liability as a run defender.

  23. Hodad Says:

    JPP doesn’t need rest, he needs to be put out to pasture. Time to retire dude, maybe but a fireworks store.