The Jameis Factor

October 28th, 2021

Former teammates sound off.

It’s going to be weird for a couple of Bucs studs this Sunday.

Two guys who see the field a lot will be battling a close friend come Sunday.

For the first time in a Bucs-Saints matchup, Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is not starting for the Bucs but is starting for the slimy Saints. That fact alone is bringing about weird emotions for Cam Brate and Jason Pierre-Paul.

In fact, one could argue that Jameis made Brate. At the time, Brate couldn’t stick on a roster. Brate bounced between the Bucs and slimy Saints’ roster before coming back to the Bucs (as a replacement for hurt Austin Seferian-Jackwagon) and suddenly blossomed with Jameis.

From 2016-2018 Brate caught 20 touchdowns. Not shabby for a guy who couldn’t find a home.

“Jameis is a good guy, still a guy I’m super close with, talk to him all the time,” Brate said yesterday. “[I] always watch him when I can. [It] definitely will be different.

“Last year during the playoffs, he went in for the one play and threw a touchdown pass. Obviously at the time, I was p!ssed that we gave up a touchdown but secretly I was like, ‘Ah, good for Jameis making a play there.’

“But still [Jameis is] a guy a lot of guys on the team are close with. Can say nothing but good things about our time with Jameis. I always wish him the best, but not Sunday.”

JPP was close enough to Jameis that the two spent time in the mountains together.

“I can’t wait, I can’t wait,” JPP said after practice Wednesday. “I’m actually going to text him and tell him to get ready. I can’t wait to play Jameis. It’s going to be fun.

“He’s like a brother to me. I remember we were hiking in the offseason in Colorado, but I can’t wait to hunt him down. It’s crazy, Jameis is a different type of breed.”

When JPP refers to someone as different, yeah, you’re different.

Joe has no idea how Jameis will do against the Bucs. He’s a dangerous quarterback. Will Sean Payton open up the playbook and allow Jameis to test the banged-up Bucs corners?

That’s certainly a subplot to the game.

56 Responses to “The Jameis Factor”

  1. Smashsquatch Says:

    Get the lead early and let our D eat the W courtesy Jameis.

  2. DBS Says:

    Put pressure on him and watch him toss it up for anyone that might be in that zip code.

  3. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Give me that famous Jameis deer in the headlights look. Go get him D!

  4. Medicated Pete Says:

    Finally gonna be fun to watch Saints games after 15yrs of hell with Drew Brees

  5. Bruce Blahak Says:

    WinSTUNNED lol….Saints defense will have to win another one…take deep stuff away and he’s screwed…..deer in headlights, yes, exactly.

  6. D-Rome Says:

    Sean Peyton doesn’t trust Jay-Miss nor should he. Heck, they traded for Mark Ingram so they can continue to try and run the football for wins. Kamara can’t do it all and no QB on that roster can do enough to win games.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Make him throw…….make him scramble…..put Devin White on him…..

  8. LJ'sDaddy Says:

    Jameis scares the crap out of me. I cant believe we let the slimy Saints get him. When he plays well, he can really play. Seems like Payton has him neutered to keep the turn overs down.

  9. Joe Says:

    Jameis scares the crap out of me. I cant believe we let the slimy Saints get him.

    If you let a player walk, it’s damn hard to dictate where he next plays. 🤷‍♂️

  10. zzbuc Says:

    I´ve never liked JW, in any sense …..And it got worst when he eat the W when they beat us last year and also had no repsect for Koetter and BA when he said the google thing……He has talent no doubt about that, but also made tons of stupid mistakes on and off the field…….
    I can´t wait to beat the Saints JW Cameron Big mouth Jordan, and Sean Payton… Saints is the team I most hate on the NFL……By far!!!!!

  11. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    I wonder if Joe is one of the one’s from the poll cheering for Jamies. Of course I know Joe’s all Bucs, so he wants to win, but he’s always been a fan.

    Who knows how he will play this week. Jameis will be hyped for sure. That could be good or bad for us, who knows.. I hope he plays miserable. I never liked that we drafted him. I hated him for his Harvard comments after leaving and eating the W with Brees after the blowout. I can’t even wish him well.

