Teacher & Playmaker

October 13th, 2021

Coaches don’t let him forget.

It seems the dean of the Bucs cornerbacks room is not Richard Sherman.

Listening to defensive coordinator Todd Bowles this week, it sounds like that’s third-year man Jamel Dean.

“He brings stability because he’s been in the system two years and he understands it and he can explain it to some of the guys.” Bowles said of Dean. “And he gives you a litte comfort level from not having to teach something new to another guy, and trying to keep the secondary partially intact.”

Dean returned to the starting lineup Sunday (Thank you, football gods!) after a knee injury two weeks ago. He had highs and lows but snagged an interception that completely slammed the door on the overmatched Dolphins. Miami was driving very early in the fourth quarter while trailing 38-17.

Bowles added that Dean continues to hear about the easy interception he dropped early in the Week 3 loss to the Rams, one that could have been a gamechanger.

“He got his hands on the ball [against Miami] that he made up for against the Rams. We kid him about that,” Bowles said.

Hopefully, Dean’s knee isn’t sore and he can get back to full form tomorrow night against the Eagles. He’s the best cornerback the Bucs have now and Eagles rookie WR DeVonta Smith is a real talent.

15 Responses to “Teacher & Playmaker”

  1. Don’t make a scene 35 Says:

    Go Bucs

  2. It’s just Dean ! 35 Says:

    35 is a far better football player than many of the dumb arse posters here think!

  3. Mike Says:

    Yeah, I think even a lineman could have caught that one he dropped… I imagine it will take some time before he lives that one down.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There seems to be an obsession with Richard Sherman……keep in mind we picked him up for minimum wage and a box of chocolates……& perhaps a Big Storm Bromossa……
    He was brought in because of all of the injuries to our secondary….we didn’t trade a player or pick for him and could cut him at any time.
    My view, if we get anything out of him and he simply buys us a bit of time, we’re OK.

  5. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Dean’s problem is the play or two (or three) he takes off a game. He just needs to be consistent with his efforts.

  6. Robert Says:

    I like this guy and think he will get better. He’s the type that misses some, but also comes up big and can change the game.

  7. THETRUTH Says:

    Joe why so much hate on Sherman, he hasn’t played in months and was asked to play every down. Did the job of keeping players in front and making tackles. New defense 1 week of practice the fact u critic him on the podcast shows why u are a writer and not a athlete at any level. When you aren’t in game shape and asked to play every down I don’t man up for 60 plays.

  8. Natron Says:

    He was the best in the business when he was at Seattle, I love seeing him in a Bucs uniform.

  9. David Says:

    With all the playing time Dean and Sherman are getting now, when Davis and SMB return I think this secondary is going to take another big step.


  10. 163doubleplay Says:

    What time are the bus leaving for Philly today ?

  11. 163doubleplay Says:

    What time are the BUCS leaving for Philly today ?

  12. mark2001 Says:

    Thank God we have the Bucs. The Rays just showed the comical state of baseball. Teams with four or five times the payroll, with huge salaried top notch starting pitchers in a short series. Until baseball gets a true salary cap, it will no longer be a competitive sport… more like a catching, hitting, and throwing exhibition, with the regular season meaning basically nothing. I’m done with baseball, having been a fans for over 60 years. It has become a bad joke.

    The huge problem could be solved…as real sports like Football and Hockey have. But too much money being made as it is, all around.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Jamel’s been having a solid season IMO, a very solid season. Got injured early in the Rams game & missed the New England game, but in the other 3 games he’s been very solid. Been targeted 17 times in those other 3 games, but only allowed 8 completions (for a 47.1% completion rate … lowest on the Bucs). He’s also our only DB who’s played in 3 or more games who hasn’t allowed a TD. That’s solid IMO.

    Although a number of posters have been down on him, Ross Cockrell is also having a relatively solid year. He’s improved every game it looks like, and has only allowed 17 completions in 28 targets (for a 60.7% completion rate … 2nd lowest on the Bucs).

  14. Don’t make scene 35 Says:

    Defense is an 11 man effort
    Call me crazy but here’s how I see it
    Football gods willing, we have less injuries coming down the stretch
    Pass rush seeems on the right trajectory
    SMB and 24 coming back
    Hmm 45 in middle
    Can’t wait folks

  15. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    “Knows the system ” is the most overrated phrase in football. Opposing coaches target guys like Dean because when you’re that bad it doesn’t matter what system you play.