Jamel Dean May Be Better Than You Think

October 24th, 2021

Tribal stats.

If you buy what the PFF tribe is selling, Jamel Dean may be one of the most underrated defensive backs in the NFL.

Dean is inconsistent. When he’s on he’s on. When he’s not — lookout.

In the season opener, there was no question that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was targeting Dean. Whether an opponent goes after a cornerback or leaves him mostly alone usually tells you all you need to know about what another team thinks of the guy.

Generally, teams don’t throw at corners they fear.

Well, the PFF tribe rattled off their stats and they seem to believe Dean is one of the better NFL corners in the game.

Of course, the Tribe failed to explain Dean missed a game (as has A.J. Terrell).

Hey, is Dean an above-average corner? Probably. Look, he logged 78 percent of the defensive snap counts last year for a Super Bowl champion. How bad could he be?

It sure should help Dean if and when Carlton Davis and Sean Murphy-Bunting get healthy and get on the field.

21 Responses to “Jamel Dean May Be Better Than You Think”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Right now, he’s our Deion Sanders. God speed young man

  2. August 1976 Buc Says:

    If money ball worked (just stats) a lot more teams would have won by now championships by now, but…
    Stats never take into account the WHOLE person, Stats plus intangibles. Confidence, and wisdom are not quantifiable by stats, but are the keys to unleash ability consistently.
    Hey here is an example of stats (age) 42 year old, “Oh Brady is done they said, he is washed up. What’s wrong with the Bucs for signing him……. ” And all kinds of other nonsense, because people went by the age “stat”
    How do you quantify Brady’s intangibles, you cannot, but we clearly see the results of his intangibles.
    Many have watched this team for years game by game. And Dean needs to step up. All anyone has to do is go back and watch the games. Film does not lie. And for those who do like these comments, whatever. I want Dean to excel and become a starting CB on the Bucs that excels as much any other Buc fan. But since it is more than just stats, it comes down to intangibles with Dean, time will tell.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Several articles here have now mentioned that ‘there was no question that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was targeting Dean’. That game’s boxscore doesn’t bear that out …

    Dean: targeted 8 times allowing 5 completions (62.5%)
    Davis: targeted 9 times allowing 4 completions (44.4%)
    Cockrell: targeted 9 times allowing 6 completions (66.7%)
    SMB: targeted 7 times allowing 4 completions (57.1%)

    White: targeted 7 times allowing 7 completions (100.0%)
    LVD: targeted 7 times allowing 6 completions (85.7%)

    Dean (90% of the snaps) was actually ‘targeted’ less than either Davis (100% of the snaps) or Cockrell (who only played 55% of the snaps). SMB was attacked 7 times in only 16 total def snaps before he got injured (he’s the one who got targeted the most IMO but acquitted himself well). And both White & LVD were right up there in terms of being targeted (7 times apiece).

    Bottom line IMO is that Dak Prescott spread the ball around beautifully. He literally attacked all over the field in throwing 58 times, completing 42 of them. I was impressed. Glad we have Tom Brady to pull our bacon out of the frying pan at the end of that game.

  4. August 1976 Buc Says:

    It was specifically mentioned during the Broadcast of the game about going after Dean, and how Dak checked out of runs to go at Dean.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  5. 2021 Year of the GOAT Says:

    Dak looked real good … we didnt deserve that win…. hats off to TB12

  6. Bird Says:

    With dean its consistency for sure. It is hard to separate from dean. His problem is getting that head turned around. How many yards has he given up on PI. Probably adds a ton.

    I like the kid for sure. But he just plays dumb some games.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    August 1976 … Not trying to be contrary, but the point was that Dak was targeting different CBs at different times of the game (starting with SMB?). He spread the ball around very nicely IMO. And the game stats bear that out. And most announcers say a lot of things that fans should take with a grain of salt far as I’m concerned.

