Bruce Arians Weighs In On Jameis Winston

November 3rd, 2021

Sunday may have marked the end of Jameis Winston’s career.

America’s Quarterback blew his knee out (ACL & MCL) against the Bucs and he’s not under contract with the Saints for 2022.

Sure, at 28 years old next season, the Bucs’ 2015 No. 1 overall pick could get a minimum salary from somebody seeking a talented backup that might be available come September. But that’s a very tough sell unless it’s Sean Payton buying cheap insurance.

Bucco Bruce Arians knows what an ACL injury means to his former QB, and he reflected on the sad result of Devin White’s illegal horse-collar tackle.

“Yeah, I felt terrible,” Arians told Bucs Total Access streaming on the official team website.

“Nobody works any harder than Jameis. And I know how much it meant to him. And he was having a heck of a game. You know, people don’t’ realize how good of a runner he is. He’s always been great [running] when we had him. He was playing outstanding. He was protecting the ball. He was making a lot of plays with his legs. And it’s just so unfortunate that happened to him.”

For those who missed it, Jameis was scrambling and the photo above shows White pulling him down in hot pursuit. Arians said the personal foul on White was the right call.

Joe hates when any player gets injured, but Jameis going down probably costs the slimy Saints (5-2) at least a win in the 10 games remaining on their schedule. So that’s one positive out of a bad situation.

47 Responses to “Bruce Arians Weighs In On Jameis Winston”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Jameis at the very minimum will make another $50 million as a #2 QB over the next 10yrs.

  2. Joe Says:

    Jameis at the very minimum will make another $50 million as a #2 QB over the next 10yrs.

    Someone clearly has no sense of NFL backup salaries.

  3. Leighroy Says:

    Yeah it’s tough to tell with Jameis. He didn’t ha w many suitors other than the Saints over the last couple years, but he might have flashed enough this year for someone to roll the dice. I’m sure we’ll get a healthy dose of rehab videos im the summer!

  4. webster Says:

    Again, nfl insiders like ian rappenport, peter king etc all twitted, wrote articles or said jameis TURNED DOWN BETTER OFFERS IN ORDER TO SIGN WITH THE SAINTS TWO YEARS AGO BECAUSE HE FELT IT WAS A BETTER OPTION FOR HIS CAREER TO LEARN BEHIND BREES AND FROM PAYTON!!!! Its crazy to continue to think jameis had only one option. I know jameis haters will push the alternative fact narrative but you are WRONG

  5. 941bucsfan Says:

    I agree with Medicated. Case Keenum is making 18 mil over 3 years. Dalton got 10 mil for 1 year. Tayson hill is making big money. Jacoby Brissett 5 million. I dont think its out of the norm to say that Jamies will make 50 mil over the next 10 years as a backup. But He will make much more than that. ACL injury recovery has changed over the years. JW will be back in new orleans probably for 20 mil over 2 years.

  6. Bucs Orlando Says:

    I feel bad for him. I’m glad he’s gone from here but I don’t celebrate any injuries.

    That said, he’s not a starter in this league. He’s the QB you read about when you go who did Chicago or Denver manage to sign to start this year? Oh wow JW, I remember him.

    Hell be around , he’s not the first or last QB to blow out an ACL and return. Mostly they are never as good and he was never really that good,

    Get better JW, hopefully you were smart with the money you’ve made but for some reason I doubt it.

    Hell probably be back in NO. They are going to be good to to get a great draft pick and unless they sign CAM, Tysom isn’t rhe future either.

    The difference between the top 10 QB in this league and the rest is astonishing. The backups pretending to be starters rotating from team to team every year has grown.

    And another former great Is at the end with Ben getting ready to ride off into the sunset.. The NFL QB depth is the worst I’ve seen it in a long time. Did anyone watch Geno versus JW last week? Oh man.

    JW will sign somewhere if not NO, who else do they have?

  7. ModHairKen Says:

    I pray that Jameis has a safe surgery and makes a full recovery.

  8. Medicated Pete Says:

    Joe doesn’t understand or comprehend that back up QB’s can avg 5 mil a year lol….especially when the salary cap EXPLODES. smh lol LOL, Joe understands the backup QB market. Joe also understands how teams approach injured veterans. –Joe

  9. Stanglassman Says:

    I just glad we can all stop pretending that Jered Goff and Carson Wentz are better than Jameis.

  10. Sparky Says:

    Only 5 QBs currently make $5million a year or more.
    Brisset, Keenum, Taysom Hill, Tyrod Taylor, Andy Dalton. So it is possible Jameis makes that much, but perhaps not likely.