  12. John Sinclear Says:

    Beware of a wolf wearing Saints clothing! We get bad Jameis, big win, lots of int’s. We get Good Jameis, he can eat the lunches of the secondary, as it exists now.

  13. Robert Says:

    “Jameis is a good guy”—-lost all credibility and not worth reading after that.

  14. Aaron Says:

    Very nervous – the Saints D has pretty much owned us lately. Then throw in the fact that the Bucs Ghost of QBs past usually have an All Pro Day when they play against us…I’m worried. Payton will design and scheme like crazy – will we? or do we sit back 15yrds off the ball in that awesome Bucs off zone D.

    Go Bucs! Very Big Game!

  15. jiminPH Says:

    Will be interesting to see if Winston continues to improve with GOOD coaching. The Bucs coaching staffs never put together game plans that kept him out of trouble.

  16. anderson Fa Gonzalez Says:

    Jameis will probably have a solid game. with that being said. based on what i saw on monday night football. this team does not scare me whatsoever. they are very predictable on offense and their defense played well but lets be honest here. they were playing geno smith.

  17. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Recent Harvard grad Jameis Winston and the saints

    have no shot in beating the Bucs if Deonta Harris doesnt play

    not enough weapons”

    Kobe Faker

  18. SOEbuc Says:

    Jameis and the Saints are so overrated. The drop down to Kamara every down isn’t gonna work like it did on MNF. JPP and Shaq are going to tear him a new one.

  19. David Says:

    1. Whitehead or White spying Kamara, unless LVD is back and healthy.
    2. CBs tight coverage, take away everything 12 yards & in
    3. Those things should make Jameis hold the ball a little longer which is when our pass rush will get to him and he makes mistakes

    I’m more worried about the offense. The Saints defense is very good. The Bucs, believe it or not, had some trouble last week against a good Bears defense. There was not a lot of separation with the receivers.
    They were just given a lot of short fields.

  20. David Says:

    Oh…. If they can get a double-digit lead and take away Kamara the second half, …. Over

  21. Cannon Says:

    Payton will pull a fast one and put Taysom Hill out there.

  22. Pewter Power Says:

    Unpredictable but dangerous? Dangerous for his offense yea which is why they are hiding him. Now dangerous quarterback throws for 175 yards a game maybe in the 80’s

  23. GerkenJerker Says:

    Observe his demeanor in the huddle. He looks like a frantic rabbit. Now, observe Brady, Rogers, Wilson, etc. Calm and cool.

  24. Duane Says:

    Its a division opponent on the road. Anything can happen. Its almost a trap game with the bye week just around the corner. I dont care about style points, just get the win. I think this is going to be an ugly game. Minimize the penalties and turnovers, and we should be ok.

  25. David Says:

    I just would not get overconfident, their defense is for real and Payton is a hell of a offensive mind

  26. JayWill Says:

    DBS up until week 7 Winston had the most tds under pressure. Je isn’t the same qb. That year off he took to improve on his craft has help. People act like Winston doesn’t take his job serious. He isn’t lazy and dumb like Jamarcus Russell. He cares about winning. It just didn’t happen for him in Tampa. If the Bucs defense underestimates him like Bucs fans are they are going to get torched. Well if the wrs can hold on to the ball. That’s been a huge issue and why his numbers are lower.

  27. MadMax Says:

    FK that POS!!!

  28. JayWill Says:

    SOEbucs the drop to Kamara was based on the defense Brady would of done the same thing. It what people in Tampa was begging to do. Kamara wasn’t getting many catches before the game in Seattle.

  29. JayWill Says:

    MadMax why is he POS?

  30. Craig Says:

    The best way to pressure Jameis is to get a 2 TD lead. Stop the run and he will pressure himself.

    You have to think that this means a lot to him, too, so he is already putting pressure on himself. That is when he self-destructs.

  31. JayWill Says:

    DRome Sean doesn’t trust his wrs neither does Winston. They are getting no seperation, stopping on routes, run blocking on passing plays (which is why Winston went off on Tre). How you run block on play called for you to catch the ball.