  8. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:

    He seems to be covering well, just needs to get his head back to the ball and stop grabbing guys, arm bar is OK just don’t grab

  9. August 1976 Buc Says:

    When you group stats together you can miss the flow of the game. You have listed the total sum stats, but total sum stats do not reveal “the in the moment” flow. So again that is what happened in the game. And like I have stated, I would love if Dean can step up and be at least a consistant starting player, and then a great CB. But time will tell. I think he has way more than enough talent, but it is about intangibles with Dean like stated. And that is the difference in all NFL playets, because it is pretty much a level playing field overall talent wise in the league, but the intangibles are what separate the great from the rest.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Dak was on fire that game. These stats again are a little skewed because some offenses are better than others and there’s bad days and good days. We’re 5-1.

  11. TheBradyBunch Says:

    Lol August if DR numbers are correct Joe and any announcers saying he was the one being targeted that night are simply wrong.

  12. gracelivin Says:

    Dean was only targeted when he was in 1-1 coverage and no over the top help, which any QB will do to almost any CB, as they usually feel that their WR can beat most CB 1-1…or better stated when they’re on the island. Brady does it to Lattrimore when he is 1-1 with Evans. It is the toughest job in the NFL covering WR 1-1, the WR knows the route, timing, type of throw… the CB is all reaction. This is not saying Dean is either good nor bad, he is a decent CB but he does get caught looking at QB and loses track of the WR sometimes, yet when his technique is on he is very good. He needs to trust his Technique more than trying to guess route or read QB.

  13. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Nice job DR.

    what really jumped out at me with the stats you quoted was not about our CBs, but how awful White is in coverage. I know we talk about it a lot, but 100% is sinful, especially with the speed he has.

    It means White is going into his zone spot and standing there staring at the QB, and NOT paying attention to the receiver running into his area

  14. Don't make a scene 35 Says:

    Game day baby!
    Looking for some physical play from the good guys in Pewter today !!!s
    Go Bucs !!!

  15. Irishmist Says:

    Now Joe, you had no right to use an image of my sister in law without her permission.

  16. Don't make a scene 35 Says:

    Enough with the Dallas game already, in the past , we got the Win, do you drive your car looking in the rearview mirror ?
    The Dean critics here can act like they know the ins and outs and mental game of covering an NFL receiver all they want
    The kid from Cocoa Beach will hold it down !!!
    Go Bucs

  17. geno711 Says:

    I said it before and will say again. Dean is clearly doing in the defense what Bowles wants him to do. He is playing off coverage because that is what Bowles expects out of him. If he was playing so poorly, Bowles would not give him 80 percent of the snaps.

    I think DR’s outline of the Dallas game was excellent and I appreciate it.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Senor Harry & TheBradyBunch … The best source of stats IMO is Pro-Football-Reference (and what’s neat is that it’s free). Add a .com and you’ll find all the standings, etc. Click on the Bucs & you get more info than you’ll ever want (by season, by game, by player, etc), including injury reports, snap counts, etc.

    You can select the individual games in any season and get a fantastic recap & plethora of stats. If you click on ‘Advanced Stats’ for either the season or individual games, that’s where the really detailed stats reside (like how many times each individual defender was targeted & how many were completed, how many times they blitzed, how many pressures they got, etc).

    That’s not the only source of NFL stats by any means, but they really do a great job IMO compiling all that ‘stuff’. Seems like Joe likes them too, because he references them quite often. OK, off to moderation.

  19. orlbucfan Says:

    Thanks, DR and gracelivin. Agree totally especially regarding DPI. The greatest CB does not have an easy time defending the greatest WR nowadays. The rules favor the receiver. Of course, the refs call it their way.

  20. BradyBucs Says:


  21. August 1976 Buc Says:

    TheBradyBunch Says:
    October 24th, 2021 at 8:38 am
    Lol August if DR numbers are correct Joe and any announcers saying he was the one being targeted that night are simply wrong.

    lol lol lol lol lol

    GO BICS!!!!