  11. Adrnagy Says:

    Jameis is a bust. Anyway you look at it. Media. Fans. Etc.

    Wish him the very best. He has a even bigger ladder to climb.

  12. 941bucsfan Says:

    Jameis doesn’t have to be great to win in N.O. New orleans isnt Tampa, they can actually win WITHOUT a goat. And they can win without having to add someone like antonio brown and gronkowski. Just look they beat us and none of yall know who the receivers are. Once Brady retires, jameis will be torching us for years. Brady needs to play perfect for the bucs to win every week. I’m talking 3-4tds and ZERO ints. Good luck find another qb like that after he leaves. Just look at patty mahomes

  13. 1sparkybuc Says:

    I’d say something in defense of Jameis but I doubt the censors on this board would allow it.

  14. BuccaneerScotty Says:

    Fitzpatrick get 10 million a year every time he goes somewhere lol and if teddy can start somewhere so can Winston…. did you see teddy’s injury?

  15. Bird Says:

    He should try and stay in new orleans if he can and wants to win in this league
    Payton was a big fan of his as i am sure most coaches would be…jameis works hard and loves football and is a good teammate. You could see that when kamara went in injury tent with him.

    But at the same time …Sorry but him dropping back and throwing downfield like most nfl qbs , it just wont happen . A team may bring in if their guy is injured but. Everyone saw how he was handled in NO on short leash. Only payton can pull that off. Dont believe me …watch how many games siemien and hill win from here on out …

    And Thing is …payton wants his guy. He wants his next drew brees…no holds bar…call whatever play he wants…score in 45 seconds like the bucs…

  16. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s a tough break for Jameis. There have been QBs who resurrected their careers. He seemed to be in a good situation, coaching-wise.
    Once again, time will tell.

  17. #1bucsfan Says:

    Take away the turnovers and Winston is everything you want in a QB. WISH HIM THE BEST. football is supposed to be entertaining right. Winston was the best at keeping people on the edge of their seats cause you never knew what was going to happen. Was he going to make a play that you could only make on a video game or was he going to turn it over lol. Winston the GREAT entertainer lol

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The “Grizzly” got him.

  19. Buccos Says:

    He got what he deserved

  20. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    I wish Winston the best… Bad injury, however, he is tough as nails and will more than likely be back with Aints next year… He played hard for us & yes was reckless with throwing the ball in bad spots sometimes…

  21. Tackleblockwin Says:

    All I ask for in players that suit up for the Bucs is 100% effort. Not all players are going to be superstars. The draft really is a crap shoot. We have seen in the not so distant past good players just quit during a game for this team. It is the worst feeling as a fan. Good or bad, Jameis always gives 100%, and that is why I’ll always like him as a football player.

  22. D-Rome Says:

    It didn’t dawn on me his career could be over with. Such a shame if it ends that way. I know he loves the game and I think he could have a heck of a career as a coach.

  23. Gbobucsfan Says:

    Baseball ???

  24. Oneilbuc Says:

    Yall can keep bringing up turnovers when he played here . But look at this year 15 touchdowns with 3 picks . What Jamies done here doesn’t mean nothing because this franchise has never developed a quarterback any way . Every young quarterback comes to Tampa and fail so keep thinking it’s the quarterbacks fault. The only blame I will give them is not asking for a trade by their second year starting when they see the bucs is building the team the wrong way . That’s been the problem with the franchise and them developing a quarterback.

  25. Buc4evr Says:

    Sorry to see Jameis get hurt but at this point he is just another player on a division rival. He will rehab and bounce back on someone’s roster and still make millions even if he ends up as a backup. I seriously doubt his career is over.

  26. mark2001 Says:

    Oneil…the biggest problem with Jameis is that he was a number one pick, coming from a school that had athletes that were generally far superior to that of the competition. Had it not been that way, he may have developed better to meet the demands of the NFL, and NFL quality defensive players. Yeah…he sabotaged himself a number of times. But maybe the QB that plays with more caution and care when throwing the ball, is the only kind of QB that he was destined to be successfully,

  27. SaintsFan59 Says:

    Joe is a moron.

  28. MadMax Says:

    Hmmm….well as one of his biggest supporters in the beginning to one of his haters, i didnt think it might end his career…just the season. Oh well, i feel bad for him on that front….he was actually playing a great game against us and it was pissin me off. But that was a BS horse collar call.

  29. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Kinda like the narrative you push about Brady not wanting to sign with the 49ers right?

  30. SB Says:

    “JW will be back in new orleans probably for 20 mil over 2 years.