  32. Beeej Says:

    Jameis can throw a 40 yard frozen rope, threaded between 3 guys, as a linebacker is taking him down, and hit the receiver right in the numbers. Next play, throws it RIGHT to a safety who isn’t near ANYone on first and ten. You never know which Jameis you’ll get

  33. JayWill Says:

    Craig if you get a 2td lead he will fill at home because he was used to that in Tampa. That won’t bother him. Getting pressure up the middle will not the scoreboard, especially if its early.

  34. JayWill Says:

    Beej he hasn’t done that this year

  35. David Says:


    Some people here just hate Jameis because he didn’t pan out.
    The guy is a damn good quarterback 80% of the time.

    He’s not doing great in New Orleans but he’s doing well and not turning the ball over much because Payton has him handcuffed.
    A massive amount of his throws are within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. One of the highest in the league right now.

    Because of that and the receivers, the O is limited but their defense is damn good and Alvin is phenomenal. Tight coverage early and someone on Kamara every play will be key

  36. Beeej Says:

    They’re trying to keep him away from the stuff that he fails at, can’t blame them. The dink and dunk thing isn’t what he’s familiar with, but he seems to be okay at it

  37. Robert Says:

    JW is a POS. I hope this is the last game he starts this season. you listening JPP, Tyron, Suh, Shaq, White.


  38. Scooter Says:

    Sean Payton should have pulled Brees in last year’s playoff game. No AB, no Gronk, Brady has a chemistry with them. Don’t see the Bucs a 5 point favorite at the Saints. Saints have won 5 consecutive regular season games against Bucs, they match up good against Bucs. Tough game to win. Surprise the Saints Defense, Have Giovanni Bernard run the ball, Saints will expect Pass.

  39. Hawk Says:

    The only game plan that can keep Winston out of trouble is to make him starting bench-warmer.

  40. PassingThru Says:

    Payton has kept Jameis on a tight leash, relegating him to a game manager. I don’t see New Orleans beating Tampa Bay with a conservative game plan, which means Jameis will have a somewhat higher frequency of deeper pass plays this weekend. His receivers are lower-tier, but then the Bucs are relying on special teamers/street free agents at CB.

    Interesting match-ups:

    1. The Bucs are pretty good at scoring TDs in the red zone, while the Saints are very effective at preventing TDs in the red zone.

    2. The Saints are very efficient at scoring TDs in the red zone. Their challenge is that they don’t get to the red zone with the same frequency at the Bucs.

    3. The Saints are a middling team in terms of scoring, but terrible at the yards the offense generates per game. They are not good at sustaining drives. In other words, do not turn the ball over, and leave them with crappy field position. And cut down on the penalties; Tampa Bay is third in the league in yards surrendered to the refs.

    4. This year the Saints are even more reliant on their defense. They had excellent depth on D last season and invested high draft picks on defensive players. They are among the league leaders in stopping teams on third down. This is an interesting contrast as the Bucs are among the best teams in the league at third down efficiency on offense.

    5. The Saints are good at running the ball, the Bucs excel at stopping the fun.

    6. The Saints are weak at WR, the Bucs are weak at CB.

  41. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Will be interesting to see who gets the better of the ME vs Lattimore matchup. Historically Lattimore gets Mike off his game and draws penalties.

    Hope it’s the other way around Sunday.

  42. Tye Says:

    The Saints traded for mark Ingram…. Likely a sign that Peyton knows he will never be able to fully trust the passing game and does not want to wear Kamara down over the 17 game season…

    If they play like they struggled against a bad Seahawks team, The defense of the Saints will be wore slap out by 3rd quarter….

    This will likely be as 1 sided game leaving the Bucs a top of the NFC south!

