Can Joe Tryon-Shoyinka Keep It Up?

October 7th, 2021

Joe Tryon-Shoyinka

Among the many Bucs injuries, Jason Pierre-Paul’s bum shoulder gets lost in the wash.

The Bucs are 1-1 without him. He’s the heart and soul of the defense. Even coaches and players have remarked there is a spark of energy missing among the defense without JPP around.

On Sunday, the Bucs did a nice job without him. In particular was JPP’s replacement, rookie Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, who was an animal on the field. JTS is impressing his teammates, coaches and players alike with his quick burst and his athletism to getting to the quarterback.

JTS is even sticking out to dudes who write about football for a living. Benjamin Solak of The Ringer recently typed that he’s been “surprised” at how JTS has flashed as well as dang near anyone in the NFL recently.

Joe understands that JTS is a rookie. Generally, rookies don’t dominate as edge rushers. For every Bosa bro, there are several guitar-strummin,’ pistol-packin’ Da’Quan Bowers.

If JTS can just play capable ball until JPP gets back, and the Bucs’ schedule softens up for the next few weeks, that would be a great help.

And no, Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians doesn’t know when JPP can return.

23 Responses to “Can Joe Tryon-Shoyinka Keep It Up?”

  1. Mike Says:

    It is better to train him now and preserve JPP for the playoffs.

  2. rrsrq Says:

    Yeah but closet Bucs fan Pete Schraeger of GM NFL didn’t even list JTS in his top five rookie performances of the week.

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    What I still don’t get about JPP’s shoulder injury is when it happened. Was it a carry-over from last season that wasn’t fixed (JPP was banged-up pretty good as I remember) or did it happen in Game 1 or Game 2 this year? He really hasn’t looked like the JPP-of-old this season.

  4. Darin Says:

    He better keep it up. You’re 20 mil pass rushing savior hasn’t shown up much yet. Well he’s had some great quotes about breaking the sack record and such. Guess that’s something

  5. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Joe Tryon has the potential to be the steal of the 2021 NFL draft. If he hadn’t missed last year, he would have been a top 10 pick.

    The real story, Licht is knocking it out of the ballpark. He’s on his way to one of the top GMs in all football.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    JTS looks like the real deal……his speed for his size is unique and he has truly good instincts…..I think he gets only better from here.

  7. Bucs Win Says:

    Dude is playing like a dude with his hair on fire, dude.

  8. SB~LV Says:

    Of course he can keep running around like a chicken with his head cut off!
    Of course he will continue to recognize the NFL blocking schemes and what is really happening not what he thinks is happening!
    I am SO excited for what he will bring to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

  9. Ash Says:

    Jpp is maybe a better all around player but Jts looks like he is a better pass rusher than jpp right now. I will be very interested to see how it looks when jpp does come back because they have to keep jts out there he looks to talented to leave on the bench.

  10. Bradinator Says:

    JTS rocks! On one play he rushed the passer (didn’t get there because it was screen) and then turned and came back to assist on the tackle like 8 yrds downfield. He didn’t quit for a minute on the play. Great motor, love the kid’s attitude. I’m excited for the future.

  11. Hodad Says:

    Since JPP can move inside as he has in the past, I don’t know why one has to give way to the other. We’ve been pushing the pocket, but not getting penetration. JPP could give us a boost there. Passing downs I’d have them both on the field.

  12. VSyl Says:

    This kid is the real deal

  13. Steven007 Says:

    Sounds like a question for his girlfriend. Kidding aside, he’s exactly where I hoped he’d be right about now.

  14. SOEbuc Says:

    So long and so fast. Every porn stars dream.

  15. Miller5252 Says:

    JTS has been looking good and even improving each game he plays. I love the video of Vea helping his fellow UW brother by taking out the whole side of the line for JTS’s nice sack! Huge JPP fan here and not only is he a freak in the field he does so much for all the guys off the field as well. The sad thing, this may be what we look like next year going forward if he wants way too much money or continues to be injured forcing the Bucs to walk away from him. That’ll be a bad day if it comes that the Bucs walk away from JPP.

  16. Mike Says:

    JTS showed a lot of promise in the last game. I like how he came right at the LT versus just trying to use his speed to get around the edge. He has great the ability to convert speed to power and win easily. He’s got to work on his rip moves a bit though. He could have had 3 or more sacks last game with a bit better technique.

  17. NashvilleBuc Says:

    If I’m him, I’m trying to come up with a nickname better than JTS cause no one can pronounce his name. He should have remained Joe Tryon cause that’s a badass football name. My wife and I are calling him “Sho” or “The Show”. He is fun to watch when he gets rolling!

  18. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    It was like watching a young JPP Sunday night. This kid has fire, too. He’s going to make plenty of mistakes but he’ll make just as many splash plays. Him playing next to Vita Vea also helps and when JPP heals up we should have fresh legs coming off the edge all game. Going to be just fine.

  19. Baby Grace Says:


  20. Easy Says:

    JTS got a sack that was wide open due to Vita Vea destroying the entire left side of the line. He had a very solid game though.

  21. Buczilla Says:

    5.5 more sacks to go and he’ll be DROY right Chase Young and NE sports media geniuses?

  22. DaBux Says:

    He needs to flash like a supernova on Sunday. We’re going to need to run down Brissett and keep him buried all game long.

  23. Oneilbuc Says:

    We don’t need JPP next year !!!