Buccaneers 38, Bears 3

October 24th, 2021

Our beloved Buccaneers are now 6-1 for first time in franchise history.

And the mighty beasts of the NFL have won 14 of their last 15 games.

It’s damn impressive. What was seen today is what can happen when the Bucs put out an all-phases effort.

The Bucs hammered out 35 first-half points behind their savagely balanced offense. Take a bow, Mike Evans, three first-half touchdown catches is some kind of special.

The combination of Leonard Fournette, Ronald Jones and Jaelon Darden grinded out 182 yards on 32 carries and a touchdown. Joe got the feeling the Bucs could handed off even more with the same level of success.

Yeah, Tampa Bay gave up the booty to the Bears’ running game, but the pass rush more than made up for it with four sacks (including three strip sacks) in the first half. Todd Bowles was in Bears QB Justin Fields’ head early and often.

Finally, the Bucs did what they needed to do to an inferior opponent, stomped them out early and didn’t let up.

Kudos to rookie Jaelon Darden for his breakout game as a returner. At the time, his first-quarter punt return (43 yards) was the longest this season in the NFL.

Joe can’t say enough about the Bucs’ offensive line. Wow!

18 Responses to “Buccaneers 38, Bears 3”

  1. Cainishere Says:

    Jason best get to work on how to keep this
    Team together to complete a Threepeat.

  2. firethecannons Says:

    JOE! please find out what Ryan Jensen said to piss off #98 and cause him to throw a punch

  3. JimmyJack Says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha………The fat lady is already done singing.

  4. firethecannons Says:

    wtf do they put ROJO in when they need bigger better Lenny–ROJO lost us this touchdown and did it in the superbowl too he cannot bust through the line

  5. Trey Long Says:

    2 awful boring predictable bungled red zone series. 14 points left out there. Need better red zone play design.

  6. Trey Long Says:

    3 crap red zone series. Wtf???.

  7. Mike C Says:

    Simmer down Trey

  8. UnderMeBucinHat Says:

    It’s a GREAT DAY in TAMPA BAY!

  9. Lamarcus Says:

    This is good tho. We are supposed destroy weak opponents and blow then out.

  10. Coburn Says:

    They got a couple big runs early, but after that I mean.. we had such a lead, why wouldn’t you let them run it?

  11. Trey Long Says:

    Can’t leave 21 red zone points out there against good teams.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I never felt bad for a qb but sheesh fields was gettin the crap kicked outta him

  13. Tackleblockwin Says:

    And some people were worried about this week. I predicted a shutout, we were so close lol.

  14. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Our super sized coaching staff needs to come through next week. Payton certainly will.

  15. dbbuc711 Says:

    Jenson is getting really good at getting inside an opponents head to get them to commit a personal foul penalty

  16. Ne+ bucs fan Says:

    Hey,,off topic,,,but how bout them Chief’s ,ha ha ha ha,, BUCS ruined them😉

  17. Ronald Gray Says:

    The O-line is straight up balling. Wirfs may be the best right tackle in the league.

  18. David Says:

    I agree. They ended up running for something like 180 yards and a great average as a team. And Brady, against a damn good defensive front, had all day. I know it’s been said before but Tristan Wirfs just left the college campus and stepped in as an all-pro.