  43. Grev Says:

    I think payton knows that Winston is throwing to a bunch of undrafted and subpar receivers. I think it’s the lack of talent on the outside more than Payton limiting Winston

  44. Tye Says:

    Grev: I keep hearing that excuse BUT do you really think Sean would be limiting Drew Brees because of that?…. NO!… Brees made mediocre receivers relevant…

    JW just has to many inadequacies…

  45. Ash Says:

    Payton clearly doesn’t trust JW look at his stat line they schemed decision from him. How he is labeled as dangerous I have no idea it’s that saints solid defense is what is carrying them

  46. JayWill Says:

    Beeej Sean isn’t coaching around Winston he is coaching around his wrs. Winston is given full field reads. He just doesn’t trust his qr to be where they are supposed to be. That got him in trouble in 2019 by throwing and trusting the wr to be to the spot. That’s why Evans and Godwin when said a lot of the time it was others not being where they were supposed to be that caused picks. Winston learn to just throw it away or take a sack.

  47. JayWill Says:

    Tye don’t be stupid. Drew had 15yrs of experience in that offense. Winston has 6 games. Drew never played with all undrafted wrs and TE. Tre quan just came back and he has been a 3rd round bust everyone else was undrafted. Drew started he Marquis Colston was his 3rd wr that’s how good that wr core was.
    Brady had 20yrs of experience and it still took him a few games to get on the same page with his te and wrs and he was throwing to pro bowlers.

  48. JayWill Says:

    David the only people saying he isn’t doing great in New Orleans are people who don’t like Winston and have not watch all his games. For a qb who played with his starting C, Lt and top 2 wrs out most of the games he is doing well. He only has 58% percentage because of all the drops. Just in the last 2 games alone they had at least 8. A lot of them would of been for huge gains. Even his last pick was a because his guard step on his ankle mid throw. His other 2 picks one was at the end of half trying go for last second td and the other was at the end of the same game that was already decided.

  49. Buczilla Says:

    If Jeff George’s lovechild has one of his 2-3 per year crazy good games against us, we are in for a tough fight. Otherwise, we are pound this d-bag team and make the 47 jacka$$es that voted that they want Jameis to succeed against us look like the fools they are. Lol, the nerve!

  50. BrooklynBucsFan Says:

    Hmm, someone on here seems to have some expert knowledge on Jameis and how the saints plays are called, guess they must be on the team or personal friends with Jameis… it’s so weird to me that someone would write this many posts defending an average QB that plays for our biggest divisional rival. Are they even a fan of the Buccaneers? And I have watched some of Jameis games this season, he looks about the same to me as he always has, except he’s not being allowed to throw very often. I imagine that’s because his coach knows that’s a recipe for disaster haha. As for drops, all QBs have receivers drop passes, that’s part of the game. Yet most QBs in the league have over 60% completions, well the good ones anyway. I know the guy that replaced him has much better numbers than Jameis does. And that’s with a defense that’s been decimated by injuries and without two of his top receivers. Difference is that our D isn’t being put in horrible situations by turnovers anymore. So even with our top CBs and one of our best LBs, we are still winning. Amazing what a QB that makes good decisions can do for a team.

  51. DoooshLaRue Says:

    JayMiss “Sex Panther” Winsnone…….

    60% of the time he’s great every time.

  52. Pickgrin Says:

    “He’s a dangerous quarterback”

    Sure – but dangerous to which team?

    Depends on the day I guess……

  53. Ash Says:

    @BrooklynBucsFan couldnt agree with you more

  54. E.V. Says:

    If the bucs can’t beat the saints by 50 points they don’t deserve to go to the Superbowl. Saints barley beat Seattle with a backup QB. And the worst defense Seattle. And in Seattle….

  55. E.V. Says:

    It seems like leftwitch is getting better but he’s still a rookie at OC maybe 1 or 2 more years he will be a great one. He’s gotta get some plays from Rams, Dallas, Arizona, CHARGERS, Bengals. And call Sean Payton up I always thought Payton is a genius at play calling. But I’m a bucs fan whether they go 0-16 or 17-0.

  56. E.V. Says:

    The BUCS are on fire first 2 series they get the ball but after that it’s like Brady misses everyone I mean Brady goes 12 for 12 on first couple series than it’s like 0-8. Is something wrong with his arm? Shoulder? Or is it the play calling?????? There fun to watch and all the sudden 3 & out, 3$ out… We should be blowing teams out bill belichick style. No lead is a safe lead if your up 28-0 than start slacking the other team is going to come back and win. Just like Colt’s did it to us like 15 year’s ago with 5 minutes left i think…..