    That’s why he only made one million last yr

  31. Buc and roll Says:

    If this is where we’re at

    in professional football

    where you can’t tackle a guy by grabbing his Jersey

    in the middle of his back !!!!!

    we might as well just put flags on everybody

  32. Bird Says:



    Hey everyone …its ndog. Further proof he was a fan of the player and not the team.
    Oh and he was bmix during open thread for saints game.

    Two things:

    Ndog is a coward
    Ndog loves loves loves dem nutz

  33. Tye Says:

    I was wondering during the game if we saw the last of him… by the time he recovers, it will have been 2 years with only a few games he started and most reports were all about Payton not trusting him to throw…. And yes he had like 14 TDs to 3 ints BUT mostly screens and check downs…

    He will not return to teams confident he as improved to be trusted as a starter…
    I always saw him as going the route of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, Alex Smith, bouncing around teams starting from time to time BUT now with a knee injury hindering his mobility might mean he is done!

  34. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I think you’re right Bird.

  35. Tye Says:

    BIRD – I thought the same thing every time I read his drivel!

  36. Listnfrmafar Says:

    If anyone thinks Jamais was going to win that game they’re insane. Go back and watch the game, he was running for his life and luckily escaped a few times. The worst thing that happened to Bucs was him getting hurt. Don’t like to see any player get hurt but it’s part of the game. Siemian save the day for Saints, he’s a better QB.

  37. D-Rome Says:

    Tye, I think you’re spot on. I heard this on either Dan Patrick or PFT in the morning that Jameis will not be 100% by March and by then teams are making plans for their roster in the 2022 season. No one is going to sign him as a starter or a backup with those kind of question marks. If he’s healthy by the start of the 2022 season he’ll end up being a 3rd stringer. It’s going to be nearly a calendar year before he’s ready and by then teams will have moved on. It would be different if he was a top 10 QB like Dak Prescott but he’s not.

    The few clowns who are posting on this thread defending his career in Tampa can’t seem to see that he’s always been a bottom tier starter, a guy that consistently ranks anywhere between the 21st – 32nd best starters in the NFL. We all know you need a top 15 guy to have a chance at the Super Bowl. He was never going to be that guy in Tampa or anywhere. It’s really unfortunate that he got injured though and I would never root for that. He’s a bust as a player but by most people’s accounts and what I’ve seen in the community he seems like a decent person today.

  38. Lokog Says:

    F Jaymiss ,the whole city of New Orleans ,their fans and especially their dead owner why is there a poon tang aints fan on this website stay true to your team but I get it with jaymiss as your qp who wants to be there ask Djax?

  39. Eric Says:

    What a shame to see. He was doing so much better with the turnovers and that was a great pass for the touchdown. No reason to think his playing days are over, when a coach like Sean Peyton starts you either him or someone else will at least give him a chance to compete for a starting gig.

  40. firethecannons Says:

    stupid Arians commentary

    he thinks it was the right call but he does nothing at all to stop White from doing even more penalties, taunting additional stuff
    White lost us this game with his actions. over it with that kid-taunting horsecollar tackle all so preventable.

  41. firethecannons Says:

    Jameis got hurt because of his own actions also–leave the pocket and pay the price

  42. James Says:

    Slimy saints.. F U

  43. sasquatch Says:

    Medicated Pete Says:
    November 3rd, 2021 at 12:02 am

    Jameis at the very minimum will make another $50 million as a #2 QB over the next 10yrs.

    Perhaps the medications should include anti-psychotics.

  44. View from 132 Says:

    I’d be very surprised if he isn’t back next year. He’s only 28. He led the league in passing yards. Look at rosters around the league and there are some very bad QBs still drawing a salary. There are also some real fringe QBs seeing playing time.

    Fitzpatrick was an opening day starter, and he’s the most hot and cold QB maybe ever.

    Geno Smith is playing for Seattle.

    Someone will take a flyer on him. I was never a fan but he is middle of the road as pro QBs go.

    Even if I’m wrong, he’d be in the CFL or XFL immediately.

  45. M. Steelman Says:

    Well it is a pity. That injury will make him a pocket passer and I haven’t seen the skills for that. My boy Tom Brady was calling his own defense out on the Manning Show. My boy Tom Brady doesn’t throw those pics unless he’s feeling pressure to compensate for the defense. In what universe does a superstar defensive roster not bring home the win when My boy Tom Brady slings 4tds? In the universe where that superstar defensive roster is acting like dogs CHASING CARS!

  46. JP Says:

    Joe Bucs fan you sound like a Jameis hater!! This page is absolute 🗑🗑 just goes to show any idiot can create a web page

  47. Joe Says:

    Joe Bucs fan you sound like a Jameis hater!!

    Someone is obviously new to the site. 🙂