Update On Rob Gronkowski

September 28th, 2021

Injury status.

Bucs fans may breathe a sigh of relief reading this.

Ol’ foot-rubbing, car-littering, football film guru Rob Gronkowski should be well enough to take the field on Sunday night when the Bucs face the Belicheats on NBC before a national audience.

Gronk was one of the many Bucs banged up Sunday in Los Angeles. And per Adam Schefter of BSPN, it seems Gronk avoided a serious injury when he was blasted in the ribs and had to leave the game.

This is great news. But as Joe wrote yesterday, this is starting to bring to mind Gronk’s past injuries that drove him from the game. His body has taken a beating over the years.

Though last year Gronk had a rare season in which he played in all 16 games, Joe thinks a big reason for being out fo football for a year to let his body heal.

The Bucs need this guy healthy.

22 Responses to “Update On Rob Gronkowski”

  1. SB~LV Says:

    He won’t be healthy. He’ll suit up and play because that is what he does. Brady better start looking to Brate and Evans next game.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s important that Brady have Gronk with him in New England……with their familiarity of the field…it will feel like a home game for them.

    I will be very interested in the crowd reaction to both of them.

  3. Darin Says:

    Tbbf. It’ll be long cheers and women crying. That’s a fact

  4. Bucnjim Says:

    We should be talking about how Gronk can take a hit instead of his past history. A lot of players would be out for the season after that shot!

  5. Hodad Says:

    Gronk should’ve never went back in the game. We don’t want to wear him out. Brate, and OJ are getting paid too. OJ for sure needs to show.

  6. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Some good news after the defensive poop show last Sun.

    You would have to chop both of Gronks legs off to miss this game.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  7. mg Says:

    No tight end receives blows as well as dishing them out like Gronk.

  8. mg Says:

    John Mackey of the Baltimore Colts was great at running defensive players over.

  9. TOM Says:

    Its hard to keep a good big man down. Nobody seemed to mention it but Brate had a pretty darn game Sunday.

  10. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    That is a tough, tough, man. Tip of the cap to you, Robbie G.

  11. Boston Mick Says:

    Boston loves Brady & Gronk. Even more with the Pats on a losing streak…

  12. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    full with offensive weapons, and yet Lovie S 2.0 aka Mr Magoo put him back on the game, that was obviously clear we can NOT win.
    We had, and have a terrible coaching staff, and a tv clawn as HC.
    You can NOT recover in a week from that hit. I hope he catches a flu or cold (that is the ONLY thing Mr Magoo understand), so he 🤡 don’t play him.
    Gronk is hurt and needs recovery time. Scr$w NE, we don’t have any score with them, nor with Belitchick.
    Save Gronk!

  13. HC Grover Says:

    Hope we don’t need Gronk much this week and give him a break.That route type is ‘Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’. Send Howard on those.

  14. Your Mom Says:

    I bet his chest looks bruised like he was hit by a cannonball.

  15. Beeej Says:

    Gronk gets hurt catching passes, not blocking. Mebbe shift some of that part to the others

  16. Ddogg Says:

    Give him a lesser workload this week, bring him in everytime Buccs get in the RedZone. Make a safer gameplan for him and still give what he and everyone else wants…. A Gronk spike in foxboro

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Have him watch film all week. He ain’t missing this game, he has an ax to grind.

  18. adam from ny Says:

    drew bledsoe is express mailing robbie gee his flak jacket…

    he will be good to go…

    even bledsoe is rooting for the bucs to blow the home team out the building

  19. Drunkinybor Says:

    No matter the age anybody gets hit like that will be down for awhile. That was a brutal legit hit that caught Gronk by surprise. I don’t see how getting tagged in the ribs on a clean play says anything about his durability. That hit would have laid every player in the NFL down for a few minutes.

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    That was a nasty shot to the open ribs.

    Deeply bruised ribs hurt every bit as much as broken ribs.

    It will be at least 2-3 weeks before Gronk can cough or sneeze or laugh without discomfort – much less play NFL football.

    He’ll play of course but will be dealing with some pain as a result for the next few weeks.


    Almost sad to see, Gronk driving down the field like an old truck dropping parts as he went.

  22. Eddie Marz Says:

    Let’s thank The Patriots for their generosity for giving us Gronk and Brady by kicking their butts this Sunday. GO BUCS!